I hosted a Terrible Online Gameshow...

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This is my gameshow. My big show! Carson's Big Show!
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I hosted a Terrible Online Gameshow...

POPherostation 15 tundi tagasi
My names Carson hahahahahhahahahahhaha kill me
ayleen Päev tagasi
Weird to think i used to sit and watch his videos after coming home from primary school and now here we are.
The Poser
The Poser Päev tagasi
carson, why????????????????????????????? just why, you made me cry
Kabir Vidyarthi
Kabir Vidyarthi Päev tagasi
OTV lives in eternal fear of Micheal
Dynamic Gaming
Dynamic Gaming Päev tagasi
1:24 and look at it now oh boi couldn’t believe you did that
Ben Schwartz
Ben Schwartz 2 päeva tagasi
"people trust me because i have a big number next to my name" that aged like fine milk.
wouter baarda
wouter baarda 3 päeva tagasi
Carson come back please
wouter baarda
wouter baarda 15 tundi tagasi
@Mason McCarthy YOU don't want him back, WE do.
Mason McCarthy
Mason McCarthy 15 tundi tagasi
We don’t want him back, what he did was disgusting
Angel Raygoza
Angel Raygoza 4 päeva tagasi
5:29-5:34 lmao, also 16:18 LMAOOOO
Angel Raygoza
Angel Raygoza 4 päeva tagasi
NotFamous 4 päeva tagasi
Time to hit screen record guys, this may not last long
sarah :0
sarah :0 5 päeva tagasi
damn this hurt
rektify 5 päeva tagasi
people: do you got any pi- wilbur: STEAK?
Cloud_ 5 päeva tagasi
5 months ago: 3.03M subs Today: 3.02M subs
That guy named GABESTYFY
That guy named GABESTYFY 2 päeva tagasi
Huh wow you know I realized because of this not many people really cared about the entire thing it was just blown out of proportion
Jameson Animations
Jameson Animations 6 päeva tagasi
“I have this big number next to my name so people trust me” That aged like milk
Israel Benavides
Israel Benavides 6 päeva tagasi
Gd IXK SA CA MD JackAttack
Gd IXK SA CA MD JackAttack 6 päeva tagasi
Chupapi munyenyo
Vruh Moment
Vruh Moment 5 päeva tagasi
Mrjoe101 7 päeva tagasi
The number next to your name has shrinked
MagicalWhale02 7 päeva tagasi
zer0 was in there
Spencer Henske
Spencer Henske 7 päeva tagasi
Oscar Ekelund
Oscar Ekelund 7 päeva tagasi
the 3,03 m lining up with the real count made me feel some kind of way :()
SirThiccolastheStronk 7 päeva tagasi
"Wow you admitted to a crime on a gameshow" Not the first time anyone has done that
Cpt. Mystic Stirling: Meme Edition
Cpt. Mystic Stirling: Meme Edition 7 päeva tagasi
The points earned where the points we friend along the way 🙃
BoneWolf44 8 päeva tagasi
This video is so funny and it really just makes me sad that I will never see this stuff again because some people made some stupid decisions. Like this made a lousy day end with a smile. So thanks for the laughs. Good bye.
Sploosh 8 päeva tagasi
People of the comment section I have come to share a idea for you. Let the man be for the time being, I’m not saying you shouldn’t have a opinion on the situation but if you want a response or anything along those lines but posting in the comment section if you hate him or you miss him may affect his response if you give a bit to much support he may think he can get away with a shity response and if you post your negativity in the comments he may fell inclined to rush a response that isn’t genuine. And to the people who are just hating on just for what he did remember he’s human just like all of us he has feelings, he has emotions and he thinks of things like suicide to and your just making it worse for him to get through this point in his life, how would you handle and feel if you got this amount of hate for anything you did. As I’ve said before you can have a opinion on the matter no matter where you stand on it but please consider how Carson feels seeing all of the comments and what your comment may lead him to do.
AnimationIvan 9 päeva tagasi
download all his videos and watch em all.
Dragon1601 _
Dragon1601 _ 9 päeva tagasi
“For some reason i have this big number next to my name and people trust me” oh boy that ages sooooo poorly
Nick The Idiot
Nick The Idiot 9 päeva tagasi
he still has 3.03 million subscribers
Pluges 3 päeva tagasi
nope not anymore lol
Sploosh 8 päeva tagasi
Inner peace
yes . no
yes . no 8 päeva tagasi
Yep . Good thing
HolyCrusader 9 päeva tagasi
"The show is over"
Atharv Gupta
Atharv Gupta 9 päeva tagasi
Man even his Discord is gone now :C
KillerCoyote Gaming
KillerCoyote Gaming 9 päeva tagasi
Is shlatts old lady girlfriend supposed to look like minx?
kattenbroekcom 9 päeva tagasi
41:52 Ohhhh tazer tazer
Sean Kock
Sean Kock 10 päeva tagasi
Micheal should be an actor
Levferno 10 päeva tagasi
I really wanna do something like this and probably add on to it. This was really fun to watch. I hope Carson is ok and gets better.
Phoenix animates
Phoenix animates 10 päeva tagasi
Guys I probably know why he’s not posting anymore either it’s the fact that he’s going through something right now or he hasn’t had a lot of time to post or this so he premiered in a misfits podcast and In that podcast they said some thing that released about him grooming minors which was never in forever of the forever never did that so he might just be very embarrassed or just like people will start harping on him about it no please if anyone seeing this and still posting about that just stop there is evidence that he did it none and if you see this and your still posting that shit about it after you read this fuck you man FUCK YOU
rick andmorty
rick andmorty 8 päeva tagasi
there actually is some evidence that he used his power to make a minor sexually interact with him.
Malaysia Phillips
Malaysia Phillips 10 päeva tagasi
Malaysia Phillips
Malaysia Phillips 10 päeva tagasi
Oh God I don’t want him you’re not gonna try have a guy don’t ever talk to him once and now she is the mother now I don’t wanna die are you little pig tail don’t touch hem
Malaysia Phillips
Malaysia Phillips 10 päeva tagasi
How to not leave me touch it I know all about your video you to go into and you always your go to hell are you are way too good at you why go ask you and me you say you love me you till I want to video telling me you adopt me adopt me you can go back to toe
SchzNmo 11 päeva tagasi
Can someone archive carsons vids
- junior -
- junior - 11 päeva tagasi
2Small Bros
2Small Bros 12 päeva tagasi
Michel’s answer to everything “*bzzzt*”
Mateo De Jesus
Mateo De Jesus 12 päeva tagasi
No need to turn on my notifications...
TVV Garbatgame
TVV Garbatgame 12 päeva tagasi
Ian “yeah you can be whatever you want” Carson:and I took it personally
ThroatyChunk 12 päeva tagasi
Always appreciate what people did, that doesn't mean you should appreciate who they are. -Sun Tzu probably
medieval526 12 päeva tagasi
That damn whiteboard
TheChocyMilk 12 päeva tagasi
this is gawd
Neil John Semaning
Neil John Semaning 12 päeva tagasi
I still love you Carson, but can't forgive you :
WormSoup 13 päeva tagasi
Can I get an amen 🥶👆
Danny the cheeto
Danny the cheeto 8 päeva tagasi
alright lets eat
giox83 :v
giox83 :v 12 päeva tagasi
Ella Morriss
Ella Morriss 13 päeva tagasi
Ngl I really enjoyed Carson’s content, I remember watching his first cursed video and I couldn’t stop laughing, it’s a shame that he f up, hope the victims are doing well
Poopslinger404 14 päeva tagasi
39:38 that didn’t age well
SilverCyborgSliver 14 päeva tagasi
gotcha 15 päeva tagasi
P e do
Mystic -
Mystic - 17 tundi tagasi
@King Crimson •v• people get dates for their status all the time. I don’t understand what this drama is
Plague Doctor
Plague Doctor Päev tagasi
Ehahehguagegahgauayeghag shut up
King Crimson •v•
King Crimson •v• 2 päeva tagasi
The age wasn’t the problem, she was 1 month away from being 18. The problem was that he manipulated a fan. Age has some bearing here
giox83 :v
giox83 :v 12 päeva tagasi
Had no isea
Matt Moroney
Matt Moroney 15 päeva tagasi
Fuck man this video was absolute gold
HeyItsVines 15 päeva tagasi
What EEpostrs actually do in their free time:
mgaah 16 päeva tagasi
The whiteboard...
QuakCast 17 päeva tagasi
"i have this big number next to my name so people trust me"
Julián Escalante
Julián Escalante 17 päeva tagasi
This hurts man, but there's nothing to debate.
Oliver Dennis
Oliver Dennis 16 päeva tagasi
@Julián Escalante well, that’s a good life purpose, guess there is nothing to debate.
Julián Escalante
Julián Escalante 16 päeva tagasi
@Oliver Dennis my only goal in life is eating as much ravioli as I can.
Oliver Dennis
Oliver Dennis 16 päeva tagasi
What about the never ending debate of life’s purpose and it’s concluding summoning?
jayylmao 17 päeva tagasi
seeing "The Show is Over" at the end is pretty sad
Nolan Arch
Nolan Arch 18 päeva tagasi
Why did Jordan seem so sad when they all left
Iguanotorious 15 päeva tagasi
Because poor Jordan didn't know that carson was as stupid as he is now
troll 18 päeva tagasi
CaptainSparklez won because he was the last one in the call.
Geralt Of Rivia
Geralt Of Rivia 19 päeva tagasi
We don’t miss Carson, we miss the person we thought Carson was...
Iguanotorious 15 päeva tagasi
Carson is really stupid, honestly
M8er 19 päeva tagasi
Jane Charles is probably really happy he didn’t agree to do this rn
youngsaaron 19 päeva tagasi
Is this supposed to be funny
Iguanotorious 12 päeva tagasi
@giox83 :v ok
giox83 :v
giox83 :v 12 päeva tagasi
@Iguanotorious just because he did som rlly bad (I don't support him) Doesn't mean his content isn't funny
Iguanotorious 15 päeva tagasi
@SoundWave it's not, anymore.
King Cookie
King Cookie 18 päeva tagasi
SoundWave 18 päeva tagasi
yeah, and it is.
Draqon Fruity
Draqon Fruity 20 päeva tagasi
I never thought I’d hear Wilbur say “mark throw it back”
PrincessDestoryer69 21 päev tagasi
so long bro...
Fieryy 21 päev tagasi
I fear Carson has already left this Earth. If his channel gets deleted it will likely be by a family member or EEpost. We've lost one of the greatest EEpostrs that has ever lived.
aid 1337
aid 1337 21 päev tagasi
who is that guy named jacob (who is a capricorn)??? I can't find his youtube channel in the description and I can't seem to deny that he looks just like TheFatRat
Hunter Davis
Hunter Davis 20 päeva tagasi
Hunter Francisco
Hunter Francisco 21 päev tagasi
it's JoeysWorldTour
Pastaprotector 22 päeva tagasi
“So people trust me” Well...
Iguanotorious 15 päeva tagasi
Don't trust him, we chose the wrong option
The Man
The Man 22 päeva tagasi
SushiiUnavailable 22 päeva tagasi
1:24 0_0
Iguanotorious 15 päeva tagasi
At least he was honest, you really shouldn't trust him.
alexthetalkingtrash 20 päeva tagasi
Noes Floes
Noes Floes 23 päeva tagasi
Cheemy the Alabama resident
Cheemy the Alabama resident 23 päeva tagasi
seth sitting there lookin like agent 47 the entire time
Joey F
Joey F 23 päeva tagasi
Love me some NakeyJakey
AnoyinDoge 23 päeva tagasi
Now I'm an optimist, so I 100% believe that if Carson gets the help and mental support he needs, he can come back. Plus he's been active on Spotify so he's not gone yet. Everyone who sees this comment, try to support him. Not for what he did, but for the future.
lofire 8 päeva tagasi
@Johnathan Sheppard no man, no matter what he did, i want him to come back and be happy. we all know damn well what he did is wrong but we still don’t want it to end.
Johnathan Sheppard
Johnathan Sheppard 9 päeva tagasi
@lofire why would you want him to come back he didn’t learn from his mistakes so he doesn’t deserve to be in this position
Liam Carstens
Liam Carstens 17 päeva tagasi
You should look Shlatt's recent Carson video, he tried to help him
lofire 20 päeva tagasi
fr, makes me sad to see such a fun acting guy go through shit like this. hope carson can come back to youtube idgaf what he did he’s too good of a creator to just be banished like this
aly 23 päeva tagasi
Simon Vest
Simon Vest 23 päeva tagasi
but now i see more
Simon Vest
Simon Vest 23 päeva tagasi
i hope you get back we all love you stille pls you wore the only one i was seeig pls come back:(
S.N. 24 päeva tagasi
Schmoxy the Snob
Schmoxy the Snob 9 päeva tagasi
Wah wah wah waaaaaah
Hnger Bounya
Hnger Bounya 24 päeva tagasi
Woman are loud
Jodie Nye
Jodie Nye 25 päeva tagasi
Thanks for the hilarious moments Carson, I'll miss you.
revenge 25 päeva tagasi
im gonna miss carson i remember watching him edit this video on stream and it makes me so disappointed that he made those decisions, i really hope he gets the help he needs and will be able to recover from this. he may not come back but i hope he learns from this
Alex Venarchick
Alex Venarchick 25 päeva tagasi
I’m going to miss Carson.
King Crimson •v•
King Crimson •v• 2 päeva tagasi
Nai Democ
Nai Democ 25 päeva tagasi
Truly disgusting that some “people” would do this horrible thing.
Iguanotorious 15 päeva tagasi
@OMoojen 0804 he literally did, have you been living under a boulder?
Ultra Bass
Ultra Bass 16 päeva tagasi
@Doggo Moggo stfu
Doggo Moggo
Doggo Moggo 22 päeva tagasi
@OMoojen 0804 Truly disgusting that some “people” would do this horrible thing.
OMoojen 0804
OMoojen 0804 24 päeva tagasi
He didn't do anything wrong
Renaldi Harianza
Renaldi Harianza 26 päeva tagasi
Neo64 26 päeva tagasi
He clearly like's it!
Der fette Busfahrer
Der fette Busfahrer 26 päeva tagasi
I like how some people werent involved. Like they got points if they arent in the video
oreo cat
oreo cat 26 päeva tagasi
EVERYONE *now lets cancel everyone in this video for being accociated with CARSON!!!*
Iguanotorious 15 päeva tagasi
Even poor Jordan who has been dooped by carson and others by disappearing? Even Setheverman who didn't get a shoutout?
Cherrygasoline 25 päeva tagasi
Piickle boi 2.0
Piickle boi 2.0 25 päeva tagasi
that’s cringe
The Opinist
The Opinist 26 päeva tagasi
i'll miss you carson, thank you.
The Polite gamer
The Polite gamer 26 päeva tagasi
I feel bad for Mark, he is just a cool uncle who doesn’t understand the memes
Stinky Opinions
Stinky Opinions 27 päeva tagasi
lapine.mp4 lapine.mp3
lapine.mp4 lapine.mp3 28 päeva tagasi
finding it funny how slimecicle said he cut ties with carson even though he APPEARS IN THIS VIDEO, which came out WAY later than march. and before you say "oH ThIS viDEo cOUld'Ve firSt BEen rECordEd b4 mArCH", cr1t1kal and scarce both had to tweet something, and both tweets were in JUNE.
Ultra Bass
Ultra Bass 16 päeva tagasi
But he did stop talking to him
Trevor Hamdan
Trevor Hamdan 28 päeva tagasi
Hunting for sad comments? Well goodluck they are bunch in there get it before you cant see the comment section no more!
taxisalad 29 päeva tagasi
Carson's friends claimed he told them about what he did in March. Charlie claimed he called the police and distanced himself. This started production four months later. Charlie appears in this video... Really makes ya think 🧐
taxisalad 26 päeva tagasi
@Micah Buckham I actually have. He provides no evidence other than his word. That's not evidence.
Micah Buckham
Micah Buckham 26 päeva tagasi
@taxisalad Yeah actually. You've clearly not watched Schlatt's video where he explained how Carson lied about getting better.
taxisalad 26 päeva tagasi
@Micah Buckham do we have proof of any of that? Where there's one lie, there's bound to be more
cool username
cool username 29 päeva tagasi
Dio_fanclub Місяць tagasi
i miss carson
Flamiee Місяць tagasi
This is the bad ending at 14 beers at chilis
Octavio López
Octavio López Місяць tagasi
this channel aged like milk
Gab Gabriel
Gab Gabriel Місяць tagasi
No matter what happened, you've got to admit this was pretty funny
Gab Gabriel
Gab Gabriel Місяць tagasi
You know what else was terrible?
Andre Whyze
Andre Whyze Місяць tagasi
28:14 OMG the amount of attitude!
John Corr
John Corr Місяць tagasi
Ok, I'm not a huge fan of Carson and the Lunch Club members, but after looking into this drama concerning Carson I read on Slimecicle's twitter post on the matter that he said "I immediately reported this information to federal law enforcement, cut all ties with Carson and withdrew completely from Lunch Club. Although the Lunch Club Manager had asked about a final march drop or a final goodbye video, I refused these because I no longer wanted to be associated with Carson or Lunch Club." Despite this statement, here he is continuing to interact with Carson in June of 2020 when he supposedly cut "all" ties with him. I really do not want to sound accusatory, but I really question Charlie's continued interaction with Carson if he did not want to be associated with him, especially with how seriously he treated the matter during this month.
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