I Forced YouTubers Together in an Escape Room (VALENTINE EDITION)

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So today i decided to build another Escape Room In Minecraft and force my EEpost Friends to do it and see who could get out the quickest!
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angel samrin
angel samrin 6 tundi tagasi
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KinleyPlayz Roblox
KinleyPlayz Roblox 7 tundi tagasi
CONGRATS ON 1M!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
amber gold
amber gold 9 tundi tagasi
melxdiq dooms
melxdiq dooms 11 tundi tagasi
Lucy Perry
Lucy Perry 12 tundi tagasi
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_ person
_ person 12 tundi tagasi
Azlan Ramdzan
Azlan Ramdzan 17 tundi tagasi
This is scott
Haniel Cosette Barbon
Haniel Cosette Barbon 21 tund tagasi
JSHLATT OMG YOUR MAKING HIM RAGE HARDCORE 8:04 man you and wilbur are so very annoying for this escape room
Rommel Martinez
Rommel Martinez 22 tundi tagasi
Tubboinnit is over
Random Tiktoks
Random Tiktoks 23 tundi tagasi
Alexa Klecha
Alexa Klecha Päev tagasi
love how like there’s only like one real life couple..
Helen Päev tagasi
Scott you're a legend
Aslie Päev tagasi
How did tommy and Tubbo do better than George and Dream with the communication they used
Chelsea Tran
Chelsea Tran Päev tagasi
Lol tommy & tubo did better than dream and George...
Sara Rm
Sara Rm Päev tagasi
I choked when I saw dream seriously speed running
•Koshi Sugawara•
•Koshi Sugawara• Päev tagasi
See this is why people ship dreamnotfound
M Becker
M Becker Päev tagasi
George guessed the colors right
Agustina Päev tagasi
Where can I get this map?? I have friends that I can torture with this (/.\)
The Name
The Name Päev tagasi
Its like putting children in a box, they always find something to do other then what their supposed to do :|
FriedTx Päev tagasi
Ach zone
FriedTx Päev tagasi
DazzlingPotatoes Päev tagasi
All of these people coupled up are so funny 😭😭
AmbarPandar Päev tagasi
This is so sad I think I will subscribe
Hello 2001
Hello 2001 Päev tagasi
You should do one with Ranboo and Tubbo, they got married and adopted a child on the dream smp canon
꧁What am i doing꧂
꧁What am i doing꧂ Päev tagasi
This whole video is basically everyone hacking scotts game
Techza_ Mcyt
Techza_ Mcyt Päev tagasi
The phil and kristen one tho ueifjf
[•Your local Kumiko •]
[•Your local Kumiko •] Päev tagasi
This vid: George valentine is dream George stream: George rejected dream
New Godness
New Godness Päev tagasi
Jschlatt + Wilbur: 𝗣𝗢𝗪𝗘𝗥 𝗢𝗙 𝗧𝗛𝗘 𝗖𝗥𝗘𝗔𝗧𝗜𝗩𝗘 𝗠𝗢𝗗𝗘 Dream + Georgenotfound:𝗕𝗜𝗚 𝗕𝗥𝗔𝗜𝗡 Tommy +Tubbo:𝗗𝗨𝗢 𝗖𝗛𝗜𝗟𝗗
《 Denki Kaminari 》
《 Denki Kaminari 》 Päev tagasi
23:00 for DreamNotFound shippers DREAM AND GEORGE ARE SO COMPATIBLE YES
Aliyana Solis
Aliyana Solis Päev tagasi
This was pain I feel bad for u
HEX Päev tagasi
Hmmm but I thought George rejected Dream...😏😏😏this is cute
Potat0Harem 2 päeva tagasi
I love it when your childhood minecraft youtuber and your current minecraft youtuber you stan is in the same video
kitkatlover !
kitkatlover ! 2 päeva tagasi
Oh god wilber and schlatts These are adorable. I'm only at philharmonic and I realize that nobody has noticed the line at the top of the maze Edut: thank you 5up. Thank you
Zinat Sultana
Zinat Sultana 2 päeva tagasi
Wilbur & Jschlatt 😂
Jahsim-Lee McLLAW
Jahsim-Lee McLLAW 2 päeva tagasi
Why is Wilbur and Jschlatt is cheating
veliqhx 2 päeva tagasi
Danggg long name
Keara Carter
Keara Carter 2 päeva tagasi
If Tommy didn’t punch Tubbo off they would have won 😂😂😂
Young Harp
Young Harp 2 päeva tagasi
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[Raihan] 2 päeva tagasi
The fact that Tommy and Tubbo would’ve won if Tommy didn’t push Tubbo off the cloud-
Left Tree
Left Tree 2 päeva tagasi
Good Vid!
William Thirry
William Thirry 2 päeva tagasi
How come almost all Minecraft youtubers have hack clients
Pickled Crazy
Pickled Crazy 2 päeva tagasi
When he put the cat meowing my cat just looked at me like I betrayed her
Angela Sharp
Angela Sharp 2 päeva tagasi
The fact that Tommy and tubo took it more seriously than schlatt and Wilbur says something Also how do you not make a copy of the world before letting Wilbur and schlatt join that’s just a recipe for disaster😭😭😭 but I gotta say I loved the vid
Rene Sotomayor
Rene Sotomayor 2 päeva tagasi
Mega lul
iplaythingx 2 päeva tagasi
tubbo and tommy would have won of tommy didn’t hit tubbo off LMAO
uhM- 2 päeva tagasi
I love how the transitions are from Betty Boop's Poor Cinderella
Kiara Cook
Kiara Cook 3 päeva tagasi
jchlatt and WhilberSoot DEFINITELY cheated... and jchlatt really needs to spend a day with BadBoyHalo, he cusses so much he can make a grown man cry!
Spichael Michael
Spichael Michael 3 päeva tagasi
this guy came to my primary school ages ago now he’s blowing up. gg
lily beachcroft
lily beachcroft 3 päeva tagasi
Why do I want tommy and Lizzie to meet probably 😌
Grace Evans
Grace Evans 3 päeva tagasi
Tubbo said peace once Tommy pulled the lever he needed
Isabella Perez
Isabella Perez 3 päeva tagasi
Tommy and tubbo would have won if tommy didn’t punch tubbo off lol
lil devil plays
lil devil plays 3 päeva tagasi
Most of the players: dating/sibling/close friends George and dream :👀✌️
Trap FNaF
Trap FNaF 3 päeva tagasi
23:00 how smart can you get lol
Madison Coffeeuwo
Madison Coffeeuwo 3 päeva tagasi
When tubbo and Tommyint was breaking blocks it looked like they where beating there meat 🥩lmao 29:54
Sandra Ziętkowska
Sandra Ziętkowska 3 päeva tagasi
I just love that only Dream and George did the maze so smoothly... While Tommy and Tubbo... WHEEZEEE
Dr. Derpy
Dr. Derpy 3 päeva tagasi
Scott: **Spending hours on a map to make youtubers go though it the legit way** Schlatt: "I don't think you understand how things work here" **Map goes YEET**
Johanna Chavarria Evangelista
Johanna Chavarria Evangelista 3 päeva tagasi
Kittentale Gamer
Kittentale Gamer 3 päeva tagasi
Tommy for about half his and tubbo’s part: MEOW MEOW MEOW MEOW
PrimRose 3 päeva tagasi
Well we can see how these relationships would work lmfao 😂😂😂
Niri Pora
Niri Pora 3 päeva tagasi
thank you for the 5undy i love it
Sᴋʀɪʙʙʟᴇ ᔕᑫᑌᗩᗪ
Sᴋʀɪʙʙʟᴇ ᔕᑫᑌᗩᗪ 3 päeva tagasi
Scott puts through all this work. JUST FOR ✨CHAOS✨
Cooper Olderog
Cooper Olderog 4 päeva tagasi
Tommy: Swearing 1,000,000 times Scotts editor: >:(
AnthonyVin3 Games
AnthonyVin3 Games 4 päeva tagasi
Maybe set the guys who use cheats on no operator mode😂 unless java has something different, then I probably need to get myself java to understand, other than that, that is my favorite minigame :)
Sadie Heath
Sadie Heath 4 päeva tagasi
I love that he made it tommy proof but tommy is one of the only ppl that didnt cheat.
Temprance Webb
Temprance Webb 4 päeva tagasi
Why did you kill everyone in X life even kill jam 😡
Hamilton And Minecraft
Hamilton And Minecraft 4 päeva tagasi
The fact that dream and george are paired up is kinda perfect
Shaelynn Montoya
Shaelynn Montoya 4 päeva tagasi
Are you Irish like me
Frõg_ Lady
Frõg_ Lady 4 päeva tagasi
3:59 Scott:TrUe loVeE~ :,) lizze and joel: 🤜 🤛
Fire Demon
Fire Demon 4 päeva tagasi
I like how wilbur just casually has a hacked client on Edit: Fundy does too lmfao
Z Saenz
Z Saenz 4 päeva tagasi
Let’s just be honest u came here for dreamnotfound, also love this vid! :>
「ᏰᏋᏝᏝᏗፈᏗ」 4 päeva tagasi
Oh~ jschlattbur :)
•gacha_lovers_HQ• 4 päeva tagasi
i want a coin too 🥺🥺
Impostor 4 päeva tagasi
My reactions to how everyone did it: Lizzie and Joel:giggles Wilbur and jschlatt:wheezing Phil and Kristen:giggles Fundy and 5up:laughing and some wheezes Dream and George:okay pop off Tommy and tubbo: *literally dying and laugh-crying*
Irene Schmid
Irene Schmid 4 päeva tagasi
Wilbur and schlatt are: The cheat couple
Gracelynn Mylott
Gracelynn Mylott 4 päeva tagasi
is it weird i came hear for dnf?
Jimin noodle soup with a Suga on the side
Jimin noodle soup with a Suga on the side 4 päeva tagasi
crazy how Dream and George are slowly becoming each other. Dream is picking up on George's mannerisms and vice versa.
COOKIES and DOUGH WvW 4 päeva tagasi
I feel sad that most teams run ones the BEAUTIFUL time and WORK WaStEd😭😭😭😭😭(p.s dream’s and George’s was the SWEETEST)
savannah rose
savannah rose 4 päeva tagasi
I NEVER thought that I would see Ldshadowlady and smallishbeans with some of the dream smp 💖
DaKawaiiFrog Yurr
DaKawaiiFrog Yurr 5 päeva tagasi
Where is bbh and skeppy?
•ᴅᴀʏ ᴅʀᴇᴀᴍɪɴǫ•
•ᴅᴀʏ ᴅʀᴇᴀᴍɪɴǫ• 5 päeva tagasi
tommy:can i swear in your video? scott:yeah tommy:*non stop swearing*
Hello Can I have your lungs
Hello Can I have your lungs 5 päeva tagasi
Wilbur and Schlatt voted for couple of the year
•Creaciones De Nia•
•Creaciones De Nia• 5 päeva tagasi
8:24 XD
Lovelyskygacha 5 päeva tagasi
I was expecting George to get it wrong and say ....look... I’m color blind okay?
Ariana Vasquez
Ariana Vasquez 5 päeva tagasi
3:40 😂😂
Aurora Curtsinger
Aurora Curtsinger 5 päeva tagasi
i love your vids
Morgan Myatt
Morgan Myatt 5 päeva tagasi
To be honest I can see who ships George and dream ;)
Nataliya Ivanuh
Nataliya Ivanuh 5 päeva tagasi
The zealous acknowledgment ignificantly comb because ping philosophically enjoy via a wide-eyed format. industrious, motionless plaster
Xander Kimbro
Xander Kimbro 5 päeva tagasi
Set jschlatt's game mode to Adventure Mode [jshlatt: Set own game mode to Creative Mode]
rune 5 päeva tagasi
Elsa Pun
Elsa Pun 5 päeva tagasi
Dream has big brain and George is just following dream’s instruction
Thomas Jericho Tosoc
Thomas Jericho Tosoc 5 päeva tagasi
4:39 what? how?
Liam Ross
Liam Ross 5 päeva tagasi
Nice shipping Scott
Christine Snowboy
Christine Snowboy 5 päeva tagasi
I got lightheaded when wilbur and schlatt came on and i didn't stop laughing the whole time and i have a headache lmfao
felix 5 päeva tagasi
Alejandra Valencia
Alejandra Valencia 5 päeva tagasi
The fact Fundy and 5up were cheating yet got the most time
Milo Kelly
Milo Kelly 5 päeva tagasi
TIMESTAMPS Intro 01:00 LD Shadow Lady and Smallish Beans 00:54 J Schalatt and Wilbur Soot 4:41 Kristen and Ph1lza 11:49 Fundy and 5up 15:01 Dream and GeorgeNotFound 23:04 TommyInnit and Tubbo_ 25:55
Emily An
Emily An 5 päeva tagasi
Be glad Wilbur and schlatt didn’t talk about hot pockets
NotAlexYT 5 päeva tagasi
Tommy: Hi Tubbo! Tubbo: (leaves) Tommy: (depression intensifies) lets go!
grace magee
grace magee 5 päeva tagasi
Emily An
Emily An 5 päeva tagasi
lol dreamnotfound is official
FamedDegree 5 päeva tagasi
I forced Youtubers to do an Escape Room...
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