How to cook Zelda dishes, in Real Life

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Today we're cooking real dishes from Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild, using the authentic recipes and technique from Link himself.
More crap on twitter! DougDoug_W
big thank you to my friend Cleo for the amazing and wonderfully cheesy voiceover! CJPsquared
This is obviously just a parody - please don't sue me Blue Apron
#Zelda #BreathOfTheWild #DougDoug

DougDoug 2 aastat tagasi
TheMinecraftian 8 päeva tagasi
Go die motherfucker
Go die motherfucker 9 päeva tagasi
the last comment
500 reply ✌
Shuckle 2 місяці tagasi
are you ok?
Steffen Thüry
Steffen Thüry 2 місяці tagasi
The Bannana looks delicious
theboi 200
theboi 200 2 tundi tagasi
Now THIS is a problem no one has
Spoon 6 tundi tagasi
Cho -no
Cho -no 12 tundi tagasi
おいしそうだね   やってみようかな They look delicious. I'll do it.
Epic Eric
Epic Eric 21 tund tagasi
the banana dish actualy looked yummy
brave Päev tagasi
A brave man
Redpandaish Päev tagasi
3:10 was it only me or did anyone else think that they would actually eat that
Doggo Kirby
Doggo Kirby Päev tagasi
He eats as if he wants blue apron to give him back his family
John Roland Binamira
John Roland Binamira Päev tagasi
Same effect of poison
D0K0N0K0 618
D0K0N0K0 618 Päev tagasi
Bro wtf u look like a zombi
범로그 Päev tagasi
Wait... 찰밀가루? Why are korean products over there 🤣🤣
Gerald Giraffe
Gerald Giraffe Päev tagasi
It looks good........ if you cook it properly
melon master 66
melon master 66 2 päeva tagasi
Good luck cleaning that up! :)
Mr.Marshall 2 päeva tagasi
Alternative Title: Doug attempts to not throw up for six minutes.
Adrian Sowma
Adrian Sowma 2 päeva tagasi
I wonder how it tastes?
Obnoxious Octopus
Obnoxious Octopus 2 päeva tagasi
Do you eat your mighty bananas with or without the shell
Peter Griffin
Peter Griffin 3 päeva tagasi
The narrator become decreasing verbose at the hearty simmered fruit bit
Peter Griffin
Peter Griffin 3 päeva tagasi
Dougdoug is such a one-in-a-million youtuber
Oliver Garrett
Oliver Garrett 3 päeva tagasi
The meat skewer is basically just a dish of cooked meat it’s not skewered and the flowers don’t look edible they are just for show
Mr Dave 5507
Mr Dave 5507 3 päeva tagasi
I wonder what gorden Ramsey would say
Thomas Coppin
Thomas Coppin 3 päeva tagasi
Gordan Ramsey had a heart attack
Shawn avery Forever
Shawn avery Forever 3 päeva tagasi
Ow 3:02
Mangled Bot
Mangled Bot 3 päeva tagasi
It will never not be funny how he just S H O V E L S the food into his mouth like its the first thing he's eaten in months
Sans 3 päeva tagasi
Omg xD...
K. Varner
K. Varner 3 päeva tagasi
Why am I not allowed to like this more than once?
Bonitri •.•
Bonitri •.• 3 päeva tagasi
I feel sorry for your kitchen
Zavh Yatta
Zavh Yatta 3 päeva tagasi
Fucking madlad.
Tuffy Buffy
Tuffy Buffy 3 päeva tagasi
ok i’m gonna scream and puke at the same time now
Jevil 3 päeva tagasi
Oh how I loved fresh whole durian after my exams
My_Reveng3 3 päeva tagasi
this hurts to watch in every way
Sparky 3 päeva tagasi
Anyone else legit think they had a ad at the beginning of the video.
NateBit8 4 päeva tagasi
Are you becoming link or howtobasic?
Bellsprout Gamer
Bellsprout Gamer 4 päeva tagasi
Forest Files
Forest Files 4 päeva tagasi
2 years ago already?
Ethan Imeri
Ethan Imeri 4 päeva tagasi
Have fun then
Harlan Barks
Harlan Barks 4 päeva tagasi
1:26 me cooking when there’s no noodles
PumpkinSpikes 4 päeva tagasi
Dude him eating the durian was SOOO NASTY 😂😂😂
GoldSwaggamer 400
GoldSwaggamer 400 4 päeva tagasi
He looks like a psychopath with the meat cleaver
RedSkittles 4 päeva tagasi
Wait is a banana peel edible
RedSkittles 4 päeva tagasi
Matt 4 päeva tagasi
Link cooks them in oil not water.
cheeto demon
cheeto demon 4 päeva tagasi
That poor guy
Sehtareh 5 päeva tagasi
Save this poor man
Karl Jeon
Karl Jeon 5 päeva tagasi
This man literally trashed his stovetop for this video.
First Moth
First Moth 5 päeva tagasi
The rock solid
H00DED 6 WOLF 5 päeva tagasi
I hate that he ate the peels of the banana
Classic sans
Classic sans 5 päeva tagasi
i just like how he just throws the ingredients
McMacoAppoStore 5 päeva tagasi
I do not envy the cleanup job that you'll have to do
Matt Smith
Matt Smith 5 päeva tagasi
1:19 찰 밀가루가 여기서 왜 나와
Aelrindel16 5 päeva tagasi
1st comment
전자램지 5 päeva tagasi
That looks soooooo fcking delicious👍
pxrfxct 5 päeva tagasi
This beautiful sweety keep trying harder
aresking4332 5 päeva tagasi
This man is in physical pain
GM Yapching
GM Yapching 5 päeva tagasi
They didnt do dubious food...
Jackson Vick
Jackson Vick 5 päeva tagasi
That man bit strait into a banana
W.D. Bonbon
W.D. Bonbon 5 päeva tagasi
You poor poor man
Joshua Humphreys
Joshua Humphreys 5 päeva tagasi
This was amazing
kane master
kane master 6 päeva tagasi
The fucking mess
kane master
kane master 6 päeva tagasi
He ate the banana skin
Nikita Ivanov
Nikita Ivanov 6 päeva tagasi
Pls send me some
Treetop 6 päeva tagasi
How did he make everything look good
HollowZ 6 päeva tagasi
His kitchen must need hundreds of dollars worth of repairs after throwing literally 7 dishes worth of food onto the pan
Frazix 5 päeva tagasi
What do you mean hundreds of dollars? He made a giant mess of water and that’s kinda it nothing that need hundreds of dollars
skyarmorisdum 6 päeva tagasi
This is how to basics lost twin brother
General_lime5832 6 päeva tagasi
I just subbed I love all your vids
Artizzy 2k2k
Artizzy 2k2k 6 päeva tagasi
Im just glad he didn't devour the undercooked chicken
Hunter davis
Hunter davis 6 päeva tagasi
Poor Doug Doug
The Demons Are Coming
The Demons Are Coming 7 päeva tagasi
this is horrible yet great at the same time
Jack Sklar
Jack Sklar 7 päeva tagasi
Doug: bites into dish Also Doug: just let me die
Tisisrealnow 7 päeva tagasi
Marsha Tsai
Marsha Tsai 7 päeva tagasi
TTDA Studios
TTDA Studios 7 päeva tagasi
Most Of Them Actually Look Edible And Some EVEN DELICIOUS
castle king
castle king 7 päeva tagasi
Is it just me or do the mightu bannana sook kinda good
MimirTheCommunist 7 päeva tagasi
Giraboy 23
Giraboy 23 7 päeva tagasi
천서리 7 päeva tagasi
찰밀가루 뭔데 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
cactus ŠHĂŘĶ archive
cactus ŠHĂŘĶ archive 7 päeva tagasi
This was the first dougdoug video i ever watched
Falcón 21
Falcón 21 7 päeva tagasi
He ate a flower, a banana peel... pls give this video a like, it deserves it
The rawring dog
The rawring dog 7 päeva tagasi
I bet if doug took the time and skinned and mixed and cooked the food it would taste better Those fish didnt look like anything was done to them other than boiling But... for contents sake *this is a joke,not a hate comment*
Cul Doode
Cul Doode 8 päeva tagasi
Oh man I want durians now... 🤤
Guest Dream Gaming
Guest Dream Gaming 8 päeva tagasi
i like how you can see the pain when he eats the food
Domenic 8 päeva tagasi
I'm in love with the chef and his beard
Pudd Ding
Pudd Ding 8 päeva tagasi
Take my dang money
Patrick Kluter
Patrick Kluter 8 päeva tagasi
Burp Krazy
Burp Krazy 8 päeva tagasi
This is a good channel! Good vid!
Link Link
Link Link 8 päeva tagasi
He's got some gumption.
Hugo Zura
Hugo Zura 8 päeva tagasi
This is not what I expected it to be. But god dammit if I didn't love every moment
the_test7 8 päeva tagasi
Looks tasty when are there gonna add the recipe?
azu3 8 päeva tagasi
워니 8 päeva tagasi
찰 밀가루!
froggy 8 päeva tagasi
3:56 was Gordon Ramsey level
Malik Slocum
Malik Slocum 8 päeva tagasi
The fucking commitment
Gam3rGuy 8 päeva tagasi
Fukin legend I gotta leave a like just cus ur guts and u risky
Alejosue 2502
Alejosue 2502 8 päeva tagasi
3:57 this was the moment doug realized: this was a horrible idea
Namey McNamington
Namey McNamington 8 päeva tagasi
In this video you can see doug fucking destroying his stove
Cardboard Guy
Cardboard Guy 8 päeva tagasi
it must have been such a pain to clean that up
Alex Wolf
Alex Wolf 8 päeva tagasi
I think he got salmonella now for sure
NovaGAMEing35 9 päeva tagasi
That poor kitchen
The H3
The H3 9 päeva tagasi
I like the fact that all these dishes take 6 seconds
Cloudy Bucketz
Cloudy Bucketz 9 päeva tagasi
i mean the bananas would’ve been good if you took off the skin but that’s,,,,, about it
Steven quartz universe
Steven quartz universe 9 päeva tagasi
This is how many foods that he did not like lol 👇
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