How to make mayonez ice cream - Cooking with Boris and Anatoli

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Life of Boris

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Everyone was wearing mask so it all very safe.
Also, outside very cold. Need keep warm with slav drink.
Making mayonez ice cream outside takes like 20 minutes to 20 hours depending on temperature.
2 tbsp mayonez
200ml heavy cream
100ml milk of cow
80ml sugar
vanilla pod
mix all components. better if they are all already cold.
do not mix pod itself. just the contents. watch video blin for instruction.
if you have ice cream machine, just throw the mix in for 20min.
if not have ice cream machine, go outside and start mixing. mix until done.
if outside is no freezing temperature, put mix in freezer. take out every 10-15 minutes to mix.
if not know what consistency to look for - ready ice cream feels like.. frozen heavy cream.
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Life of Anatoli
Life of Anatoli 16 päeva tagasi
blin I dont remember this
Muura 46 minutit tagasi
@Don’t Read My Profile Picture okay i didnt
Əsgər48 Päev tagasi
Your voice is so cute
Michellae Harmsen
Michellae Harmsen 2 päeva tagasi
When upload blyat
MarikHawk 2 päeva tagasi
Did you just do a western squat on 5:04? 👀
Jhorman Navas.
Jhorman Navas. 3 päeva tagasi
What's your phone cousin?
Ilham 7 tundi tagasi
5:25 once again, boris prove himself is a true russian slav
Nosam Housni 2
Nosam Housni 2 9 tundi tagasi
Cushing national weather service
Cushing national weather service 17 tundi tagasi
3:47 Anatoli блин your voice is better than Boris.
Alan Shalver
Alan Shalver 22 tundi tagasi
Truly a delicacy worthy of the Tsar.😂
deldrinov 23 tundi tagasi
Никола Кока Кола
Никола Кока Кола Päev tagasi
mayonnaise ice cream is actually japanese
Revon Päev tagasi
I love how Boris and Antoli's bulids are opposites but they are almost the same height.
Revon Päev tagasi
"We are on farm cousin, you not realise, everything smell like dis." As a farmer I can confirm this.
axeflanker Päev tagasi
Artyom was suspicious the whole video.. typical spy.
It was good
Kinder Smith
Kinder Smith Päev tagasi
even the camera man gets a vodka shot. *it makes me say sad blyaat*
Muhammad Alfarizi
Muhammad Alfarizi 2 päeva tagasi
Make it public Blin SLAV
• Meme Town UwU •
• Meme Town UwU • 2 päeva tagasi
yiu guys are weird...and i love it!
Javaria Shahid
Javaria Shahid 2 päeva tagasi
any one else here love the background song and of course the video
1994 Honda Civic GLi
1994 Honda Civic GLi 2 päeva tagasi
people will do anything to bring mayonez to sahara
Chesmond 2 päeva tagasi
i need more clips of Artyom outside it is beautiful
Grey Knight
Grey Knight 2 päeva tagasi
-24 jesus christ I think the lowest i have endured is -5°c I wish i was a slav...
a purple cabbage
a purple cabbage 2 päeva tagasi
Am I the only one thinking that the girl in the song is saying spicy vodka over and over?
some dude
some dude 2 päeva tagasi
thank you for cursing me
Red Box
Red Box 2 päeva tagasi
Boris and Anatoli is like the Mario Bros. Boris is Mario, Anatoli is Luigi. I guess this make them Slavic Bros.
Rijstmeneertje123 3 päeva tagasi
I know where Boris live's arkhangelsk 5:23
Magnus 3 päeva tagasi
Normal foodtuber: "Minimizing messes is important in the kitchen." Boris, using a bayonet to cut meat and getting stuff absolutely everywhere in all his recipes: *CHOP CHOP CHOP CHOP*
BPat Music
BPat Music 3 päeva tagasi
In my brain, I like to imagine that this is exactly what all of Russia is like.
Sashka Sashok
Sashka Sashok 2 päeva tagasi
Gergő Uhrik
Gergő Uhrik 3 päeva tagasi
You should try Oil fried ice cream. My dad ate some in Ukraine and said it was hella delicious!
Świnka Morska
Świnka Morska 3 päeva tagasi
Liczyłam na Polski majonez Kielecki😅
doire aintu
doire aintu 3 päeva tagasi
This was possibly the single most chaotic video Boris had made in years, but BLIN IT WAS GOOD
MEL_0 3 päeva tagasi
blin this is the best use of mayonez! Next time make ice cream with vodka yes?
Theta Omnicron
Theta Omnicron 3 päeva tagasi
The music is highkey a bop
Lullpy 4 päeva tagasi
Why is this filmed in a broken building with Artyom and Comrade Cousin
Mr.Trescoed 4 päeva tagasi
Nobody: I who saw the inscription Arkhangelsk on the screen of Boris's phone: OPA !!
Mario 196
Mario 196 4 päeva tagasi
I am a 10 year old kid can you please make a tutorial on how to use a oven or stove
doire aintu
doire aintu 3 päeva tagasi
blin I dont remember this
Nice Dude
Nice Dude 4 päeva tagasi
Bulgarian word?
KingIceHunter 4 päeva tagasi
America: I thought we had a truce Russia! Why must you attack us like this!??!?!
wnnalis cioov
wnnalis cioov 4 päeva tagasi
They drink Vodka because of vodka u get hotter
Caner Taşcı
Caner Taşcı 4 päeva tagasi
3:02 Nusr-et 😂
wnnalis cioov
wnnalis cioov 4 päeva tagasi
5:05 ANATOLI WHERE DID YOU LEARN TO SQUAT LIKE THAT?? Heels to the ground! Behave yourself! The Americans might initiate you
Mikkel Erichsen
Mikkel Erichsen 4 päeva tagasi
Ahh. Nemiroff is love, Nemiroff is life.
-DB- Der Kleine Spasti
-DB- Der Kleine Spasti 4 päeva tagasi
the fact he recorded it at night and was loud outside makes me worried that Vadim blyat might have called the cyka police afterwards
Le Potat
Le Potat 4 päeva tagasi
I was watching this and my phone decided to go on 144p quality for no reason
Katherine Miller
Katherine Miller 4 päeva tagasi
Ah, blin it's only 19 degrees (F) where i live =(
Frog 4 päeva tagasi
I honestly can't tell if they actually just drank the heat away or if it's rhe reason there are so many cuts
Noah Roberts
Noah Roberts 4 päeva tagasi
Rexfordw4 4 päeva tagasi
I have this every night for desert
Jachu Bamber
Jachu Bamber 5 päeva tagasi
5:04 not squat slaw Blyat
kowboycup 5 päeva tagasi
antolio is western spy he not put down hes hells
RaenaVadim•Jupiter 5 päeva tagasi
It's the first time we hear Anatoli's blyatiful voice way more!
GabeTYJ 5 päeva tagasi
thmikachu 5 päeva tagasi
Ey Ey Boris, minced meat. it's cheap , it's slavic! Show us some recipes blyat.
mikea hiooi
mikea hiooi 5 päeva tagasi
I appreciate this so much! Lol ❤️
Mr. Mochi
Mr. Mochi 5 päeva tagasi
5:05 ANATOLI WHERE DID YOU LEARN TO SQUAT LIKE THAT?? Heels to the ground! Behave yourself! The Americans might initiate you
Flamingo gamer44
Flamingo gamer44 5 päeva tagasi
They drink Vodka because of vodka u get hotter
mikea hiooi
mikea hiooi 5 päeva tagasi
This is funny
Clément M
Clément M 5 päeva tagasi
You never get bored of this channel. Everytime Boris comes back and it's crazier again
Angelo Isogon
Angelo Isogon 5 päeva tagasi
Hey boris I just wanted to say that thank you because I now have an adidas jacket and a adidas jeans and a we slav ushanka thanks for intredusing me a gopnik ways thanks and love your videos
Doomerr46 5 päeva tagasi
Я один учу по видео Бориса английский?
Foxfozl 5 päeva tagasi
IM still angry I have not found one video on how to make a mayonnaise axe!! to bad, I could really use one.
Foxfozl 5 päeva tagasi
thats a strange rectangle uhhh sparkling water, ya sparkling water
Prajeev Sudhakaran
Prajeev Sudhakaran 5 päeva tagasi
Boris is Lithuanian!
Checco R channel
Checco R channel 5 päeva tagasi
1:41: Professional Devil level lighting 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Splitz 6 päeva tagasi
In Canada we got ketchup ice cream, if we mix the two would we get cocktail sauce ice scream?
frɐaʞ 6 päeva tagasi
-20 into -24 make it more longer when mixing, eventually Gopnik Hands Power, if he start mixing from 3am till 6am.., he Prove it.
baso53 6 päeva tagasi
This is the most Boris video yet
Zeleyon 6 päeva tagasi
no no
no no 6 päeva tagasi
5:00 Anatoli did western spy squat.
Jan TK
Jan TK 6 päeva tagasi
thanks anatoli now i know where you live
SpecEX1 6 päeva tagasi
what did i just watch
Damian Brown
Damian Brown 6 päeva tagasi
This is the most energy inspiring music ever
MR. Bucket
MR. Bucket 6 päeva tagasi
I can see EEpost is messing with the analytics for your videos again
СБК 6 päeva tagasi
3:08 Pilots when plane loses left wing
abbsnn cose
abbsnn cose 6 päeva tagasi
jurassicboy8 8
jurassicboy8 8 6 päeva tagasi
Man I wish I had a cousin like Boris ☹️
Leorixus 7 päeva tagasi
You can just feel how drunk they were while recording xd.
abbsnn cose
abbsnn cose 6 päeva tagasi
Boris, you taught me well. And because of you, I convinced my family to try zefir
The Replek
The Replek 7 päeva tagasi
Ohh Blyat
pida siouy
pida siouy 7 päeva tagasi
"It's weather outside!" is hilarious, I'll definitely be using that
Да товарищ резнов
Да товарищ резнов 7 päeva tagasi
привет, мне нравятся твои видео, которые ты так меня вдохновил, и я просто хочу сказать, что ты самый лучший ютубер на свете privet, mne nravyatsya tvoi video, kotoryye ty tak menya vdokhnovil, i ya prosto khochu skazat', chto ty samyy luchshiy yutuber na svete
Zest 4 who?
Zest 4 who? 7 päeva tagasi
anatoli's voice sounds familiar...
pida siouy
pida siouy 7 päeva tagasi
This is funny
Anonymous American
Anonymous American 7 päeva tagasi
nobel 6
nobel 6 7 päeva tagasi
I am sorry for neglecting you comrade I have not gave you my views
Kalashnikov 7 päeva tagasi
Blyat Anatoli start speaking and stop being silent
kbrock 9146
kbrock 9146 7 päeva tagasi
Anyone complaining about this music by Uamee needs to come to the back of the local 7-11 for a good old fashioned fist fight.
Nick Fay
Nick Fay 7 päeva tagasi
What the blin? Marmite a bit better. Felt like I shit a Kalashnikov. Only little bit smoother...spasiba! Davai!
Jari Sirkko
Jari Sirkko 7 päeva tagasi
Where is Artyoms ushanka?
MrGames #Toddyn
MrGames #Toddyn 7 päeva tagasi
In Soviet Russia, the ice cream machine makes u
SOLIDER 8 päeva tagasi
Привет с России))) 😉✋
MrGallbladder 8 päeva tagasi
😱😲 When you realize that after years of ironically acting like a gopnik, Boris actually became a gopnik...
Vipso 8 päeva tagasi
The quality of this is tube is on par with "Watch Out! Trotter's About!"
Luci Terihaj
Luci Terihaj 8 päeva tagasi
Boris, you taught me well. And because of you, I convinced my family to try zefir
JustDavid'-' 8 päeva tagasi
**soviet anthem starts playing**
Hcr 2 vids
Hcr 2 vids 8 päeva tagasi
3:10 good old flight simulator memories
Queer Quesadilla
Queer Quesadilla 8 päeva tagasi
i like how boris samples the snow without taking off the mask
Florian Pelin
Florian Pelin 8 päeva tagasi
Vadim sold you the хорилка ?
fake bruhify
fake bruhify 8 päeva tagasi
5:03 "big Wif" Wait is that a *W E S T E R N S P Y*
Interviolet 8 päeva tagasi
Anatoli holding Artyom is the most Blin thing ever
FBI-Chan 8 päeva tagasi
Vodka ice cream?
Nazmul Khan
Nazmul Khan 8 päeva tagasi
But where’s the bay leaf 🍃 ?!? 🤔
tyvvt 8 päeva tagasi
This is video is something I never realized I needed. Absolute gold.
themelonboi 8 päeva tagasi
“Local Russian man does something extremely inhuman anywhere that isn’t of Slavic origin”
mr pickle jeff
mr pickle jeff 8 päeva tagasi
whats next mayonez vodka
DRAGONMASTER 62 8 päeva tagasi
I bet anatoli forgot transport power of tatra tea
That outfella from Tesco
That outfella from Tesco 8 päeva tagasi
This is what nobody asked for but secretly hoped for
Joshua Britain
Joshua Britain 8 päeva tagasi
I’m wondering how confused artyom must have been whilst all this was happening
Panzerkampfwagen VI Ausf. E aka Tiger I
Panzerkampfwagen VI Ausf. E aka Tiger I 8 päeva tagasi
Turns out Anatoli can talk. Why wasnt it on the news?
Jozsef Toth
Jozsef Toth 9 päeva tagasi
My favourite part is when they are drinking vodka
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