HITMAN'S WIFE'S BODYGUARD Trailer (2021) Ryan Reynolds, Samuel L. Jackson, Hitman's Bodyguard 2

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HITMAN'S WIFE'S BODYGUARD Trailer (2021) Ryan Reynolds, Samuel L. Jackson, Salma Hayek, Hitman's Bodyguard 2 Action Movie HD
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PawpawOintment 3 tundi tagasi
Wow, didnt expect a sequel
Edlynn Sophea
Edlynn Sophea 3 tundi tagasi
I am going to watch this movie just because of Salma Hayek.
Hiranya Kr
Hiranya Kr 3 tundi tagasi
Jst release it man!!..i can't wait for it
Dejon Charles
Dejon Charles 6 tundi tagasi
I love the first movie I keep watching it over on dvd on my ps3 also The Bodyguard Hitman sounds nice it can b after The Hitmans Baby Bodyguard basically Bryce and Emilia have a child that gets kidnapped and he hires Darius
Bruh_ Tricky
Bruh_ Tricky 6 tundi tagasi
1:36 when woman say he has baby
Henrowue Poliia
Henrowue Poliia 6 tundi tagasi
am not gonna tell you Shit Miachel : I , on the other side will tell you everything 😂😂😂🤣🤣
JonatasMonte 9 tundi tagasi
I didn't even get to watch the one where he's a videogame character.
Bingo 9 tundi tagasi
Alot bullets movie with Britney Spears song. who the hell in this movie? Oh okay
Muhardi SI
Muhardi SI 10 tundi tagasi
Bangun Lo bangun Lo bangun Lo
shakur 10 tundi tagasi
finally the world is getting back to normal
DEAD IN GAMER 11 tundi tagasi
estelle s
estelle s 14 tundi tagasi
Omg, so many movies that I need to watch this year! 🤣
Theresa Cantrell
Theresa Cantrell 14 tundi tagasi
The onerous case cellularly water because chief taxonomically love up a utopian driver. confused, accidental kenneth
WYNNSANE 15 tundi tagasi
i, on the other hand will tell you everything..👍
Jeronmi Hasan
Jeronmi Hasan 15 tundi tagasi
1:35 why they both fi "WHAAT?!" 🤣🤣🤣
Amogetswe Mavuso
Amogetswe Mavuso 16 tundi tagasi
I'm so excited, I can't wait 🤗🤗
nate levinson
nate levinson 16 tundi tagasi
The plucky india decisively suspect because print empirically point underneath a abject cost. bored, fabulous voice
D M 16 tundi tagasi
I'm a very simple man. I see Ryan Reynolds and I click play
DON CHETO 16 tundi tagasi
The vast tom-tom proximally introduce because patient prominently sneeze forenenst a dynamic chimpanzee. harmonious, annoyed volcano
Ali Johnson
Ali Johnson 17 tundi tagasi
Bloody bullshit
rahul vaidya
rahul vaidya 18 tundi tagasi
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hajar El kortbi
hajar El kortbi 20 tundi tagasi
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Christian Jackson
Christian Jackson 21 tund tagasi
Glad to see the 2nd movie will still be funny
Eternaldarkness3166 Päev tagasi
The next movie: The Hitman's Wife's Bodyguard's Auntie..
Samil Asmodeus
Samil Asmodeus Päev tagasi
0:45 when the world around you goes to hell and you don't give a flying F
Roblox The Master RTM
Roblox The Master RTM Päev tagasi
All of you go watch godzilla vs kongs trailer its EPIC!
being short
being short Päev tagasi
Why you removed hindi trailer
Mazel KERRY Päev tagasi
I just love the cast
OURWORLD TV [MA 18] Päev tagasi
Why is Salma Hayek not listed in the title? Lol 😍
Ash J.
Ash J. Päev tagasi
Friend: What's your fav movie genre Me : Ryan Reynolds Friend :
Prince Singh chandel
Prince Singh chandel Päev tagasi
Man he was a looser as Green lantern now look at him
Doan Ngoc San
Doan Ngoc San Päev tagasi
The lumpy price astonishingly admire because laura rhetorically want qua a nostalgic tongue. late, nonstop can
Shridhar Subedaramath
Shridhar Subedaramath Päev tagasi
Kannada language trailer please
Tegan Turner
Tegan Turner Päev tagasi
Yes I loved the first movie
Ginia Chakraborty
Ginia Chakraborty Päev tagasi
Oh that Britney Magic!!! ❤️❤️❤️ ryan is love!! 😂😂😂
KpopNoodle Päev tagasi
"Oh my god a child would be so lucky to have you...as its host." LMAO
Paula Valério
Paula Valério Päev tagasi
OMG the first was great and this 🤣 is gonna be as good as the other 😂 and now with Salma in the game 👍🏻 these three rock. Ryan is good at every genre he takes 😉
Fr0st B1ght3
Fr0st B1ght3 Päev tagasi
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Päev tagasi
Samuel L. Jackson is the king of Hollywood.
Pern Sah
Pern Sah Päev tagasi
Just realized Antonio is in the trailer!!!
srikanth polisetty
srikanth polisetty Päev tagasi
Nick Fury hired Deadpool as his wife's bodyguard? Lmao
Yug Joshi
Yug Joshi Päev tagasi
Ryan my favrioute From india
sarowar hossain
sarowar hossain 2 päeva tagasi
Can,t wait to see their action
Freaky Jasmine
Freaky Jasmine 2 päeva tagasi
Who else is surprised they didn't hear Samuel say mf this time? 😂
A. R.
A. R. 2 päeva tagasi
selama zalama alama segak, whatever her name is sucks all togethe!!!!r, Samuel Ryan what TF ?? I hope she plays a small roll, the title reads hitman's wife??? you bet my thumbs down. I guess the pandemic didn't leave a better actress alive!! she owns an owl as a pet???!! WTF.
Veer S. Rajawat
Veer S. Rajawat 2 päeva tagasi
When nick fury and Deadpool met in another dimension
richy spartan
richy spartan 2 päeva tagasi
We're going to have a baby 👶... The duo : What the f***!!! 😂😂
Steffko 2 päeva tagasi
All I heard this whole trailer was the Camper song.. anyone else?
pk rk xx
pk rk xx 2 päeva tagasi
Piece of crap movie
doy mala
doy mala 2 päeva tagasi
hitman’s wife bodyguard very cute dog
FATIMA BALA IDRIS 2 päeva tagasi
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YS R 2 päeva tagasi
Ryan raynolds has a very limited range when it comes to acting. He is pretty,funny may be that is why he is still getting work but acting wise he is not that Good.
J ???
J ??? 2 päeva tagasi
No no no no no one wants this piece of shit movie.. first one was like what I leave in the toilet every day , ONLY BIGGER
Nothing 2 päeva tagasi
wade and nick in other universe career
Mohamed Abdo
Mohamed Abdo 2 päeva tagasi
Britney Spears 25 years song still great
Asta san
Asta san 2 päeva tagasi
Ryan is like my favorite make actor He has the best personality
Michael Adrian Estrella
Michael Adrian Estrella 2 päeva tagasi
I won't be surprised if the next franchise would be "The Hitman's Baby Bodyguard" You know im right
Bri Bri
Bri Bri 2 päeva tagasi
I’m so excited
₩₩₩ 3 päeva tagasi
Deadpool is back..!!!
40_115_Shivam Tiwari
40_115_Shivam Tiwari 3 päeva tagasi
I am gonna tell you everything 😂😂😂😂😂
John Frankster
John Frankster 3 päeva tagasi
Can already tell this movie is going to suck. Ryan Reynolds is actually funny, along Salma Hayek who tries & fails spectacularly. Welcome to 7% on rotten tomatos.
TheB3 3 päeva tagasi
This book i also have #secrets
Brad Ng
Brad Ng 3 päeva tagasi
The perfect One
The perfect One 3 päeva tagasi
Kincaid : I am not gonna tell you Shit Miachel : I , on the other side will tell you everything 😂😂😂🤣🤣 I am dead af
bossshun9 Päev tagasi
Really?! 🤣🤣
The perfect One
The perfect One 3 päeva tagasi
Is nobody gonna talk about the absence of Amelia ?
Free Videos For Youtubers
Free Videos For Youtubers 3 päeva tagasi
Finally the song got its real video😂 🎶HIT ME BABY 1 MORE TIME..
Film Freak
Film Freak 3 päeva tagasi
Moon Khan
Moon Khan 3 päeva tagasi
Waaao we have Antonio Banderas as villain.... puss is back.. yeah
Aditya Kumar
Aditya Kumar 3 päeva tagasi
2021 is going to be the year of sequels.
Shehram 4 päeva tagasi
now that's a frickin good trailer Give that editor a raise !
kirk Shotton
kirk Shotton 4 päeva tagasi
Anthony Lane
Anthony Lane 4 päeva tagasi
Samuel L. Jackson is in everything!!! I went and rewatched my wedding video and I swear I saw him in the background..😅😅😅
Brawl Stars Clips With GHAUL
Brawl Stars Clips With GHAUL 4 päeva tagasi
I literally watched the Hitmans Bodyguard 69 times
Kellie Smith
Kellie Smith 4 päeva tagasi
Danish Ahmed
Danish Ahmed 4 päeva tagasi
That therapist from The Thick of It lmao
Haruth The Internet Guy
Haruth The Internet Guy 4 päeva tagasi
The John Wick cinematic universe, is all coming together...
masti majak
masti majak 4 päeva tagasi
trailer presentation is so similar to BANG BANG trailer (bollywood movie).
Franz G
Franz G 4 päeva tagasi
Bodyguard 3: Hitman's Wife's Baby's Bodyguard (2023)
Vertical Mind Cinema
Vertical Mind Cinema 4 päeva tagasi
I hope Ryan starts making good movies again - Woman in Gold - The Captive - Safe House - Buried (the best)
adam khan
adam khan 4 päeva tagasi
whens it coming out
ChrisGee1371 4 päeva tagasi
When Deadpool meets Nick Fury
RONS world
RONS world 4 päeva tagasi
Excited for this movie! RONS world
Flightz 4 päeva tagasi
When does this come out
Himanshu Dhami
Himanshu Dhami 4 päeva tagasi
next sequel will be "Hitman's wife's bodyguard's bodyguard".
a commentor
a commentor 5 päeva tagasi
The secret by rhonda byrne is getting a huge ad revenue now now
a commentor
a commentor 4 päeva tagasi
@dcoog anml Awww you are so nice..... Hope you are happy and wish you the best too
dcoog anml
dcoog anml 4 päeva tagasi
Dear whoever is reading this, we don't know each other but I wish nothing but the best and happiness for you.
Kehar 5 päeva tagasi
Basically its a low key crossover of Deadpool and Fury
jeniffer michael
jeniffer michael 5 päeva tagasi
Give a raise to the dude for editing Britney into this 🤣🤣🤣🤣
User xxx
User xxx 5 päeva tagasi
Rafael Acosta
Rafael Acosta 5 päeva tagasi
Movies have become such garbage
Waqas Aziz
Waqas Aziz 5 päeva tagasi
upcoming: Hitman's Bodyguard's Bodyguard
Eugenio Zavala
Eugenio Zavala 5 päeva tagasi
BandLab: @dark_soulll 🙏🏼🔥 IG: @dark_soulll.e 🙏🏼🔥
nieooj gotoy
nieooj gotoy 5 päeva tagasi
Dear whoever is reading this, we don't know each other but I wish nothing but the best and happiness for you.
Hai Voai
Hai Voai 2 päeva tagasi
John Frankster
John Frankster 3 päeva tagasi
When your YT picture is just a pair of jugs, people know that you speak from the heart.
paul Rampersaud
paul Rampersaud 5 päeva tagasi
Deadpool all the way lol 😂
Lil tam Cao
Lil tam Cao 5 päeva tagasi
What happen to Deadpool
Kuba Kasztan
Kuba Kasztan 5 päeva tagasi
Not good movie
Shenell Smith
Shenell Smith 5 päeva tagasi
nieooj gotoy
nieooj gotoy 5 päeva tagasi
Nick furi to Rayn : I am your boss, Ryan : hold on man, it's your wife😅😅😅
kingston Kris
kingston Kris 6 päeva tagasi
F yeah been waiting for another one from these two 😍😍
KEEPMOVN 6 päeva tagasi
The secret book. I thought i was the only special one that knew about it.
M&V 6 päeva tagasi
When I clicked for assuming it was Blake lively .
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