Hey, Republicans Who Supported This President: Are We Great Again Yet? - LIVE MONOLOGUE

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The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

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After the unprecedented assault on democracy that took place in the Capitol Building today, Stephen Colbert kicks off his LIVE monologue with a message for cowardly Republican lawmakers who for five years have coddled the president's fascist rhetoric: there will be a terrible price to pay. #Colbert #ALateShow #Monologue
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D Messenger
D Messenger 51 minut tagasi
hope that happens but america has proven time and time again that its memory is as short as a goldfish. in 2 years, what will the turnout look like? i dont know.
Jack 59 minutit tagasi
4 Years of Trump, The American Empire is on a near brink of collapse. Make America great again? More like make America weak and subservient.
Wags84 Tund tagasi
Congratulations on King Biden, hope you enjoy him giving us to China This guy's leading his own narrative, and taking it out of context lol, just more lies from the left
Arnaldo Velazquez
Arnaldo Velazquez Tund tagasi
Steve, I'm really sorry I didn't do this before, I´m one of your most faithful follower and I want to say thank you for doing what you do. Agree with you %100 always.
Ben Lee
Ben Lee 2 tundi tagasi
Actually elections are decided by who controls the media, and now by big tech. Really de-humanize half of our country? The two extreme sides of the bipartisan system are destroying this country, we saw it all summer and now this happened. Media fuels it for ratings power and money, not truth. Where should the rest of the public get news if it wants unbiased honesty? The crap that the Republicans are doing now concerning voter fraud is the same crap that we saw four years ago from the Democrats. It seems that our voters are losing confidence in the system. Maybe a decade ago the American public would have wanted an honest vote, now either side is about wining regardless of truth and honesty. If we continue to just scurry around in our more, more, better, better, me, me, me world then someone will take this great nation from us while we are in our drama filled complacency. Bigger lies lead to bigger lies which leads to the loss of truth. Who really cares about us? It starts with us.
Dee Voetsch
Dee Voetsch 2 tundi tagasi
Hey Colbert....you never will nor will you ever be great! Causing hatred and divisions....Putz
Dave G
Dave G 3 tundi tagasi
I think 47 people died durning the previous riots look to yourself
Dave G
Dave G 3 tundi tagasi
The cop who shot the woman in the neck is a real hero never would have shot BLM or Antifa
joshua john
joshua john 3 tundi tagasi
anyone else saw the release date it shows jun 7 2021
True Thomas
True Thomas 3 tundi tagasi
Anyone who incites violence but is nowhere to be seen when it happens, and pretends it was nothing to do with them, is not merely a coward, theirs is the worst kind of cowardice.
Vger Lightening
Vger Lightening 4 tundi tagasi
Now Stephen, that was astonishingly excellently well done, my man!!
Vger Lightening
Vger Lightening 4 tundi tagasi
Just as good, as Jim Carrey.
Vger Lightening
Vger Lightening 4 tundi tagasi
There are 77,000,000 MILLION American Citizens that will give up their lives for the President D. J. TRUMP.
Vger Lightening
Vger Lightening 4 tundi tagasi
Karmot Le Phrog
Karmot Le Phrog 5 tundi tagasi
History has repeated. America is now filled with too much hate to accept reality and restore humanity.
Alicia Schlattmann
Alicia Schlattmann 6 tundi tagasi
"Remind me, are we great again yet?" This single statement sums up the horrifying lies of the past 4 years.
Faron Ray
Faron Ray 6 tundi tagasi
I think you are the dangerous type. Every time you disagree with someone you call them a name or label them a nazi.
Free Dom#1
Free Dom#1 7 tundi tagasi
After weeks of planting the idea, dozens of extremists used social media to promote an idea with no basis in reality - that the people besieging the Capitol were actually far-left agitators disguised as Trump supporter
Bella spira
Bella spira 7 tundi tagasi
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hamza korkmaz
hamza korkmaz 7 tundi tagasi
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MsStrife1 7 tundi tagasi
Watching America be stupid used to be funny... now it’s just sick! On a side note why would the government think the BLM protestors would demolish the Lincoln statue?! - A confused Australian
Not On A Diet Dani
Not On A Diet Dani 7 tundi tagasi
The scientific church latterly form because volcano unknowingly wonder despite a unadvised thunderstorm. miscreant, vulgar fireplace
sebastianstarr007 8 tundi tagasi
Why is this guy even allowed a show when he doesn't even deserve to breath...
jean chapman
jean chapman 8 tundi tagasi
as a non yank and outsider i did see your America improved a lot, up until covid came- jobs coming back to your country, employment at a ALL time low, base wages going from 40 to 45k a year for many, peace with 5 arab nations made peace with Israel (no other president got one ) o and the only president that didn't start a war while in office etc etc almost no country did well because of covid so cut the man some slack i bet you or anyone else could off done any better .
Flyin' Japman
Flyin' Japman 9 tundi tagasi
I don’t remember Bush or Obama having a cult that religiously worship them.
Scott Frank
Scott Frank 9 tundi tagasi
there ya go stephen, divide the country some more. you're a real help.
LaserDisc 9 tundi tagasi
Oh look the lefties have a safe zone here praise obama the war criminal am I right
Caleb Lafleur
Caleb Lafleur 9 tundi tagasi
way to help unite the country colbert, good christ.
Peter o' Farrell
Peter o' Farrell 10 tundi tagasi
The trump train is coming for the CCP Democrats and the rhinos
Seef Eldeen
Seef Eldeen 10 tundi tagasi
Imam Nasser Muhammad al-Yamani (10 - 07 - 1441 Hejri) (05 - 03 - 2020 Kr.) Skrevet Kl. 12:51 Natt ((I følge den offisielle kalenderen til morens-byene (Meka) .(Corona Virus av de lavest pine før den største pine da kanskje de vil vende tilbake(til sin Herre 👇🏻👇🏻 www.mahdialumma.com/showthread.php?p=326682
Herbert Bradford
Herbert Bradford 10 tundi tagasi
Bless your heart, your stupid as hell.
Keith Jacobs
Keith Jacobs 11 tundi tagasi
I'd rather live in a country where people storm the capitol and kill people than a country that allows a woman to become VP. Viva La Revolution.
Jim Williams
Jim Williams 11 tundi tagasi
WHERE did Trump EVER SAY "STORM THE CAPITOL????" "Do you still think WALLS WORK?" What are they building right now AT THE CAPITOL????" (1/17/21) Why were the cops ESCORTING, GUIDING the crowd INTO THE CAPITOL BUILDING? "... there was an ARMED STANDOFF..." Only ONE SIDE WAS ARMED!!! Why didn't you SHOW the "WHITE GUY WITH A GUN OUT THERE?" You REALLY want to call that a "STORMING?" PORTLAND was a STORMING! And you got a shot of our "DEMENTIA-IN-CHIEF on there making his STRICTLY SCRIPTED SPEECH! :-D "It's like a Black Hole of Whiteness!" Now you're denying there were Blacks there? LOL "... violence is the LAST REFUGE OF THE INCOMPETENT." Are you referring to all the DEMOCRATIC RIOTS ACROSS THE NATION THERE? WHERE ACTUAL MASSIVE DESTRUCTION WAS DONE? "Don't endanger our county's greatest legacy, the peaceful transfer of power...." LOL LOL WHAT have we been seeing since Trump took office? DEMOCRAT RIOTS IN THE STREETS ALL ACROSS THE NATION!!!! YOU CALL THAT A "PEACEFUL TRANSFER OF POWER?" LOL "JUST BECAUSE YOUR GUY (WOMAN) LOST"
White Walker
White Walker 11 tundi tagasi
fake news
Farquad Shmoogle
Farquad Shmoogle 11 tundi tagasi
Ok. here is a real and sadly serious question to all of you lefties: Why was Trump a horrible President? please, actual answers. Not just "he is mean" or "he is (whatever you want to put)" Stop thinking biasedly, and give an actual intellectual answer.
Jimmy Lin
Jimmy Lin 11 tundi tagasi
Yes . During Donald Trump administration, north Korea stop messing, middle east stay peaceful, economy grows and stable before virus sweep through the world, you can't just pretend to be blind. This show is always negative about Donald Trump. Its democratic political weapon
Antawnyoo 11 tundi tagasi
«There is nothing more foolish, nothing more given to outrage than a useless mob.». Herodotus
orzog 11 tundi tagasi
Two hundred out of thousands were the mob. Th majority were peaceful protestors.
Craig Lewis
Craig Lewis 12 tundi tagasi
Fake outrage!! I see why biden is against federal death penalties, people should be hung for Treason Colbert
KrayJay 71
KrayJay 71 13 tundi tagasi
Three months of riots,looting,burning police stations,over 40 people killed this summer ,and only NOW your angry Stephan ?
Jeff Brown
Jeff Brown 13 tundi tagasi
This day will be discussed and analyzed for centuries.
Alex Berg
Alex Berg 13 tundi tagasi
Америка , не останавливайся, ебашь себя. А такие "колберты" всегда помогут!!!
compru 14 tundi tagasi
"When conservatives become convinced they cant win an election they wont abandon conservative views they will abandon democracy." George Carlin "When stupidity becomes patriotism it becomes dangerous to be intelligent." Isaac asimov
Matt Jamison
Matt Jamison 9 tundi tagasi
Conservatism is insane. You are against progress? Why not stand in the middle of a river and try to block its path? See what that gets you. Progress is inevitable. You would be insane to think you could stop it.
Inga 14 tundi tagasi
1:11 Love how he said: „ Who could‘ve seen this coming... EVERYONE.“ with such anger and passion for once. As a comedian, that was out of character kinda but really powerful in my opinion
Anon Adderlan
Anon Adderlan 14 tundi tagasi
I support his trade sanctions against #China. I support his Platinum plan. I support his corporate tax cuts which kept businesses from moving outside the US. I support his Opportunity Zones. Does that mean I support #Trump? Also remember when you could deliver criticism of The Right with wit and sarcasm?
Tracy Loudenclos
Tracy Loudenclos 14 tundi tagasi
Right on as usual Stephen Colbert!!! 🥰😍😘
Jessy Sulu
Jessy Sulu 14 tundi tagasi
I don't know comrade, are we.
الدعوة الئ الحق المبين
الدعوة الئ الحق المبين 14 tundi tagasi
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Sitara Hayles
Sitara Hayles 14 tundi tagasi
Tristen Cosio
Tristen Cosio 14 tundi tagasi
I'm sick and tired of politics in America
RRundenza 15 tundi tagasi
colbert - you are absurd! Educate yourself!! Your ignorance is not helpful! You're nothing but another china puppet
Jerry Shane Coldwell
Jerry Shane Coldwell 15 tundi tagasi
This guy is such a yutz
Cormac o sullivan
Cormac o sullivan 15 tundi tagasi
Great act man. You are a sublime actor. Is it nice and warm there, under the dragons wing?...
bodoti qwiu
bodoti qwiu 16 tundi tagasi
Well done babish?
Olly Owens
Olly Owens 19 tundi tagasi
Best video by far I've seen on the capital riot. I'm not sure if he was but if thing guys was complacent about Trumps Toxic Presidency before the riots, he would be a hypocrite. Not sure haven't seen his content to often.
Sean Sherrod
Sean Sherrod 19 tundi tagasi
You are the MAN Mr. Colbert, God loves ya sir!
KATHRYN Jeanmarie
KATHRYN Jeanmarie 20 tundi tagasi
Steve since you are not up on the facts its a disappointment. You are blaming this on president know your facts. Im a registered independent. .Honestly please .Propoganda as you cut the part out where he said "peacefully "you are a propogandist
bodoti qwiu
bodoti qwiu 16 tundi tagasi
I hate You
I hate You 20 tundi tagasi
Mexico now wants America to pay for their wall
HasseBrasse 21 tund tagasi
Because of covid travel restrictions, America had to invade itself
Dank Poster
Dank Poster 21 tund tagasi
The terrorists watching people storm the capitol *"Wait it's really that easy?"*
Daniel Ament
Daniel Ament 21 tund tagasi
Awww Colbert is so upset with unarmed demonstrators who obviously and logically do not trust whats going on living through 5 years of insane lies and conspiracies about deals with putin and what have you, which he wants to make into an armed militia that had conspired and were literally trying to commit a real coup, yet not a sigh of upsetness during an entire year of mayhem, arson, theft, violence, murder. Very believable ;-) And sooo funny! He's a comedian after all. Or just a propaganda sock puppet?
Ryan Mcmahon
Ryan Mcmahon 22 tundi tagasi
I stand by you my friend you speak the truth and the world should listen we are rotting away because of the failings of our leaders we our the reason this world will end we suck as a country
Holly 22 tundi tagasi
Thank you
ProgFu ProgFu
ProgFu ProgFu 23 tundi tagasi
How obvious is it that Mr/mrs horns is a closeted homosexual. Half naked in a sea of men , he was in his glory. This is just an observation that seems far more likely than this buttercup being a patriot.
Joshua Tucker
Joshua Tucker 23 tundi tagasi
"have you had enough" Nope praise kek. Cross the Rubicon Donny. Also Q is fucking stupid this is clearly a shitpost.
Floare Tudorache
Floare Tudorache Päev tagasi
Donald Trump is the president of the USA who the hell are you, I’m telling you you are nobody. Just watch Mr. it’s going to open your blinds wide when you see what’s coming for you and DemonRats
Sarah Winterbottom
Sarah Winterbottom Päev tagasi
This is all nothing compared to trumps real crime, 400,000 dead Americans from covid 19, he doesn't give a flying fuck about Americans it's all about the bottom line, it's so obvious if you have an objective point of view as I do, I live in another country also a democracy, but only better than America, which isn't hard to do, one thing to mention about covid19 which we in my country were educated about very early when the first infections which started to come out of China began, was the horrible and agonising death that covid 19 patients went through , I don't suppose Americans had any idea about that ,did you?
randy sondrup
randy sondrup Päev tagasi
We spell it COLOR in this country, not COLOUR. this, thank God isn't England, at least not yet?
Alastair Capell
Alastair Capell Päev tagasi
What about the blm riots
deborah Yunker
deborah Yunker Päev tagasi
We'll see who has the last laugh oh Steven
Arthur Winn
Arthur Winn Päev tagasi
The best political satire ... the truth hurts less when wrapped in a joke about double standards.
Burnt Weenie Sandwich
Burnt Weenie Sandwich Päev tagasi
Ileana Alvarez
Ileana Alvarez Päev tagasi
You said it so right
Lynne Wolfe
Lynne Wolfe Päev tagasi
Colbert hasn't been funny in years. And now, he is just garbage downright hateful. Nobody deserves unemployment more than he does.
Argile Päev tagasi
Dear Mr Colbert, what a great talk! Thank you - all you have said here is spot on. Well done!
Argile Päev tagasi
Where was this mob's leader at the time? Where was he while his followers stormed the world's bastion of democracy? Does he realise what a fool he looks to the rest of the world?
Jahdiel Lafontaine
Jahdiel Lafontaine Päev tagasi
Rightttt bc Democrats didn't tamper with the election and overrun entire cities in riots. This made me laugh lol
celine jb
celine jb Päev tagasi
lmao us Democrats did nothing about the election but we did protest About Black peoples rights
Kathleen Shannon
Kathleen Shannon Päev tagasi
Argile Päev tagasi
I agree - although Trump could have connections and revenge can often be a long range plan. Trump is a businessman and 'may have' rubbed shoulders with 'a criminal element' ... i think he is extremely dangerous...
Duumee Fowoonee
Duumee Fowoonee Päev tagasi
"Johnny tell em what they've won!" Ad cuts in and my dumbass sat here watching the whole thing thinking it was the video still LMAO then I noticed the skip button finally smh 😂😂😂
John Keeling
John Keeling Päev tagasi
The President did not incite a riot, these people are adults and made their own decisions, stop blaming the president
John Keeling
John Keeling Päev tagasi
Colbert is a delusional psychopath and the bad thing about it is, he doesn't realize it
NiceGuyJack Päev tagasi
Europe: Ahahahahahahaha Asia: Ahahahahahahaha Oceania/Austaliasia: Ahahahahahahaha Africa: Ahahahahahahaha South America: Ahahahahahahaha The UK: Ahahahaha.... *notices boris johnson*
James Boyle
James Boyle Päev tagasi
Trump is the God-Emperor and your just a fruitcake.
Miss Faith
Miss Faith Päev tagasi
This guy is a tool.
Baba Yaga
Baba Yaga Päev tagasi
People shouldn't be afraid of their governments. Governments should be afraid of their people.
Demonic Chronic
Demonic Chronic Päev tagasi
lol i never pictured you as fear monger gj colbert
Janet SchoenherrSchoenherr
Janet SchoenherrSchoenherr Päev tagasi
Sooo , Madonna ,Maxine waters ,Johny Depp , Kathy Griffen , I could go on and on , threats to the President... but that ok right ?? Your wicked good ball
Beth Mendez
Beth Mendez Päev tagasi
We stopped being "great". when dems did nothing but praise the looting and violent rioting in the non movement. You are truly ignorant if you believe this country stopped being great on Jan. 6th.
Pamela Ellenbarger
Pamela Ellenbarger Päev tagasi
WOW....just WOW!!!!
Atomic Kitteh
Atomic Kitteh Päev tagasi
I broke up with my boyfriend of 7 years because of this election. He refuses to believe Trump incited this and that the rioters wanted to kill people. At 9:19 you can hear "kill 'em, kill 'em!". I haven't felt this disappointed in a long time. This was a horrible, shameful day for America and it's going to take so much work to undo all that Trump's done.
Firebrand 2018
Firebrand 2018 Päev tagasi
C'mon, civil war now! The rest of the world needs the entertainment.
Malign M
Malign M 3 tundi tagasi
@Firebrand 2018 I didn’t like tbh. I’ll like it now though dummy
Firebrand 2018
Firebrand 2018 3 tundi tagasi
@Malign M Stfu and stop liking your own comments lol
Malign M
Malign M Päev tagasi
Shut up. And get a life
Lady Ship
Lady Ship Päev tagasi
I hate to say but its the truth - white privilege gone wild. this country has cradled those who think they can do and act as they please like its some divine right or something but its ironic that the same seed (different generation) will take their delusion to the source of their delusion
ShermX69X Päev tagasi
Many in the Black community warned everyone years in advance this was going to happen nearly play by play. For those of us who listened and were prepared...😎🍿☻ All we keep hearing is "reverse racism" and "you don't know $hit" talk from everyone even right now still. But the same people acting fearful right now don't know what's going to happen next. You're gonna have to learn to hum your way through it. Lol
Langly McManus
Langly McManus Päev tagasi
FO Stevie POS
Amy Oaks
Amy Oaks Päev tagasi
I want to share this on Facebook, but it won't let me
Jakub Halík
Jakub Halík Päev tagasi
Where were you when bunch of people were dying in blm protests?
Ricky Spanish
Ricky Spanish 19 tundi tagasi
F??? blm!
Mark Smith
Mark Smith Päev tagasi
People calling trump fascist are wrong he isn't appealing enough to be a fascist dictator...mussolini and hitler were successful at overthrowing a government and taking full power, trump failed, he tried and the establishment (including his own supporters) said no...he didn't silence the media. The media silenced him....fascist dictators are stronger, smarter, and more appealing than him...mussolini and hitler were awful people BUT they knew how to get what they wanted, trump doesn't, he's sad and pathetic...and will be forgotten These guys think it will make a difference??? Riot all you want, innocent lives will be lost and eventually, it will lose steam...trump will be forgotten, and so will they...enjoy Biden for 4 years, he won, whether you believe it or not doesn't matter, he's gonna be president...and trump will be out The difference between trump and mussolini/hitler...is that I actually believe mussolini or hitler would have been out there helping the rioters and they certainly would have helped to pardon those involved instead of throwing them under the bus...evil people but loyal to their followers...u guys think ur serving trump? Ur country? Well, where is he now? He doesn't care about you, look at those people, how many people there do you think trump identifies with? Hes a billionaire elite, if ur not one of the top 1%, he hates you..
Richard Cochrane
Richard Cochrane Päev tagasi
At 9:20, a clearly audible cry from the mob of "KILL THEM!"....
Richard Cochrane
Richard Cochrane Päev tagasi
"Let Trump build the wall on the border - the Canadians can build one on theirs, then Europe can fit a roof, and seal the fuckers in!" Mark Steel
Samantha Hughes
Samantha Hughes Päev tagasi
You should probably check your facts. Or should I ask, how's the egg on your face?
Corek BleedingHollow
Corek BleedingHollow Päev tagasi
Where was the national guard during the BLM riots, burning, and vandalism?
celine jb
celine jb Päev tagasi
they were attacking black People for peaceful protests
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