Hermitcraft S7 Ep 42: My Aqua Town MEGA PROJECT!

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Hermitcraft season 7 episode 42, we are back on Hermitcraft 7 to start my next mega project and it's on the land bought with 64 diamond blocks at the start of season 7. The massive new build is called Aqua Town and will be a part of the shopping district. We also rebuilt the diamond throne after the mycelium assistance LOLified up the Townhall. Hope you like the Jellie Plush!
Previous Hermitcraft episode: eepost.info/my/video/spKsaZtkZ2yhuIs.html
Hermitcraft season 7 official playlist:
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GoodTimesWithScar Місяць tagasi
I'm so excited to announce the Jellie plush after all these months! It will be available for 20 days. Here is the link :D makeship.com/collections/featured/products/jellie
Ajnin18 Місяць tagasi
Can you please let me know if there's a cancellation or if you have any spares?? I missed my chance and it would really make a certain someone's day if I can snag one. Thanks in advance!
OrganizedGeorge Місяць tagasi
You should get another cat and name it Peanut Butter
Time Traveller Guy
Time Traveller Guy Місяць tagasi
My god man your setup is balls to the walls! Way to go man
Caves Місяць tagasi
Cyrus Braithwaite
Cyrus Braithwaite Місяць tagasi
The link isn’t working/:
Alex F
Alex F 2 päeva tagasi
Jelly looks so grumpy -w-
blazin' things
blazin' things 3 päeva tagasi
Make the base into a storage system for aqua Town
Rachel R.
Rachel R. 7 päeva tagasi
If the jellie plush ever comes back somehow, I will definitely be buying one
Dmitri Petosky
Dmitri Petosky 9 päeva tagasi
The boring machines where fun and entertaining? c o n f u s i o n
fca9854 12 päeva tagasi
The Jellie plush is beautiful!!!
The Incredible Illusionist
The Incredible Illusionist 16 päeva tagasi
I have that Apollo 11 rocket LEGO set too!
Angela Lybbert
Angela Lybbert 17 päeva tagasi
I'm 90% sure his lost shulker of shulker shells is hiding in one of his chest monsters or the kgoomr
Halambisha Homma Faber
Halambisha Homma Faber 18 päeva tagasi
Jellie makes me so fucken happy
Lola Spinale
Lola Spinale 19 päeva tagasi
I have never seen jellie before she/he is so cute
Bhupesh Mishra
Bhupesh Mishra 20 päeva tagasi
What is moopop?
Lorelai Allison
Lorelai Allison 22 päeva tagasi
Is anybody going to point out that his aquatown ground is made of mycelium?
Lorelai Allison
Lorelai Allison 22 päeva tagasi
Scar Before Mayoral Campaign: *no mention of mycelium* Scar After Mayoral Campaign: ewwww not mycelium!!!!!
Ffe1 1106
Ffe1 1106 24 päeva tagasi
I absolutely love scar. Don’t get me wrong but PODZOIL? That’s how he pronounces it and I hurts me every time
Lubna Mhandokar
Lubna Mhandokar Місяць tagasi
9:49 cub: lol wtf Me: OH MY!! DID NOT EXPECT A HERMIT DO THAT!!!
daxonthetrax! Місяць tagasi
hey scar! love the videos. you should release another jellie plush, but this time with the orange hazmat suit! super cute (:
Zarek Crabb
Zarek Crabb Місяць tagasi
You left your shulker shulker box at grians mansion when you talked about the scar treasure hunt
Preston Cruse
Preston Cruse Місяць tagasi
you should have a yard sale with the chest monster
Noah Hagan
Noah Hagan Місяць tagasi
I love how when your promoting your merch jelly is just like :|
ISwearI’mNormal Місяць tagasi
I’m a relatively new fan and this was my first time seeing jellie. She is so cute!
Erik Taiga Hoeft
Erik Taiga Hoeft Місяць tagasi
normal ppl: wow those are nice street lights me: that's a lot of anvils
Potatomations!!! Місяць tagasi
God Bless💙
Lennaert Hondelink
Lennaert Hondelink Місяць tagasi
"Hoes are so useful" "Nobody sells hoes on the server"
Jibril Mecca
Jibril Mecca Місяць tagasi
What happened to Operation Aqua Thunder...😔
ARDE40 Місяць tagasi
2:33 yeah the cat is cool and all but IS THAT A LEGO SATURN 5 ROCKET IN THE BACKGROUND
I Like Dank Memes
I Like Dank Memes Місяць tagasi
9:50 Cubfan should watch his profanity.
Noah Payne
Noah Payne Місяць tagasi
Scar, I don't know if you'll see this because this is an older video, but I had an idea for Aqua Town as I watched you plan out what you were going to build there: what if you made like an old-timey 1920's movie theater, with the big marquis sign and the box office and all of that. I think it would fit the aesthetic of turn build and maybe give you an opportunity to create a very unique shop with the movie-theater theme. Just an idea. Loved the video as always!
Charlotte Armstrong
Charlotte Armstrong Місяць tagasi
"yes jellie, I'm going to feed you in just a moment" I really felt that
Niku Reaper K-9
Niku Reaper K-9 Місяць tagasi
Nobody: Literally nobody: Scar: Street lights are everything
Someone Місяць tagasi
Jellie isn't mad, she is just tasting the diamonds...
Owen Herman
Owen Herman Місяць tagasi
Wait, Jelly was liking the diamonds!
Elandre Vermeulen
Elandre Vermeulen Місяць tagasi
Make it you're base
RassMussen 06
RassMussen 06 Місяць tagasi
Am i the only one that want moopop to be mushroom stew?
KingPin3089 Місяць tagasi
Me watching bit on my own: “moo pop moo pop pop pop pop When my parents walk in: we are going to be selling a lot of hoes because no one else sells them
Abhay. Mall
Abhay. Mall Місяць tagasi
Why u have a wire under your nose?
Ayden Arnold
Ayden Arnold Місяць tagasi
I know this is late but you should add a tunnel that goes towards tangos base and reference toon town in who framed roger rabbit 😂 that would be the best build colab ever
1Little_Danny AKA The Digital Playground
1Little_Danny AKA The Digital Playground Місяць tagasi
jellie is so darn cute! we need more pics of her!
Zocci42 Місяць tagasi
Make a restaurant at the very top of the skyscraper. Like one with windows all around for the view. Extra points if it rotates! Lol
Lydia Miller
Lydia Miller Місяць tagasi
Have you guys noticed how all of the wars happened with grian? #Lovegrian
Pigeon The Pilot
Pigeon The Pilot Місяць tagasi
nice Saturn V
Adam Mosmans
Adam Mosmans Місяць tagasi
i like your beard scar
itz_arthur_305 Місяць tagasi
"hoes are useful why is no one selling them" uuh ok
Mota Місяць tagasi
You never see’s to disappoint scar
Aunty Googol
Aunty Googol Місяць tagasi
Jellie is sulking!
Art by Tone Tone Tony
Art by Tone Tone Tony Місяць tagasi
“I’ve never seen this specific block being used for road, it look pretty nice and pretty BDubs” 🤣🤣🤣 what does a BDubs road look like.... Scar
Larz_skyblock Місяць tagasi
Who noticed cub saying wtf at like 9:50
Devyn Panchal
Devyn Panchal Місяць tagasi
flamingo11two the kid
flamingo11two the kid Місяць tagasi
The real jelly looked grumpy/angry
mobslayer gaming
mobslayer gaming Місяць tagasi
Scar groans got backup boxes in the barge witch is fully enchanted neyherite
CaTastrophy427 Місяць tagasi
"De-lolifying" sounds like he's removing lolis, not lols. To me, at least.
NovaPlayz _PG3D
NovaPlayz _PG3D Місяць tagasi
Fun fact: People who have just started watching season 7 and never watched any other season, have never seen scar’s actual skin
jeff the evil potato
jeff the evil potato Місяць tagasi
how about, scars suits? as a name for the shop.
OrganizedGeorge Місяць tagasi
No-one: Grian: we gotta build a LOL
OrganizedGeorge Місяць tagasi
Use black concrete powder for the road and gravel for the sidewalk :)
Okome PlaysGames
Okome PlaysGames Місяць tagasi
I like cats
James Huggins
James Huggins Місяць tagasi
Scar should make a shop where he can build islands for people to build their shops on
Tuker Fuler
Tuker Fuler Місяць tagasi
Scarmour is a good name for t he shop
joseph romasco
joseph romasco Місяць tagasi
The real jelly was like : now I have some competition
Ponçikgamer Місяць tagasi
Omega212 Місяць tagasi
To be honest, scar really looks good...
Jesse Ho
Jesse Ho Місяць tagasi
Jellie is not amused........
Mercy Grimm
Mercy Grimm Місяць tagasi
GoodtimeswithScar is the most wholesome Minecraft EEpostr I have ever watched
Jazlynn Custer
Jazlynn Custer Місяць tagasi
Bro you just like to mess with ocd people!!!! Everythings gatta be perfect dude dont you understand that, first the road then the street lamp.
Wes And Russ
Wes And Russ Місяць tagasi
Where did the chair go?
Abby Місяць tagasi
Scar: I’d join the podzol team if I can be on two sides. I love Podzol. Also Scar: I put podzol here to show them who’s in charge.
Hunded XD
Hunded XD Місяць tagasi
Have you seen the videos that Pixelriffs has made? He makes tons of videos recapping hermitcraft every week. I think that he would be a great addition to hermitcraft. Watching hi let’s plays, I have seen that he is an enthusiastic player and he makes great videos. He also makes very good builds in his videos that would look great in a hermitcraft space. Maybe you can check him out and see if he should be invited.
Raptorstudios Місяць tagasi
What is the name of the song he used during the time lapses? I really like it.
Do you know da wae
Do you know da wae Місяць tagasi
Masterge77 Місяць tagasi
I was wondering when you'd get around to Operation Aquathunder's area. I remember you saying you struggled to find good ideas for it for quite some time.
The SpicyDiamond
The SpicyDiamond Місяць tagasi
Put the diamond block you broke back on the throne!
The SpicyDiamond
The SpicyDiamond Місяць tagasi
9:47 cubfan swearing in the chat lol
Austin Parker
Austin Parker Місяць tagasi
You know. Seeing the chest monster shop empty of shulkers and everyone’s chest monsters makes me realize just how much time effort energy and blocks goes into creating these amazing building in this wonderful MC world by wonderful people
Galactic Pirate
Galactic Pirate Місяць tagasi
yes scar, hoes are useful ;)
Caves Місяць tagasi
I might get a jelly cat plushy, And is that you and jelly in real life
Rude Місяць tagasi
I dint know scar had a condition
The Zelda nerd
The Zelda nerd Місяць tagasi
8:03 xisuma.exe has stopped working
Luke Heary
Luke Heary Місяць tagasi
You should dig a cave in that one location and have some shops in there
Suzanne Weiss
Suzanne Weiss Місяць tagasi
moopop sounds so good then you notis it is fizzy milk XD
Amanda Crystal
Amanda Crystal Місяць tagasi
Yay I’m soooo excited 2 see the finished aqua town it gonna be OMAZING :D
Musical Ho Nana
Musical Ho Nana Місяць tagasi
Jellie : Heck nah im done I just wanna sleep
Zakai John
Zakai John Місяць tagasi
>:O im offended "lol wtf"
Jostein Utgård
Jostein Utgård Місяць tagasi
i don't know why, but i'm getting a major New Orleans vibe from Aquatown.
AKASH GAMER Місяць tagasi
grain:no u dont
AmusedApple Місяць tagasi
Make the base a scar cave and give your self like a new personality I think it would be fun and you could be like the new super hero as you were a villian in the last season Could even use the pearl stasis station for friends who join your crime fighting team I am putting this coment on his newest videos also
James Earwicker
James Earwicker Місяць tagasi
Why does he have that thing in he’s nose
Bryson Reynolds
Bryson Reynolds Місяць tagasi
Fluttteringempress Місяць tagasi
Do not press show more if you are scar. (Its about something somebody on the server did so dont spoil it) I hope scar finds the signs "Grain" put (i know its grian watch his last episode)
RequiemPoete Місяць tagasi
A Hoe Shop? Is Scar building a Brothel?
Z n' Z Gaming
Z n' Z Gaming Місяць tagasi
A few things came up like becoming the Mayor and a few wars normal stuff 🤣
Twisted Techno Beast
Twisted Techno Beast Місяць tagasi
Groans spot, Scar Groans spot scar.
Alixandra Cavileer
Alixandra Cavileer Місяць tagasi
Grians plot is a bit annoying tbh but he leagally owns it
mahutosman tadsıt
mahutosman tadsıt Місяць tagasi
Everytima scar laughes it sounds like hes acting the laugh lol
Kirkuk Місяць tagasi
I d9nt know why but scars build style is my favorite. I just like lots of messy and tedtured stuff. I tried to mix it in with smallish beans build style(which is overgrown) and it looked amasing but i havent practiced much of yours.
Chunky Milk
Chunky Milk Місяць tagasi
This man with dyslexia has done more in this season in Minecraft than I will ever do in Minecraft in my entire life
Liam. kuntz
Liam. kuntz Місяць tagasi
Scar in aqua town we need a gaint moo pop skyscraper
Liam. kuntz
Liam. kuntz Місяць tagasi
A very big moo pop bottle
Ffion Supple
Ffion Supple Місяць tagasi
Moo pop moo pop Spore me another. Secret residence member
Jacob Shepherd
Jacob Shepherd Місяць tagasi
Scar should make a shop that sells bows along with hoes and he should call it BOWS N HOES
SpectreOps YT
SpectreOps YT Місяць tagasi
I wish I could see scars test world the ammount of imagination and clusters it terraforming/designs would look astounding
Awesome Universe
Awesome Universe Місяць tagasi
i just love how scar gives gifts for lag
Awesome Universe
Awesome Universe Місяць tagasi
threads is awesome
zane ansell
zane ansell Місяць tagasi
Make the old HQs into a subway
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