Hermitcraft 7: Episode 58 - MINING, ON CAMERA!

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Hermitcraft 7: Episode 58 - MINING, ON CAMERA! Grian is on hermitcraft mining, not for diamonds, but for 60 blocks of space.
#hermitcraft #minecraft

AngeLemon 8 tundi tagasi
Grian pancake? *yum*
ProbeBot 11 tundi tagasi
Goat Wowzass
Goat Wowzass 20 tundi tagasi
2 hours and a half
charliedoesfilm Päev tagasi
Striders kinda resemble hairy turnips.. with.. ..legs..?
7C 22 Fatema Vora
7C 22 Fatema Vora Päev tagasi
Nobody: Wilbur: I watched you build a hole Grian~
drechnoblade Päev tagasi
grian: mining on camera me: impossible
Dark theme11
Dark theme11 Päev tagasi
Grian have a build battle with Wattles pls
Zoey Stevens
Zoey Stevens Päev tagasi
4 hours
Krimxon Quartz
Krimxon Quartz Päev tagasi
agreed Potato Kid
Krimxon Quartz
Krimxon Quartz Päev tagasi
Dude nice work
Luca 2 päeva tagasi
9:07 Spot-on 🧐😏
Natalie Ward
Natalie Ward 3 päeva tagasi
Why don't you try make the scp foundation in minecraft the hermite world
William OC
William OC 3 päeva tagasi
Yeah I now the uk in the spring is cold in the summer is soo hot
Rayden Gerrald
Rayden Gerrald 3 päeva tagasi
Are you part Irish? I can hear an accent in your “here”(s) and “airplanes”(s)
J Mabruk
J Mabruk 3 päeva tagasi
When they say: "EEpostr isn't a job. Playing video Games all day isn't proper work"... Show them Grian doing this^^ I would rage quite and deinstall minecraft after 1 hour of digging like this :D
Mason Valek
Mason Valek 4 päeva tagasi
anyone: goes AFK Grian within a world's radius: it's free real estate!!!
Diane Nguyen
Diane Nguyen 4 päeva tagasi
bockets in Britain means a round hill
Ipseeta Panda
Ipseeta Panda 4 päeva tagasi
Grian i love how you r so dedicated to play minecraft to create quality content for us!!!!!!!!! I dont think i can play for 3 hours straight
AlliePlayz 4 päeva tagasi
Ima say bout' 4 hours?????
Pierce0032 5 päeva tagasi
I would’ve guessed that the shulker box thing took about 5 to 7 hours.
Dylan Doucette
Dylan Doucette 5 päeva tagasi
BFF MIX 6 päeva tagasi
5hours i think i over rected Pst im bad at spelling
DMI Games
DMI Games 6 päeva tagasi
Nobody: Grian: 1:07
Shaptahik Proshanti
Shaptahik Proshanti 6 päeva tagasi
i wish grian cuold build me a mob farm bc it took me a day to build a mob and i wish i had a gold farm like him
sijun chathuni
sijun chathuni 7 päeva tagasi
Want did grian die when he ended the video?
sijun chathuni
sijun chathuni 7 päeva tagasi
Wow grian how is your brain survived hahaha
Ludwig Van Beethoven
Ludwig Van Beethoven 7 päeva tagasi
Bockets has to be the most British thing I’ve ever heard in all my days
saki has fooled you
saki has fooled you 7 päeva tagasi
Minecraft tutorials:so just put one block here just here two blocks away Also minecraft tutorials:so I did some work 🙂 Nice work bro👍
Ryeo 7 päeva tagasi
17:55 "Spinning is a good trick"
Brody Polen
Brody Polen 7 päeva tagasi
21:07 - 21:11 i bet it took 7 hours 42 minutes 57 seconds
jet Dinelt
jet Dinelt 8 päeva tagasi
I know a better way to turf war paint guns and squids
Stephanie Edwards
Stephanie Edwards 8 päeva tagasi
Mumbo jumbo afk I’m gunna take that mustache away
Sterling Miller
Sterling Miller 8 päeva tagasi
The strider nodded
Kenneth Hoang
Kenneth Hoang 8 päeva tagasi
Shilla joeyllah Salang
Shilla joeyllah Salang 8 päeva tagasi
2 hours
Kenneth Martin
Kenneth Martin 8 päeva tagasi
If he had 1000 blocks of water he would still be a grian pancake.
Sam Crockford
Sam Crockford 8 päeva tagasi
5 hours
The Jaguar
The Jaguar 9 päeva tagasi
3 hours
Walker Hale
Walker Hale 9 päeva tagasi
Literally everyone as a child when it’s the winter holidays: I’ve just found a Christmas District!
sfn 2.0
sfn 2.0 9 päeva tagasi
17:25 Oh... don't mind this I just want to play a million times
Brayden Vosik Pekala
Brayden Vosik Pekala 9 päeva tagasi
Manvel Msurian
Manvel Msurian 10 päeva tagasi
2 hours
Kursyll Amedee
Kursyll Amedee 11 päeva tagasi
About 12 hours
Jet Lemming
Jet Lemming 11 päeva tagasi
1 hour
More of That Channel
More of That Channel 11 päeva tagasi
Lol my epic tour video has a hole just like that... but all ore in tact. Is a geology museum. Lol 8 months is a long life. I couldn’t keep Oscar alive for a day!
golden figther
golden figther 11 päeva tagasi
Is it just me or does the plane looks like a missle
Zadok Cea
Zadok Cea 12 päeva tagasi
he did the impossible
Hexar Hunter
Hexar Hunter 12 päeva tagasi
AFKing? what about your rules that YOU made
Ashley B
Ashley B 12 päeva tagasi
When Grian died from elytra me: wow all of that level is gone now
Squirrelwastaken 12 päeva tagasi
17 hrs
James Stephens
James Stephens 12 päeva tagasi
a day
Shadowhorse06 12 päeva tagasi
Lol he will build a big hole but not a back of a base
doge_gaming 1
doge_gaming 1 12 päeva tagasi
The shopping district: I am lag incarnate
Tijmen Plaisier
Tijmen Plaisier 13 päeva tagasi
I think it was 90 minuts
Kiara Quadros
Kiara Quadros 13 päeva tagasi
He literally made padorads prison from the Dream smp that Dream is currently in!
Narwal Animates
Narwal Animates 14 päeva tagasi
“ that was 9 hours of building “ proceeds to show a hole he just dug.
Doge Gaming
Doge Gaming 14 päeva tagasi
Grian: MINING, ON CAMERA everybody: Impossible
Abhay Agarwal
Abhay Agarwal 14 päeva tagasi
7 h
Izabela Kownacki
Izabela Kownacki 14 päeva tagasi
It snowed at midnight yesterday night.
Yahya Alkhalili
Yahya Alkhalili 15 päeva tagasi
4 hours sorting stuff i guess
Gwendalyn777 16 päeva tagasi
Zoe Culliton
Zoe Culliton 16 päeva tagasi
10 hours
Gabriel Wolf
Gabriel Wolf 16 päeva tagasi
grian doc knew you trolled him. he had a replay mod.
John79g 17 päeva tagasi
Tom Prendergast
Tom Prendergast 17 päeva tagasi
Hhhhhmmmm. Me: Rings? Sonic grain!!!!
Bradley Ivison
Bradley Ivison 17 päeva tagasi
10 hours
nothingy 17 päeva tagasi
trash_guy _bg
trash_guy _bg 18 päeva tagasi
Instead of mining off camera it's mining on camera
Erwin John Jr. Payabyab
Erwin John Jr. Payabyab 18 päeva tagasi
Grian do you know???? axe is much stronger than sword!!!!!!
Deanna W
Deanna W 19 päeva tagasi
Doc having replay mod running was the FUNNIEST twist 😂
Raymond Miller
Raymond Miller 19 päeva tagasi
Grain you should make a dropper till build height and cost 32 diamonds
jewel lundwall
jewel lundwall 20 päeva tagasi
Sonti FiveSixty
Sonti FiveSixty 20 päeva tagasi
Catherine Weeks
Catherine Weeks 20 päeva tagasi
I live this video so much. Please do more like this.
ChillinCloud 20 päeva tagasi
Thumbnail: looks like world edit Him: Mining on camera Video: 20 minutes Me: YEAHHHHHH OK BUDDY
Dom A
Dom A 21 päev tagasi
Man I have been making a small skyscraper and I haven't finished it in 3 months, this guy can get diamonds on the first day 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Coalking 21 päev tagasi
i bet the moobloom building is gonna be a minigame where you need to dhear mooblooms into cows to win
KatPlayZ GameZ
KatPlayZ GameZ 19 päeva tagasi
moobloom isn’t even in the game and I assume you mean mooshroom but if you shear a mooshroom it doesn’t become a cow
poo poo
poo poo 22 päeva tagasi
24 hours it took :)
BLADEZ - Minecraft - Pvp
BLADEZ - Minecraft - Pvp 22 päeva tagasi
hes pickaxe broke like a mil times wile mining that chunk
AUSTIN THOMPSON 23 päeva tagasi
AUSTIN THOMPSON 23 päeva tagasi
Elitetoxic 72
Elitetoxic 72 23 päeva tagasi
I guess it took you 5 hours to sort out all the items
Oliver Key
Oliver Key 23 päeva tagasi
Grian: "feeding the gold bars to the pigs" Piglin:*NOM
Julie Lee
Julie Lee 24 päeva tagasi
18:56 When ever I use eletra this is what happened lol
Paul Douris
Paul Douris 24 päeva tagasi
Jesus is king and our savior repent of sin so you can be saved remember Jesus Christ loves you and he’s coming soon repent it’s The Best decision you’ll ever make
Rachie Coffee
Rachie Coffee 25 päeva tagasi
Grian: IMA STOCK THIS me : another 13 hours of sorting...
Game Account
Game Account 25 päeva tagasi
Ah yes, ender pearl flavored tic-tac, my favorite of foods.
Liam Tretsven
Liam Tretsven 26 päeva tagasi
Theo Hyde
Theo Hyde 26 päeva tagasi
that was weird
Gabriel 8880
Gabriel 8880 26 päeva tagasi
Would have been funnier if he brought a boss guardian to the obsidian cage
Hyperboid 27 päeva tagasi
why is grian megapvp
Artur Fischer
Artur Fischer 27 päeva tagasi
Hermit challenge: Write something iconic of yours on someones build untill they complain to you.
MoonDog ._.
MoonDog ._. 27 päeva tagasi
Grian: you cant afk Grian in episode 1: goes afk while ranking scar
MoonDog ._.
MoonDog ._. 27 päeva tagasi
Taylor Thira Goodfellow
Taylor Thira Goodfellow 27 päeva tagasi
this was posted on my birthday! :D
ttv intersting
ttv intersting 28 päeva tagasi
Honestly though he was going slow and went plup🤣
tl tlcnc1
tl tlcnc1 28 päeva tagasi
Etho can really be a human turbine
Dana Hall
Dana Hall 29 päeva tagasi
griffin and freands
griffin and freands 29 päeva tagasi
11 hours
Ilze Suzi Da Silva
Ilze Suzi Da Silva 29 päeva tagasi
AlL tHe PrOfItS oF mInInG gOeS tO tHe BaRgE.
Cosmic Fire
Cosmic Fire 29 päeva tagasi
Can we all agree that the dirt gradient time-lapse was the best one Grian did in HermitCraft 7.
Ricky 29 päeva tagasi
Every episode Grian complains about how long things take and how he's so busy and tired. Would he want to not do EEpost full-time then? Some of us dream of the life he has and all he does is complain every video.
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