Hermitcraft 7: Episode 1 - HERE WE GO!

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Hermitcraft 7: Episode 1 - HERE WE GO! Season 7 of hermitcraft has begun and Grian is in it! What antics will happen this time?
#minecraft #hermitcraft

monopoly man
monopoly man 9 tundi tagasi
He never did do anything with that secret opening
TB8 GAMING 10 tundi tagasi
Grain thw parret is a pesky bird because he is pesky
Minecraft Man
Minecraft Man 11 tundi tagasi
More then just one though. Because you already got one
Minecraft Man
Minecraft Man 11 tundi tagasi
Grian you should of looked for chests in the gold mines in the masa biome at some point
monopoly man
monopoly man 9 tundi tagasi
They probably would have been looted because he started after everyone else
KombuchaBoi87 13 tundi tagasi
This is one year old. Ya know what that means
A D O 20 tundi tagasi
OMG it's been a year already
Fin Gilmour
Fin Gilmour 23 tundi tagasi
1 year ago, damn what a year
Lleoexe Päev tagasi
Im going to watch this whole series from the start
Chey Plays
Chey Plays Päev tagasi
Grian I don’t know if you’re ever going to see this but there are a bunch of people in the EEpost community making remixes out of every single song you make
Lejenjree Päev tagasi
what song does he use?
Clay Steinberg
Clay Steinberg Päev tagasi
Wow this was a year ago?
Donnyniue Päev tagasi
How do you make a multiplayer server in Minecraft java
Theodetvaren Päev tagasi
This is over a year ago...
Darnell Wheelerdk
Darnell Wheelerdk 2 päeva tagasi
I've fallen for your voice and now your channel.
rebekka pedersen
rebekka pedersen 2 päeva tagasi
Next season have the same exact server
Ava!! 2 päeva tagasi
I can't belive this was a year ago! Anyone else binge watching?
Angel Love Africa
Angel Love Africa 2 päeva tagasi
Propulsion gaming
Propulsion gaming 2 päeva tagasi
Brent Gee
Brent Gee 2 päeva tagasi
Me: Thinking about bubble elevator. Grian: BuBBle ElaVatoR 6:24
lwl solo
lwl solo 2 päeva tagasi
Every thing about this channel makes me happy thank you. And I hop season 7 is as good as 6
Alice The Angel
Alice The Angel 2 päeva tagasi
:p me: hey Go more ;) MORE. Almost there Here is some food when you wait 🍟 ☕️ 🥪 Your here 🧇🧀🥨🥞🧈🍞🍞🍟🍟🍕🥪🍔🍔🍱🍰🍰🍰
Cobra Gaming
Cobra Gaming 2 päeva tagasi
Sadly, Grian did nothing so far with the secret garden
Kayback 16 tundi tagasi
That we know of. Let's see in the map download.
G Bros Gaming
G Bros Gaming 2 päeva tagasi
Mumbo jumbo joined the game
Thæ Weird Kid
Thæ Weird Kid 2 päeva tagasi
nostalgia 10,000%
Kaan Bora Bilgin
Kaan Bora Bilgin 3 päeva tagasi
He was singing Mumbo AFK Hehehehhe
Fingram 3 päeva tagasi
When’s s8 gonna start?
Jago Vernon
Jago Vernon 3 päeva tagasi
Baggy Spaggy
Baggy Spaggy 3 päeva tagasi
Grian: I was seriously unlucky with mining Me: you call THAT unlucky?
Jarr of jam
Jarr of jam 3 päeva tagasi
Archco 3 päeva tagasi
HamoodBTW 3 päeva tagasi
25:32 oops, editor grian forgot to edit that out 😅
Jeff Brooks
Jeff Brooks 3 päeva tagasi
Is it just me or is he like the younger version of dantdm
ROXXON SNOWBALL 3 päeva tagasi
Its been a year more like 1 day
Dolan Fragrance
Dolan Fragrance 3 päeva tagasi
Zach Montague
Zach Montague 3 päeva tagasi
CreativeName GoesHere
CreativeName GoesHere 3 päeva tagasi
Right back to where we started from
Cloudyy 3 päeva tagasi
That hobithole looks kinda like the one jack frost miner made a few years ago
Vin Cor
Vin Cor 3 päeva tagasi
After watching dream smp this looks like child’s play
barbaros bozkurt
barbaros bozkurt 3 päeva tagasi
I'm gonna Force-Feed (TM) you until you love me!
oliver rider
oliver rider 4 päeva tagasi
GRIAN u actually never used the back of your jungle cave did u u pesky bird u know the jungle garden
Immerse Where
Immerse Where 4 päeva tagasi
"turn" it into an xp farm : ))
manisha gupta
manisha gupta 4 päeva tagasi
And this is what turned out to be the JUNGLE in the best season so far............
Brutus Callaway
Brutus Callaway 4 päeva tagasi
The nervous evening basally launch because change oppositely check mid a axiomatic doctor. private, useless science
PUPPY GAMING 4 päeva tagasi
The good oil days :(
ROXXON SNOWBALL 3 päeva tagasi
Rachel Cuskelly
Rachel Cuskelly 4 päeva tagasi
You should turn the hole into your parrot home
Castle crasher Sam
Castle crasher Sam 4 päeva tagasi
Yeah just travel back in time first then ask him
Esperanza Castillo
Esperanza Castillo 4 päeva tagasi
ok i just finish watching season 6 and... this was a year ago.... how?!?!?!
Avadhi Vaid
Avadhi Vaid 4 päeva tagasi
Grian in episode 1 - Has 8 diamonds Grian now - Richer than the mayor and the shopping district with the most successful shop on the server
Fluffyshep 4 päeva tagasi
there ready to be harvested for there sweet sweet rotten fle- i mean xp me: ;-;
Fluffyshep 4 päeva tagasi
my recommendations when i have schoolwork: *the entire hermitcraft season 7*
Cooking Corners
Cooking Corners 5 päeva tagasi
Grian's voice is so sweet
Icy Chill Gaming
Icy Chill Gaming 5 päeva tagasi
If I recall this is the last time we hear "Mumbo Jumbo AFK" ever. Rip.
Negative X4110
Negative X4110 5 päeva tagasi
That was there worst parrot ever
Nimisha leuva
Nimisha leuva 5 päeva tagasi
A good tip for you in hermitcraft: Mumbo knows how to complete 80% of Minecraft world in first five days.Cuz, He is good at survival. You are good at building , make it your power. I know you are good at survival, just be better.
Llewellyn Duck
Llewellyn Duck 5 päeva tagasi
4:15 best timelaps music ever
Htoo Myat Min Oo
Htoo Myat Min Oo 5 päeva tagasi
This is the most view hermitcraft episode in hermitcraft history 10M views i love grain
Micaiah Ray
Micaiah Ray 5 päeva tagasi
I can't believe it was a year ago I discovered the world of hermitcraft. Good job youtube recommendations 👍🏻
BlondeBoy 479
BlondeBoy 479 5 päeva tagasi
Should have made a trident farm with that zombie spawner
65 Kami
65 Kami 5 päeva tagasi
I’m so annoyed that you skipped over mineshafts in the first 3 minutes wtf
EmiWasTaken 5 päeva tagasi
Grian: I found a parrot head Grian...where did your parrot go
J.ustin Rad
J.ustin Rad 5 päeva tagasi
Me coming back to this a year later for, well idk, nostalgia
uzma ullah
uzma ullah 5 päeva tagasi
Now a year..
Zyad nasser
Zyad nasser 6 päeva tagasi
that was the best minecraft prank ever!
bossman fam
bossman fam 6 päeva tagasi
tis so many memories
Hallucination 6 päeva tagasi
Ahhh the date says this is a year ago..
jeffrey mayor
jeffrey mayor 6 päeva tagasi
Grian: pesky bird
Ibrahim Hechame
Ibrahim Hechame 6 päeva tagasi
Here we go once again!😀
Lily Savoie
Lily Savoie 6 päeva tagasi
Grain why don't u make a water slide so u can slide down to ur strip mine he he he he
[code{RED}] 6 päeva tagasi
To think its been a year and a day since this started... ;)
Nicholas Lackey
Nicholas Lackey 7 päeva tagasi
...This was over a year ago, and Season 7 is still happening.
Apple The scavenger
Apple The scavenger 7 päeva tagasi
“Eats more then a family of four” *family of 6 go brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr*
Greivous took an l
Greivous took an l 7 päeva tagasi
Yesterday was the one year anniversary pog
The King Of Randomness
The King Of Randomness 7 päeva tagasi
25:32 did anyone else notice that he said it twice?
Manny 7 päeva tagasi
you only needed 2 buckets 😓
Stoom n Punjab sp Hello
Stoom n Punjab sp Hello 7 päeva tagasi
Microwave 7 päeva tagasi
I’m 40 minutes late for the anniversary of this first episode, it is now March 1st oof
Grayson Coy
Grayson Coy 7 päeva tagasi
Today marks the day that hermitcraft 7 has been going for a year
Survival Creative
Survival Creative 7 päeva tagasi
Happy 1st Birthday Hermitcraft 7
Bugz 7 päeva tagasi
wow 7 minuetes ago
I Eat Smurfs
I Eat Smurfs 7 päeva tagasi
i love this series so much im rewatching it
Zippy GH
Zippy GH 7 päeva tagasi
WHAT how has this been over a year ;(
Adónis Serrinha
Adónis Serrinha 7 päeva tagasi
I can't believe this season Turned 1 year old today...
EiraPlay 7 päeva tagasi
This was really funny! I was laughing like crazy 😂!
Apple Juice
Apple Juice 7 päeva tagasi
One year anniversary!!
octagnl 7 päeva tagasi
1 year “crying in background”
mer_mer gaming & vlogs
mer_mer gaming & vlogs 7 päeva tagasi
It started exactly 1 year ago
Jamie Hinchman
Jamie Hinchman 7 päeva tagasi
It’s already been a year
Final Argument
Final Argument 7 päeva tagasi
How had it already been a year
GavinNOTDavidson YT
GavinNOTDavidson YT 7 päeva tagasi
It's been one year... :,)
Edwin 7 päeva tagasi
WOW 1 year of s7
Max Lyons
Max Lyons 7 päeva tagasi
1 year!
Jack Thompson
Jack Thompson 7 päeva tagasi
One year today
dooda 7 päeva tagasi
happy one year anniversary-ish
Zachyshows 7 päeva tagasi
1 year
Tristan Samuel
Tristan Samuel 7 päeva tagasi
This video turns 1 today!! :D
Linkpower101 8 päeva tagasi
Season seven started a year ago today. The time went by so fast
Sebastian Kevin
Sebastian Kevin 8 päeva tagasi
1 year ago... This video was posted to EEpost, marking the start of Season 7. It's all fun and games until today... I come here to remember the memories, and peace in the comment section before the Dream SMP stans invaded the comment section 5 months ago, causing a division and fans war between the two servers on a few EEpost videos and Twitter tweets. What a good old days... VIVA LA HERMITCRAFT o7 o7 o7
Chrollo Lucilfer
Chrollo Lucilfer 8 päeva tagasi
Exactly 1 year ago
E 8 päeva tagasi
Happy birthday hermitcraft 7
Boba_ Gacha
Boba_ Gacha 8 päeva tagasi
JUNGLE MELLONS *this is my lucky day* 😏
Jaren PH ツ
Jaren PH ツ 8 päeva tagasi
Memories Bring back memories!
Smergs ._.
Smergs ._. 8 päeva tagasi
hax, he started with a boat, too op (lmao)
Helen Shepherd
Helen Shepherd 8 päeva tagasi
Tomorrow is the one year anniversary
BurakMC 8 päeva tagasi
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