Hermitcraft 7: Episode 49 - TRIPLE BAMBOOZLED!

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Hermitcraft 7: Episode 49 - TRIPLE BAMBOOZLED! grian is back on the hermitcraft server with the mycelium resistance
#minecraft #hermitcraft
Please remember to spread positivity in all the hermits comments and no hate. There's no such thing as "breaking the rules" on the hermitcraft server. We're all just having fun.

Gaurav Singla
Gaurav Singla 13 tundi tagasi
Grian in last season you were making the mansion stress made the horror complete version of it
Sara Robotham
Sara Robotham Päev tagasi
When he said not false symmetry true symmetry at 00:30 I could not stop lauthing
Zachyshows Päev tagasi
Grian: we need to block the water Scar a minute later into the video: *if you need any help removing pockets of water, always lett me*
Lucy Goofer Gaming
Lucy Goofer Gaming 2 päeva tagasi
Thank you so much Grian I was at the park today and I got flinged of a swing today and your videos really help me 🥺
Lucy Goofer Gaming
Lucy Goofer Gaming 2 päeva tagasi
Oh yeah and I hit my chin really hard 😅
AvarageGamer3316 3 päeva tagasi
They should call the mycelium resistance "MyRes" like if you agree
Jack the alpaca
Jack the alpaca 3 päeva tagasi
Try to sneak redstone and tnt in the walls and put a button at the entrance see if they press it! If they do bye bye to there bace but they don’t well...WHO WOULDN’T TRY TO PRESS THE BUTTON
Maddi C33
Maddi C33 4 päeva tagasi
me only watches Grain also me at 21:20 CLEO WE SAW CLEO again its me cause im a loner runs to cousin whos already seen it (im behind by alot then him ik ik) I SAW CLEO him: mmmk loner self: runs back to room thinking of writing this comment im stuid ik ik😂😂
Ishkanark 5 päeva tagasi
cypress hudson
cypress hudson 6 päeva tagasi
grian bdubs is litterally Calvin
damian blanez
damian blanez 7 päeva tagasi
Grian: Kaboom? Me: Yes, Grian, Kaboom!
DragonriderTechnologies 7 päeva tagasi
Those skin pranks really are cursed. It was hilarious!
Super Pumkin
Super Pumkin 7 päeva tagasi
I want to see more Build Swap with Taurtis
Denise La
Denise La 8 päeva tagasi
HIP try to steal the diamonds Grian : Nope
Denise La
Denise La 8 päeva tagasi
wait I Mean Grian : I am 7 parallel universes ahead of you
FifWindow 8 päeva tagasi
For some reason I was thinking if anyone had beaten the end dragon then I realized that they all have elytra
Nolan Beamon
Nolan Beamon 10 päeva tagasi
Carolyn Fear
Carolyn Fear 11 päeva tagasi
PanPanPlayz 12 päeva tagasi
18:46-18:47 The sweet sound of finishing your exclamation, then editing it. Listen closely.
Sonja Bell
Sonja Bell 12 päeva tagasi
he is Brian
Thomas Walder
Thomas Walder 13 päeva tagasi
Not gonna lie, would have liked to see Bdubs as Grian for longer
bessy 14 päeva tagasi
nobody: Grian: I'm four parallel universes ahead of you
charliedoesfilm 14 päeva tagasi
No because I literally do not trust ANYTHING Grian is saying about the base or where the base actually is at this point, so suspicious!
Samuel Susantyo
Samuel Susantyo 15 päeva tagasi
you make a furnace than use the blaze rod for fuel than make glass the make a bottle than made a honey bottel than make sugar than put sugar/egg and the pumkin boom pumkin pie
Christian Wagner
Christian Wagner 15 päeva tagasi
Wait... Hasn't grian headed wars on both season 6 and 7
Star Lockhart
Star Lockhart 17 päeva tagasi
How many stupid beacons does this man need
Boyao Yang
Boyao Yang 17 päeva tagasi
Dylan Doucette
Dylan Doucette 18 päeva tagasi
ive watched 43 hours of grian this year
Dylan Doucette
Dylan Doucette 18 päeva tagasi
Thus us wat i say to this video: ._.
Bethany Cordery
Bethany Cordery 18 päeva tagasi
I want blow it up
Sharks n Barks
Sharks n Barks 18 päeva tagasi
no we dont
Newbie 18 päeva tagasi
Karlie wu
Karlie wu 19 päeva tagasi
You know wadzee made a netherete becon and needed to shovel a hole desert and beach at first because he could not find a desert
legenden kjær YT
legenden kjær YT 14 päeva tagasi
bangtan. fan
bangtan. fan 20 päeva tagasi
hep looks like to better on land version of krusty krab
Lord Rubin
Lord Rubin 20 päeva tagasi
I miss decked out
Mr Pickle
Mr Pickle 20 päeva tagasi
grian pro :))))))
Garrett Brunette
Garrett Brunette 20 päeva tagasi
cant you just use the camera accounts to find the secret resistance base??? P.S. grian please pin this or u gonna remove it because im telling all the snitches this LMAO
legenden kjær YT
legenden kjær YT 14 päeva tagasi
Pretty sure thats against the rules tho. There are still rules
Drooms Town
Drooms Town 21 päev tagasi
Grian: not a very big hole. Me: th- Everyone: *softly* don’t Me: t-that’s WHAT SHE SAID
Zoie Andrews
Zoie Andrews 21 päev tagasi
Resistance be like: I'm 4 parallel universes ahead of you
Lucas Fernandez
Lucas Fernandez 22 päeva tagasi
silverfish means you are near a STRONGHOLD
Mouse Arts
Mouse Arts 24 päeva tagasi
Anyone else see the barrel that he missed in the haunted mansion? It was under a flower pot
nhtweeker 25 päeva tagasi
Those Zombies got bones and arrows kinda like the drops of a skeleton.
Alejandro Lopez
Alejandro Lopez 25 päeva tagasi
man j just got done watching the episode when grain made a big step and made them look incentivos with pillars, around number 65
sergio rects
sergio rects 26 päeva tagasi
Pradhan 2710
Pradhan 2710 27 päeva tagasi
22:15 cursed falsely
Gaming Everything YT
Gaming Everything YT 28 päeva tagasi
I was wrong huh
Sohail Aji
Sohail Aji 28 päeva tagasi
Wrong about what?
Matrix 29 päeva tagasi
Grian:how many fake bases do we have? Me:2300
Ivy Lister
Ivy Lister Місяць tagasi
it was meant to go in the middle chest TwT
apple lord43
apple lord43 Місяць tagasi
I know the pumpkin pie one
ItsJustAugo Місяць tagasi
Grian: not false symmetry, true symmetry Me: so false's cam account
Cortanis001 Місяць tagasi
Leave it to Hermitcraft to strip and entire desert down to the bone. It does rather put into perspective that the game needs a mob that one can make a farm for that can produce sand.
Coalking Місяць tagasi
this episode is longer
mideee Місяць tagasi
i always thought when you change your skins you leave and rejoin but in this video you disproved me 18:03 how do you change your skin while your in game
Sohail Aji
Sohail Aji 28 päeva tagasi
@Thomas farquhar I agree
Thomas farquhar
Thomas farquhar Місяць tagasi
Clever editing
Jada Elizabeth20
Jada Elizabeth20 Місяць tagasi
I cant be the only one having massive Hermit Civil War flashbacks? Is it a Llama? Is it a Brita filter? WHO KNOWS🤣🤣
Pansexual Goddess
Pansexual Goddess Місяць tagasi
Grian: I've never crafted pumpkin pie Me who made up and entire second identity based off of pumpkin pie in minecraft: :|
Nicholas Brown
Nicholas Brown Місяць tagasi
Omg u guys r soo clever
Kyo Місяць tagasi
he needed to put it in the middle one.
Giovonni Marshall
Giovonni Marshall Місяць tagasi
I'm non stop watching the episodes
TekS Army
TekS Army Місяць tagasi
There was a fricken chest but he did not see it
S L J Місяць tagasi
Stressmonster's haunted mansion reminds me of a little something Grian never got around to making last season and ended up selling. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
KrustyXD9 Місяць tagasi
Why are there no captions
August Ramthun
August Ramthun Місяць tagasi
Pumpkin pie is easy
#pugs Місяць tagasi
To make pumpkin pie in Minecraft you need 1 pumpkin 1 egg and 1 sugar
ToucanPlays Місяць tagasi
Wow, the HEP were really triple bamboozled.
Tricia Witt
Tricia Witt Місяць tagasi
Grian over here endings the video and I’m noticing the giant piston in the back and being like WOAH
Aji Z
Aji Z Місяць tagasi
Why does Grian have 3 netherite shovels but never uses them to mine grass?!?
Theo Hyde
Theo Hyde Місяць tagasi
SOS for the comment thing
Itz Ya Game Ace
Itz Ya Game Ace Місяць tagasi
What should’ve happened is that they’re never was a “base”. They just should have made an infinity room hidden in one of the upside down bases, and then used that.
Casimir De Courcy Ireland
Casimir De Courcy Ireland Місяць tagasi
Brittany Padilla
Brittany Padilla Місяць tagasi
hey i notest thats there is a desert well i thot why dont you make a temple for a home when u go to the desert
Sarcastic Weirdo
Sarcastic Weirdo Місяць tagasi
“Reading got me killed!” -Grian 2020
Lab dogs
Lab dogs Місяць tagasi
Best quote ever
UnderDevelopedAnimationz Місяць tagasi
Tango really is redstone boi
averagirls Місяць tagasi
Stress : ........... Grian : NO BAD CURSED! Stress : he he i AM your worst nightmare!!
Aidan Zachary Guzman
Aidan Zachary Guzman Місяць tagasi
Well, you just made a hole lot of kabooms!
Losisans Gaming
Losisans Gaming Місяць tagasi
You've been distracted eh! ROLL THE DANCE! O /|\ / \
GalaxyBoy 346
GalaxyBoy 346 Місяць tagasi
Liam Bebbington
Liam Bebbington Місяць tagasi
ye grian said i did a little building off camera when we look it goes from half of a mansion to a full mansion and another one in the upside down
James Lunt
James Lunt Місяць tagasi
18:47 Are we just going to ignore the cake flying through the floor
Brain Storm
Brain Storm Місяць tagasi
Prof_ Longbow
Prof_ Longbow Місяць tagasi
I think you put it in the middle barrel for the piston one
CHIN KONG TSANG Місяць tagasi
finally figure out why he failed so much, thats because he took the item out of the left chest lol
First letter of the second word: B
Remafe Subillaga
Remafe Subillaga Місяць tagasi
grian stole some hoppers in the house
Johnson Li
Johnson Li Місяць tagasi
this is climate change boys 3:25
galaxy play
galaxy play Місяць tagasi
Bonn Bonn
Bonn Bonn Місяць tagasi
Hes going to build 20000 more traps
Bonn Bonn
Bonn Bonn Місяць tagasi
Can you ask people to get on the server and help with the mansion
StillZuzu 百合子
StillZuzu 百合子 Місяць tagasi
Omg I missed so much hermitcraft, this is gonna take me so long to catch up-
István Szikra
István Szikra Місяць tagasi
Ok, at least Grian got how to make red wool (string to wool, iron golem+lava for the red dye) For the pumpkin pie you need to make sugar by making a furnace and smelting sand (with blaze rod fuel) to make bottles to convert the honey block back to honey bottles which makes sugar (the other two ingredients were provided: egg, pumpkin)... I don't know what Grian tried to brew ;) I love these games!
Norbu Cicheng therchen
Norbu Cicheng therchen Місяць tagasi
did grian just steal 16 hoppers in trick or treat
Ethan Haldane
Ethan Haldane Місяць tagasi
Jumana Haseen
Jumana Haseen Місяць tagasi
Dig sand
fred Місяць tagasi
at 18:48 there is a moving cake
Jah Daddy
Jah Daddy Місяць tagasi
This season is just the great pretender but minecraft
Joyce Xi
Joyce Xi Місяць tagasi
Upgrade the barge
Jessica Eselius
Jessica Eselius Місяць tagasi
am, see this in 2021
who is seeing this in 2021
Kate Steele
Kate Steele Місяць tagasi
im noob and i know how to craft pumpkin pie
Mr.Potato Місяць tagasi
how to do the pumpkin pie: make a furnace with the cobblestone, use the blaze rod to turn the sand into glass, then use the glass to make the bottles. Turn the honey block into four bottles of honey, which each turn into three sugar. Use the sugar, egg, and pumpkin to make the pie.
PadroneOfficial Місяць tagasi
Tbh that trick craft-to-escape chamber legitimately reminded me of the Jigsaw trap...
try not to laugh
try not to laugh Місяць tagasi
Mumbo made hundreds of diamonds by telling people where the marketplace is
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