Here's Why I Dropped Everything and Got On A Plane AND THEN DID THAT

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Ezra Robles
Ezra Robles 7 місяців tagasi
OK I know Haley and Aaron are both in a relationship but they look so cute together literally HEART EYES
Ellie Fried
Ellie Fried Aasta tagasi
Wild Wolf
Wild Wolf Aasta tagasi
This was 1 day after my birthday😂😂
Natalia Tevar
Natalia Tevar Aasta tagasi
The title of this video is my life honestly.
Kota Jade
Kota Jade Aasta tagasi
What did she do!!????!?!??!!?!!
TashaHill Aasta tagasi
It’s so obvious you already knew what was happening hahaha. No judgement, it’s your job but it’s just funny 😄 Love the video ❤️
TashaHill Aasta tagasi
If I’m wrong then lmao at me
Zoe M
Zoe M Aasta tagasi
Ok if they totally weren’t dating other people i would ship aaron and haley. And I’m not a person who ships people all the time.
Jes Aasta tagasi
2:07 such a cute haley ice cream 💖
Gina King
Gina King Aasta tagasi
*picks up manatee* Haley-“awwwwww it’s a seal”❤️
kacy nguyen
kacy nguyen Aasta tagasi
deyyona Aasta tagasi
Congratulations on 2M
Camryn Perrine
Camryn Perrine Aasta tagasi
you’re actually like naturally beautiful sis like whattttt you’re perfect
Pink Giraffe
Pink Giraffe Aasta tagasi
Literally all these comments are about it not being a seal.
Grace Gattuso
Grace Gattuso Aasta tagasi
Did anybody realize that aron, Alex wassabis brother
lauramadeleinedavies Aasta tagasi
Hit up my channel xxxx
That’s definitely a Manatee... not a seal
Marguerite Tran
Marguerite Tran Aasta tagasi
Did they pay for your flight or were you invited to drop everything and go get a plane ticket on your own and then join their challenge hahah
Jaelyn Edwards
Jaelyn Edwards Aasta tagasi
Did she srsly just call a manatee a seal!!!!😂😂😂😂😂
Katie Donoghue
Katie Donoghue Aasta tagasi
Dude. Those guys you were competing against were hella cute and seemed really nice. I know you have a boyfriend but I would have been hella nervous around them ngl....
kayla lisette
kayla lisette Aasta tagasi
love this video!! i just made a channel, come check it out ❤️❤️
Whuky Aasta tagasi
damn you got a big boy sponsor
hure cobb
hure cobb Aasta tagasi
excuse me ma'am that's a manatee
Manouka K.
Manouka K. Aasta tagasi
girly pop apparel, pop apparel,OR popparel hAaaaaa
Anna Konvalinková
Anna Konvalinková Aasta tagasi
I don't know why (i normally don't notice these things) but your hair looks amazing at the end and I'm just super jealous
Angèle Aasta tagasi
You look gorgeous
Rman Nayr
Rman Nayr Aasta tagasi
broken leafy
broken leafy Aasta tagasi
after watching a few videos not gunna lie..she grosses me out
Rachel Rose
Rachel Rose Aasta tagasi
dats a fuckin manatee
Mia Riddick
Mia Riddick Aasta tagasi
Melany Rodríguez
Melany Rodríguez Aasta tagasi
I live in miami at the same beach you were at... IM so madd i didnt see you BLEJFHDGWJSVR
rosie Aasta tagasi
m f
m f Aasta tagasi
My boy Damon Dominique looking good
100 subs With no videos???
100 subs With no videos??? Aasta tagasi
Aww when I saw the title I thought she was going to Coachella weekend 2
bethany kim
bethany kim Aasta tagasi
dang that looks funnn 🤠🤠
Ming Roberts
Ming Roberts Aasta tagasi
i was gonna be like “i have the same manatee” but apparently it’s a seal now lmao
Gwen Schulz
Gwen Schulz Aasta tagasi
Hey Haley, I would love to see you explain kinda what happened to you and dance. Ik you explained it in a vid once before but if you want, you could make a separate video on it, just explaining what you do now dance-wise, if you still take an occasional class or something like that. I'm a competitive dancer too, and I started watching you a looooong time ago, bc you had so many dance vids, and when you were only taking one class a week (your recital week video) you said you were considering coming back to competition. Ik you're 18 now, but I would just love to see a quick more relevant update on you and dance!! 😁
who knows
who knows Aasta tagasi
i wanna know why i was unaware that she was here this entire time i-
I J Aasta tagasi
I J Aasta tagasi
The first thing you took out was a traditional fijian fan x
Isabella Stephens
Isabella Stephens Aasta tagasi
Haley I really love u and this is why I’m saying this, I know this was an amazing experience for you but Hollister is known for only liking skinny white ppl and this might not be true but since you didn’t go to cochlea for some reasons that are similar I just wanted to tell you in case you didn’t know. And as I said this is just a rumour so I’m sorry if I’m wrong, please don’t come at me if I’m wrong
Moriah-Penelope Aasta tagasi
I just saw you singing on your vlog channel you sound so beautiful 💕💕💜
Charlotte Spencer
Charlotte Spencer Aasta tagasi
Hayley vlog comments are blocked, so Hayley I love ur new vlog ❤️💛❤️
Mercy Hernandez
Mercy Hernandez Aasta tagasi
Does anyone remember what website she used to promote ? The one that makes it super easy to start your own website ?
torithetatertot Aasta tagasi
Black Crystal Dragoon
Black Crystal Dragoon Aasta tagasi
@1:48 Amazing! She's about to reach the level of super saiyan..*farts* ohhhh nvmd then.. lol
missSDW Aasta tagasi
If y'all could like this so she could see it it might help her. The comments on her Vlog Channel are disabled because EEpost is cracking down on lude comments about children. Most of the videos this was happening on were children and family channels particularly those that featured the children participating in dance or gymnastics which perfectly fits what she used to do when she was very young on EEpost. Because of the Crackdown and because her old videos are still up her comments are still disabled.
apple crumble
apple crumble Aasta tagasi
omg chachiiii???
Bree D
Bree D Aasta tagasi
I have that exact stuffed animal that You got from the box and it is a manatee
Erin Currier
Erin Currier Aasta tagasi
the hype in this vid is amazinggg
peachy elba
peachy elba Aasta tagasi
I was going to comment how the “seal” is a manatee but it seems like 99% of viewers already did that 😂😂😂😂😂😂
victoriousmith Aasta tagasi
Theoreokiller23 Aasta tagasi
Damon and Jo!!!!!
Sophia Grasso
Sophia Grasso Aasta tagasi
was that damon from damon and jo??
Jo's Jesus Creepers
Jo's Jesus Creepers Aasta tagasi
The seal is actually a manatee. Love you Haley
im.just.bored_13 Aasta tagasi
love you🥰
Kayla Nicholas
Kayla Nicholas Aasta tagasi
Does anyone know the name of song that was playing?
Hanna Cosgrove
Hanna Cosgrove Aasta tagasi
does anyone know where her cheetah print bikini top is from?
Maggie Flynn
Maggie Flynn Aasta tagasi
girl that's a manatee
Madi Gautreau
Madi Gautreau Aasta tagasi
that’s a manatee haley😂😂
sophie Aasta tagasi
Honey that's not a seal
- Aasta tagasi
So unnecessary I'm sorry I like you but think of the environment.. it's worse enough people fly so much to go on vacation..but honestly just because you're in the mood??
sydney Aasta tagasi
literally so salty that she met hayes.
nchaverry7 Aasta tagasi
Lol she called the manatee a seal🤣
Dina Aasta tagasi
You looked so gorgeous in those clips ❤️❤️
gabrielle elizabeth
gabrielle elizabeth Aasta tagasi
i’m late ugh
Grace Elizabeth Hook
Grace Elizabeth Hook Aasta tagasi
“It’s a little seal!” * holds up manatee stuffed animal
Heather Smith
Heather Smith Aasta tagasi
GIRRRLLLL that is a manattee NOT a seal 😂😂 love you lots but never disgrace the sea cow again
IAMRORO Aasta tagasi
I think that’s a manatee
Ella Berger
Ella Berger Aasta tagasi
This is so cool !!! Hollister please send me to Miami 🙏
Abigail Garcia
Abigail Garcia Aasta tagasi
She said “SeAl “ when it’s a mAnAtee
Kayla Cortes
Kayla Cortes Aasta tagasi
0:25 it’s a manatee girly pop😘😉
Mauri Rocke
Mauri Rocke Aasta tagasi
*holds manatee* “awww it’s a seeaall”
Ellie R
Ellie R Aasta tagasi
ummmmm when i saw damon and jo i actually screamed what is goING ON
Renly Xari
Renly Xari Aasta tagasi
That thing in 0:18 is a fan 😂 we have that here jn the Philippines or maybe in other countries I dunno. I felt like I had to explain since haley gave that curious look 😂😂😂
ChVP *
ChVP * Aasta tagasi
kakawkwksjsiwqkq That looks sooo fun!! 💕 ✨💥omg so excited!!
potato c:
potato c: Aasta tagasi
sis that's a manatee not a seal lmao
Krista Katen
Krista Katen Aasta tagasi
I’m concerned that the only people who know what a manatee is, are people from Florida lol. SHE CALLED IT A SEAL 😂🤦🏻‍♀️
nance Aasta tagasi
i saw you on an advertisement in hollister and i thought 'yes, look at my girlllll!' xx
Em Aasta tagasi
Hi Haley I love your videos I have been watching you for a while now and you’ve inspired to step out of my comfort zone and make my own channel where I will upload my first video tomorrow. I’d love some support/feedback so please hit subscribe and check it out✌🏼💜
rachel paige
rachel paige Aasta tagasi
Thats a manatee
Alexis Nolan
Alexis Nolan Aasta tagasi
Im sorry but I think that was a manatee, not a seal lol 😂 ily ❤️
Rebecca A.
Rebecca A. Aasta tagasi
I fell in love w Haley even more in this video, she's so freaking adorable and hype I love her!!
chenangela Aasta tagasi
holy shit girlpops didnt know lazyron. thew chachi, hayes grier
pandalover1238 Aasta tagasi
when i saw you in that pic with chachi gonzalez I WAS SHOOKETH I LOVE HER
Natalie Grace
Natalie Grace Aasta tagasi
Michelle Ruggles
Michelle Ruggles Aasta tagasi
When you see Arron 😂 on this video 😱😱
Beth Bryce
Beth Bryce Aasta tagasi
Yo girly that is a manatee aka sea cow
emily slavin
emily slavin Aasta tagasi
That’s not a’s a manatee just btw. I didn’t see anyone else comment this, but I’m sure someone else did. ANYWAY, I love you. :)
sarah frazier
sarah frazier Aasta tagasi
is anyone else raging because sge called the manatee a seal lmao ilysm haley bahahahahah
Loren Galvez
Loren Galvez Aasta tagasi
Ahh wow you got to meet chachi!!!
Paige Elizabeth
Paige Elizabeth Aasta tagasi
oh sis thats a manatee not a seal
Breanna Rose
Breanna Rose Aasta tagasi
Ily but *manateeeeeeee
Miss Nicole Arie
Miss Nicole Arie Aasta tagasi
Haley... that not a seal... that’s a manatee😂😂
Saffron Lynes
Saffron Lynes Aasta tagasi
Diedre Brisbane
Diedre Brisbane Aasta tagasi
Congrats hun and omg so who else saw Aaron from lazyronstudious
Karina Aasta tagasi
honestly haley is one of the only wholesome and appreciative girl you tubers. so nice to support someone who is so kind, caring and funny!
Zoe G
Zoe G Aasta tagasi
Ur so cute 🧡 so are manatees lol love u
Eryn Shipley
Eryn Shipley Aasta tagasi
Haley its a manatee not a seal lol
Maneca Lee
Maneca Lee Aasta tagasi
why am i jamming to this elevator music in the background
Brinley King
Brinley King Aasta tagasi
I don't know if your ever going to see this Haley, but I watching another youtuber and one of the ads was Hollister and you were in it! Oh and love you Haley!🤗
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