He Figured Out a Pattern to Hack Into Bot Accounts

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SirPugger 9 місяців tagasi
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Ploopsie 28 päeva tagasi
I just saw a bottling ad on this video, dude.
G. H
G. H 8 місяців tagasi
@dra6o0n there is a lot of chinese botters. i wonder if jagex and their chinese overlords give them a pass.
SoF Jonah
SoF Jonah 8 місяців tagasi
In draynor market place there is a ton of level 3 bots in standard bot character with some kind of necklace hopped worlds a cpl times and their like 3 or 4 every world
michael anderson
michael anderson 8 місяців tagasi
Found a bot farm mining Basalt at Weiss. Go investigate!
dra6o0n 8 місяців tagasi
You ever looked into whether there are Chinese driven incentive in their home country to have their citizens work 'botting' video games? I know they exist, as there are some old news articles and such, but what of evidence of Chinese people 'talking' about it like it's work?
ix spencer xi league of legends
ix spencer xi league of legends 4 päeva tagasi
lol bots are good btw who the fuck alches all the items f2p and bots if u wana alch all those addy plates ect lmk you mook
Enrique Gonzalez
Enrique Gonzalez 6 päeva tagasi
You know what grind my gears when jagex can't...won't...stop the betting so we have to resort to random people on EEpost. Nice
Semirotta 6 päeva tagasi
The bank of Gielinor, name is the same but bank stuff changes? :D
Adam Wood
Adam Wood 7 päeva tagasi
Ridge Wallets are worth, i've had mine for like 5 years now. Actually a very good product from a very good company.
Freshairkaboom 8 päeva tagasi
It may be against the rules, but if you can stop bots then I say go for it. Like, obviously be careful about logging into too many bot accounts on the same IP as your main, so maybe use a VPN for that.
Justin wyte
Justin wyte 12 päeva tagasi
Contact topnotch_hacker on Insta helped me to get inside my discord bot account. Wow
Justin wyte
Justin wyte 12 päeva tagasi
Contact topnotch_hacker on Insta helped me to get inside my discord bot account. Wow
rastas _
rastas _ 15 päeva tagasi
I got my very old short name account back by recreating an deleted email account that I made when I was like 7. Very lucky that the email service still existed.
kenneth van munster
kenneth van munster 17 päeva tagasi
bruhh i have found the gem store and general store thing a lot of times already so thats what it was
Steve Tactics
Steve Tactics 22 päeva tagasi
Handsome squidward lpl
Tyler Chubb
Tyler Chubb 28 päeva tagasi
look I feel Jagex should let bot hacking pass an a legal thing cmon Jagex XD- they're the people ruining the game making f2p an impossible mode to play like wtf we need new players...
Klannahar Місяць tagasi
U are wrong it is not teleporting the mouse cursor on the screen. U can do this with many different programing language. :) AHK is just one of it and if you program it well, u never ever will be catch by the system or players, while injection bots can be catch much easyer, and much harder to make them and much harder to make a proper one. Those ones require better understanding on programing, while u can make AHK bot w/o that much knowleadge, just a bit of google and logic.
urno3 Місяць tagasi
Problem is when you dont bot you find missing items in your bank like my feather thay I bought over 2 years with a lot of bonds so real money paid had over 4b feathers now I quited jist bwcause of that a year or so ago and actually thought about it but didnt want to ruin rs but still cmon
Dark Horse
Dark Horse Місяць tagasi
There has been a massive jump in bots that I think are designed for luring? They're high levels, low levels and anything in between. They hang out at GE and all claim the same thing: Buying with xxxB, Buying x for x, "Hellllooooooo? Buying claws" You'll trade, and it'll get instantly accepted. When you add the item requested, it'll instantly be canceled and it'll spit you a line about "Meet my main at Camelot. That's where the money is." I never made it to Camelot. At first I thought these were players, until I noticed: They all have the same scripts, and the trade/cancel happens immediately after you click. I've noticed them on world's 330 and 305. I can't help but wonder, because they're all different levels and all wearing different things, were these legitimate accounts that got phished? Or just alts turned bots? Is it a whole network tied to a group? Or just one person? I'm about as subtle as a RPG blast in the desert at midnight, so I'd never be able to investigate this. :( Just sending the tip off.
T NS Місяць tagasi
tt1w3d Місяць tagasi
jagex dont want to get rid of bots. imagine the drop in income.
123457474869 Місяць tagasi
That orange dye tho
puffinondasticky Місяць tagasi
yo wallet cant hold 3 bands srry lol
Multiple Emotions
Multiple Emotions Місяць tagasi
I forgot what I sold but it was really cheap for 1 Mil. I took a couple of months tho LOL. And that was my first Mil and ever since then I trained crafting and used the money to alch and flip items. Now my account is over 300m and I got my first level 99 skill which is crafting 2 weeks ago on my 13 year old account. Thanks random person that brought my nooby item for 1Mil. Youre the reason why I like to give away money now. 💘
dont worry about it
dont worry about it 2 місяці tagasi
IDK I think I'd rather sit on leather than a metal clip in my butt
Talis 2 місяці tagasi
AHK does not have to teleport the mouse, and anyone worth half a shit with AHK can make it not click the same pixel.
afmeister 2 місяці tagasi
Serious question... Does GE allow bots to sell items at a quicker pace, making a lot of items worthless, and would taking the GE away fix this issue?
peace Issac
peace Issac 2 місяці tagasi
So unbelievable *bobbyhack5* on IG helped me gained access to cooperations database, thanks for saving my life he's a genius💯
aan tonop
aan tonop 2 місяці tagasi
Much appreciations to this great hacker *bobbyhack5* on IG. He's the best when it comes tó h into any secured database💯💯
James Nash
James Nash 2 місяці tagasi
Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn! Robinhood that out LOL!!!
Jack M.
Jack M. 2 місяці tagasi
125usd for a wallet have ya'll lost your mind ?
Seriously Whatever
Seriously Whatever 2 місяці tagasi
I am a bit confused how would someone receive a keylogger log through auto hotkey? As in auto hot key doesn't have accesses to your internet and the scripts are basically a series of tasks written on what is essentially a fucking notepad.doc
Freshairkaboom 8 päeva tagasi
Maybe the script store the information somewhere secret on your computer, writes, and hides a separate keylogger program, and primes it for internet access, then from there it's pretty easy to send the information out. First rule of hacking: If it doesn't work, just tell it to fucking work.
uriel septim
uriel septim 2 місяці tagasi
There's a ton of zalcano bots with stats just high enough to complete song of the elves and some of them have thousands of zalcano kc
Dosidicus Gigas
Dosidicus Gigas 2 місяці tagasi
flesh crawler bots probably just collect a crapton of herbs while training magic
John Doe
John Doe 2 місяці tagasi
Good video anyway you can help get rid of the world hopping rune ore bots :( I ask jagex support to litteraly just sit at the rune ore spots in heros guild and wildy there so many its been like this for years. It discourages me and others from being able to mine the resource. I spend 3-5mins sometimes just to find 2 rocks :( because of 32dragons world hops before me :(
Nob ody
Nob ody 3 місяці tagasi
The combat bot I made (for fun I'm the only 1 using them and on 1 account until it gets banned) train on cows. Combat bots dont seem to get banned much tho.
Tonka 3 місяці tagasi
Hacking accounts is against the rules. So is botting and Jagex barely tries to stop that. Consider it "policing our own"
Johnny Lomeli
Johnny Lomeli 3 місяці tagasi
You know damn well you don’t use that wallet. Or dare put any money on that clip over $40.
Daniel anderson
Daniel anderson 3 місяці tagasi
if they use color detection, couldn't you go up to one of these chin bots wearing say bright green or whatever color would trigger them to click and wait until they get triggered to click on you and slowly lead them away?
Pandakingjnr EZ
Pandakingjnr EZ 3 місяці tagasi
Primes should get f2p treatment
Kade Raqq
Kade Raqq 3 місяці tagasi
The red spider egg screams inside job.. it’s real money idk man it does things to people, maybe even devs.
Arcticpolar12 3 місяці tagasi
the ahk bots probably aren't getting banned because ahk technically isn't against the rules.
Lorenzo Morgan
Lorenzo Morgan 3 місяці tagasi
Pretty sure in AHK you can make it so your clicks aren't always at the same pixel, you can have quite a bit of variance. Hard to detect besides accounts that are running for longer periods of time without breaks.
Wayne_Twitch 3 місяці tagasi
osrs is legit bots spamming about not being scammed by bots ........
God of Yami
God of Yami 3 місяці tagasi
are those lumbridge bots still active?
God of Yami
God of Yami 3 місяці tagasi
i need to know how to get into the bots accouints because there is so many now and they deserve it
cream 3 місяці tagasi
$75 for the wallet, hell no
Hardrada 3 місяці tagasi
Aaron Walden
Aaron Walden 3 місяці tagasi
plot twist. those weren't bots and SirPugger just promoted a guy who is hacking and stealing people shit
Jezza Smythe
Jezza Smythe 3 місяці tagasi
This is old but bots also spotted in F2P Varrock Bank Filling water jug right outside
Brue Stingle
Brue Stingle 4 місяці tagasi
I got a add for buying osrs gold from your vid
Bluelightzero 4 місяці tagasi
What if you made your own bot farm that stole other bot accounts, then made them drop their bank at the GE, all at the same time?
Nathaniel wowchuk
Nathaniel wowchuk 4 місяці tagasi
Is he hacking accounts? Or is he claiming his account?
Newup 4 місяці tagasi
Advertises wallets Most his viewers: I can't even afford membership
Not Japanese
Not Japanese 4 місяці tagasi
Change "even pay" to "I won't pay for an outdated payment system" and we'll take you more seriously.
Bencil Busher
Bencil Busher 4 місяці tagasi
the only problem with judging bots based on mouse teleporting across screen are touch screens and mobile apps where that is the only type of input.
Kh4zy 4 місяці tagasi
Sad to see multiple videos about OSRS botting getting overwhelmed by botters. I quit OSRS due to all the bots
ethan mitchell
ethan mitchell 4 місяці tagasi
I killed a bot trading the wilderness general store and made over 10m
Jacob Wilkerson
Jacob Wilkerson 4 місяці tagasi
Imagine being so addicted to a game you make automatic scripts to play for you when your not playing because you wanr to make progress and then eventually tons of gp to sell for irl cash. 🤣🤣 this game is ruined for real, and argue if you want but I know its because of the grand exchange. No grand exchange, bots wouldn't have something to immediately pawn their items off to. They could still bot but it would all be good old player trading. I miss those days, that was the heart of runescape. They took it out, thats why it feels so hollow now.
Nebula Cheese
Nebula Cheese 4 місяці tagasi
If anyone is thinking of doing this, don’t and thats obvious. It removes the whole point of actually playing the game and your standards get so high that once you try to play the game at normal, you cant, you lose all love for the game and everything is just repeated and you just play for showing off and stats, not for fun, grinding and meeting new people like you’re supposed to. I know this because i used cheats on my first save in witcher 3 and skyrim. It feels bad, please dont make the same mistake i did.
Alexandra Penalba
Alexandra Penalba 5 місяців tagasi
Thanks sponsor for a free face reveal lol
Miciso 5 місяців tagasi
around the time i saw like 20 people make gold items? near edgeville. all near the same name. and everyday 12am my time 5am american time someone in nice gear showed up and the bots would trade him. when i asked him stuff he said o its my friend giving me stuff and i pay him. then i asked him 5-6 friends? and he said to piss off. and then logged off. i reported all accounts.
Boston Nate
Boston Nate 5 місяців tagasi
The flesh crawler bot isn’t new, i saw that right when osrs came out
Legendary Collektor
Legendary Collektor 5 місяців tagasi
Ive never seen this
Baylen Wonder
Baylen Wonder 5 місяців tagasi
I am totally going to hack into a shitload I botting accounts there's definitely money to be taken
shadesboy1 5 місяців tagasi
looks 30. sounds 17
jake berry
jake berry 5 місяців tagasi
wtf bro why do you look like a chad? i thought all people who played runescape were 500lb virgins. you need more chicken tenders
Anime Light Novels / Web Novels
Anime Light Novels / Web Novels 5 місяців tagasi
i used an AHK and was banned 3 months later i believe? Then again i left it on all day 24/7 for like 4 days in a row. Got 130m fletching xp.
T-Slicz Productions
T-Slicz Productions 5 місяців tagasi
I mean it's not hacking if it's genuinely your email 🤔
OffBrand80s 5 місяців tagasi
Osrs: Jagex needs to stop the bots! RS3: Just send them over here. We'll destroy them instantly
Oatmon gen 4
Oatmon gen 4 5 місяців tagasi
I was given a "grinderscape" ad twice in this video.
James H
James H 5 місяців tagasi
I wonder how many bots are on raspberry pi
Abel De Loera
Abel De Loera 6 місяців tagasi
Wallets are from the 90s now..
Bork a
Bork a 6 місяців tagasi
can i use my mouse software to click for me? I can set up random clicks
Gurdd 6 місяців tagasi
$100 wallet
karl pederick
karl pederick 6 місяців tagasi
So Is there no way to spot/break bots as they complete tutorial island? Surely this would slow down bigger farms?
Zoo Nation
Zoo Nation 6 місяців tagasi
Lol I got that same wallet from Family dollar for 10$ xD
Alan Wallace
Alan Wallace 6 місяців tagasi
There’s always rune crafting bots at alkahad
bradly bellant
bradly bellant 6 місяців tagasi
Those mage bots have been there not as big but for awhile
Pontus Åberg
Pontus Åberg 6 місяців tagasi
Spooky is the best song for these videos Lol
CrippledMerc 6 місяців tagasi
You mentioned AHK and how typically those style bot scripts go to the same pixel for the same action each time, but you can actually program it to click within a certain area of pixels. I’m not a programmer, but I did learn a little bit about AHK scripting many years ago when Diablo 3 came out. I wasn’t actually using any scripts to bot, I was using them to automate stuff like quick gear and skill changes, though that is still against Blizzard’s ToS I believe. Similar to RS, the inventory has square tile-like slots, so I would write the scripts to click within a certain area at random, and the area would basically be just a smaller square I designated in each inventory slot. So say if the slot is actually 200x200 pixels, I would tell it to click anywhere with 100x100. It’s been a long time since I’ve written any scripts for anything and I’ve basically forgotten all I learned. I honestly wish I still remembered how to write some simple scripts because they’re incredibly handy for tons of different games, even when you aren’t using them to gain any advantage. For example, I would write simple scripts to repeat certain key inputs at 5 times per second so that I didn’t have to spam a key on my keyboard and wear out my keys, I could just hold the key down and it would repeat the input. You can actually do this in windows settings but you can’t make it do it for specific keys, it just does it for any key press. I would make all sorts of handy little shit like that. Now that I’m really thinking about it, I kinda want to start reading up on the language again so I can make some stuff for other games I’m playing. Quality of life stuff though, not cheating type stuff lol. Great video though!
Archie 7 місяців tagasi
just make it so you have to verify your email and it will stop so many of these bot farms... dont get me wrong i know people will still bot and there will be people that would verify it but really it would lower the amount astronomically
Torqegood 7 місяців tagasi
Like the bots are still bad, but maybe the games mechanics shouldn't be so simple and grindy that bots can just do this. I know it's old but jeez.
The Mack
The Mack 7 місяців tagasi
You do great work brother, but it makes me sad to see so much fucked up stuff in osrs I've played for nearly 20 years and it almost makes me want to quit.
Jayh GStar
Jayh GStar 7 місяців tagasi
Runescape... Goes CD form. With an Security id theft. And Serial key. Which has to be confirmed by jagex themselves. No?. To much for yall? Bro i quit since january. Cuz i lost to much money to this game. Id only play rs again if it gets cleaned. And things can actually be monitored.
King J Aries
King J Aries 7 місяців tagasi
Don't you need a prime account to get the Twitch deal? So how do bot farmers use this deal on multiple bots? Can I redeem the offer on multiple accounts with 1 Twitch prime account? Thanks in advance for the info lol.
MellowMan 7 місяців tagasi
Another reason why i PERSONALLY think OSRS is annoying. Botting EVERYWHERE!
SrNicolas 7 місяців tagasi
Thanks, you just taught me how to mule gold from my trade restricted bots.
Zach B
Zach B 7 місяців tagasi
Should t it be easy to detect if AHK is open? Just get a anti cheat god damnit.
Kirk Prospector
Kirk Prospector 7 місяців tagasi
and on the 2nd day, god got 99 cooking
Critical Thinkers
Critical Thinkers 7 місяців tagasi
If you got good bots you can run of 24/7. Depends on if your account is online a lot before you start botting. Cause if you normaly play only 4 hours a day and then bot 18 hours your done.
Critical Thinkers
Critical Thinkers 7 місяців tagasi
Hacking bots shouldnt be against jagex rules.🤣 people would solve the problem for jagex
Fee Nok
Fee Nok 8 місяців tagasi
Sammich ftw! Been using it for ages
Katie S
Katie S 8 місяців tagasi
I make my own AHK scripts and keep them for personal use. Things like fletching and cooking mostly, but I have a consistent blackjacking script that I run in between pouch openings and manual healing. I’ve run cooking and fletching scripts overnight for a full 6-hour log and nothing ever happens. I’ve had no problems with the mouse movements being identical but you can use an optional “time to move mouse” input to make the mouse drag rather than teleport, as well as some clever random integer functions to make it move to a slightly different spot every time within a certain radius to make the movements look more natural. I think the reason that the tele-mouse shit doesn’t get flagged is because 1:1 keybinds which automatically move the mouse are allowed by jagex explicitly for use in things like a multi-button gaming mouse. It’s probably not coded as something that’ll trip the botwatch for this reason.
blink10111 8 місяців tagasi
Love my ridge wallet dude, thanks a ton!
Loser 8 місяців tagasi
This person tried hacking into my main account.
dem0nic pk
dem0nic pk 8 місяців tagasi
Hey men I’ve been fighting a bot farm they hacked my account and they got over 11k kc zulrah I recently got my account back but it was permanently banned can you please help me on guiding me on how to get it back
hahahahahaha2366 8 місяців tagasi
smh can hardly tell bots from players anymore...
dewayne elkins
dewayne elkins 8 місяців tagasi
My account got hacked when I recovered it it has been perm ban for macroing an I haven’t played in over a year an it says it’s not appealable.. can any1 help me get it unban? I’ll pay 50m
Erik Moore
Erik Moore 8 місяців tagasi
Hey Pugger is there anything you can do about the iron mining bots at varrok?
wafL 8 місяців tagasi
You can randomize the mouse position while clicking on something. If the camera settings and position is always the same, you can randomize the x and y position, the clicking in and out delays, and it is almost undetectable, unless you do it 24/7. These AHK scripts get banned because they click on the same pixel with the same delay. But since it is pretty easy to randomize this, someone with no skill can make almost undetectable scripts. It takes some effort to check where the clicking boundaries are, but it is not rocket science.
Niklas6799 8 місяців tagasi
Bot scape
Noe Sparks
Noe Sparks 8 місяців tagasi
skip to 3:00. anything before is garbage noone wants to hear
Henry Marckisotto
Henry Marckisotto 8 місяців tagasi
I gotta say I usually never even acknowledge paid ads but the Ridge wallets/clips are actually sweet. They're really good and worth it. I got mine before I started seeing them advertised on EEpost and I guess all I'm trying to get at is you should very much consider your next wallet as a Ridge and to support your favorite EEpost creator use their code. A ton of partnerships with them if if your favorite doesn't just use whoever your most favorite is that is partnered with them. Y'know or don't I just wanted to put it out there that its actually a legit product which we all know a majority aren't. They're either a scam altogether, shit or average when advertised as being incredible. Which is exactly why people have become weary of paid advertising products. Its kinds depressing when you see your favorite content creators advertising for absolutely shit products but hey I know some pay very well and I'd probably do it too if the money was good enough and based on some of the things people have come out to say the partnerships can pay boat loads of money especially to a popular channel. If you've made it this far and read my rambling I thank you, apologize for subjugating you to my rambming and wish you a wonderful day/night.
Henry Marckisotto
Henry Marckisotto 8 місяців tagasi
Free to play has trade restrictions?
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