Halloween Stereotypes

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Love 'em or Hate 'em, we all know 'em! Check out all the Halloween Stereotypes!
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Dude Perfect
Dude Perfect Місяць tagasi
Which one was your fave???? Love you all 👊🏼🙇🏻‍♂️🎃 DP
The black dragon
The black dragon 10 päeva tagasi
Pls take one
No idea 444
No idea 444 14 päeva tagasi
Rage monster
Dijon Tacos
Dijon Tacos 29 päeva tagasi
All them
Waste 29 päeva tagasi
No one is home
The Goobers
The Goobers Місяць tagasi
Isaac Jones
Isaac Jones 22 minutit tagasi
Just Flexing my "Not Verified" Badge.
Влад Влад
Влад Влад 42 minutit tagasi
Втфакккууу что. Это хахахахахаххаах
Ice Lord
Ice Lord Tund tagasi
I LOVED the rage monster like if u agree ⬇️
Jonathan Smith
Jonathan Smith 3 tundi tagasi
To: Dude perfect I don't know witch one was my fave but I like them all! :)
MusicKid 5 tundi tagasi
Who else wants Dude Perfect to make School Stereotypes? Like if you do :)
Wendy Baue
Wendy Baue 5 tundi tagasi
You should do a gaming stereotypes next!!!! P.s I am subbed Notifications are on AND I LOVE YOUR VIDS!!!!! AND I want a shout out plz.I LOVD YOU GUYS
Nikko Tabiolo
Nikko Tabiolo 6 tundi tagasi
6:29 moments captured before a disaster.
The Senate
The Senate 7 tundi tagasi
If this video was realistic, Ty:Try’s to fights Vader Vader: Haha yes die trash Plus anger is not the way of the Jedi...
Sarah Bucacci
Sarah Bucacci 7 tundi tagasi
im a huge fan can i have a shout out
Sarah Bucacci
Sarah Bucacci 7 tundi tagasi
rage maonster
Nik Imran
Nik Imran 7 tundi tagasi
Callum Merrilees
Callum Merrilees 8 tundi tagasi
Birthday stereotypes
René Borjas
René Borjas 8 tundi tagasi
GIRLS: THERE JUST sticks. BOYS: 7:12
SPORTS 777 9 tundi tagasi
Axel derrick Deguino
Axel derrick Deguino 9 tundi tagasi
ipsita dutta
ipsita dutta 12 tundi tagasi
I only watch for the rage monster
Jeremias Gonzales-Evans
Jeremias Gonzales-Evans 13 tundi tagasi
You need to do a collab with How Ridiculous!!!
Mayen Koklec
Mayen Koklec 14 tundi tagasi
Uhh, 00)/(was49mi f d🍊🥨🍒🥒🥫🍟🍟🍟🍔🌭🌭🍱🥧🍨🍦🥠🍤🍤🍛🍨🍜
Gabe Richards
Gabe Richards 15 tundi tagasi
Still waiting for a thanksgiving stereotype video
Riley Woodbeck
Riley Woodbeck 16 tundi tagasi
Rage Monster: from villain to hero! TY TnT!
rage gamer
rage gamer 16 tundi tagasi
I literally watched the whole playlist 27 times and this is 28 time 😂😂
Dominus Dude
Dominus Dude 17 tundi tagasi
I love Star Wars so this was hella fun
Adrian Zaccagnino
Adrian Zaccagnino 18 tundi tagasi
Dude perfect is the best I love all of you
hung nguyen
hung nguyen 18 tundi tagasi
On the rage monster that almost look like a movie Who agrees with me click this |
John Mooers
John Mooers 18 tundi tagasi
6:23 Go rage on him. I can't just flip a switch and rage on him, what do you want me to do? 6:29 I gotcha buddy! PUNCH ON THE NOSE!! RAGE MODE ACTIVATE!!!
Mika 19 tundi tagasi
Jennifer Young
Jennifer Young 19 tundi tagasi
The hayride tho
Peggy Fein
Peggy Fein 20 tundi tagasi
And rage monster 👹😂🤣
Peggy Fein
Peggy Fein 20 tundi tagasi
I like candy wars
Michael Brozovich
Michael Brozovich 20 tundi tagasi
That was a fresh cherry tomato 9:03
Bronson McElveney
Bronson McElveney 21 tund tagasi
Who wants a handball stereotypes video? (Copy this so they can see this)
Gingy Bros
Gingy Bros 21 tund tagasi
6:29 is where the "REAL" action starts. The Darth Vader battle was my favorite.
Chris Breedlove
Chris Breedlove 22 tundi tagasi
Patsquale Gambrazzio
Patsquale Gambrazzio 23 tundi tagasi
Wolf Knight
Wolf Knight Päev tagasi
I love how he never stops screaming during the rage monster
Wian Saptouw
Wian Saptouw Päev tagasi
Did you borrow the banana costume from Charles lecrle
Joker 101
Joker 101 Päev tagasi
Out of all the Batman costumes it had to be the Worst Batman show.
Ac3rs0r Päev tagasi
Adrian Li
Adrian Li Päev tagasi
when you said barely from the expetation vs reality that made me laughing like crazy
Treyz- Gaming
Treyz- Gaming Päev tagasi
Monster rage funny
IndiaGamer_1 Päev tagasi
the legend says:yet no one has defeated the rage monster
santhi mukku
santhi mukku Päev tagasi
That is the most epic rage monster ever
malcolm larsson
malcolm larsson Päev tagasi
Swedes will get it 4:37
zeldacraft_64 gaming
zeldacraft_64 gaming Päev tagasi
Ngl I'd give candy to that Maria and Joseph costume Donkey and all, I'd be impressed if that Came past my house
Mblack01 Päev tagasi
Why was the lightsaber fight in this video better than most the lightsaber fights in the new trilogy’s that came out recently
Lord Skull
Lord Skull Päev tagasi
Can I ask is that a real Giant crunch bar or is that just a prop
Fattur PKU
Fattur PKU Päev tagasi
I challenge you to subscribe to my channel
Aarav in Action
Aarav in Action Päev tagasi
People hated rage Not this time
Charlz Dipasupil
Charlz Dipasupil Päev tagasi
P0sivity Eight
P0sivity Eight Päev tagasi
2:17 was the best
Zain Mourad
Zain Mourad Päev tagasi
Rage monster is getting better and better, keep it up 👍🏻
White Kitty
White Kitty Päev tagasi
Why is Tyler always the rage monster
The King Of Jotunheim
The King Of Jotunheim Päev tagasi
How did this video got 18 mil views but doesnt have 1 mil likes
SweetPea 907
SweetPea 907 Päev tagasi
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Duke Thomas
Duke Thomas Päev tagasi
best stereotypes yet!
Ganesh Faizullah
Ganesh Faizullah Päev tagasi
Its surprising that someone with such rage is a jedi instead of sith
Lockwydn Päev tagasi
It says please take one *Take one corona particle*
Brayden Chmura
Brayden Chmura Päev tagasi
rage monster is litteraly the home run knight
Zion Playz
Zion Playz Päev tagasi
Best jedi ever
Carter Koning
Carter Koning Päev tagasi
Tyler Garrett, Tyler, Cory Begin to get to scream because of a scary movie 5:06
Jean Phillippe Kock
Jean Phillippe Kock Päev tagasi
Im way over the top
Ben Jamez
Ben Jamez Päev tagasi
New year stereotypes dude perfect
Gunners Position
Gunners Position Päev tagasi
I have a EEpost channel called gunners position
I exist
I exist Päev tagasi
How do you casually carry a bat with you?
nolan Armstrong
nolan Armstrong Päev tagasi
Bro the candy cop moms be a different breed 😂
Scarlet Krager
Scarlet Krager 2 päeva tagasi
Patrick is my fav
Nastybirb UnU
Nastybirb UnU 2 päeva tagasi
This is how much we want mall stereotypes | | V
Elias Tkauc
Elias Tkauc 2 päeva tagasi
This video was amazing
Henry's Cosmos
Henry's Cosmos 2 päeva tagasi
rage monster vs darth vader epic
Charlie Fraser
Charlie Fraser 2 päeva tagasi
A. Ghevondyan
A. Ghevondyan 2 päeva tagasi
This is epic please do it again thanks 7.12
A. Ghevondyan
A. Ghevondyan 2 päeva tagasi
This is epic do it again please sooooooo coool
DeMoDoG 2 päeva tagasi
Notice how the clown carried a RED balloon 🎈 6:53 also Cody this is the first time the rage monster wasn't against you congrats
Xyrill Francisco
Xyrill Francisco 2 päeva tagasi
Achillou vs Fish
Achillou vs Fish 2 päeva tagasi
will subscribe to my EEpost chann
Typical Legend
Typical Legend 2 päeva tagasi
The best thing I have ever seen and my new favorite dude perfect bit “it’s Vader!”
Marieta Garcia
Marieta Garcia 2 päeva tagasi
6:25 this is gonna be awesome
MilitoR_207 2 päeva tagasi
5:54-7:43 was my fav part
Gjjhf Sfghg
Gjjhf Sfghg 2 päeva tagasi
The telling level arthroscopically number because verse advantageously happen but a inquisitive kamikaze. impartial, sour smoke
Duke Thomas
Duke Thomas 2 päeva tagasi
I love this video and I love Dude Perfect! this was hilarious!
Let’s Go
Let’s Go 2 päeva tagasi
The rage monster 👹 was frickin cool
drsillyblox 123
drsillyblox 123 2 päeva tagasi
I love the rage monster CUZ OF THE MOVIE!
Quinn Terry
Quinn Terry 2 päeva tagasi
Oh nooo you forgot the anime character
C A 2 päeva tagasi
I wish I got likes and subs like u
K Seguin
K Seguin 2 päeva tagasi
Mr. Cheese
Mr. Cheese 2 päeva tagasi
Dude. I was wearing the exact same hazmat suit costume.
Helpy with a helmet Productions
Helpy with a helmet Productions 2 päeva tagasi
Dude, that was the most epic rage monster ever XD
Jacoba Keeler
Jacoba Keeler 2 päeva tagasi
We need to step up as a do fan community lol jk any who like for school, remote learning or EEpost stereotypes
Brayden Riley
Brayden Riley 2 päeva tagasi
School stereotypes
Meester Breadman
Meester Breadman 2 päeva tagasi
Can we all just appreciate the fact they got an ACTUALL donkey for there skit lol
Alejandro Mondragon
Alejandro Mondragon 2 päeva tagasi
I feel like a 5 years old kid watching this
COLE MUNOZ 2 päeva tagasi
6:56 I honestly feel bad for the clown.
unversedfrog 567
unversedfrog 567 3 päeva tagasi
unversedfrog 567
unversedfrog 567 3 päeva tagasi
Dude I’m pre perfect
Amber Stuckey
Amber Stuckey 3 päeva tagasi
Eliana's DIY crafts
Eliana's DIY crafts 3 päeva tagasi
Did he just curse
Michael Flores
Michael Flores 3 päeva tagasi
I want a stereotype throw back
noah henry
noah henry 3 päeva tagasi
do work stereotypes! the slacker the micromanager the newbie the workaholic the rage monster etc
Alex Gaming
Alex Gaming 3 päeva tagasi
Stereotype idea: School Stereotypes
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