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HERE IS THE BIGGEST LAMBORGHINI EVER BUILT! We are taking a normal Lamborghini and taking some HUGE tires attaching them together. This Lamborghini is a real monster! We are trolling cops in the biggest Lamborghini ever built. I had so much fun messing around with this big tire Lamborghini.
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BotSlayer Päev tagasi
2:47 Thats What She Said
Josue Banuelos
Josue Banuelos Päev tagasi
Fortnite cars now 😂
Mantic1680 2 päeva tagasi
This video really said brand new Lamborghini f*ck the cop car
Elite Gamer!
Elite Gamer! 2 päeva tagasi
you should make a motorcycle with two monster truck tires
J- fliper
J- fliper 3 päeva tagasi
U need to rob a bank with it so u can loose them in 30sec and I like that armed truck u robbed 3or4 banks with u can try with that 1 alone but the problem is that u can can't climb in in less than 10sec
J- fliper
J- fliper 3 päeva tagasi
Why can't u repair??🤔
J- fliper
J- fliper 3 päeva tagasi
How did u climb on it
justPlainOl'CommonSense 3 päeva tagasi
This dude sounds like he has 12 different accents
MrMcsavage YT
MrMcsavage YT 3 päeva tagasi
For the thunb nail it looks like a chill on 🥖
Teddy bear
Teddy bear 4 päeva tagasi
never forget about the fucking heli
Black Night
Black Night 4 päeva tagasi
physco trey
physco trey 4 päeva tagasi
offroad is an understatement
Exotic Games
Exotic Games 4 päeva tagasi
Bru why is the casino the old one 5:00
David Stănescu
David Stănescu 5 päeva tagasi
Karma_ Anahola
Karma_ Anahola 5 päeva tagasi
Dunzo no way Jose
Karma_ Anahola
Karma_ Anahola 5 päeva tagasi
See you later bon voyage
Karma_ Anahola
Karma_ Anahola 5 päeva tagasi
Lamborghini Lamborghini Lamborghini Lamborghini
Preston Montgomery
Preston Montgomery 5 päeva tagasi
brand new labogini skip a cop car
ballerboi3000 5 päeva tagasi
Modify a tank like that and add a jet engine too
Crackerjack 5 päeva tagasi
9:23 became lil nas for a second
Richard Donnelly
Richard Donnelly 6 päeva tagasi
Take it frend
LiFeIsFuN 7 päeva tagasi
Do you not know how to get bp tires
MF happy.
MF happy. 7 päeva tagasi
rob a bank with that
MF happy.
MF happy. 7 päeva tagasi
rob a bank with that
Patricia Bradley
Patricia Bradley 7 päeva tagasi
It traumitized me seeing through his head
Dawson Tinsman
Dawson Tinsman 8 päeva tagasi
U need to make that into a monster truck/jet engine/ ramp car
Ritchy Vandijck
Ritchy Vandijck 8 päeva tagasi
U can do this with the giant train ill be a funn video
Damien zychowski
Damien zychowski 9 päeva tagasi
you should had taken up the moutain
Mcq48 9 päeva tagasi
I've only just recently found this guys channel and been binge watching lots of them for the last few days. its fucking hilarious content and the guy who sounds like Jason Manford (the cop usually in the mustang) he is priceless especially when he breaks character and giggles (like when he swam over to the truck and got shot in the leg) :P this should be made into a tv series with POV from all participating parties :D
M E 10 päeva tagasi
“Yes officer it’s stock”
Tania Jimene
Tania Jimene 10 päeva tagasi
5:37 when the toxic kid kills someone in a game
makoshark40 11 päeva tagasi
i want to see the bus with this big of wheels on it
XvMeVVige _Gamer
XvMeVVige _Gamer 11 päeva tagasi
19:22 he sounds like HoxTon from payday2
Aussie Roo Mate
Aussie Roo Mate 11 päeva tagasi
7:53 god is that you?
Christina Kinde
Christina Kinde 11 päeva tagasi
stormworks channel
stormworks channel 12 päeva tagasi
gta Funny moments 7:48
Tydon Adams
Tydon Adams 12 päeva tagasi
Treyten is better💯
Catherine Leavitt
Catherine Leavitt 13 päeva tagasi
Love the car
Springtrap exe
Springtrap exe 13 päeva tagasi
Tank+ massive tracks = fully invincible
Jenny Douglas
Jenny Douglas 13 päeva tagasi
Tryeten is better
levi Goff
levi Goff 13 päeva tagasi
Arvay Smith
Arvay Smith 13 päeva tagasi
he is not dead when you saw him get up
Ažbe Škrlj
Ažbe Škrlj 14 päeva tagasi
OMG are you se the rusian tank or T-34😯😮😮😮😮
Hannah Swaney
Hannah Swaney 14 päeva tagasi
You know what you should do: MAKE THIS INTO A TANK
Avion Bruce
Avion Bruce 15 päeva tagasi
Deku- Kun
Deku- Kun 15 päeva tagasi
me in this vid = This thicc ass boi climbs like a Monster spider.
levi Goff
levi Goff 13 päeva tagasi
Boy in Blue
Boy in Blue 15 päeva tagasi
I saw this video because of treyten
Saddy Weyerhaeuser
Saddy Weyerhaeuser 15 päeva tagasi
Lukas Buck
Lukas Buck 16 päeva tagasi
bist du deutscher weil du schei## gesagt hast xD
Jaxton Pardy 31 (STUDENT)
Jaxton Pardy 31 (STUDENT) 16 päeva tagasi
I think Trey told you about that Lambo
Aleksej Bozinovski
Aleksej Bozinovski 16 päeva tagasi
you should make a car like this that can drive on water and escape the cops
Ahnaf Hasan
Ahnaf Hasan 16 päeva tagasi
How do u get inn???
Jaden Raymond
Jaden Raymond 16 päeva tagasi
Spider man looking coped shit
me and my BFFS
me and my BFFS 16 päeva tagasi
9:56 elanip: oh fuck im over heating me: ya fucking dick get repaired hide in a lake or something ya randy
me and my BFFS
me and my BFFS 16 päeva tagasi
im on mah ipad and i legit broke my pc screen FUCK MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
me and my BFFS
me and my BFFS 16 päeva tagasi
Oscar Perez
Oscar Perez 16 päeva tagasi
bro roleplay as a cop in that car
Luis Diosdado
Luis Diosdado 17 päeva tagasi
Kaden Moar
Kaden Moar 17 päeva tagasi
*add comes up* also the add: try this game now me: no
Luis Diosdado
Luis Diosdado 17 päeva tagasi
can we play
Zacker RobloxMaster
Zacker RobloxMaster 17 päeva tagasi
10:05 I never thout someone would say that their such an ass hole this is a amzaing LMAO
Crome TPE
Crome TPE 17 päeva tagasi
Go muddying
Rico Hell
Rico Hell 17 päeva tagasi
if i could hve this vhicle i would get the cops and rush to the mountians
Jerry Rawlings
Jerry Rawlings 18 päeva tagasi
What in tarnation mississippi alabama is that
TYPE 20AR 18 päeva tagasi
Maaaan i love ur vids
Richard Geary
Richard Geary 18 päeva tagasi
you should do this with a bulit profe car so when ur overheating u can stop and let it cool down and trash talk the police lmao op
kaleb abbey
kaleb abbey 19 päeva tagasi
out of everything that stops cops A LAMBO WITH BIG WHEELS
TTvLuckyLuke_DK 19 päeva tagasi
7:53 that was to cool
mister man bun the gamer 2000
mister man bun the gamer 2000 19 päeva tagasi
music nams plez
Toxic angel
Toxic angel 19 päeva tagasi
how do you guys play gta rp when the cops know what you doing in the server and that you are trouble kid?
Fischer P
Fischer P 19 päeva tagasi
same, your always uploading
Dein_ brot
Dein_ brot 20 päeva tagasi
You can german?
Flazze 20 päeva tagasi
BRO, I've watched you for a long f****** time but at 7:50 has to be the best manuver i've ever seen, UR A GOD AKA COP SLAYER (on redline rp) :D
Scilence_999 20 päeva tagasi
He's on fucking two wheels! Did anyone notice?
Scilence_999 20 päeva tagasi
Here's the moment 15:15
Alpha 20 päeva tagasi
Elanip "did I lose them" cops shooting him when he says that XD lol keep up the great work
deathunter15 21 päev tagasi
I like how when he upgraded it with the giant wheels it was a completely different kind of Lamborghini
Matty Mac
Matty Mac 21 päev tagasi
Do this with a Bugatti
متخصص You tubers
متخصص You tubers 21 päev tagasi
You super funny 😂
ethan mckinney
ethan mckinney 21 päev tagasi
what are you using to do all of the stuff
XPIRED 2 21 päev tagasi
2:22 how are you going to get in it
Brian Gardiner
Brian Gardiner 22 päeva tagasi
Trey is probably taller than your mom
justin 22 päeva tagasi
9:24 somebody come get her she dancing like a striper
Peyten88 11 päeva tagasi
She likes that pole doesn’t she?
me and my BFFS
me and my BFFS 16 päeva tagasi
me and my BFFS
me and my BFFS 16 päeva tagasi
jade frame
jade frame 22 päeva tagasi
do a ofrod
vortexisgoated 22 päeva tagasi
wow that some rp you got there
Pumpkin Man
Pumpkin Man 22 päeva tagasi
How many subscribers am I going to get in this comment I have 0😿😿😹😹😹😹
Play Time Meyers
Play Time Meyers 22 päeva tagasi
Great video man
Andrew Olayo
Andrew Olayo 23 päeva tagasi
Tuwana Thomas
Tuwana Thomas 23 päeva tagasi
fun fact: i hate u now
50k_gaup gaup
50k_gaup gaup 25 päeva tagasi
Can we get another one of the spider money
Gene Wood
Gene Wood 26 päeva tagasi
I want it
Jallbreak—roblox Exploit
Jallbreak—roblox Exploit 26 päeva tagasi
Hell no did he just say spider monkey😭😭
Ninja Post01
Ninja Post01 28 päeva tagasi
ur wheel is like 8 trays
RkLee 28 päeva tagasi
It is funny, but if u see it like that its just failRP... welp but nice video ^^
Baby Driver
Baby Driver 28 päeva tagasi
FineSanti 28 päeva tagasi
i think is you get out of your lambo you break your legs LMAO
Esther Toguchi
Esther Toguchi 29 päeva tagasi
The sudden work notably risk because den unfortunatly travel among a stupid stamp. rigid, endurable magic
Alex Sanchez
Alex Sanchez 29 päeva tagasi
I hate that I am Ragini
Larry Hansen
Larry Hansen Місяць tagasi
If your video is gonna be stupid you should make the intro EYYYYY WELCOME BACK TO A NOTHER STUPID VIDEO
steven. pogi atriz
steven. pogi atriz Місяць tagasi
steven. pogi atriz
steven. pogi atriz Місяць tagasi
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