forcing a summer glow up *gains confidence*

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Haley Pham

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Retro Reprise:
~G I R L Y P O P A P P A R E L~
i do transformation videos alot...but i think this was my most succesful. summer glo baby! do things that you know will make you more confident! its fun! yay summer!
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April O'Reilly
April O'Reilly Місяць tagasi
omg thanks so much this made me feel so good about myself. i don't even know why but umm... yeah it really helped me
Ace SJ
Ace SJ 3 місяці tagasi
Lamdeithem Khongsai
Lamdeithem Khongsai 4 місяці tagasi
Love your voice🥰💖
Chloe Kurtz
Chloe Kurtz 6 місяців tagasi
Get a Jeep
Paula Luna
Paula Luna 6 місяців tagasi
Hailey what size hoodie are you wearing from your merch?
Ella Humphrey
Ella Humphrey 7 місяців tagasi
8:07 Cristine has entered the chat
Kyoka Jirou
Kyoka Jirou 7 місяців tagasi
Haley: I’ve never gotten a pedicure! Omg look at my nails, they were so nice and he said “two mil! Next time I’m gonna do your nails for free!
Quinn Shaffer
Quinn Shaffer 7 місяців tagasi
To everyone commenting about her not want pale skin the whole point of this video is for her to gain confidence. If it makes her feel confident leave her be shes happier like that.
Delilah Rae
Delilah Rae 7 місяців tagasi
Your so pretty like fr and your skins sooo clearrrr but your a lil oilly u should blot your face and I’m not hating fr fr just thought you should know yk but love your channel🙃😉
Stellas singing and stuff
Stellas singing and stuff 7 місяців tagasi
no one: hailey: IvE NeVer hAd A PediCurE BefOre
Katherine Mallea
Katherine Mallea 8 місяців tagasi
Michayla Catron
Michayla Catron 8 місяців tagasi
Sofia Linderman
Sofia Linderman 8 місяців tagasi
3:38 that's not your last name you said it in you latest video it's your middle name! Pls no hate to Haley ever! ily Haley😗😗😗😗
Payton Rosema
Payton Rosema 8 місяців tagasi
Her phamily merch is in fact genius
Eva Kaercher
Eva Kaercher 8 місяців tagasi
I know you posted this a while ago, but if you blow dry your hair, section them and dry each section and use heat protector right after you shower, your hair will be so healthy
RobynDaltonbusnessTV 8 місяців tagasi
I want to see a makeup routine video
Sage Gable
Sage Gable 8 місяців tagasi
2:07 me before even seeing my cat who doesn't care
Gabrielle Santos
Gabrielle Santos 8 місяців tagasi
You look so nice! Just to let you know that I think you are beautiful on the inside and out! You don't need anything to "glow up." You already look better than me! LOL! :]
Willow Hastings
Willow Hastings 9 місяців tagasi
wait, so ur telling me, i cannot tan outside, i just have to buy stuff, uh.... mmm.... im.. broke
Maya Chrzanowski
Maya Chrzanowski 9 місяців tagasi
"this is my moms... *point at wine* ... don't freak out" lmao
bored 9 місяців tagasi
fake tan is probably worse than the sun for your skin
uǝpʎɐ 8 місяців tagasi
it’s really not, all it does is dye your skin, while the sun can 1) cause sunburn/sun poisoning , and 2) cause skin cancer
Maranna Wilson
Maranna Wilson 9 місяців tagasi
Spock stole the show
Anna Catherine
Anna Catherine 9 місяців tagasi
I have the facial hair remover thingy and that same brand makes one for eyebrows (which I also own) and it works wonders lol sorry for stalking ur videos
Mila Dravigne
Mila Dravigne 9 місяців tagasi
excuse me mam sun is good for u
Kaelynn Bybee
Kaelynn Bybee 9 місяців tagasi
u look the same
Kanchan Harish
Kanchan Harish 9 місяців tagasi
Is it just me, or does she actually look like Nina Dobrev?!
Melisa Saputry
Melisa Saputry 10 місяців tagasi
My skin already tan I wanna be little light like little pale in mah skin omg
monica pham
monica pham 10 місяців tagasi
haley's before pictures are what i wish my after pictures looked like
Emmerson Brownell
Emmerson Brownell 10 місяців tagasi
2:13... I thought i was the only one who did that!!! I guess not lol
Kylie 10 місяців tagasi
Imagine going on a plane. We can’t rn. It’s CoRoNa TiMe
HamsterツHolyツ 11 місяців tagasi
SummerDreams 11 місяців tagasi
whats the best tan to buy from a store???
Lauren 101 Mae
Lauren 101 Mae 11 місяців tagasi
okay so the closed captions were very nice towards haley but they didn’t say anything that she was saying :(
xy z
xy z 11 місяців tagasi
Lol turn on english subtitles at 0:40
Sade Bolger
Sade Bolger 11 місяців tagasi
Summer glow up ideas: Drink water Fix posture Exercise daily Eat fruits and vegetables Read lots of books Be nice to people Give hugs Sleep 8 hours a night End capitalism For free
MilkNSenpai 11 місяців tagasi
Imma do this, this summer
nathalya tevrede
nathalya tevrede Aasta tagasi
omg your so pretty
Army Mendes
Army Mendes Aasta tagasi
Tiredyama _
Tiredyama _ Aasta tagasi
2:14 *literally me when I get out of the shower and my hair looks weird so I try and make it look better even though I’m going literally no where*
Mimi Spy
Mimi Spy Aasta tagasi
"SuN iS sO bAd FoR yOu GuYs" so is fake tanning but... OK
anjahli thao
anjahli thao Aasta tagasi
southern accents aren’t cute 😭😭
Solid Berry
Solid Berry Aasta tagasi
Imagine having money
Natasha See
Natasha See Aasta tagasi
You can have your shower lukewarm not just cold 😂
Keeping up with Kaitlyn
Keeping up with Kaitlyn Aasta tagasi
I have a challenge for you Taking cold showers for 30 days straight
Jackeline Benitez
Jackeline Benitez Aasta tagasi
Your Fat percentage already look 0% eat a biscuit bitch
Ellie Fried
Ellie Fried Aasta tagasi
Aww watching this and it’s cold. I miss summer
Ellie Fried
Ellie Fried Aasta tagasi
Hey confident pops
Ellie Fried
Ellie Fried Aasta tagasi
You’re so pretty Hakey 😍
Ivy2k9 Aasta tagasi
How many times Haley flipped her hair ⇩
What’s Gucci
What’s Gucci Aasta tagasi
Take a shot every time she fixes her hair 😂❤️❤️
Jasmine Imani
Jasmine Imani Aasta tagasi
Yall... try to count how many times she touches and flips her hair 😂
Teodora Dull
Teodora Dull Aasta tagasi
Alien head
Leo S
Leo S Aasta tagasi
Wow that was an epic awful video.
Biscuits Aasta tagasi
Where's the glow up? Where is it
alyssa brooke
alyssa brooke Aasta tagasi
I had no idea you were ryan’s Gf until now
jOaE Aasta tagasi
Hi☺️ if you’re reading this, it would be so awesome if you watched my new college back to school transformation video!💕 (affordable/broke version lol)
Valentina L.
Valentina L. Aasta tagasi
What spray tan brand does she use??
kenley Aasta tagasi
Instead of waxing, sugaring may be worth a try!! I really like it
lia M
lia M Aasta tagasi
Being tan is worth a cold shower Later on.. I’d rather be pale than take a cold shower 😂
kate Aasta tagasi
“Let’s take these two pills, I can only take one pill at a time” Haley Pham -idk when she posted it and no I’m not going to look
C Aasta tagasi
Did the hair remover end up making you break out ?
Chloe Richardson
Chloe Richardson Aasta tagasi
"sun is so bad for you" bruh vitamin D. but I get u, stay safe guys
Melody Aasta tagasi
what i would want for my glow up: 1. short hair/a bob with bangs 2. have a cleaner eyebrow lol 3. better fashion style (black ripped jeans, black converse shoes, flannel plaid sweater thing, and a gray t-shirt.) 4. and honestly, i wouldn’t mind having braces lmfao idkdkdkd
N198 AJ
N198 AJ Aasta tagasi
when spray tans turn into stripping 😂😂😂😂
Janelle Wilson
Janelle Wilson Aasta tagasi
my only problem with haley is that when she looks "bad" she still looks like a natural model. LOOOL
Madie Greeno
Madie Greeno Aasta tagasi
**me crying to my mom that I need a hair dye because stresss be doin me like that** Mom: *sips tea* okay Me: AYYYY Mom: if you ask your dad
Holly Olphert
Holly Olphert Aasta tagasi
You shouldn’t shave the day of the spray tan, always do it a day or 2 before
kate Aasta tagasi
when she said “shes coming up the elevator” i didnt feel that
lara Aasta tagasi
some sun is good for you, honestly getting a natural tan is better for you as long as you don't overdo it by laying in the sun for hours
Riley Aasta tagasi
You should touch your hair ONE more time
Daniela Cervera
Daniela Cervera Aasta tagasi
Kennedy Nicole
Kennedy Nicole Aasta tagasi
it works good, my grandma has it but here's a tip, if you shave your lady mustache, poke ur tongue in your mouth in the are u were shaving to prevent cuts!!
Brina Lukančič
Brina Lukančič Aasta tagasi
My glow up plan: 1. Get ur eyebrows done (by yourself xd) 2. Get a haircut+ dye your hair 3. Do workouts everyday
Oriana McPherson
Oriana McPherson Aasta tagasi
This is the first time I’m watching this girl and PLEASE stop touching ur hair every 15 seconds lmaooo
Kimm Mac
Kimm Mac Aasta tagasi
I love the flawless thingy I have it and it work good
isla c
isla c Aasta tagasi
7:09 for a sec I thought those were the result lol
carmen Aasta tagasi
personally i cannot do short nails like that 😔 i rather longer nails
Tina _
Tina _ Aasta tagasi
“Sun is so bad for you guys” *That is so wrong!*
Fic cy
Fic cy Aasta tagasi
Dont tan in the sun.. And i oo-
Camryn Cook
Camryn Cook Aasta tagasi
Because FamILY is Thomas sanders lmao
Madelyn Collins
Madelyn Collins Aasta tagasi
I’m I live in the mi
Ava Castellino
Ava Castellino Aasta tagasi
the concept of these kinds of videos is soooooooo overdone and recycled
Person Aasta tagasi
Yay I have that hair remover
Lens suzzn
Lens suzzn Aasta tagasi
I aspire to be confident enough to get naked in front of people
angel L
angel L Aasta tagasi
you look the same-
Lea Tabinowski
Lea Tabinowski Aasta tagasi
"im gonna pick up this like FACE REMOVAL thing from target for women" nice one
Matt Rose
Matt Rose Aasta tagasi
How old is she
alya fofia
alya fofia Aasta tagasi
no offense but it just feels annoying that you flip you hair every seconds like girl please stop
fart head
fart head Aasta tagasi
even after her spray tan i am still darker than her😥
ACJ Vids
ACJ Vids Aasta tagasi
You're gorgeous before and after!!!
Arabo Muumin
Arabo Muumin Aasta tagasi
2,2 mn subscribers 2,2 mn views 🍻
Ayezz 08
Ayezz 08 Aasta tagasi
Haley is a older sister to all of us ladies 😂 love her
Jessica Ducharme
Jessica Ducharme Aasta tagasi
how much did it cost for all this?
Ellie D’Angelo
Ellie D’Angelo Aasta tagasi
Love it that your going to Michigan! I live in Michigan and would love to meet you one day!! 👇🏼All the Michiganders
eltlsr Aasta tagasi
“*gains confidence*” made me cringe jsjsj
cinthya morales
cinthya morales Aasta tagasi
wait where does she get her lashes done ???
aly rhee
aly rhee Aasta tagasi
2:14 me bowing down to the skin gods and begging them to stop abusing my face
Julie Manson
Julie Manson Aasta tagasi
I own the flawless thing and one for your legs too and the flawless things work they’re so good. It gets rid of prickly cactus hairs on your legs
Kylah Michelle
Kylah Michelle Aasta tagasi
She says “let’s try my unibrow!” *has no unibrow*
Rachael Ustunkan
Rachael Ustunkan Aasta tagasi
sun is not bad for you, in fact it is good and a mature way to get vitamin d, you just have to use sunscreen
I went shopping without checking prices...
Haley Pham
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