First Time Alone In Luxury Hotel *24hr challenge*

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Haley Pham

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~G I R L Y P O P A P P A R E L~
so that was me, first time alone in a luxury hotel...and then it became the 24 hour challenge? the ending is the epitome of my entire life so if you dont watch anything just skip to that ending. ur welcome.
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Haley Pham
Haley Pham Aasta tagasi
If you get bored in the middle, just wait until minute thing i've ever put in any video. ur welcome. also i love you
Maud Aasta tagasi
Love you tooooooo
McGlizzy Aasta tagasi
Haley Pham this was published on my Bork day and I just realized it 😂😂
Lillie Coleman
Lillie Coleman Aasta tagasi
Omg I’m shook that you can’t sleep alone at night. I do the same thing! It makes me feel better that I’m not the only one
Lex S.
Lex S. Aasta tagasi
Honestly tho same about not being able to sleep in new places alone or anywhere besides home and also the whole thing about your fine being alone during the day but when it gets dark you want people. I felt that so much
UFM Aasta tagasi
Haley Pham when are you getting a tan 😂
Anna Snoddy
Anna Snoddy 15 päeva tagasi
Akshaya R
Akshaya R 6 місяців tagasi
It’s so cute to see young feverish Haley being confused
Parmiss Zahedi
Parmiss Zahedi 6 місяців tagasi
ur not alone u got us❤️
Kate LaBorde
Kate LaBorde 6 місяців tagasi
I love like LOVE how grateful you were for the room!!❤️💖💝
mila reimerink
mila reimerink 7 місяців tagasi
i am the sameee i can’t be alone at night i always hear strange noises so sometimes i sleep with my airpods in so i don’t have to hear anything but music
mila reimerink
mila reimerink 7 місяців tagasi
that part where she’s singing 7 rings and dancing.. that’s why i love her
Ethan 7 місяців tagasi
drinks a drink... "im nutting" "IM GUNNA EATT YOUUU"
Caroline Gerry
Caroline Gerry 7 місяців tagasi
OMG this remined me so much of that episode of drake and josh when megan went to a hotel and like was living the dream live ordering a bunch of food
Caroline Gerry
Caroline Gerry 7 місяців tagasi
My after watching Shane Dawson video about cameras: 😲😳 LOOK FOR CAMERAS HALEY
KennediBrooke 7 місяців tagasi
“I don’t think I’m allowed to say any of that” continues to say stuff and puts it in the video
Grace Leete
Grace Leete 7 місяців tagasi
at minute 4:00 it looks like she is wearing a hat lol
Melanie Pina
Melanie Pina 7 місяців tagasi
Haley: I have to watch EEpost while eating Me: Eating while watching Haley Phams EEpost explaining how she eats while watching EEpost
Joseph Robbins
Joseph Robbins 7 місяців tagasi
I was born in palm springs
Pheobe Castillo
Pheobe Castillo 8 місяців tagasi
I love that you are wearing ryan’s Merchant!!! Also you are my fave you tuber!!!
lakabaka lele
lakabaka lele 8 місяців tagasi
Kamea Miranda
Kamea Miranda 9 місяців tagasi
bruh same. I'm not sure if Im afraid of the fact that I am alone in the dark, or is it because I am afraid that I am not alone.
Sara Lewis
Sara Lewis 9 місяців tagasi
430 isn't bad for that size in the hotels i stay in it's that price for a regular two full sized bed room
T Shaw
T Shaw 10 місяців tagasi
Amanda A
Amanda A 11 місяців tagasi
Kiley O
Kiley O 11 місяців tagasi
This was the first video I ever watched of Haley’s (that I remember) 🥺
Bübblès _
Bübblès _ 11 місяців tagasi
*“Here’s painting”* Great description. Really went in detail with that one
Bübblès _
Bübblès _ 11 місяців tagasi
Omg I swear she’s sick in almost every video or at least when she tells stories? (Sorry idk what to call it) she’s always sick in them 😂
phrog 11 місяців tagasi
no one: Haley's thoughts at 13:00 : lets just smack the phone that will help
Lillian Nicolalde
Lillian Nicolalde Aasta tagasi
Haley living a very successful seemingly perfect life at 18: Me at 18 still trying to see the light turn off in the fridge:
Bloom Carrera
Bloom Carrera Aasta tagasi
Like if you’ve never seen Haley NOT sick before 😂
bluebutterfly Aasta tagasi
I came BACK to watch this video.(back FROM THE DEAD)
Darren S
Darren S Aasta tagasi
Ella’s Stevens
Ella’s Stevens Aasta tagasi
This was me when I was 5 and my dad got a new job and we moved into a new house and it had a pool and my room had a walk in closet. I died! And then relised it was just the house we were staying in untill the actual house was finished with renovations lol.
Noku Kunaka
Noku Kunaka Aasta tagasi
No one: Spock: Ryan: Haley: hahahahaha **cough cough**
Mrwan Mettawea
Mrwan Mettawea Aasta tagasi
ka7astr0ph3 Aasta tagasi
wtf i have a major obsession with shirley temples too idk why they are just so good
Sophie McEwen
Sophie McEwen Aasta tagasi
Omg Haley I get you I am thirteen years old and can not sleep alone in my own house, I could never ever sleep in a basement and ya
Lien Mia
Lien Mia Aasta tagasi
dude sherly temples are THE BEST !!!!!
Megan J
Megan J Aasta tagasi
I needed this, I’m currently going to Thailand on a girls trip but there was an emergency so I’m going to Thailand for 10 days-alone. Don’t wanna do self promo but it’s relevant so here I am-they’ll be vlogs soon ✌️
Meredith Inge
Meredith Inge Aasta tagasi
bruh i had no idea she was only 18, i thought she was like 20 something...wild
Noah Elder
Noah Elder Aasta tagasi
moana ikeda
moana ikeda Aasta tagasi
Jazmine Singh
Jazmine Singh Aasta tagasi
Omg I love this video so much😂😅 this is the 6th time I’ve watch it😅
CaLm. CaCtUs.
CaLm. CaCtUs. Aasta tagasi
I feel you im scared of the dark and dont like sleeping in a room alone aswell
Ern Aasta tagasi
I don't think why u couldn't fly why'll having the flu because the first full day of me and my brother having the flu we were able to fly
Ronan McMahon-Staggs
Ronan McMahon-Staggs Aasta tagasi
Is anyone else watching this a guy and when she calls u a “girly pop” u feel a little less manly??? Or is it just me.
Anthony Priamo
Anthony Priamo Aasta tagasi
I am scared of balconies because I feel like I will fall of like get to close and fall off or someone will push me off
Zainub Faisal
Zainub Faisal Aasta tagasi
Travelling alone,staying in a hotel alone is literally the best thing that could ever happen to me!..although I have traveled alone before!
katherine agile
katherine agile Aasta tagasi
11:27 gurl saAaaAme
Celine P
Celine P Aasta tagasi
the moment Haley is spending more money tipping people other then buying stuff to treat her self.
Bhavya Kaur
Bhavya Kaur Aasta tagasi
now i want macaroons lol
Isabella Hunt
Isabella Hunt Aasta tagasi
I fricken have the same problem and can not fall asleep in a hotel alone!!! I never knew other ppl were like that. And I also hate doing things alone
Jewel Albee
Jewel Albee Aasta tagasi
adriannagearing Aasta tagasi
why does she have the same problem as me when it comes to the dark lmao its not fun
Cami377 Aasta tagasi
Ever since I was little I could NOT sleep alone, EVER! I would (and still do) get anxiety attacks if I sleep alone. Now that I'm older it's gotten worse to the point that if the other person is already asleep I can't fall asleep. So yeah can relate.
Lily Thirman
Lily Thirman Aasta tagasi
Stop touching your hair
Angeline Villalpando
Angeline Villalpando Aasta tagasi
14:20 such a mood haley
Chloe Elena
Chloe Elena Aasta tagasi
Not in a weird way but I really like your nose, it’s so perfect mine is so pointy and weird lol
Abril Gomez
Abril Gomez Aasta tagasi
i feel the same way that she does every night. lol.
Brittaney Stetson
Brittaney Stetson Aasta tagasi
I just turned 18 a few days ago
imnotfine Aasta tagasi
Oh shit she started this channel when she was like 13-
Wintermelon Aasta tagasi
thats so weird I CANT sleep with someone IN the room🤣 btw im a small youtuber
yuh milk
yuh milk Aasta tagasi
Every youtuber: “If my voice sounds weird it’s because I am so sick” or “My voice is so bad because I’m so sick” Also every youtuber: *has a normal voice*
Jaxon Knapp
Jaxon Knapp Aasta tagasi
i cand find the noy
em Aasta tagasi
I know this is random but you posted this video on the day I moved out of my old house (I lived there for 9 years) and it really made my sucky day a little better ☺️
horae Aasta tagasi
i started coughing in solidarity lmao
lulu lewis
lulu lewis Aasta tagasi
You got worse because of the cheese cake 🍰
tala .
tala . Aasta tagasi
Brookie DIY
Brookie DIY Aasta tagasi
I LOVE YOU HAKEY!!!! You’re the best!!!!!! Pls like it would be awesome to have you know I exist! 😂 And my bday is soon! 💛💛💛💛💛 love you!
Dull-Spice Aasta tagasi
I'm the same way with the sleep thing
Lola Keeney
Lola Keeney Aasta tagasi
...i have a friend who calls me i'm wondering if she watches youuu that would be iconnic. -lollz
Ryland Nance
Ryland Nance Aasta tagasi
SHoEs oN tHe BEd !?!?!!!??
Sarah Medouni
Sarah Medouni Aasta tagasi
When she said “ i cant find the noise “ i said omg she is going crazy
Sophie Marvin
Sophie Marvin Aasta tagasi
I have the EXACT same fear as Haley with being alone and in new places
Aniah Blace
Aniah Blace Aasta tagasi
The end is me but I’d cry from just being alone
Shandelle Bergen
Shandelle Bergen Aasta tagasi
This is the best video I’ve ever clicked on if Haley’s omg
audrey krachmer
audrey krachmer Aasta tagasi
this video called me poor in 15 languages and 28 fonts.... love you hayley ❤️
cece phoummシ
cece phoummシ Aasta tagasi
literally binge watching your videos waiting for more :)
imkira Aasta tagasi
0:12 - the freeze frame with the voice over gave me David dobrik vibes
Nat Walle
Nat Walle Aasta tagasi
okay but like, why’d the toilet have its own phone ?
Obi Wan Kenobi
Obi Wan Kenobi Aasta tagasi
Hailey not being able to fly because she had a fever, cut to me flying in 3 flights in one day with the flu and 2 ear infections just all day on a plane. Ended up not hearing for a month because ear infections don’t let your ears pop at high altitude. But the flight was paid already
Kelsey Gregson
Kelsey Gregson Aasta tagasi
14:19 : Haley just contemplating life lol 😂
Katie Aasta tagasi
Haley unfiltered is my favorite thing ever
Chloe Leavitt
Chloe Leavitt Aasta tagasi
I have the exact same sleeping problem! Idk maybe it just helps me knowing that if I get murdered there is a witness???😂 I also hate being the last person to fall asleep in ANY situation whether it be at a sleepover or just at my house I hate it and I don’t know why!
Ktln Stoddard
Ktln Stoddard Aasta tagasi
Can you explain your job with holister?
Eden Jolie
Eden Jolie Aasta tagasi
Karla Jeanette Magarin
Karla Jeanette Magarin Aasta tagasi
HALEY I saw you on a poster in Hollister! I DM’d you in Instagram. :)
ZOE DECKER Aasta tagasi
Challenge?! 😂
arnolda mellner
arnolda mellner Aasta tagasi
yo i have the same fear :(
Allegra Gemma
Allegra Gemma Aasta tagasi
I was in this hotel last year haha. Love you Haley xx
Madalyn L
Madalyn L Aasta tagasi
Honestly I hate being alone to at night I get so paranoid when I am trying to sleep in my room and literally my parents room is like next door
Celine Hadadi
Celine Hadadi Aasta tagasi
I hate the dark 2
matt greer
matt greer Aasta tagasi
Nobody: Absolutely nobody: Haley: this is so good... iM nUtTiNgGgGgG!!
by isla
by isla Aasta tagasi
haley: i can't even spend the night alone here me: _I could hibernate for a week in that room_
Celeste Kenisky
Celeste Kenisky Aasta tagasi
I never knew Haley cussed or said things like “I’m nutting” 11:09
HippyLotus Aasta tagasi
I used to watch you so much when you barely had any subscribers. Fast forward years later and I have a new youtube account and FORGOT ABOUT YOU. Bad decision yup.
Rebecca Weisberger
Rebecca Weisberger Aasta tagasi
Miscombobulated? Isn’t it discombobulated?🤔
Londi Gomez
Londi Gomez Aasta tagasi
This is not a drill
Ella H
Ella H Aasta tagasi
did Haley know there is a TV in the mirror in the bathroom???!!!
A Paw
A Paw Aasta tagasi
I love your videos! I was having a rlly bad day today but just watching ur vid made me so happy to see ur energy Thank you so much and keep up the good work!💖
Madeline Evans
Madeline Evans Aasta tagasi
It said “editing Hakey”
Emmae_456 Aasta tagasi
This video makes me wanna order food and have a spa day lol
Sarah Ash
Sarah Ash Aasta tagasi
How does she have so much energy 😂
Mathilde Hebras
Mathilde Hebras Aasta tagasi
I’m so happy for you cause you get to see Haley WEARING HER BOYFRIENDS MERCH! Like isn’t that the cutest thing
Sophia Nichols
Sophia Nichols Aasta tagasi
I am the same person I get so spooked when it is dark
i spent $1056 on this. *sorry mom*
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