Film Theory: The ONLY Way To Beat The Monster From It Follows! (Scary Movie)

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It Follows brought a very original and terrifying monster to our screens. The Entity that once attached to you and follows until it can end you. The only way to save yourself is to pass it along to someone else... or is there another way? Is there a way to actually defeat the monster? Loyal Theorists, this will have to be one of my most clever solutions yet! Let's get SCARY!
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Writer: Matthew Patrick and Mark Hofmeyer
Editors: Edward Earl Newton, Forrest Lee, Dan "Cybert" Seibert, and Koen Verhagen
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

Sierra Ace Extrordinaire
Sierra Ace Extrordinaire 10 päeva tagasi
The Proclaimers: I would walk 500 miles, and I would walk 500 more- Vanessa Carlton: I'd walk a thousand miles- The Entity: hold my beer
Ollie Neil
Ollie Neil 3 tundi tagasi
Dead by daylight or it follows?
Beverly Hyland
Beverly Hyland 2 päeva tagasi
Why would he need someone to hold his beer? He's walking? lol
•Aqua and Violet•
•Aqua and Violet• 4 päeva tagasi
Diego Cantu
Diego Cantu 4 päeva tagasi
Me a master rank hunter: *Sighs* I suppose it's a super powerful entity to scare away another... *Farcasts Wingdrake* Entity: What are you...- *Starts hearing Sora's and Fatalis theme* Also Entity: Understandable. I'll go haunt someone else.
uwubb 4 päeva tagasi
TECO TECO Minut tagasi
You can freeze the entity and keep It in a freezer
GunFreakGaming 17 minutit tagasi
Or just join the U.S. Navy.
Angered tem tem
Angered tem tem 55 minutit tagasi
We have film theory, game theory, food Theory, and last but not least...... NUGGET THEORY
kolim jone
kolim jone Tund tagasi
Invisible Entity that follows you till you die: exists Jotaro: So it's the same type of stand as Star Platinum
Princewhite Tund tagasi
Just give it to a hooker duh
a-ddolla Tund tagasi
I don't think you take into account the Rocky Mountains in your estimate, or even the Sierras. It would take longer for it to get over the mountains than walking in a city or flat land/foothills.
kolim jone
kolim jone Tund tagasi
Since no one has mentioned it yet, Film Herald also did a video on this a while back. I know people may not watch it, but I think it’s worth checking out.
Akos Feher
Akos Feher 2 tundi tagasi
just hook up with 5 hookers and you good for life
Dumb Dumb And Dummer
Dumb Dumb And Dummer 2 tundi tagasi
Or you can go to your local police station wait until the entity is almost there then go in and say “there’s a crazy stalker after me”. The entity will break the door or window to get to you. And boom there in jail.
A Dog who apparently knows how to use the Interwebz
A Dog who apparently knows how to use the Interwebz 2 tundi tagasi
just do it with an immortal jellyfish and put the entity on a treadmill(preferably the one that doesn't require power)
Joseph Felix
Joseph Felix 2 tundi tagasi
every time he says it's a theory it drives me insane
Ollie Neil
Ollie Neil 3 tundi tagasi
Defeat it by the power of my stand, CONCRETU
Sam Ayoubi
Sam Ayoubi 5 tundi tagasi
Can’t wait to beat something doesn’t exist
ccappleapp88_2th 6 tundi tagasi
Can’t you just run it over?
Violetier 9 tundi tagasi
"Accept your fate." well, that option is free.
Dimitrios Corvinos
Dimitrios Corvinos 9 tundi tagasi
Could this work with the Ginosaji from the The Horribly Slow Murderer with the Extremely Inefficient Weapon?
H0t Bitch
H0t Bitch 10 tundi tagasi
But what happen if you get sick like super sick?
Mind of Matt
Mind of Matt 13 tundi tagasi
Me, a demisexual: I don't know if this is helpful... or not...
Too_Much_Tommy 15 tundi tagasi
Me to my crush: Hey I’ve liked you for a while and I wondered if you want to go out with me. My crush: Really?! I like you too! My alarm clock: 13:10
mira c
mira c 15 tundi tagasi
i remember Film Herald had a really solid idea of luring the creature into a large, unscalable pit and filling it with quick-drying cement. if you drive far enough to buy yourself maybe a couple days time and purchase a shovel and the cement, you should be able to trap it since it seems to still loosely abide by the natural laws of mortal beings like being trapped within a solid object.
Colin Massah
Colin Massah 18 tundi tagasi
Can’t you just trap it in some thick metal box that has no windows or doors? I mean you would have to know the right people but still is it possible?
Dresthon 18 tundi tagasi
Since no one has mentioned it yet, Film Herald also did a video on this a while back. I know people may not watch it, but I think it’s worth checking out.
I berkowitz
I berkowitz 18 tundi tagasi
Why not just to another continent
seeni gzty
seeni gzty 19 tundi tagasi
Secure, Contain, Protect.
PROXIMA 19 tundi tagasi
Before I watch the video I’m calling it. The creature walks at what looks to be about 3 mph constantly. To ensure you can live the rest of your life without worrying about it you would need it to stall for about 80 years just to be safe. That’s about 702,000 hours. Since the creature moves at about 3mph we can multiply those two numbers to get roughly 2,500,000 miles. This means that there is no way to move to a part of the world that would buy you enough time to live your life without fear of it.
PROXIMA 19 tundi tagasi
@seeni gzty that’s why my mom has road rage😂😂
seeni gzty
seeni gzty 19 tundi tagasi
Gets stuck in traffic. Dead. Hahahahahaha
The Plutonzer
The Plutonzer 21 tund tagasi
TG- Nova
TG- Nova 22 tundi tagasi
A leg workout That Never Ends 😎?
kuzumi16 23 tundi tagasi
i feel like this could work for maybe a few months but i think you would mess up at some point, maybe you got drunk and crashed, maybe your car breaks down, life can get in the way. and it would be hard to maintain it for to long. i think you forgot that it can go invisible making it hard to track and give you a sense of security.
Butwith 23 tundi tagasi
Film herald
Md. Mahir Tahmid
Md. Mahir Tahmid Päev tagasi
lets nuke it
Md. Mahir Tahmid
Md. Mahir Tahmid Päev tagasi
The ultimate motivation to be punctual
iternal guy
iternal guy Päev tagasi
Ah yes, a theory about a film which involves an entity who follows you and kills you unless you pass the curse on to to someone else Corona follows, my dude
Sanderooh Päev tagasi
Hang on, I fail to see something. If the entity starts at your house, but your job isn't far away enough, taking a longer route to get there really wouldn't matter, since it would just adjust its course halfway through. You'd need to drive further away first, wait for the entity to get there, and only then head off to work, right?
elewa _oof
elewa _oof Päev tagasi
Can you please do Lovecraft Country it's a book turned into a show and it has horror and sci-fi and a bunch mysterious things happening. A lot of people have theories on it I just want to hear yours
Atreyu phan
Atreyu phan Päev tagasi
What happenes if the person dies from lung cancer?
Shrimp Boy
Shrimp Boy Päev tagasi
Y'know To beat the entity All you need to do is not have one night stands
Cybernonymous G
Cybernonymous G Päev tagasi
Virgins: *pathetic*
Zeruknipz Päev tagasi
a good thing I'm an extra virgin, and a muslim lol
Julia Coffey
Julia Coffey Päev tagasi
so what your saying is, we should just let the human race die out, I mean I am sure scientist will figure out something, like they close to creating the human heart using plants
Julia Coffey
Julia Coffey Päev tagasi
I got it! so it can't fly, right? So basically do this but like more money will be needed, basically put all your savings into renting a helicopter stay in the sky for math numbers, it might be eaten or if it walks underwater, it will be trapped under the water pressure, genius, I know.
Santosh Yadav
Santosh Yadav Päev tagasi
Gets stuck in traffic. Dead. Hahahahahaha
Santosh Yadav
Santosh Yadav Päev tagasi
Question, lets say u did it with a escort at a brothel, they sleep with hundreds of ppl so if the line reversed, it'll move up than down then up. Would be safe? Or nah
1337Astrozombi3 Päev tagasi
what i want to know is the year the movie is taking place, a lot of objects like televisions, radio, cars, phones look like they're around the 80's but that girl has some sort of smart phone device on a pink shell case and no one else has a cell phone, was it a writting oopsie?
Eman Lacasa
Eman Lacasa Päev tagasi
Can we run it over?
Krema Toryum
Krema Toryum Päev tagasi
Just put them on a treadmill
Fi Fi
Fi Fi Päev tagasi
Matpat: you could do this forever 2020: ARE YOU SURE ABOUT THAT
qqq1701 Päev tagasi
I just finished watching the movie. It was awful. Do not bother watching it. MatPat describing the monster is better than the actual movie.
Christine Schafer
Christine Schafer Päev tagasi
Whelp, your welcome to visit the Northville psychiatric hospital now! It is now an apartment complex with some soccer fields in the back lol ( I should know, I live here)
Emmett Barley
Emmett Barley Päev tagasi
Man, this entity be never skipping leg day.
Nicholas Grna
Nicholas Grna Päev tagasi
Mat Pat, you should do a theory on "The Call" for Halloween and a theory about how a phone call from beyond the grave might happen
Gabe Robison
Gabe Robison Päev tagasi
Also if the entity tried to swim say from the US to Greenland it’s fucked. The human body would starve or reach exhaustion very quickly under so much stress
Nekobyoneko Päev tagasi
Now the question is what if you bone the entity? Who does it follow?
Gabe Robison
Gabe Robison Päev tagasi
Easy answer. Move to an island. It can only walk places so you win
Dio Brando
Dio Brando Päev tagasi
Nooooo I'm too young.. OR AM I MUHAHAHA
mynameisalsopikachu Päev tagasi
film theory, PLEASE cover the haunting of hill house and/or bly manor i'd really like to see your look on it, especially with all the hidden messages/entities!
soinhu foitu
soinhu foitu Päev tagasi
sharks. Just because it's invisible, doesn't mean a shark couldn't sense it, right? (I need a part two to this theory!!!)
Cyan's sus
Cyan's sus Päev tagasi
Aw yes, Purity Culture the movie
Samson Becker
Samson Becker Päev tagasi
how many movies are like among us were you have to find the imposter
soinhu foitu
soinhu foitu Päev tagasi
Anyone here know dead meat
maloc1824 Päev tagasi
So could you just trap it somewhere?
Abominable Alligator
Abominable Alligator Päev tagasi
How to beat the Invisible Man next?
Moon With Bear
Moon With Bear Päev tagasi
* laughs in asexual *
Cobalt Prime
Cobalt Prime Päev tagasi
I mean I would have just trapped it in a cage. Lure it into a 2 way cage and have my friends slam the doors shut as soon as I’m out the other side. Then chain it up and drop it at the bottom of the nearest body of water. Even if it can break out, it’ll take a long time to do so. It’ll take a lot of money to do it. But it’s worth it. Alternatively, try really hard to develop super powers.
J Sae
J Sae Päev tagasi
Why not just bang a hooker since it moves like an std anyway?
THICC YOSHI Päev tagasi
If you manage to survive and die a natural death, would you break the circle? Because the entity never killed you directly.
I am BLUE!
I am BLUE! 23 tundi tagasi
It will follow you until you die or pass it on to someone else. If you die, it goes to the previous person. I don't think it matters if it was a natural death.
Giselle Reyes-Campos
Giselle Reyes-Campos Päev tagasi
All I can think about is that one of the characters is Kevin from ✨ F r e d ✨
Andres Duran
Andres Duran Päev tagasi
Why dont you just tell the cops and the scientists?
Brandon G
Brandon G Päev tagasi
Also after you come back from a 2 week holiday you have 2 weeks free of the entity while it travels back
Frig Beats
Frig Beats Päev tagasi
can you defeat vivarium???????????
Grayson Päev tagasi
Go to jail easy win
Joyous Gaming
Joyous Gaming Päev tagasi
but what if u just got on a plane and just went somewhere else
Jack Sanato
Jack Sanato Päev tagasi
I love “how to beat” style videos. Maybe a series on this would be amazing!
Fidel Osorio
Fidel Osorio Päev tagasi
Invisible Entity that follows you till you die: *exists* Jotaro: So it's the same type of stand as Star Platinum
Ausar Alexander
Ausar Alexander 2 päeva tagasi
Anyone here know dead meat
Alfred Antony
Alfred Antony 2 päeva tagasi
Rob a bank And be in jail for 15 years 🤔
DiaglothTheViridianKing 2 päeva tagasi
Anyone else notice he used the intro from river monsters? No? Just me? Ok.
Colin jackson
Colin jackson 2 päeva tagasi
He’s gotten to the point where he’s copying nerd explains this channel is really gone downhill
LinkBoy 72
LinkBoy 72 2 päeva tagasi
Matpat: Michigan: the land of relentless killers Me, from Frankenmuth: And Christmas... for some reason
Zbear 2 päeva tagasi
Imagine if the entity was real and someone had to use this plan forever and then quarantine hits and they can’t go anywhere
fearfulcat 2 päeva tagasi
Your mention that money is an issue is an important one. I'm pretty sure one of the themes of this movie is being stuck with the circumstances you are born into. None of these kids have much hope of ever leaving this town. And they are affected by all of the problems that are part of this town. And they have a small limited circle of people that they are ever gonna have relationships with. And going to the University of Detroit is never going to give her a leg up on this life. She's trying to get past her circumstances - sleeping with the new guy who's from somewhere else, going to college, etc. - but the cards are stacked against her. Her only hope is band together with the other members of her community, because that's how people in these go nowhere towns are able to survive it's terrible problems.
Dalzombie 2 päeva tagasi
So... here's a wild thought. Since the entity is humanoid, what if you managed to do the entity? It certainly can't chase itself now could it? Wouldn't make for the hottest date, but what if it imploded?
gamer god
gamer god 2 päeva tagasi
live in la and move to Hawaii it has lungs and breathes so it would drown if it tried to swim and it cant get on a boat or live in new york where its always busy
Francytj :D
Francytj :D 2 päeva tagasi
Ok but what about stuff like quarantine or stopping for gas?
Joaquin Ntshangase
Joaquin Ntshangase 2 päeva tagasi
Or here me out sleep with a prostitute
Diego RF
Diego RF 2 päeva tagasi
A bird
PlayzCompleted 2 päeva tagasi
Uh the movie came out in 2015 not 2014
jacob combs
jacob combs 2 päeva tagasi
Down to earth practical plans for it are great and all but the ridiculous stuff is much more fun. Are there any stats on its ability to climb? Two words, Tree House lol. Digging a home into the side of one of those gimongous California redwoods would be dope, and if you build it right you should easily be able to keep the entity out of it.
jacob combs
jacob combs 2 päeva tagasi
An important part of your STDC treatment is to have group of 3. You, the person that gave it to you and a trusted friend who has not received the curse. That way you have another person who can see it and one person who can't to confirm the suspicious person walking toward you isn't visible to normies.
T iemon
T iemon 2 päeva tagasi
see what happens when you throw it in the strid
Otto Hartmann
Otto Hartmann 2 päeva tagasi
Imagine you got in an aeroplane to go to another country to escape it, but midway through the flight you realise it's onboard with you.
Dante 2 päeva tagasi
Where all my Michiganders at?
frederick dinsdale
frederick dinsdale 2 päeva tagasi
No, not a honda, are you mad, Volkswagen golf would be the best for this
Vishva Kumara
Vishva Kumara 2 päeva tagasi
Spooky STD Vector.
Elyes Fourati
Elyes Fourati 2 päeva tagasi
why we don't build a space ship or something to live in space (would be good for long term survival right?)
Raymond Rasonabe
Raymond Rasonabe 2 päeva tagasi
Use reverse psychology, why it follows when you can follow it lmao
halfcatman2 2 päeva tagasi
i watched this before bed
Lunacity 2 päeva tagasi
Because it's a horror movie you'd discover that it's rate of approach changes over time and after taking enough measurements of the entity's speed you find that the approach rate is becoming exponentially faster with each passing day.
K 2 päeva tagasi
Here’s how you beat that demon. Call on Jesus and send him straight to tarturus.
space man 43
space man 43 13 tundi tagasi
isn't Tartarus from the Greek myth?
Krys 2 päeva tagasi
Friend: Wow your so good at planning right down to the tiniest details, what's your secret? You: Oh nothing much, I made a small mistake in high school now I have a demon stalking me wherever I go, nothing too spectacular. Friend: .....what?
ShadowStalker BG
ShadowStalker BG 2 päeva tagasi
*laughs in asexual*
Lad !
Lad ! 2 päeva tagasi
Teenagers not getting aids...Thanks alot uncle Charles I cant be like anyone...
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