Film Theory: How Wonder Woman DOOMED Humanity! (Wonder Woman 1984)

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The highly anticipated Wonder Woman 1984 is FINALLY out! It's been too long since I had a new superhero movie to talk about, so I had to watch and see if anything stood out as theory worthy. Well, Theorists, Wonder Woman did it again - or rather she DIDN'T! The last time I talked about Wonder Woman, she'd failed us as a hero. Well, looks like she's up to her old habits again! Yep, Wonder Woman has failed us once again - and I'll tell you how!
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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Zach Stewart
Editors: Koen Verhagen, Forrest Lee, and Tyler Mascola
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

Namialus137 5 päeva tagasi
superhero: *exists* matpat: *i diagnose you with... failure*
Some One
Some One 20 tundi tagasi
@Namialus137 yes
Namialus137 20 tundi tagasi
@Some One - me??? edit: mega oof
Some One
Some One 20 tundi tagasi
you sound like my parents
pro gamer
pro gamer 22 tundi tagasi
Hey guys do make a video on the new matthias key series . It's very interesting and u may be able to answer a question everyone has been asking. Is the key series real.?? Day1
Swan Grisly
Swan Grisly Päev tagasi
I wish he could do that with Train Your Dragon again. Not that I don't like them but I would like to see how he thinks someone like the Warlords are actually good. Plus, I would love to hear about Grimmel from a different perspective.
IOKG04 10 minutit tagasi
Could u maybe try to find out how to use Jutsus? Or something like this? [Videoidea]
Ariana Morales
Ariana Morales 44 minutit tagasi
Who else is always watching film theory when doing something and gets districted by MatPat
R Man Industries
R Man Industries 45 minutit tagasi
Wanda vision
Lucious Harjo
Lucious Harjo Tund tagasi
ok i love your videos but I have a special request ok?...ok so search up buttercup by jack stauber and listen to it. next click his channel and watch some videos and tell me how he went from that to that and what's the lore of it if there's any. I would ask a different channel but i trust you the most. i hope you see this and at least try it out.
Brady Rairdan
Brady Rairdan Tund tagasi
Could you do a video on wandavision? It seems like a perfect video
Rocketflyer 33
Rocketflyer 33 Tund tagasi
You probably won’t see this but, can you do a theory on Cobra Kai?
Nova Star
Nova Star Tund tagasi
Why are all super hero Steve’s bad pilots ??
Stephanie Beeson
Stephanie Beeson 2 tundi tagasi
Please do a theory about wtf is happening in WandaVision. Help us MatPat, you're our only hope.
Ghostee 2 tundi tagasi
Make a theory in the future when wandavision comes out.
DR3W 23
DR3W 23 2 tundi tagasi
Please do an episode on the tv show “Lost” I really enjoyed the show but there isn’t to many videos going into depth on the shows story
Hannah Berente
Hannah Berente 2 tundi tagasi
Film theory should do a theory on Wanda Vision!
Tek World
Tek World 2 tundi tagasi
It's an invisible plane so technicalities doesn't matter...duh
Dippy Knuckles Dynonoodle
Dippy Knuckles Dynonoodle 2 tundi tagasi
You should on the digimon movie film theory
Arnov Jakaria
Arnov Jakaria 3 tundi tagasi
Ah yes, I appreciate this video, thank you MatPat, very cool :)
Tyler Spence
Tyler Spence 3 tundi tagasi
wait can you do a theory on the owl house it has some lore connected to gravity falls plus i love your videos they are amazing so thats why i asked you to do this theory
Daboe 222
Daboe 222 3 tundi tagasi
You should do a theory on WandaVision it reminded me of don’t hug me I’m scared because it takes place on a show and if you wanna know more your going to have to watch it yourself and if you do make a theory about it all I ask for is that my comment gets on one of your videos plz
Noodle boy Roblox
Noodle boy Roblox 3 tundi tagasi
Hey matpat recently I started to watch kobra Kai and the original karate kid movies and can you do a video about how dangerous is the crane kick form karate kid 1 oh and please if you do a video about it shout me out please
Toni Riley
Toni Riley 3 tundi tagasi
At the end of the first descendants movie (the Disney movie with the villian kids) how did Mal know it wasn't the end of the story? 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
Roo The conqueror
Roo The conqueror 3 tundi tagasi
sucking all the fun out of a bad movie
1-800 hrrypotter
1-800 hrrypotter 3 tundi tagasi
can ya do a theory about coroline
Benson Guinn
Benson Guinn 4 tundi tagasi
WW84 iv seen the review. Plot is stupid. I have no need to watch the movie. This is way more entertaining :)
Larry Byrd
Larry Byrd 4 tundi tagasi
Considering magic is what makes it invisible it would easily be able to avoid any electromagnetic waves. maybe the magic make it invisible to all forms of electromagnetic radiation is that really that crazy.
apple jack
apple jack 4 tundi tagasi
Hey matpat if your reading this you should do a theory on cloudy with a chance of meatballs
Larry Byrd
Larry Byrd 4 tundi tagasi
Not to mention that all the electronics work for a plane that is sitting in a museum.
Conan Gods
Conan Gods 4 tundi tagasi
Who would win in a fight Naruto or Deku
Christopher Powers
Christopher Powers 4 tundi tagasi
So you completely forgetting that there was a movie called 1984 written by George Orwell - well no problem: "Because Ignorance IS Strength"
Red Games
Red Games 4 tundi tagasi
please theorise about the lion king and how scar could have aten mufasa
Zaiden Williams
Zaiden Williams 4 tundi tagasi
Film theory go look at the Peppa Pig picture with her Family and zoom in to the bottom windows you’l and you see nutter peppa
Syfy Lee
Syfy Lee 4 tundi tagasi
I just saw the movie and I was sadly 😢 disappointed in it. To many holes and it didn't make sense. I fell asleep watching this movie. it's a okay movie to pass time but not something worth telling someone about.
ExemptCreator77 4 tundi tagasi
Your next video should be a film theory about the new series "WandaVision" on Disney+ because there is some shady crap going on in the series
Noah Dillon
Noah Dillon 4 tundi tagasi
wanda maximoff
wanda maximoff 4 tundi tagasi
Make film theory how is vision still alive
Lilly’s-productions 5 tundi tagasi
Can you make a theory on when Peter gets run over by a train in “Spiderman far-from home”? Like how did he survive? Im super curious and would love to see this
Sarabii -
Sarabii - 5 tundi tagasi
Have you ever thought about watching a movie called The Adjustment Bureau? It's a very interesting movie and it really makes you think! Maybe you could find theories about it!
MR L reject dad
MR L reject dad 5 tundi tagasi
Matpat reject him reject him ejected dad reject dad ejecting dislike unsubscribe and never watch him again he gains power from this
Pickle Slayer64 Don’t ask
Pickle Slayer64 Don’t ask 6 tundi tagasi
Do Wanda vision
Alan Su
Alan Su 6 tundi tagasi
I thought that ww84 meant world war 84
Dre-Nightmare-am 6 tundi tagasi
12:45 i was ded
BrishMish 6 tundi tagasi
Can you do a theory about the sitcom Big Bang Theory? There's probably nothing that deep in it but idk
4 bite Bear
4 bite Bear 7 tundi tagasi
Did he really give you food and is it even real what you said
mitch viudez
mitch viudez 7 tundi tagasi
I know this isn't a film but can you do a theory about the plane that disappeared and landed 37 years later?? (I dare you matpat)
Guccy Mia
Guccy Mia 7 tundi tagasi
You know I think Matt would make a really interesting theory on Julie and the phantoms like a food theory about if you could die eating street dogs or a film theory on why no one else can see the ghosts
Pixxel Wizzard
Pixxel Wizzard 7 tundi tagasi
I have HBO Max and enjoyed the first Wonder Woman film, and I still didn't bother watching this movie.
Lucky Fucon
Lucky Fucon 7 tundi tagasi
Hey MatPat, I was wondering if you would consider doing an Amazing World of Gumball episode. Mainly around the shows villain Rob and the series finale. I've been watching it with my clients and I think this has the potential to make an interesting episode!
BradenCRad 7 tundi tagasi
Hey Matt, maybe an odd request but can you go over Mathias’ key videos? I wanna know your thoughts on if it’s fake and who you think is behind it.
m1lkgamergorls 7 tundi tagasi
Steve was not a necessary character to the movie 🙃, diana would've been 20x better without him
That Guy
That Guy 7 tundi tagasi
Please do a video when the complete season of WandaVision comes out! It's so cryptic and you can probably figure the underlying plot very well
Krc Maine
Krc Maine 8 tundi tagasi
*Waves from Maine 😁 Isn't Earth's rotation a factor too?
Kian Reed
Kian Reed 8 tundi tagasi
what if X moved at 2,763 mph
Me myself And I
Me myself And I 8 tundi tagasi
The subcribe button for me is gray or grey (idk how to spell it) hehe I’m so funny
Ramses Wall
Ramses Wall 8 tundi tagasi
MATPAT dad recognized your vid he will made a video "discovering the dark secrets of Mathew pathew." so prepare for a part two.
Diana 9 tundi tagasi
I did what?
Snow Glow Studios
Snow Glow Studios 9 tundi tagasi
I have an idea for a theory, though it's not very good one So you know the plot of the first My Little Pony Equestria Girls movie? And you know how there's two versions of everyone, one for the human world and one for the pony world? Well, how come we never see a double of Sunset Shimmer? Was there never a double for her, and was she the only one to exist and just jump between worlds, or did something happen to her double?
Kelsey Tucker
Kelsey Tucker 9 tundi tagasi
me:you should do a theory about miss frizzle matpat: mmmmmmmmm, no
Marshmishmows 9 tundi tagasi
Here's the thing, you said it yourself, the plane that they use isn't even a real plane, so maybe that imaginary plane has more speed
Moustache PUG
Moustache PUG 9 tundi tagasi
Can you do uncanny counter
BONNIE 9 tundi tagasi
Can you do a bug's life theory
Pixar Fix
Pixar Fix 10 tundi tagasi
Hey I'm a new channel dedicated to Pixar, I have theories and other stuff still to come. I would really appreciate if you were to check out my current 2 videos, a theory on if Violet from the Incredibles could be a disney princess, and who the true villain of Finding Dory is. Thanks :)
Panda Wizard
Panda Wizard 10 tundi tagasi
Wanda Vision Wanda Vision Wanda Vision
pickle_tanks 10 tundi tagasi
Do a disenchantment theory pls
Cherry Reaper
Cherry Reaper 10 tundi tagasi
Film theory I have just watched the episode on willily wonka and I have a question if he said distributes the golden tickets some would have a chance to get lost due to some being crushed throne away or down right melted so would he have to every few years after contestants find none have to re distribute more
Cherry Reaper
Cherry Reaper 10 tundi tagasi
And also what would be a time stamp for all contestants to meet him some aren't noticed to have a golden ticket do they make a day for the meeting or what
Ethan Wolf
Ethan Wolf 10 tundi tagasi
This is completely unrelated but how did Casper die
Maestrul Gamer
Maestrul Gamer 11 tundi tagasi
0:03-Maybe that is true tho.
dutoiu hour
dutoiu hour 11 tundi tagasi
Every time I hear “zack” I think he’s personally talking to me
G&B Productions
G&B Productions 11 tundi tagasi
Hah. Egypt... Za warudo....
Saber Sketch Studios
Saber Sketch Studios 11 tundi tagasi
Matpat u should watch secrets of sulfur spring on Disney
dutoiu hour
dutoiu hour 11 tundi tagasi
this guys makes a lot more research than the actual filmmakers ...
Pedro Lopes
Pedro Lopes 11 tundi tagasi
They stopped in the Portuguese Azores American base to refuel 😄
Rachel Smith
Rachel Smith 11 tundi tagasi
BTW, The Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Aviation center wasn't opened until 2003 so Diana and Steven couldn't have been there. My father actually worked there during its construction in the early 2000s
GREATLFG 12 tundi tagasi
Dude, you think too hard.
Evan Roberts
Evan Roberts 12 tundi tagasi
Do one on what the wall is made out of in attack on titan
Mr. Nobody
Mr. Nobody 12 tundi tagasi
A request Make a theory about two different EEpostrs who are secretly the Same person in real life(if you do the research you'll see it too) I'll give you their names 1. Seth the programmer 2. Chuck You'll see that they do collaborations and debates But if you listen carefully You'll see that both of them speaks a certain way which is not common Plus one of their voice feels like edited and tuned up a bit. But they pretend that they are different people. Your the theory guy So Make a theory Call them out!!!! Come on man!!!!!!
TheGreatSeraphim 12 tundi tagasi
The cloak is making it invisible to the eye. You know. Electromagnetism. The thing radars use to see.
Universal 0910
Universal 0910 12 tundi tagasi
I have a request. Please make a theory about the 2016 film Arrival. More specifically, what happens to the Heptapods in 3,000 years to elicit them coming to Earth? I would be very appreciative if you could do this for me as it is one of my absolute favorite movies. Thanks!
Skylee Leal
Skylee Leal 12 tundi tagasi
WANDAVISION PLSSSSSS that would be such a good episode. There is so much to unpack there and it would be so interesting to see
Kiwi kirb
Kiwi kirb 12 tundi tagasi
Can made in ABYSS be next ._.
Emma Zomberg
Emma Zomberg 12 tundi tagasi
Okok, I know it's been a while not only since The Don't Hug Me I'm Scared series was started, but it's been a bit since the Wakey Wakey trailer came out as well. Anyway, I was on a call with my friend explaining to her what it was, and I went to that one interview from Its Nice That where they interviewed the characters. I scrolled down to the bottom where the interviewer asked Roy if he had anything to add, and I looked at the question above which asked the characters what they dreamt of. I looked at Red Guy's answer, and saw this: It’s always the same. I am about 10 years old lost in the woods. I can feel something following me, calling out my name, getting closer and closer. I try to scream but nothing comes out. Eventually I wake up from the boredom. Normal, right? Maybe not! If you watch the Wakey Wakey trailer, you see Red Guy walking through a forest, and he might be lost. I have no clue if I'm onto something, but I just thought it was fun. :)
Ronald Brackin
Ronald Brackin 12 tundi tagasi
New idea: How hard does Jumba have to throw a glass plate to go thru the house on lilo and stitch?
craigjkb 12 tundi tagasi
Absolute in laughter and tears watching this!! subscribed 😎👍
Trabis 12 tundi tagasi
Hey you should do a theory bout this
Tristan Batt
Tristan Batt 13 tundi tagasi
Yo mat pat I got a theory for you genos from one punch man is katsuki bakougo think about it there powers are practically identical maybe bakougo was so bent on surpassing deku he sacrificed his humanity and one punch man is a user of OFA please make this a theory it’s been crawling in my mind for so long
PrinceArt77 13 tundi tagasi
this guys makes a lot more research than the actual filmmakers ...
The manbaby baby man
The manbaby baby man 13 tundi tagasi
You should do one on shaun of the dead on how the zombie virus started
netra mahalakshmi
netra mahalakshmi 13 tundi tagasi
I would like you to say the theory about 5 minutes craft
Lucian Moon
Lucian Moon 13 tundi tagasi
Mat pat please check on hiimmarymary she’s posting two more videos I think we have lost her I think she is gone
Richard Hill
Richard Hill 13 tundi tagasi
Well we did meet him crashing a airplane
Sieair RAW
Sieair RAW 13 tundi tagasi
Atsumu Miya
Atsumu Miya 14 tundi tagasi
Can you make some Coraline theories?
KoltenASG Nation
KoltenASG Nation 14 tundi tagasi
MatPat I have a good video idea for you The Shining (1980) explained, it would be interesting. And honestly The Shining is almost as complex as Fnaf. 👍
Simon Aud
Simon Aud 14 tundi tagasi
Please make one for Wandavision.
Bella Lindsay
Bella Lindsay 14 tundi tagasi
i like how both the theories on wonder woman are just pointing out that she can not get some where
Trixell Channel
Trixell Channel 14 tundi tagasi
MatPat, Hiimmarymary uplouded two new very interesting videos that you should do a theory on
abram morris
abram morris 14 tundi tagasi
Huge hugeeeeeeeeee limb here Zeus greek god of they sky lightning storm ect we know areas the god of war exist so Zeus still could and helped out with the plane in some ways
Bruce Kal-E
Bruce Kal-E 15 tundi tagasi
details bruh details. its a movies doesnt all need to makes sense.
Adrian Espinosa
Adrian Espinosa 15 tundi tagasi
This movie was the biggest disappointment of 2020.
Matt Borgens
Matt Borgens 15 tundi tagasi
Great video! Check out shadowversity. He just did a video about the horrible implications of ww84 and her dead not dead boyfriend.
Eyes7770 15 tundi tagasi
You know after see this and watching the movie. Wonder Woman does not need to go to Cairo, Egypt anyway just wait for "bad guy" to come back.
Mikeyplayzyt7 15 tundi tagasi
Drippier 15 tundi tagasi
Maybe, just maybe... it’s a movie for entertainment and not scientific research.
Ross Bianchi
Ross Bianchi 15 tundi tagasi
Please I have wanted a a wizard of oz theory since 2018
Ross Bianchi
Ross Bianchi 15 tundi tagasi
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