Fiancé rates cheap amazon wedding dresses

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Haley Pham

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hi girlypops! today my ~fiancé~ shall rate my cheap amazon wedding dresses!
🌈MAKE BELLA FAMOUS: bellaousterhout
🌈FIANCÉ: ryantrahan
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⭐️instagram: haleypham
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Vera Місяць tagasi
zip em up all the way gurl
Cortney Tristen
Cortney Tristen Місяць tagasi
Why is Haley so cute
Dresden Del Rio
Dresden Del Rio 2 місяці tagasi
haley: *talking about the "hood"* ryan: *in baby voice* spock watchu think bubbah
Olivia Cortese
Olivia Cortese 2 місяці tagasi
This was a compilation of Haley falling in wedding dresses lol
Madden Bridgewater
Madden Bridgewater 3 місяці tagasi
You are sooooooo pretty,and you wear the cutest clothes ever
aurora bora
aurora bora 3 місяці tagasi
Of course Bella would want to wear white to the wedding
Manal D
Manal D 3 місяці tagasi
Yes sis! Make fun of dresses that are the only dresses that some women can afford😳🥰
amber 3 місяці tagasi
None of these dresses are bad. They’re actually very beautiful, and there should be no shame in “cheap” wedding dresses. Buy these wedding dresses off Amazon if you can only afford these types, that’s okay, and they’ll look gorgeous on you. I couldn’t really stomach this video if i’m being honest. The fact they’re taking this video as some sort of “challenge” to buy cheap is making me feel a little sick.
Sxnia 4 місяці tagasi
Why does it feel like Bella tried her hardest to be ✨THAT✨ girl? It’s giving me “I’m not like other girls” vibe...
Joi Smalls
Joi Smalls 4 місяці tagasi
5:30 makes me feel single as hell but i have a bf 💀
Naachan 4 місяці tagasi
i love all the wedding dresses tbh 😭😭😭😭
Makeup by TheTatyana !
Makeup by TheTatyana ! 4 місяці tagasi
I got my wedding dress on amazon omg wish i could show it on here
Claire MacAulay
Claire MacAulay 4 місяці tagasi
just an fyi- “gypped” is a racial slur! it’s become so integrated into the vernacular that most people think it’s spelled “jipped” and have no idea.
Jessica Nichols
Jessica Nichols 4 місяці tagasi
A more accurate title: Just girls being girls while rating dresses from Amazon
k lloyd
k lloyd 4 місяці tagasi
she's so beautiful that she makes every dress look pretty
neamh U-M
neamh U-M 4 місяці tagasi
bella actually suites it
Havana D'brot
Havana D'brot 5 місяців tagasi
I freakin love the mermaid on her!! Her body is so complimented by it!!
Hana'a F.
Hana'a F. 5 місяців tagasi
Okay I'm happy Bella said that about the real dress shopping because I watched that video and her reactions had me rolling because she looked ready to rip the dresses to shred
Rowan LaPointe
Rowan LaPointe 5 місяців tagasi
Wow Bella looks so tall!
Zarah Udani
Zarah Udani 5 місяців tagasi
Is that a birth control patch
Mackenzie :D
Mackenzie :D 5 місяців tagasi
Zarah Udani yes lol
The Painter
The Painter 5 місяців tagasi
I think that’s a 10/10 baby part got me
cydnee worthington
cydnee worthington 5 місяців tagasi
14:20, im crying im laughing so hard 😂😂
person hopefully
person hopefully 5 місяців tagasi
why is everyone being so mean to bella? like she's just being honest. not all the dresses are gonna look good and if it looks bad she's obviously gonna say it looks bad
Ploon Nollet
Ploon Nollet 5 місяців tagasi
OMG you should totally donate them cause OMG it's just the best idea I read here!! And bella is nice and like if not just domt be friends with her whyyyy does everybody say like the same I think she rocks
Its_ Laura
Its_ Laura 5 місяців tagasi
I feel like you actually looked good in all of them. But they aren't good quality :(
Zander walls PINK
Zander walls PINK 5 місяців tagasi
Adelaide of the Pasture
Adelaide of the Pasture 5 місяців tagasi
whyd the white girl wait to insult her body everytime her bf was in the room, what bad energy
Shelby Burwick
Shelby Burwick 5 місяців tagasi
Do you have diabetes if so it’s ok your pretty either eay
Hayden Little
Hayden Little 5 місяців tagasi
When y’all laugh it makes me feel like I’m your friend and I’m there with y’all
Sky Pie
Sky Pie 5 місяців tagasi
Bella must be a Gemini 😂🤣
Jean-Michelle De Blanche
Jean-Michelle De Blanche 5 місяців tagasi
Why does haley wear a patch on her arm?
Mackenzie :D
Mackenzie :D 5 місяців tagasi
Jean-Michelle De Blanche birth control
deathbydarling 5 місяців tagasi
a lot of the alterations that your talking about could be done pretty easily, shortening and taking in the sides on something are super easy and 100% something anyone could do with access to a sewing machine or the kind of determination required to hand sew
bimboification of hordak
bimboification of hordak 5 місяців tagasi
did they seriously say that kylie jenner is the most beautiful person alive when she exploits and abuses her workers for makeup and has no talent 🤢🤢
Natalie Schlueter
Natalie Schlueter 5 місяців tagasi
The last one was the best if it actually fit just saying
Miz Wiz-damn
Miz Wiz-damn 5 місяців tagasi
Research wedding dress curses before choosing your dress
Elizabeth Wright
Elizabeth Wright 5 місяців tagasi
Ut oh! Bride down! 👰
AutumnWay _
AutumnWay _ 5 місяців tagasi
Katie Tyler
Katie Tyler 6 місяців tagasi
3rd is the best lagit she's a model so she literally looks amazing in everything!!!!
Ghhfff Ggghhj
Ghhfff Ggghhj 6 місяців tagasi
what is that patch for?
Mackenzie :D
Mackenzie :D 5 місяців tagasi
Ghhfff Ggghhj birth control
Dyannah Barahona
Dyannah Barahona 6 місяців tagasi
Oh! so she is the toxic friend
bethany kim
bethany kim 6 місяців tagasi
things she can do so the dresses dont go to waste: 1. play football in them 2. donate them 3. use the fabric to make her own clothes 4. let ryan use them for his videos (bc lets be honest, we wouldnt be surprised if he did)
bethany kim
bethany kim 6 місяців tagasi
i hope she repurposes these dresses
bethany kim
bethany kim 6 місяців tagasi
their laughter is so contagious
bethany kim
bethany kim 6 місяців tagasi
this reminds me of children playing dress up 🤠
Tran Minh
Tran Minh 6 місяців tagasi
Where di she bought that top , pls tll me i have been looking 4 it more than 1 year
Just 101 Subscribers Challenge
Just 101 Subscribers Challenge 6 місяців tagasi
Haley would literally look good in any wedding dress wtf
Elizabeth Suggs
Elizabeth Suggs 6 місяців tagasi
i was cryinggg this whole video, bella is a mood
Angelina Morado
Angelina Morado 6 місяців tagasi
What is the patch on her arm?
Angelina Morado
Angelina Morado 6 місяців tagasi
Oh...thank you
Katie Mason
Katie Mason 6 місяців tagasi
Angelina Morado birth control patch
alisha chhabria
alisha chhabria 6 місяців tagasi
the mermaid one was cutee
Sydney Rose Jackson
Sydney Rose Jackson 6 місяців tagasi
5:16 khole jenner isn't a real person who's gonna tell her
Bianca Kendra
Bianca Kendra 6 місяців tagasi
Dude her friend seems so toxic like I’m gonna have to stop watching this because the comments about Haley’s body are like so triggering and mean.
Bianca Kendra
Bianca Kendra 6 місяців tagasi
She asked her friend to criticize her DRESSES not her BODY jeez
Delanna Lanna Leonard
Delanna Lanna Leonard 6 місяців tagasi
Did Spock just head butt Ryan
Wittle Kitten
Wittle Kitten 6 місяців tagasi
Omg Ryan was wearing crocks. 😂
Katelynn Cantrell
Katelynn Cantrell 6 місяців tagasi
the mermaid dress was absolutely gorgeous on her 😍
Gabriela Juarez
Gabriela Juarez 6 місяців tagasi
I love the mermaid dress on you! 😍 also where is that chair from? i want it!!!!
Myla Kelley
Myla Kelley 6 місяців tagasi
“put on the hood”😂😭😭
dv 6 місяців tagasi
Ngl this kinda hurt bc my cousin got married in the first dress, and she looked absolutely beautiful in it unlike you luv
Sarah Grindstaff
Sarah Grindstaff 6 місяців tagasi
I look buff in anything sleeveless so I feel the pain. However I think you looked stunning in the mermaid strapless one. You are so beautiful and I’m so excited to see the wedding!
Eve Azucena
Eve Azucena 6 місяців tagasi
Your friend gave me bad energy idk if it’s just her facial expressions but she looked jealous & toxic the whole time
light collins
light collins 5 місяців tagasi
YES i thought i was the only one thinking this
Kristina M
Kristina M 5 місяців tagasi
Some of her comments too
wthe real kiwi
wthe real kiwi 5 місяців tagasi
Maegan Dyke
Maegan Dyke 6 місяців tagasi
Is it just me or does Haley look like Mulan (the original Mulan for 1998)
The Deither Family
The Deither Family 6 місяців tagasi
I am actually using the 2nd dress for my wedding lol. But it actually fits on me a lot better than it seems on Haley.
Sydney Stafford
Sydney Stafford 6 місяців tagasi
Haley, I sell wedding dresses in Seattle, come on over and let me help you find one:-))
Tay Lynn
Tay Lynn 6 місяців tagasi
wait i actually rly like the second one
kourtney ervin
kourtney ervin 6 місяців tagasi
Haley really pulls off sleeveless dresses amazingly!!
Andrea Tari
Andrea Tari 6 місяців tagasi
Haley is so pretty omg
EMILI 6 місяців tagasi
ooh can you make a meal prep video for your wedding transformation series??
Jessica B
Jessica B 6 місяців tagasi
When Bella walked out in the short dress she reminded me of Kate Middleton
Isabella Johnson
Isabella Johnson 6 місяців tagasi
Everyone: is bad luck to see your bride in a wedding dress before the wedding Haley: watch me
Lea Viktoria
Lea Viktoria 6 місяців tagasi
What's that on her left arm?
Olwethu Mabena
Olwethu Mabena 6 місяців tagasi
"Put the hood on" 😂
diora 6 місяців tagasi
bella sounds like a boy going through puberty lol
Mia Bermudez
Mia Bermudez 6 місяців tagasi
Her and Ryan are so cuteeee
Simply Sophia
Simply Sophia 6 місяців tagasi
my favorite people are people like you
Miss R
Miss R 6 місяців tagasi
For a prank on Haley,Ryan and should cheat on Haley with Hayley's friend shhh😂🤗😳🙎🏻👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩
Nehir YILMAZ 6 місяців tagasi
ı'm new to this channel and ı thought she was your fiance
Gamercat164 6 місяців tagasi
Same name! lol
Maria Sullivan
Maria Sullivan 6 місяців tagasi
your room set up is so nice
kc092 6 місяців tagasi
What happened to her arm but she looks good in all of thema
Namjoon's Suga Kookies
Namjoon's Suga Kookies 6 місяців tagasi
no matter how good those dresses are, you cant wear them because ryan has already seen you in it. he cant see u wear ur wedding dress until the big dayyyyyy 🤣
R W 6 місяців tagasi
bella’s freckles are gorgeous
Makenna Ayers
Makenna Ayers 6 місяців tagasi
Noooo dye the short dress black and wear it to a funeral
Regina Hay
Regina Hay 6 місяців tagasi
Haley and Bella dancing to tik toks in wedding dresses is bff goals
Veronica Brooks
Veronica Brooks 6 місяців tagasi
At least zip the dresses all the way up to give a good fit
Meila Aleksandars
Meila Aleksandars 6 місяців tagasi
Literally Haley looks SO BEAUTIFUL in the thumbnail🥺❤️
Lindsey Huerta
Lindsey Huerta 6 місяців tagasi
So Bella’s one of those-
username 6 місяців tagasi
the second dress looks like my communion dress when i was 10
melanie s
melanie s 6 місяців tagasi
*in spock voice* “i think that’s a 10/10 baby” 😭💀💀💀😭😭
Sofia Direnzo
Sofia Direnzo 6 місяців tagasi
i actually really like the mermaid one
Chloe Pham
Chloe Pham 6 місяців tagasi
Amit Khare
Amit Khare 6 місяців tagasi
Hot girl
Graysen Gregory
Graysen Gregory 6 місяців tagasi
I just realized this was the same day they went to Starbucks and the Barista was asking about salt😂😭
Simply Faith
Simply Faith 6 місяців tagasi
This is such a roxxsaurus video I swear
Belinda Gallegos
Belinda Gallegos 6 місяців tagasi
My sister 100% got the 3rd dress for her wedding (balling on a budget) and after tailoring it looked so amazing on her. I agree 5/5 dress for an Amazon dress
Ella Lol
Ella Lol 6 місяців tagasi
I literally loved the mermaid dress on her!!!! It’s stunning 💖
Sam Marie
Sam Marie 6 місяців tagasi
i usually don’t laugh at people falling but i replayed you falling “like a sausage” 3 times lmao
Abril Hernandez
Abril Hernandez 6 місяців tagasi
FIANCE!?!? jeez how much did i miss...?
Willy Wonka
Willy Wonka 6 місяців tagasi
You scared the KA-rap out of me
S_98 6 місяців tagasi
Lmao they’re faking it
S_98 6 місяців tagasi
She doesn’t zip it all the way up then complains about how big it is at the top like sis wtf
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