Extreme Office Makeover

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Haley Pham

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first video of 2020!!!! Boyfriend vs. Girlfriend Office Makeover Competition! Who do you think won...
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Kaliah Pratt
Kaliah Pratt Päev tagasi
Hope Hayley
Hope Hayley 5 місяців tagasi
i love both sides so much but my fav is haley’s because i love the girly style
Ello Banana
Ello Banana 6 місяців tagasi
Haley definitely won sry ryan ilygsm
TheRealBreannaMarie 6 місяців tagasi
Where is that whicker chair from!??
Mariana 6 місяців tagasi
my favorite part was the internet router space! so abstract :)
Lily-Rose Davies-Leary
Lily-Rose Davies-Leary 6 місяців tagasi
Hayley this is for you. I prefer your side💗
Kaila Jensen
Kaila Jensen 6 місяців tagasi
I love how their idea of decorating is just putting little plants everywhere LMALKSDLAJFKK
Grungophone 7 місяців tagasi
as someone that needs things on my walls to function I like Haley's side way more I wish she put more stuff on her desk tho
Simone Snijder
Simone Snijder 7 місяців tagasi
Youre friend is so pretty
Annie Monks
Annie Monks 7 місяців tagasi
Don’t worry Heiley I think ur was better 😂
jamie barry
jamie barry 7 місяців tagasi
where did ryan get that chair, because it looks comfy as fuck
natalie sotello
natalie sotello 7 місяців tagasi
i loved Haley side
Ejay 69
Ejay 69 7 місяців tagasi
Sorry but I think Ryan won
Marissa Schmoldt
Marissa Schmoldt 7 місяців tagasi
Dasha Fry
Dasha Fry 7 місяців tagasi
Editing hakey?
God 8 місяців tagasi
Loa 3311
Loa 3311 8 місяців tagasi
i'm so late but I like haley's side?
Jac ob
Jac ob 8 місяців tagasi
Haley your side is too much
ItsAriejoyce 8 місяців tagasi
i’m sorry but for an office haleys looks like a plain dorm
Frankie xox
Frankie xox 8 місяців tagasi
why do you put hakey??
Leighanna Fox
Leighanna Fox 8 місяців tagasi
why in 6:00 i was expecting to see myself in the mirror :l
iamsa. f a
iamsa. f a 8 місяців tagasi
I like Haleys side much better because it felt more orginized! ily Haley😊😊
Gwen Covey
Gwen Covey 8 місяців tagasi
I like how the whole thing works together even though both sides are done by 2 different people. Just more proof they are meant for each other.
Strwbrry Lmonade
Strwbrry Lmonade 9 місяців tagasi
i liked ryan’s
Emily Sheffe
Emily Sheffe 9 місяців tagasi
I think Ryan won NGL😅😅😅
Reese Ratcliffe
Reese Ratcliffe 9 місяців tagasi
ryan side get 9/10 haley 9.2/10
Riylie Payge
Riylie Payge 9 місяців tagasi
I wouldn't pick 1 because I think they both pull the office together and are very cute
Emily Kieding
Emily Kieding 9 місяців tagasi
Ryan !!!
Maria Radford
Maria Radford 9 місяців tagasi
Where is the office chair from??
aspen smith
aspen smith 9 місяців tagasi
I like Ryan’s side just because I like natural materials and colors but... he needs to take care of the mess of cords and stuff. 😂
emma watwat
emma watwat 9 місяців tagasi
I think both sides are amazing but im not super girly and im not super into pink so i like ryans side just a tiny bit more even though if i had and office either one of those styles would be great ones!
65rtyu YT
65rtyu YT 9 місяців tagasi
Ryan's side is way better!!!!!!!!
Natalie Schlueter
Natalie Schlueter 9 місяців tagasi
Besides Ryan’s mess I like Ryan’s side better
Sydney Sosa
Sydney Sosa 9 місяців tagasi
Where did you get the rug from?
Laurie Beaulieu
Laurie Beaulieu 10 місяців tagasi
RYAN'S side, is my favorite
Lana Meow
Lana Meow 11 місяців tagasi
Aubrey Knapp
Aubrey Knapp 11 місяців tagasi
Team Ryan
Hazel Diamond
Hazel Diamond 11 місяців tagasi
What are the name of the songs used??
Aissata Amadou
Aissata Amadou 11 місяців tagasi
Can you do a video with Kiran
Finley Schweigert
Finley Schweigert 11 місяців tagasi
Haley! But Ryan’s side is more aesthetically pleasing
abbriella mae
abbriella mae 11 місяців tagasi
Haley! But i like Ryan's chair better
Eileen Wise
Eileen Wise 11 місяців tagasi
They have a GIANT house but share one room for an office...AM confused
Mackenzie Williams
Mackenzie Williams 11 місяців tagasi
honestly i like ryan’s side better 😂
Arantxa bustinduy navas
Arantxa bustinduy navas 11 місяців tagasi
Hayley's side
Chelsie Lindsay
Chelsie Lindsay 11 місяців tagasi
Gracey V
Gracey V 11 місяців tagasi
haleys side😍
Serafina Aideen
Serafina Aideen 11 місяців tagasi
I prefer Hayley's side, but I feel like she could have put a little more into it. Maybe some shelves on the back wall or infront of her desk would have brought it together, and something to make the table less empty.
Andrea L
Andrea L 11 місяців tagasi
I like Ryan’s dude better
i comment
i comment 11 місяців tagasi
I’m sick of hearing the same song in every one of her videos
Isabella Williams
Isabella Williams 11 місяців tagasi
why do they own a mansion but decide to share the smallest room in the house for an office
Sharaf Z
Sharaf Z 11 місяців tagasi
Lol Ryan 100% won
Madeline Pitkin
Madeline Pitkin Aasta tagasi
Ryan totally won lol You both did great tho! Love the wallpaper!
João Pedro Costa
João Pedro Costa Aasta tagasi
Haley was the better one, but the whole office looks great!
Marie-Theres Rötzer
Marie-Theres Rötzer Aasta tagasi
i think id like haleys side way better if there was a plant next to her desk
Ikram Azz
Ikram Azz Aasta tagasi
I like ur frind ❤seems nice
Margarita Lopez
Margarita Lopez Aasta tagasi
Have it paused at 5:14 nd look at Haley’s face
Emilia Aasta tagasi
Love the video!!
Chandra Exon
Chandra Exon Aasta tagasi
Love Ryan's side, I personally much prefer the more minimalist aesthetics
Marguerite Swiftsmith
Marguerite Swiftsmith Aasta tagasi
hayley's side is so cozy i love it
JESSICA YAU Aasta tagasi
tbh ryan's side looks so much more put together they're both very neat but i agree with his aesthetic more
keizau Aasta tagasi
anyone know the name of her friends sticker thing shop?
V S Aasta tagasi
“I did not have apple care” -Ryan and Haley
Caitlin Madison
Caitlin Madison Aasta tagasi
ryan forsure
Sydney Britter
Sydney Britter Aasta tagasi
Haley side looks Better to me....
Lisa -
Lisa - Aasta tagasi
I like Ryan's better since it fits my style more
Aila Debira
Aila Debira Aasta tagasi
I LOVE Haley's side SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much its so cute and nice!!!!!!
María Ortiz
María Ortiz Aasta tagasi
I'm sorry Ryan ily but loved more Haleys side
Z Aasta tagasi
anyone have the link to that desk??
• Mėlłøw •
• Mėlłøw • Aasta tagasi
Everyone is saying Ryan’s side, but I personally like Haley’s side better because I like hanging things up like posters and stuff and all the stuff.
Melanie Løvgreen
Melanie Løvgreen Aasta tagasi
6:21 where did u g’et that Chair? 🤩
Aurélia Berg
Aurélia Berg Aasta tagasi
I like Ryan’s side better
Mia Taylor
Mia Taylor Aasta tagasi
Ryan’s side won
Ashley Miranda
Ashley Miranda Aasta tagasi
Both are good, but I personally liked Haley's better, it's more my style and Also both sides kind of felt very organic and blended side to side, I loved that ❤
Kalatiola Tai
Kalatiola Tai Aasta tagasi
I like Ryan's side. I think hes filled the empty space up better
Sarah O
Sarah O Aasta tagasi
Oh my gosh where is that pink chair from I love it
_Sniccet_ Aasta tagasi
Haley’s side has so much potential tho
vanessa marie
vanessa marie Aasta tagasi
Where is the traphamily vids 🥺🥺
sienna jade
sienna jade Aasta tagasi
I want a bf like Ryan hahahah
genevieve bryant
genevieve bryant Aasta tagasi
i love haley’s side because you can tell who’s side is who and is want mine to look like hers
Ella Blue
Ella Blue Aasta tagasi
i like ryan’s lol
EmmySwice Aasta tagasi
everyone is saying ryan’s side is better but like it’s both their style and what they like they just have different opinions on design
My Idea
My Idea Aasta tagasi
Kalatiola Tai
Kalatiola Tai Aasta tagasi
They kinda told us to say which side was better. We're not hating on anyone. We're Traphamily lol, you're my phavourite sister jks
Dahryn Kim
Dahryn Kim Aasta tagasi
ngl i kinda liked ryans side better... srry hayley! love you!
Lexs Shrinks
Lexs Shrinks Aasta tagasi
My whole apartment looks like Ryan’s side 🤣🙌🏻 sorry girl I like his best! Good job tho 🤪♥️
Helz Aasta tagasi
who's the hijabi girl?
Amanda Rodriguez
Amanda Rodriguez Aasta tagasi
Omg where did you get the prints you put on the wall? They are so pretty
Mariane Goyette
Mariane Goyette Aasta tagasi
Ryan’s side won...😬
erin claridge
erin claridge Aasta tagasi
i freaking love Haley's side, its cute! But ryan did a banger job on his side too lol.
Ireland McCormick
Ireland McCormick Aasta tagasi
Ryan's side is better
SolarrJa Aasta tagasi
Oh really film this *Sticks up ring finger*
Taya Reimer
Taya Reimer Aasta tagasi
I think Haley won but you both did great!❤️
Silje Helsengreen
Silje Helsengreen Aasta tagasi
Haley where is your office chair from?
Adia Munoz
Adia Munoz Aasta tagasi
Personally Ryan won
fATEmaYAS Aasta tagasi
This should've been on the traphamily channel lmaoo
The Real Richy
The Real Richy Aasta tagasi
You’re supposed to nail the white board into the stud!
The Real Richy
The Real Richy Aasta tagasi
I love u guys
Jessica Stojoski
Jessica Stojoski Aasta tagasi
I love Haleys side because of the decor, but Ryans was more of a minimalist style witch is also nice, but haley wins sorry Ryan.
sab Aasta tagasi
for the love of god please do not put a fish in a bowl
Sebastian Dizon
Sebastian Dizon Aasta tagasi
I would rather sit in Ryan’s
Lulu Thomsen
Lulu Thomsen Aasta tagasi
Heidi Clegg
Heidi Clegg Aasta tagasi
RYANS is soooo good... sorry Haley ❤️
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