Dump trailer BUILD

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Made in Poland

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In this video I make a small dump trailer using a 12V winch.
For some time we have been changing the barn into a "new" workshop in our spare time. There is a lot to do there and that's why I decided to build this trailer to speedup and facilitate earthworks.
It will definitely be useful for transporting firewood for the winter, carrying heavy things and many other works.
I think I was exaggerating a bit with the weight of the trailer, because it weighs over 100 kg, but at least it's solid :)
The winch used in this design works well, although it could be a little stronger.
I did not give an additional battery because the tractor has a 26 ah gel battery and it is a sufficient power source.
Some homemade tools used when building this project:
eepost.info/my/video/zW6NmqyWqnt5p6U.html - Hydraulic Bench Vise
eepost.info/my/video/ra54h6tlaahft38.html - Chop saw
eepost.info/my/video/lKp1Z2t9lICcxIc.html - DIY Belt Grinder 2x48

Jorge Rodriguez
Jorge Rodriguez 2 päeva tagasi
Tremendo trabajo
Rod Heath
Rod Heath 2 päeva tagasi
I want one
А С 4 päeva tagasi
Класс 👍👍👍👍👍. В конце улыбнуло. Молодец. Отлично.
Суин Уралбаев
Суин Уралбаев 4 päeva tagasi
Суин Уралбаев
Суин Уралбаев 4 päeva tagasi
Шерафкан Акрамов
Шерафкан Акрамов 7 päeva tagasi
T5 Syncro
T5 Syncro 8 päeva tagasi
👍 Cool
Don E
Don E 9 päeva tagasi
Very good build! Best lawn mower trailer ive ever seen, great job sir!
Ytalo karvalho
Ytalo karvalho 9 päeva tagasi
Wow gênio 🧞‍♂️ 👏 💪
Ιωάννης Λουκάς
Ιωάννης Λουκάς 9 päeva tagasi
Well done my friend but a lot of noise for a simply thing. Well done
soumarku 9 päeva tagasi
Sohail Fazal
Sohail Fazal 9 päeva tagasi
you have a dream workshop , all the right tools
Frontera Frontier
Frontera Frontier 10 päeva tagasi
Dimon Dimon
Dimon Dimon 10 päeva tagasi
У нас к соседу под забор высыпалибы.
asianphoenix808 11 päeva tagasi
Wow! Awesome, you got some skills!! Definitely helps with all the work that you need to get done! Way to go!!
прототип кук
прототип кук 11 päeva tagasi
Geoff Murphy
Geoff Murphy 11 päeva tagasi
Outstanding fabrication and project. Thanks for sharing it and your skills.
Pascal Antoine
Pascal Antoine 12 päeva tagasi
Vraiment une superbe réalisation
Harry Hov
Harry Hov 12 päeva tagasi
What is that chuck on the end of your hand power drill it was blue and had a tap in it??? @madeinpoland
Jeremy Roach
Jeremy Roach 13 päeva tagasi
Awesome work. Curious what type of lubricant did you use for metal drilling?
Александр Кравцов
Александр Кравцов 13 päeva tagasi
Единственное что бы добавил ось на риссоре чтоб телега по выше была
Лев Петряшкин
Лев Петряшкин 13 päeva tagasi
Фантастика! Лучшее на ю тубе! О!!!! Вау!!! Ещё бы цвет красненький!!!
Mad Molotoff
Mad Molotoff 13 päeva tagasi
Ждём следующую серию, с постройкой мини экскаватора!
Sunrise Yard care & construction LLc.
Sunrise Yard care & construction LLc. 13 päeva tagasi
Eees perro para esto
John Criswell
John Criswell 14 päeva tagasi
Why didn't you just build a mini bulldozer ... no more shoveling just push the dirt pile where ever you need it..
Wakhid Subarka
Wakhid Subarka 14 päeva tagasi
Muhammad wahid Subarakah
apple 1
apple 1 14 päeva tagasi
Жду как сделать экскаватор.
Abang Ombid
Abang Ombid 16 päeva tagasi
neil 16 päeva tagasi
great work
boris odreitz
boris odreitz 19 päeva tagasi
Js Somewhere
Js Somewhere 19 päeva tagasi
Very nicely done. Where did you learn metal, that doesn't just happen. You had to have had an excellent mentor. The apprenticeship under a true journeyman or master tradesman shows.
TK Skagen
TK Skagen 20 päeva tagasi
Great Build! HAPPY NEW YEAR'S! 🎆
Sibyati Sibyati
Sibyati Sibyati 20 päeva tagasi
Muhammad Wahid Subarkah
bigclivedotcom 21 päev tagasi
Another excellent build. You have a lot of diverse skills.
David Riley
David Riley 21 päev tagasi
Love watching a real professional at work very well made would like to have known how much to buy? do you do other sizes
Tom Clark
Tom Clark 22 päeva tagasi
unbelievable skills to be able to fabricate something like this. Amazing to watch.
Dubcab 60
Dubcab 60 22 päeva tagasi
Such nice work
Pete C
Pete C 22 päeva tagasi
Great build. Reminds me of my father - welder too. He used to make all kinds of stuff. I went the other way - woodworking.
James Stoffel
James Stoffel 22 päeva tagasi
Did you draw out the dimensions before building, or did you just cut & build, changing on the fly? Great video - Thank you for posting.
James Stoffel
James Stoffel 22 päeva tagasi
And what type of tires did you use to carry that much weight?
Mode Brico Metal
Mode Brico Metal 23 päeva tagasi
Buen trabajooo
Женя Женя
Женя Женя 25 päeva tagasi
Можно название треков с видоса
Gustavo Velastegui
Gustavo Velastegui 26 päeva tagasi
Genio te felicito muy buen trabajo Gustavo de Argentina 👍🇦🇷
Rich Місяць tagasi
Very cool lifting mechanism
Robert Allan Alterado
Robert Allan Alterado Місяць tagasi
wow! nice idea.... good wooooork bro. thanks...... more videos
Fishing Fisherman
Fishing Fisherman Місяць tagasi
Needs rear dual wheels
Fishing Fisherman
Fishing Fisherman Місяць tagasi
I love it. Now build me a heavy duty tow behind for my 1/2 ton pu
Ron Miller
Ron Miller Місяць tagasi
Very nice trailer. Loved watching you build it. Thank you for sharing.
Feldschmiede - die Offroadwerkstatt
Feldschmiede - die Offroadwerkstatt Місяць tagasi
Red Winch / blue Winch? Why?
Teddy Doloir
Teddy Doloir Місяць tagasi
very good job! which melting machine do you use ?
smittyr0322 Місяць tagasi
Great build btw
smittyr0322 Місяць tagasi
Put a chain on the tailgate and you can dictate how much is coming out for spreading like they do on dump trucks
Ark Max
Ark Max Місяць tagasi
Jak dla mnie naprawdę gratuluję talentu... którym jest twoja mądrość. Wielki szacunek.
Keith Murphy
Keith Murphy Місяць tagasi
Nice project, awesome skills, total overkill for the situation. 😆 🤣
Albert Orozco
Albert Orozco Місяць tagasi
Hope that mower don't accidentally get out in gear 😂😂😂 good luck catching it😂😂😂
Максим борода
Максим борода Місяць tagasi
Чувак реально крут вот только мусор на поле? Там же хлеб.
Ricky Kendrick
Ricky Kendrick Місяць tagasi
At 11:36, what is that tool in the end of the drill? I have never seen one before. I assume it is some kind of tapping tool?
R S Місяць tagasi
Nice ass trailer. Great job. Seems like a lot of work for something that small though.
Adam Miziol
Adam Miziol Місяць tagasi
ile taki rębak i łupiarka u ciebie kosztuje
Lyle Miller
Lyle Miller Місяць tagasi
never saddle a dead horse!!
Lyle Miller
Lyle Miller Місяць tagasi
yeah ya lost me at the point ya broke out with the lathe.. that’s not just something everyone can go out and get.. welders, drill presses.. even plasmas, but not a lathe
Smart Wolf
Smart Wolf Місяць tagasi
Perfect work brother, One question please; you are welding in a dark! Any reason behind that??
Владлен Степунин
Владлен Степунин Місяць tagasi
Сделай обзор на свои тиски пожалуйста)) Круто все у тебя!))
PaulodoRioedeMG01 Mineiro
PaulodoRioedeMG01 Mineiro Місяць tagasi
Portuguese - Brazil. Caro amigo. Fora do comum, excelente trabalho. Continue em seus projetos, sempre pensando em inovações. Pensa também em fazer projetos para fabricação em larga escala pois com certeza terá sucesso total. Parabéns. Digno é o trabalhador do seu trabalho!
M Kud
M Kud Місяць tagasi
Jak ktoś już napisał: briliant. Fantastyczny jesteś w swojej pracowitości i pomysłach.
bôi vương văn
bôi vương văn Місяць tagasi
Hay cua
shivlal darji
shivlal darji Місяць tagasi
Zombi Kosc
Zombi Kosc Місяць tagasi
jak się nazywa to urządzenie którego używałeś 3:28 minucie ? jak ktoś wie proszę o poinformowanie w odpowiedzi
Made in Poland
Made in Poland Місяць tagasi
przecinarka plazmowa.
Fluffy Hamster
Fluffy Hamster Місяць tagasi
Awesome 👏
村田州 Місяць tagasi
Daurenbek Baimusa
Daurenbek Baimusa Місяць tagasi
Christian Erhart
Christian Erhart Місяць tagasi
In the time when you are building that, I would have driven out the dirt 10 times
сергей мочалов
сергей мочалов Місяць tagasi
Ну что сказать , вроде бы и игрушечный тракторопоезд, а польза большая, молодец.
Казбек Сугурбаев
Казбек Сугурбаев Місяць tagasi
K-G Töyrä
K-G Töyrä Місяць tagasi
multi fuel
multi fuel Місяць tagasi
fajna przyczepka. Ale takie rzeczy tylko na wsi :)
SLRS Місяць tagasi
I think some one has access to A LOT of steel!
Пасенко Федор
Пасенко Федор Місяць tagasi
молодец. привет из Калининграда)))
Poj Dia Vaj
Poj Dia Vaj Місяць tagasi
U got all the tools, should of go biggest
Back2basics 59
Back2basics 59 Місяць tagasi
Amazing. Now all you have to do is build a much quieter buggy because that thing you drive can make you go deaf. More power to you Made in Poland.
Kleiner Schwarzer Van
Kleiner Schwarzer Van Місяць tagasi
Wie geil, ein gepanzerter Anhänger für´n Garten. Super Interessantes Video sehr schöner Anhänger und clever gebaut, weiter so 👍👍👍
دكتورقاسم سوريا منبج
دكتورقاسم سوريا منبج Місяць tagasi
احمد علي
احمد علي Місяць tagasi
kamaroway günther
kamaroway günther Місяць tagasi
dump trailer
Leonardo Silva
Leonardo Silva Місяць tagasi
This is what we can call as a really good job. You hv all the good in tools. Congratulations from Brazil.
Egidio Mazza
Egidio Mazza Місяць tagasi
Mi potrebbe dare la lunghezza la larghezza e l'altezza del carrellino?
Manasses Garnica
Manasses Garnica Місяць tagasi
how much does it cost to make one like that but big
Joshua Beanblossom
Joshua Beanblossom Місяць tagasi
You should put chains on the back so you could lay out dirt or gravel evenly kind of like a dump truck
Charlie Stoton
Charlie Stoton Місяць tagasi
What. Are all the measurements if you see this can you tell me
mca081983 Місяць tagasi
Nice work !!
lyle miller
lyle miller Місяць tagasi
NExt project...front end loader
old magician
old magician Місяць tagasi
Nice build! I think I personally would have used larger tires, but that is something easily changed. Good job!
Rofi Serge
Rofi Serge Місяць tagasi
Where are palans please? i would buy them
كيان كيان
كيان كيان Місяць tagasi
هذا عقله كنبيوتر على هجي صناعات عنده
zumajax Місяць tagasi
What's the settings of your MIG Welder?
SlightCurveGrin 2 місяці tagasi
That was DOPE!
Chichua xyiong
Chichua xyiong 2 місяці tagasi
Good idea.
Mark Twain
Mark Twain 2 місяці tagasi
Wonderful design and fabrication!
dan van der torre
dan van der torre 2 місяці tagasi
now we know were the bodies are
philip streechon
philip streechon 2 місяці tagasi
Nice work !!! Now you need to make a digging machine.
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