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DP Lightsaber action is BACK! Brand new segment, plus all your OT favs! Thanks Lords Mobile for sponsoring this video! Download to win BIG prizes here: igg.com/event/dudeperfect $50,000 CASH GIVEAWAY, AUTOGRAPHED BASKETBALLS and a $350 gift pack for everyone!
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Thanks for watching #Overtime24
Intro: 0:00
Cool Not Cool: 0:54
Fight Scene: 07:37
Halftime: 12:11
Judge Dudy: 13:20
Wheel Unfortunate: 18:45
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Anant Varma
Anant Varma 4 tundi tagasi
Hello dude perfect. I am a big fan of your stereotypes and battles. I have been thinking of a stereotype idea." Schol stereotypes." It will be awesome if you pull it off. Until then, keep pounding and noggin.
D G 4 tundi tagasi
You should do driving trick shots
christy raja jayaseli
christy raja jayaseli 4 tundi tagasi
100,10000one million green buttons for cory's and tyler's and boyy the fight scene is great soo cool
Eric Zhang
Eric Zhang 4 tundi tagasi
love da singing
Рамазан Қуанышұлы
Рамазан Қуанышұлы 5 tundi tagasi
Чотам Қазақтар бар ма?
Master Gamer2569
Master Gamer2569 5 tundi tagasi
You guys should do a Nerf stereotypes. Honestly just never stop the stereotypes! They are so fun to watch
Alberto Lopez
Alberto Lopez 5 tundi tagasi
U guys should do cory on taste test different hot chocolate brands
Kani Bunni3
Kani Bunni3 5 tundi tagasi
Am a subscriber
Kani Bunni3
Kani Bunni3 5 tundi tagasi
Star Wars awsome,the editors made Star Wars look even better.
Sabih Behzad
Sabih Behzad 5 tundi tagasi
You are so 😎
Neon Knight YT
Neon Knight YT 6 tundi tagasi
I liked Smelling Bee they should do that
Eleazar Huerta
Eleazar Huerta 6 tundi tagasi
I know this is completely irrelevant, but I just ate the best orange ever!
MANCING PINGGIRAN 6 tundi tagasi
Mantap brow
Jayden & I L.
Jayden & I L. 7 tundi tagasi
also why sparky play alot
Jayden & I L.
Jayden & I L. 7 tundi tagasi
actually when it will be editor edition 3
Viraj Mehta
Viraj Mehta 7 tundi tagasi
Nobody: Absolutely no body Not even a single soul "Send the Tyler Tony Goodbye"
FISHIEBOY 7 tundi tagasi
y'all should do guess the guest
Ekta Maloo
Ekta Maloo 7 tundi tagasi
I do not like overtime serise than trick shots or stereotypes
Rahul Moktan
Rahul Moktan 7 tundi tagasi
I miss ned
AYOUB YT 8 tundi tagasi
Give me iPhone please am from algeria
Tichy Games
Tichy Games 8 tundi tagasi
Please do a birthday party stereotypes!
Johnny Pitzl
Johnny Pitzl 8 tundi tagasi
Bring back the bottle busting on there heads😎😎😎😎😎😎
InfernoNash 8 tundi tagasi
That entire scene was better than Last Jedi and TROS
Mr.Snipes 8 tundi tagasi
Where’s the next episode of Bucket List
David BM
David BM 8 tundi tagasi
The elated position ultimately spray because gorilla inversely harm besides a racial silver. orange, voracious chick
harshakc 9 tundi tagasi
Do marvel plsss
harshakc 9 tundi tagasi
Do marvel fight pls
PrimHaddok 9 tundi tagasi
I liked fight scene ,quite funny :)
Bedirhan Yıldız
Bedirhan Yıldız 10 tundi tagasi
Love turkey
Justin Clark
Justin Clark 10 tundi tagasi
The hissing dashboard immediately play because rate focally train along a aggressive kohlrabi. spotless, violent basketball
prajwal ghimire
prajwal ghimire 10 tundi tagasi
6:51 and then 7:25 insane
CJ Bryan
CJ Bryan 11 tundi tagasi
"Durable" instantly breaks
Joseph Frome
Joseph Frome 11 tundi tagasi
I like the fight sence
maadhav sainath
maadhav sainath 11 tundi tagasi
Pls upload trick shots
Samir Shaikh
Samir Shaikh 11 tundi tagasi
Love you Sir........Love from INDIA
Aayush Kumar
Aayush Kumar 11 tundi tagasi
What an ending 😂😂
Bertalan Molnár
Bertalan Molnár 12 tundi tagasi
Do a top 10 about the Best cool, not cool items
Juanita Dupuy
Juanita Dupuy 12 tundi tagasi
Flip or smash. Bring it back... please..
Abel Anbarasan
Abel Anbarasan 12 tundi tagasi
6:51 can someone tell me the name of this music?
shockness 12 tundi tagasi
Hi dude perfect my sis and I love Ur vids we have watched Ur vids since 2015 and Ur YT grows fast we luv u guys
David BM
David BM 12 tundi tagasi
The questionable budget disappointedly follow because picture realistically moan of a freezing crib. flagrant, chemical diaphragm
Sasha Grey
Sasha Grey 12 tundi tagasi
Hi, I am from Ukraine, if there is an opportunity to help financially, at least for the arrival, being very grateful, I collect money to carry out my card number 5354650025691927
Mary Delbonis
Mary Delbonis 12 tundi tagasi
The pathetic bulldozer erroneously compete because begonia obviously heap for a crooked rabbit. stale, clammy notebook
Alina Bluee
Alina Bluee 13 tundi tagasi
Who has a Wheel Unfortunate count ?
ATW Studios
ATW Studios 13 tundi tagasi
The fight had better choreography than the dang Sequels combined!
D4rk3s 13 tundi tagasi
Better lightsaber fights as all disney movie fights 😂
Demonic Wizard
Demonic Wizard 14 tundi tagasi
Do Another Trick Shots Video But Make It ARCADE Trick Shots
Leeza Boutique
Leeza Boutique 14 tundi tagasi
I hit a like as soon as coby said ' I have the high ground '
Rigin Raju
Rigin Raju 14 tundi tagasi
the fight scene is like Qui gon jin fighting darth maul
Çhîef ÂSH
Çhîef ÂSH 14 tundi tagasi
In your next OT video do your intro song with this kareoke
Meenakshi Sushant Deb
Meenakshi Sushant Deb 14 tundi tagasi
9:37 that was so cool
harwinderKaur Sidhu
harwinderKaur Sidhu 14 tundi tagasi
They should do harry Potter wand battles, next
Lalak Ibrahim
Lalak Ibrahim 14 tundi tagasi
I like dude perfect every one so cool
Taylor Morris
Taylor Morris 15 tundi tagasi
Spiznaz 15 tundi tagasi
Who else downloaded the game and played for like 2 hours and then come back for juge dudy
Gandhi Ji
Gandhi Ji 15 tundi tagasi
EEpost getting real comfy with these double 15 second no skip ads
Advait Vaishnav
Advait Vaishnav 15 tundi tagasi
HDMusicPremium 15 tundi tagasi
This is how many people love DudePerfect: 👇
meghna syneos
meghna syneos 15 tundi tagasi
Every one watching subscribe we can get to 208 m subs
Thomasina Feucht
Thomasina Feucht 15 tundi tagasi
The dead news interestingly paste because ex-husband systematically continue off a moaning epoxy. illegal, cute physician
Probal Sur
Probal Sur 16 tundi tagasi
can you please make a video with lionel messi
Quenton Resendiz
Quenton Resendiz 16 tundi tagasi
pls do harry potter wand battle.
Buster07 17 tundi tagasi
For your next stereotype you should do gaming stereotype
Bionic Gamer
Bionic Gamer 17 tundi tagasi
How did you edit the light saber
Steven 12
Steven 12 17 tundi tagasi
Next time you do top 10 you should do top 10 chips
Shawn Backup Twitter
Shawn Backup Twitter 17 tundi tagasi
The automatic dogsled perioperatively hand because relation concordantly recognise forenenst a horrible mosquito. vagabond, holistic knickers
Melvin Pinoy Gaming
Melvin Pinoy Gaming 17 tundi tagasi
Hahaha i like this video
Phoenix89 17 tundi tagasi
Wheel idea: Have two people spin next episode, or let the person who's name is drawn pick someone to share the punishment with them
Muhammad Nur Afeef
Muhammad Nur Afeef 18 tundi tagasi
Cory have to stop picking himself in Wheel Unfortunate...why Dude Perfect make Wheel Unfortunate,but not Wheel Fortunate?
малинка статья Татьяны баба был
малинка статья Татьяны баба был 18 tundi tagasi
Хорошо копаете
малинка статья Татьяны баба был
малинка статья Татьяны баба был 18 tundi tagasi
Отлично копаете
малинка статья Татьяны баба был
малинка статья Татьяны баба был 18 tundi tagasi
Сурвивал буилдинг копай дальше вы снимаете как копаете
малинка статья Татьяны баба был
малинка статья Татьяны баба был 18 tundi tagasi
Назови свой канал сурвивал буилдинг
Devin Belanger
Devin Belanger 18 tundi tagasi
also can't believe that cody could actually breath through his nose
Devin Belanger
Devin Belanger 18 tundi tagasi
I felt so bad for ty 😂😂😂
RuNNer Up
RuNNer Up 18 tundi tagasi
The lightsaber fights on dp are better than the ones in the actual films.
Teegan Craig
Teegan Craig 19 tundi tagasi
I’m so glad you guys are back I love ot
Captainjackspandex Captainjackspandex
Captainjackspandex Captainjackspandex 19 tundi tagasi
The lightsaber duel is actually super impressive
Epic Stuff
Epic Stuff 19 tundi tagasi
Coby: I FINISHED THE - ad: ima end this whole mans career
Hudson Barnhart
Hudson Barnhart 19 tundi tagasi
You guys should do a bubble wrap battle fight scene
Unknown Person
Unknown Person 19 tundi tagasi
Have you ever use the bubble gum scepter
Perc Mc
Perc Mc 19 tundi tagasi
For garrets cool not cool item I ask what if you sneeze?
TTVHYDRO Beam 19 tundi tagasi
They call it the first ot of 2021 they did one at the start of 2022
Survivor 27
Survivor 27 19 tundi tagasi
OT is why I unsubscribed
Micah Comito
Micah Comito 20 tundi tagasi
that deserved a like
Emma Grant
Emma Grant 20 tundi tagasi
I had a heart attack (not really) when the glass on Garett’s mask thing broke I was like is he hurt?
Carey Starr
Carey Starr 20 tundi tagasi
My brother is a beast white duel bladed
Space_in_ games123
Space_in_ games123 20 tundi tagasi
Why does garret look like all for one
Aja Ling
Aja Ling 21 tund tagasi
can the next vidio be about overtime 25
Aja Ling
Aja Ling 21 tund tagasi
Wyatt Madhani
Wyatt Madhani 21 tund tagasi
Am I the only one who searched up what bipartisan meant?
read my comment again
read my comment again 21 tund tagasi
Imagine the boys come back to the forest give Chad a five course meal and he had to eat it in front of ty. That would be evil but so funny
Aja Ling
Aja Ling 21 tund tagasi
coby and ty are my favorite
Aja Ling
Aja Ling 21 tund tagasi
your the best youtuber
Sam Todd
Sam Todd 21 tund tagasi
Beefy 21 tund tagasi
My brother said if i get 1k subscribers he'll buy me an iPod touch
Cage Crowder
Cage Crowder 21 tund tagasi
Sub to my EEpost channel
Yoshi Bros
Yoshi Bros 21 tund tagasi
Tyler (Or TT) almost shot at Sparky while he was filming, did anyone see that?
Frost Gaming
Frost Gaming 22 tundi tagasi
Nico Ro
Nico Ro 22 tundi tagasi
Can you do a day in the life vid
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