Dog Amazes People By Running Over Pool

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TheCatLadytm Місяць tagasi
Man who doesn't want to take out the garbage: _I N F L A T E_
Momy Foot
Momy Foot 4 päeva tagasi
use code orphansoup_
use code orphansoup_ 29 päeva tagasi
Camo_Dude 29 päeva tagasi
andy 29 päeva tagasi
Guy who didn’t want to take out the garbage: *Houston we have lift off*
Povg WARSS 29 päeva tagasi
@joshua wolfhouse bone
The Homeless American
The Homeless American 49 minutit tagasi
update...the amazon is gone
J SMARTIN 3 tundi tagasi
Its jesus
William Lucas
William Lucas 13 tundi tagasi
More squirrels!
anita chaudhary
anita chaudhary Päev tagasi
If captain Levi was a cat.....0:52
SmorePlays Päev tagasi
Jesus’s spirit animal is a dog confirmed
Oliver's Elevators
Oliver's Elevators Päev tagasi
*0:30** me trying to bake anything:*
Kenneth Grande
Kenneth Grande Päev tagasi
was the pizza guy's house full of oil? why was everything slipping so easily?
Brian Martinez
Brian Martinez Päev tagasi
The squirrels have a nut dealer "ayo you still got more of them nuts"
E. Dean Fowlkes
E. Dean Fowlkes Päev tagasi
FYI, dimming runway lights at an airport is no big deal. When the tower is closed for the evening or there is no tower, the pilot can even do it themselves from the aircraft.
Evolving MC
Evolving MC Päev tagasi
Dog: I’m dog Jesus, i have come to take my people to the promised land
Rancid Grims
Rancid Grims Päev tagasi
Holy Or Not I thought That there was Jesus
Rajko Landon
Rajko Landon 2 päeva tagasi
Jesus dog Bottom text
Zach Nelson
Zach Nelson 2 päeva tagasi
Jesus dog
Aquatic Tux
Aquatic Tux 2 päeva tagasi
He's slowly building an army of squirrels 🤣
yandere234 2 päeva tagasi
God performs miracle on dog
Elijah Parker
Elijah Parker 2 päeva tagasi
The Amazon rainforest produces 6 to 9 percent My dumb ass: Ha 69 (:
Gilbert Couto
Gilbert Couto 2 päeva tagasi
We can see the film over the pool .. dont waste my time
Caliggy Jack
Caliggy Jack 2 päeva tagasi
Man... the whole scene with the pizza started out as an honest mistake and then just escalated further in further.
J-dayday 2 päeva tagasi
squirrels can punch a hole through your nails by accident. and they carry rabies. Also birds are full of parasites, if you see one dont help it. so many ppl forgo logic cause they feelings are stupid.
Brent Flesher
Brent Flesher 2 päeva tagasi
My favorite part was when you were feeding the squirrels
Mark C Sherman
Mark C Sherman 3 päeva tagasi
I guess the pool cover helped Jesus dog across the water
Nestoons 3 päeva tagasi
That bird impressionist is good what
God 3 päeva tagasi
*Youve made me proud young doggo*
Chocomilk 3 päeva tagasi
0:32 oven: YEET
Lancelotal 3 päeva tagasi
Cats thinking do I scratch out the little ones eyes ,but I think the other big cats like the little one
Canaan Smith
Canaan Smith 3 päeva tagasi
1:46 I'm rolling
Willian SANTOS NORBERTO 3 päeva tagasi
0:41 A moment to appreciate the Monalisa's face that that cat did with perfection
Gay Satanic Clowns
Gay Satanic Clowns 3 päeva tagasi
What was the animal on the cage?
Kenjuu 4 päeva tagasi
The guy asking for runway lights to be turned down could have just tuned to the proper frequency and keyed the mic button the correct number of times.
muhammad misri
muhammad misri 4 päeva tagasi
The dog had Frost Walker boots on
Carter Sowul
Carter Sowul 4 päeva tagasi
The dog has powers
kara badger
kara badger 4 päeva tagasi
Good job
Depressed Lion
Depressed Lion 4 päeva tagasi
that dude really said mocking bird? more like bird mocking
Ivan Loar
Ivan Loar 4 päeva tagasi
Dog was trained by remo williams!
Aris Nepoose-Crier
Aris Nepoose-Crier 4 päeva tagasi
The squirrels be like “Yo Bro u got the good stuff?”
NilahK 4 päeva tagasi
I hope that man did not burn he’s self of that pizza..
EPIC Sans 4 päeva tagasi
Dog jesus
kashu 4 päeva tagasi
I love how the squirrels start to shuffle and peer inside Jason’s house after awhile, like, “Aight, man, let’s cut to the chase. Where’s the good shit?”
viewer6726 5 päeva tagasi
Sponges (Phylum Porifera) also have silica-based skeletons.
UPLOAD ANYTHING 5 päeva tagasi
So, running into water was real?
BOB Muiler
BOB Muiler 5 päeva tagasi
Also loved the footages of you feeding your squirls cuty
BOB Muiler
BOB Muiler 5 päeva tagasi
2:30 uuuhm what? So youre saying that we could fix the biggest problem in the world with glass???
roblox gameing and among us
roblox gameing and among us 5 päeva tagasi
Is that jesus but as a dog?
Carrie Gibbs
Carrie Gibbs 5 päeva tagasi
My bottle of ranch cried when that pizza fell.
Bethel Yilma
Bethel Yilma 5 päeva tagasi
I love that I kinda sounded like someone said help
An American Patriot
An American Patriot 5 päeva tagasi
Does your mom know your coming up out of the basement to feed the tree rats?
Caleb Cooper
Caleb Cooper 6 päeva tagasi
Pool had a net over it
Ryder Crawford
Ryder Crawford 6 päeva tagasi
That cat face was like “aight I’m out”
Nightshift 6 päeva tagasi
The dog was walking across a pool net that was place on top of the water.
mr Chick
mr Chick 6 päeva tagasi
Backwords its spelled God for dog
Ganesh 6 päeva tagasi
Daily dose of games
Daily dose of games 6 päeva tagasi
Jesus doggo be like:
S.F. Morris
S.F. Morris 6 päeva tagasi
that poor guy and his pizza what a snowball effect.
Jacob W
Jacob W 6 päeva tagasi
"here's me feeding some squirrels in front of my house" soo random 👍🏻🤣
kristy 6 päeva tagasi
Lovvve the squirrel ending, so cool!
M4 B8
M4 B8 6 päeva tagasi
Thiago Pereira
Thiago Pereira 6 päeva tagasi
Jesus dog
Anderson Yuji
Anderson Yuji 6 päeva tagasi
Wewan Ya Boi
Wewan Ya Boi 6 päeva tagasi
Ok for anyone else who watched this video multiple times, is it more obvious that there is a net the 2nd time?
Craft it!
Craft it! 6 päeva tagasi
Just FYI squirrels can spread diseases
naom vanrempuii
naom vanrempuii 7 päeva tagasi
When will you do a face reveal? Plsss do a reveal of face🙏
random dude
random dude 7 päeva tagasi
omfg I'm crying with laughter at the guy with the pizza, funniest shit ive ever seen
Anime TV
Anime TV 7 päeva tagasi
Omg is that tigeras 🐯 from Kung fu panda 🐼2:48😱...😂
Exotic Potato Genesis Umbrella
Exotic Potato Genesis Umbrella 7 päeva tagasi
1:52 the phrase "IN PREGNANT" in tiktok terms taken too literally
insanity wolf
insanity wolf 7 päeva tagasi
Did pizza guy incinerate his heiny? That is the burning question.
mshomefire mom mondays
mshomefire mom mondays 7 päeva tagasi
Brilliant and entertaining
Crassus Maximus
Crassus Maximus 7 päeva tagasi
That's fake, the dog wouldn't be fast enough
The Lazy Gamer
The Lazy Gamer 7 päeva tagasi
“I’ll see you guys very very soon” then he takes over the world with his squirrel army that he trained from his back yard but no one opposes him because we all love his content
Paul Smith
Paul Smith 2 päeva tagasi
It’s not his content, it’s his compilation of others content. He’s a thief.
CPG z 7 päeva tagasi
Jesus dog
Chairman Meow
Chairman Meow 7 päeva tagasi
God bless you Keith
Kathleen G
Kathleen G 7 päeva tagasi
0:30 poor guy...
Erwin van Grinsven
Erwin van Grinsven 7 päeva tagasi
Everybody has amazing life and misfortune, this guy feeds squirrels.
Susan Carter
Susan Carter 7 päeva tagasi
Hahahahaha 👍🏻😊
Jon M
Jon M 8 päeva tagasi
At first I thought Jesus came back as a Dog...whew!!
The Real Robert
The Real Robert 8 päeva tagasi
Very very suuhn letter
hanim bocugu
hanim bocugu 8 päeva tagasi
When birds copy humans and when humans copy birds Me: *what*
zenvio 8 päeva tagasi
the first fake title?
Dark Demon
Dark Demon 8 päeva tagasi
Squirrel Man
Raxes 8 päeva tagasi
That dog was a ninja dog
Aditya Verma
Aditya Verma 8 päeva tagasi
*1:52* _Keith sure passed the vibe check_
Miss Pearl
Miss Pearl 8 päeva tagasi
The dog is acting like he’s done that before.... unless he has
NOT_anartist 8 päeva tagasi
0:36 is that how I met your mother
Shadow8463 8 päeva tagasi
Steven Goen
Steven Goen 8 päeva tagasi
I also like squirrels! :0 great video
Fatma Zehra Solak
Fatma Zehra Solak 8 päeva tagasi
Interstellar💥 8 päeva tagasi
Thought there for a moment it was a Jesus dog
Buster Beagle
Buster Beagle 8 päeva tagasi
General Grievous
General Grievous 8 päeva tagasi
I was about to say, Jesus is a dog?
Aerospace Engineer
Aerospace Engineer 9 päeva tagasi
So THIS was Jesus' trick.
Q E D 9 päeva tagasi
2:50 He's so excited to be on Cat leave
J Z 9 päeva tagasi
Can’t believe we spend money on a machine that supposed to act like a truck rolling over. Fn ridiculous
Julia Leslie
Julia Leslie 9 päeva tagasi
All I wanna do is feed the squirrels with you
physics iSAjOk
physics iSAjOk 9 päeva tagasi
the squirs is demanding not asking for food
Rivka Ruth Golan
Rivka Ruth Golan 9 päeva tagasi
The cat isn't disgusted. He doesn't trust the baby and rightfully so.
Sarah Dee
Sarah Dee 9 päeva tagasi
Thanks for taking good care of the squirrels. They need some love too!
KENNETH 9 päeva tagasi
dog = god backwards
ZZgaming Videos
ZZgaming Videos 9 päeva tagasi
0:12 There was a net on the pool does anyone see that?
-D A M N-
-D A M N- 10 päeva tagasi
dia bukan anjing biasa
iiiDartsiii 10 päeva tagasi
Cat was like.. this is my future slave? This?
Cat Mimics Owner's Coin Trick
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