Customizing a JUMBO Nesting Doll Set

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Moriah Elizabeth

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Hey guys! Today I am going to be painting on and customizing a set of Russian nesting dolls (or matryoshka dolls). Ever since I painted on my firt set of dolls, you guys have been requesting that I do it again, so I was really excited to finally decorate these and add my own style to them. It's a different type of doll customization haha. This was a really fun art project to do, I highly recommend it if you are looking for creative activities to do. There is so much potential to do all kinds of different characters with these and create a completely original set.
These are really awesome collectibles and make for such cool home decor. I could definitely see myself building a collection of them. They're also really fun to take apart and put back together lol
Here are the nesting dolls I have (affiliate links):
The one I painted last time:​
The one I painted this time:​
*make sure to tag me on instagram if you paint your own!!!
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Floppy milkshakez
Floppy milkshakez 19 minutit tagasi
Am I the only one who thought of Among us at 11 minutes 💀
Isabella Fenton
Isabella Fenton 24 minutit tagasi
Moriah should paint an entire card set
Emikate 2 tundi tagasi
Moriah in 5 yrs: I painted my opie
Tanya Drummond
Tanya Drummond 2 tundi tagasi
How could you put your milk BEFORE the cereal
Caitie Medeiros
Caitie Medeiros 2 tundi tagasi
you should of done one among us those are easy or doanother set og among us
Claylps 123
Claylps 123 3 tundi tagasi
There is a seller on Amazon who is selling Moriah’s squishy designs, Merch, without giving her any credit. This isn’t fair, Moriah works so hard on all of her squishes and merch. Let’s try to get Moriah to see this. Thank you! (all credit goes to the original commenter charity Clark)
Susanna Einstein
Susanna Einstein 3 tundi tagasi
Love how the first thing she does with the small one is compare it to her tooth. 😆
Ruby Honeyball
Ruby Honeyball 3 tundi tagasi
Why does all of this remind me of among us?😂😂😂😂
Hatta off to ur patience!!!
Baby Yoda
Baby Yoda 4 tundi tagasi
Blobs suck and so do u
Hiromi Sato
Hiromi Sato 4 tundi tagasi
Back :)
The Jaiswal family
The Jaiswal family 5 tundi tagasi
I think you should name each of them
Paper Craft Creative
Paper Craft Creative 5 tundi tagasi
When was the last time she did a squishy makeover? Because i love this
ミルクいちご 5 tundi tagasi
Omg Moriah should customise some earrings! That would be so cool! But I think if Moriah does do earrings, it would be a really small canvas for her ;w; I totally agree that she should do some of her characters, like Pickle or Cousin Durp! But I also think that she should do some blob earrings. Those would look so cute! Who agrees?
Padma Bhupathiraju
Padma Bhupathiraju 5 tundi tagasi
Hello moriah i am your big fan
Rishank Lahkar
Rishank Lahkar 6 tundi tagasi
Ok, guys! We need to remind Moriah to do her annual painting seashells video. Copy and paste to remind her! But don’t copy and paste too much because we don’t want to force her
ÙWÚ moon ,
ÙWÚ moon , 6 tundi tagasi
I will kick the haters fat butt 😈🗣🗣🗣🗣
sawsan gh
sawsan gh 6 tundi tagasi
the cow is my favorite
Tay landia
Tay landia 6 tundi tagasi
Blob hand blands
Tay landia
Tay landia 6 tundi tagasi
Moriah I love you designs I hate people that say other
Kamryn & Carly Show!
Kamryn & Carly Show! 10 tundi tagasi
Moriah: "what do you call blob hands" Me: "blands"
Elicia Stephenson
Elicia Stephenson 10 tundi tagasi
An among us crewmate/imposter could have been cool
Bethany Friesen
Bethany Friesen 12 tundi tagasi
this set of nesting dolls are so cute
N T B 12 tundi tagasi
Moriah should paint among us characters on Russian nesting dolls
Lavendera Skies
Lavendera Skies 12 tundi tagasi
Blob + hands = blands
Roxie layne
Roxie layne 12 tundi tagasi
asrfgukplpplkihfddsssfhkxzass nobody cares at all about the crazyyyyy words
Bella Swanson
Bella Swanson 13 tundi tagasi
I couldn’t remember what strawberry, chocolate, and vanilla ice cream was called. In my head I said “nosteroni”
blended bees
blended bees 14 tundi tagasi
11:57 sus
Rebecca Hoare
Rebecca Hoare 14 tundi tagasi
She could make them Among us characters
zee madnav
zee madnav 14 tundi tagasi
Blobs are mad of jello or slime I think
zee madnav
zee madnav 14 tundi tagasi
Blob hands are called jelly hands
Kiera :p
Kiera :p 14 tundi tagasi
Fun fact of the day: blob hands are called nubs
Anatoly Nikiforenko
Anatoly Nikiforenko 15 tundi tagasi
This is cute
Anatoly Nikiforenko
Anatoly Nikiforenko 15 tundi tagasi
Coooooooooolllllllllllll!,,!,,, !!!!!,,!!!,,!!!,,,!,,!!!,!!!
chean43 16 tundi tagasi
Can I pick some of them please😍😍😍
Alexis Rogall
Alexis Rogall 17 tundi tagasi
omg i love themmm i want them but i cant soo... well bye girl
MAKE THE RUSSIAN NESTING DOLLS MERCH ITS SO CUTE PLEASE. (you don't have to if you don't want to
Butterfly Boos
Butterfly Boos 18 tundi tagasi
Alexis Rogall
Alexis Rogall 18 tundi tagasi
and i love your videos keep doing them if you dont that would be really sad
Alexis Rogall
Alexis Rogall 18 tundi tagasi
can you paint on earrings if you do that would be really really really great please can you.
Your child's FBI agent.
Your child's FBI agent. 18 tundi tagasi
Among us
!? 18 tundi tagasi
mdsaccount 18 tundi tagasi
can you make nesting doll set and make it merch pleas !!!
Addison Davis
Addison Davis 18 tundi tagasi
You should look for nesting dolls that the largest one is two feet tall.
Nico Di Angelo
Nico Di Angelo 20 tundi tagasi
Sry I couldn't get the rubix cube
Pika Playz
Pika Playz 20 tundi tagasi
Can anyone see half of dream at time stamp 14:42 behind Moriah’s paint brush?
!? 18 tundi tagasi
Haha I see it
Angelina Peta Hall
Angelina Peta Hall 20 tundi tagasi
I love 😘😘😘😘😘them so much and wish I was as creative as you are !!😇🦋
Zodiac Purplx
Zodiac Purplx 23 tundi tagasi
Me: "ooh art" * press video* Me: "these two are really nice!" Me: * getting comfortable on bed* Moriah: "and...HEY!" Me: *drops phone* Moriah: "did I scare yah?" Me: ", deffinetly not-" Also me: " nose- T-T"
Make It FUN Mom
Make It FUN Mom 23 tundi tagasi
Maybe you could paint a deck of cards or an lol doll. 😆
Jenny Bucy
Jenny Bucy Päev tagasi
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T̶e̶e̶n̶y̶s̶ t̶r̶e̶e̶t̶s̶ Päev tagasi
if you paus on 11:52 he's an impasta lol
꧁no one꧂
꧁no one꧂ Päev tagasi
I feel like somethings SUS here-
daniel ancaja
daniel ancaja Päev tagasi
i love your drowing i want to drow like you
Sweetie Cutie
Sweetie Cutie Päev tagasi
I have does doll
iiAlienBerryz_ii Päev tagasi
Is it just me or they look like among us characters...
Abby White
Abby White Päev tagasi
i feel kinda bad because she work so hard on the otheres but the naked blob is my favorite :)
Kendall Päev tagasi
Mariam D.I.Y
Mariam D.I.Y Päev tagasi
Oooh u could’ve did it in among us characters!!!
Lamar Hassan
Lamar Hassan Päev tagasi
Moriah: What do you call blob hands? Me: Blands
Tigerplayz Sisters
Tigerplayz Sisters Päev tagasi
Where did you buy it
Don’t ask My gender is YESS
Don’t ask My gender is YESS Päev tagasi
It’s like Halloween for “Blobs”
Ching Goh
Ching Goh Päev tagasi
@11:55 if sorta looks like a pink amoung us character with a blue lolipop.
Dave Stanley
Dave Stanley Päev tagasi
11:50 its among us!
LikeJam Art
LikeJam Art Päev tagasi
You:what do you call blob hands? Me: ummm....BLOB HANDS
!? 18 tundi tagasi
Marinette Dupain-cheng
Marinette Dupain-cheng Päev tagasi
Do a fan unboxing U haven't done One in a While.
Rakesh Ramdajal
Rakesh Ramdajal Päev tagasi
Hi i love your videos and your painting and color skils😍😘😗💓👍👍😘😍😗😚💓😘😍
Lemony_milk Päev tagasi
13:03 One Halloween my friend dressed up as day and I dressed up as night so :/
magazine Päev tagasi
11:51 sus amogus
dakki.dreamer Päev tagasi
Nihara Essar
Nihara Essar 2 päeva tagasi
Now she has 2 thumbnail creation dolls for fixing things I have ruined
Nail art Noob
Nail art Noob 2 päeva tagasi
Moriah you should do an among us themed set of Russian nesting dolls 🪆
Cathleen Ranee
Cathleen Ranee 2 päeva tagasi
The next time you make nesting dolls, give them an among us theme
Musical - Galaxie
Musical - Galaxie 2 päeva tagasi
People , i need help .. i wanna do a makeover to a pokémon box ! Problem : i dont have enough white paint to make the colors *pop* but i have the smallest amount in each of my paint ( like acrylick , watercolor and poster paint ) So : Should i mix every single white paint i have to put on my pokemon box. Or : i finish my paints then buy a new one and use that ( because i really wanna do the 1 but i dont know if it will be good )
Emma Ortega
Emma Ortega 2 päeva tagasi
strawberry is in blobs tummy
Katie Eq
Katie Eq 2 päeva tagasi
50% of this video if art 50% if Moriah complaining about how there’s TEN and they get smaller and smaller 😂
Tara Riley
Tara Riley 2 päeva tagasi
hehe so cute. luv them all. How about painting on an actual doll?
beththegabelle 2 päeva tagasi
I 💖 Pickle 💜💚
Eleanor Underwood
Eleanor Underwood 2 päeva tagasi
MORIAH ELIZABETH please do not think this is rude but I didn't see this video on time I really want your custom Rubix cube it is May 12 please launch it again please, please, please
Mixed Media S.R.K.
Mixed Media S.R.K. 2 päeva tagasi
Ok... that 10th one’s gesso was mostly gesso for her hand!🤣🤣🤣
Doggie 2 päeva tagasi
Maria do you have any other EEpost channels except this 1?🐾
Doggie 2 päeva tagasi
When I'm bored I watch your videos and I told my friend that you you are a great youtuber and I subscribe and I'm liking all your videos and keep on doing what you're doing cause I think you're very funny and I love just watching you be silly and yeah Cause those are the youtuber's I like so most of the youtuber so You say I go watch the videos I don't particularly love there channels yours is like the best out of all of them
Doggie 2 päeva tagasi
I'm bored I watch your videos they make me laugh and I told some of my friends that you should watch you because you make me really happy when you make silly videos and keep on doing what you doing
Shauka Hodan
Shauka Hodan 2 päeva tagasi
ITS AMAZING! I don't know how you did those little ones it was just so cool! I LOVE YOUR VIDEOS Moriah!
Elijah Adrenelaine
Elijah Adrenelaine 2 päeva tagasi
*hears that people were mad that moriah was "disgracing the art of nesting dolls" with her designs* *looks over at the countless superhero/tv character/president themed nesting dolls in the world* Yeah, uh huh, this is definitely a problem worth getting mad over that is only being perpetrated by only moriah, no one else has "destroyed the sanctimony" of Russian nesting doll art with non traditional designs /s Also not to mention that traditional nesting dolls are extremely detailed and it's probably really hard to copy that type of art without a lot of practice.
Sharon Zammit
Sharon Zammit 2 päeva tagasi
That’s what he said!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ItzSunsetKitty 2 päeva tagasi
Blob Hands: Blobbles!
Hanane Elansari
Hanane Elansari 2 päeva tagasi
Hello me
pip er
pip er 2 päeva tagasi
It could be cool if you maked them among us charectars
clover 2 päeva tagasi
Any og come fans come back from a long break, missed watching your videos, never fail to make me laugh :D
Elaina Miles
Elaina Miles 2 päeva tagasi
That Galaxy one fits Lauren to well
amani the gamer
amani the gamer 2 päeva tagasi
can you do among us characters
Faisal Siddiqui
Faisal Siddiqui 3 päeva tagasi
Moriah saying : *That Beautiful Cover Of Black* Me : oh so u didn't said black is not a color if someone says their fav color is black then they mean nothing Me at that moment: AHHHHH WTH I CANT EVEN BE A BLINK (fan of BLACKPINK)
Layla Tacy
Layla Tacy 3 päeva tagasi
Can you do painting on a pop it
Fidget toy Club
Fidget toy Club 3 päeva tagasi
What ar blob hands called? Brands :)
Level Bella
Level Bella 3 päeva tagasi
You should no joke sell some of these there SOOOO cool!!
JJ Sweet Treat
JJ Sweet Treat 3 päeva tagasi
could you paint an entire card set It could be like a series and eventually she'll have a whole deck!!
Sydney 2 päeva tagasi
Maybe she could do all of her original characters! But that idea sound really cool!
Emilia Lean
Emilia Lean 3 päeva tagasi
Yay Gesso...
Emmanouela Louloudi
Emmanouela Louloudi 3 päeva tagasi
ITS AMAZING! I don't know how you did those little ones it was just so cool! I LOVE YOUR VIDEOS Moriah!
Leah Quez
Leah Quez 3 päeva tagasi
Blob hands are called blands
Acro Girl
Acro Girl 3 päeva tagasi
The blob “ hands” should be called “Nubblies”. Like if you agree and comment off you super agree to get Moriah to see this. Or make your own comment saying the same thing, but don’t comment bomb.
sienna smith
sienna smith 3 päeva tagasi
Me: OMG so cuteeeeee Haters: you have been disgracing people with your so called, “ART.” Moriah: this is my style!! 🥸🥸🥸🥸
Shreya Srivastava
Shreya Srivastava 3 päeva tagasi
Sheshould have done among us one with blood
Bronwyn Bowling
Bronwyn Bowling 3 päeva tagasi
Who else thinks that moriah should make her russian nesting dolls into merch? Let's try to get her to see this!
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