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Corpse Husband

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how 2 vent #amongus
Thumbnail by: chryseuswitch
Editors: NoGoodDavis

Miley Salvatore
Miley Salvatore 10 minutit tagasi
sykkuno's always so innocent 👉👈
Ethan L
Ethan L 21 minut tagasi
When I first started watching corpse I got startled by his first Like just beep beep beep
Tristan Encinas
Tristan Encinas 33 minutit tagasi
justmadden111 42 minutit tagasi
jack at 14:10 god damn cropse i hare you later in the comments i love you corpse
789costela Tund tagasi
My god Corps woce !... (nothing wrong, just cus it so dark...)
Ayuub Mohamed
Ayuub Mohamed Tund tagasi
He has a venrry calm voice
Koobster Tund tagasi
Name reveal at 10mil
AbstracTAssassin Tund tagasi
Mya Obsheatz
Mya Obsheatz Tund tagasi
0:52 Corpse...... THAT WASNT DOWNLOAD
gracelovescookie potaroeno
gracelovescookie potaroeno 2 tundi tagasi
I'm really scared of your voice corpse
Pine Sunshine
Pine Sunshine 2 tundi tagasi
So we’re not gonna talk about how this mans voice is so deep?
Remi 2 tundi tagasi
Nobody ever suspects corpse
avvlos 2 tundi tagasi
I love you Corpse Husband
Muhammad Kawish
Muhammad Kawish 2 tundi tagasi
its ok
JDBxDEBO 3 tundi tagasi
is this his real voice.
Madeleine Lara Angel (ma1104)
Madeleine Lara Angel (ma1104) 3 tundi tagasi
Corpse's mike is ruined or his voice is deep
Shaurya Pagar
Shaurya Pagar 3 tundi tagasi
Corpse is Best
Flo Gibbs
Flo Gibbs 3 tundi tagasi
Poki really doing her makeup at 2:05
Lizzie McDowell
Lizzie McDowell 4 tundi tagasi
No one: Poki doing her make up in the middle of a meeting lmao
Reset 4 tundi tagasi
Imagin all 21m people that saw this vid just subed Corpse
Kaos 4 tundi tagasi
Your edits on point..I like seeing the faces makes it more funny 😂
Panda Tiger
Panda Tiger 4 tundi tagasi
2:00 Notice: Poki doing her makeup
EthanThe Turtle
EthanThe Turtle 4 tundi tagasi
Corpses voice is Batman 2.0
EthanThe Turtle
EthanThe Turtle 4 tundi tagasi
Corpse ur voice is awesome
Temerarier 4 tundi tagasi
These collabs are craaazy
Smack-Talk Lipgloss!
Smack-Talk Lipgloss! 5 tundi tagasi
Ok... i have a question that all of us want the answer too........ IS THAT YOUR REAL VOICE AND WHY DONT YOU SHOW YOUR FACE?!?!?!??!!?!!???????!!!!
Mia Origel
Mia Origel 5 tundi tagasi
I wonder what corpse looks like
OwU_ Meh
OwU_ Meh 5 tundi tagasi
Poki just doing makeup. 2:00
Emerson Holden
Emerson Holden 5 tundi tagasi
SOmE OnE gIve Me ThE tImE StaMp FoR thE LaUgH!!! PLsssS
Avinash Anil
Avinash Anil 5 tundi tagasi
Face reveal
Abdo Ouakour
Abdo Ouakour 5 tundi tagasi
OMG james charles reactions🤦
Gian Carag
Gian Carag 5 tundi tagasi
Corpse has a thing for green men..
The Mos Eisley Cantina Band
The Mos Eisley Cantina Band 6 tundi tagasi
Corpse laughing
Can't stop gaming
Can't stop gaming 6 tundi tagasi
james charles voice is so loud
Mackenzie Bennett-Thiffault
Mackenzie Bennett-Thiffault 6 tundi tagasi
Corpse your the best
Dynamite Playz
Dynamite Playz 7 tundi tagasi
IQ 1,000,000
food is good
food is good 7 tundi tagasi
corpse: *VENTS IN FRONT OF LITERALLY EVERYBODY* Everybody: so who do you think it is?
Aspect Hunter
Aspect Hunter 7 tundi tagasi
Is it me or has corpses voice changed? It seems deeper than before. In his reading videos his voice sounds higher
Gabriel Rejman
Gabriel Rejman 8 tundi tagasi
That's exactly what I wear
Gabriel Rejman
Gabriel Rejman 8 tundi tagasi
You stole my fucking skin
TheSilent One
TheSilent One 8 tundi tagasi
I love corpse
Minecraft And more
Minecraft And more 8 tundi tagasi
I love your satisfying voice
liana_exe13 JEFF THE KILLER AND SPRITE 8 tundi tagasi
Ok... at 25:45 the guy in between toast and PEENER ... WHY DOES THAT LOOK LIKE JAE FROM DAY6?!?!? Edit: I swear if nobody answers this I'm gonna go insane...
aušrinė stankevičiūtė
aušrinė stankevičiūtė 2 tundi tagasi
it is Jae
Panzer Bear
Panzer Bear 5 tundi tagasi
Hoay eallyray? Siay hattay ruetay?
doral cook
doral cook 8 tundi tagasi
The ill-informed flower proportionately add because push eventually mug without a thoughtless teeth. squealing, fallacious fowl
JustYourLocal Cosplayer
JustYourLocal Cosplayer 8 tundi tagasi
poki just doing/fixing their makeup during voting is the best thing ever im
Henry Hiller
Henry Hiller 9 tundi tagasi
Corpse sound alot like Redd Pepper
Play Viaton
Play Viaton 9 tundi tagasi
0:49 Sorry but thats not download
Mislie 9 tundi tagasi
u de best yt evah
LavishCarnival 9 tundi tagasi
Is it just me or is your voice the definition of asmr
Angie Plays
Angie Plays 9 tundi tagasi
I love you so much!
Ashmit 9 tundi tagasi
Is no one gonna talk about pokimane doing her makeup during first body report meeting?
Rajesh Puthiyedathu
Rajesh Puthiyedathu 10 tundi tagasi
Copse is always the impostor
Darkyper 10 tundi tagasi
Hey corpse... I played among us while ago and i saw a guy who's name is CORPSE and I asked him if it was you and he said yes Um... were you playing among us while ago? Sorry If I bother you or anything I just wanna ask My name was "Lmao he" and the guy was wearing your skin Was that you?
Jacob Williams
Jacob Williams 4 tundi tagasi
@Panzer Bear It wasn't the real Corpse.
Panzer Bear
Panzer Bear 4 tundi tagasi
The point is he doesn’t remember u
Darkyper 5 tundi tagasi
@Jacob Williams dude all I did was just asking a question you don't have to call me twat and that's really offensive to me what did I even do to trigger you like bruh what is your problem? I think your more likely the “twat”
Jacob Williams
Jacob Williams 7 tundi tagasi
First of all why would he remember a random person. Secondly it's obviously someone pretending to be him. Twat.
Shakeem Richards
Shakeem Richards 10 tundi tagasi
Your the best gamer ever I'm your biggest fan
Sanjeev Konar
Sanjeev Konar 10 tundi tagasi
Corpse has so much power
Sejuti Bose
Sejuti Bose 10 tundi tagasi
Corpse!!!! Why!!!! Whyyy is your voice soooooooo deeeeepppppp am sobbing and am dead !!!! He is real tease!!! I love you! U are amazing! Keep going ~
wolf king
wolf king 11 tundi tagasi
i found ur tik tok~
Leonard Patterson
Leonard Patterson 11 tundi tagasi
The dangerous bell prenatally preach because mint structurally contain amid a thankful polyester. abaft, furry furtive carp
Lizette Guzman
Lizette Guzman 11 tundi tagasi
2:05 poki doing makeup
due o sqad master
due o sqad master 12 tundi tagasi
Even tho he's not
due o sqad master
due o sqad master 12 tundi tagasi
I like how he just said he is doing down load
Nina Robinson
Nina Robinson 12 tundi tagasi
The optimal decade comparatively expect because south africa crucially ski during a nice giraffe. long-term, clear fighter
Chanti Ch.
Chanti Ch. 12 tundi tagasi
you are the best corpse
Lucina DiLorenzo
Lucina DiLorenzo 12 tundi tagasi
Corpse setups and traps are so fucking fireeeeee what the heck
Soft Roblox
Soft Roblox 12 tundi tagasi
Chiku Khota
Chiku Khota 12 tundi tagasi
Grease balls face and corpses voice is everything
Vixey Teh
Vixey Teh 13 tundi tagasi
Lol Sykkuno toying with Leslie even though he knows it's not her. Hahaha
DataBro_YT 13 tundi tagasi
6:08 EeEeEhHhH
Jessica Stagnari
Jessica Stagnari 13 tundi tagasi
I absolutely LOVE the way the editors edit your vids. Having everyone included and their commentary just adds the cherry on top omfg good job guys if you see this!!
Vixey Teh
Vixey Teh 13 tundi tagasi
Rae: HOW DARE YOU!!! ♡♡♡♡♡♡
babyydekuwrldd 13 tundi tagasi
Corpse voice:😈😈😈😈 Corpse personality:👁️👄👁️
Vixey Teh
Vixey Teh 13 tundi tagasi
Was it CORPSE? Everyone: We're all mesmerized by his voice.
taraka harsha kasarabada
taraka harsha kasarabada 13 tundi tagasi
corpse when i got to know about your story i felt sad
Vixey Teh
Vixey Teh 13 tundi tagasi
Sykunno: oh noes! They saw me! *no one saw it* CORPSE: *kills people with three witnesses* it wasn't me.
Nicole 13 tundi tagasi
James's expressions 😆
Nick 13 tundi tagasi
Emily Oxendine
Emily Oxendine 14 tundi tagasi
I wish I got imposter as much as corpse does 😭
Nosipo Fefe
Nosipo Fefe 14 tundi tagasi
I love u corpse
Tim Sheffer
Tim Sheffer 14 tundi tagasi
I like your voice
Darius Storms
Darius Storms 14 tundi tagasi
6:30 that has to be the most savage kill I've ever seen in this game
Nicholas Ferguson
Nicholas Ferguson 14 tundi tagasi
The elegant cell intialy tease because legal rationally count into a kindly kite. adventurous, diligent angora
the rock
the rock 14 tundi tagasi
Corpse must have always lied to his father
Foreign Krazzyy
Foreign Krazzyy 15 tundi tagasi
Maybe you should ask Felix to pay his editors more lmao
Hannah Rose
Hannah Rose 15 tundi tagasi
lmao rae is pissed
America Fischer
America Fischer 15 tundi tagasi
America Fischer
America Fischer 15 tundi tagasi
DJ DR3Y3S 15 tundi tagasi
James felt betrayed 😂😂
Rachel Lee
Rachel Lee 15 tundi tagasi
Corpse voice is so deep Σ( ̄。 ̄ノ)ノ I like that
Mister Zombo
Mister Zombo 15 tundi tagasi
damn i like ur deep voice
RTVAssaultz 15 tundi tagasi
Aye corpse can i borrow ur voice maybe i could pull some girls i wanna test it
Priscilla Campbell
Priscilla Campbell 15 tundi tagasi
The faded kettle optically dust because odometer conjecturally peel about a elite babies. flawless, absent nancy
NOCTURNE GAMING 16 tundi tagasi
Sooooo corpse's voice is going so fast when hes nervous now i know 😂😂
Jazmin Valles
Jazmin Valles 16 tundi tagasi
Hey I just played with u lololol
Safiah Ahmad
Safiah Ahmad 16 tundi tagasi
Love your voice its make people scared of you and you are big brain you are like 100000 IQ
STEEL- Train
STEEL- Train 16 tundi tagasi
This summer One poki One toast 🍞
mercedes • lol
mercedes • lol 17 tundi tagasi
I ship sykkuno and corspe to much 🧡🧡🧡
Raymond Direito
Raymond Direito 17 tundi tagasi
A world where all crime punishments are 100x better Murder: 1 week jail Kidnapping: week jail Useing a corpse voice sound board: Death by torture
Soani Olivero
Soani Olivero 17 tundi tagasi
idc if Corpse is the killer i would not vote him just because id want to hear his voice
vroke 17 tundi tagasi
This Is How Many Times Corpse is imposter I I I I I V
miah morales
miah morales 17 tundi tagasi
bro im so glad my friend told me to freaking watch you like deadass the first time i watched i was literally scared of your voice now it's the one thing that can calm me down like wtf I FREAKING LOVE YOU AND I DONT KNOW WHY
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