Clutch, Exhaust, Fuel Pump - 4x4 Off-Road UTV Build Ep.22

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Donn DIY

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Fabricating clutch cable, exhaust pipe & fitting the original Peugeot fuel pump unit with integrated fuel level gauge into the homemade fuel cell.
This is part of a series of a four wheel drive utility vehicle build to lessen the work load on my trusty 2002 Honda Foreman Rubicon TRX500FA. This partially answers the question "Why?" but for those who want to ask "why don't you just buy a side-by-side instead of building one?" I just want to say - I'm not made of money. Side-by-sides are ridiculously expensive, even the car I drive around daily is worth less (not worthless though!), hell, it is even worth less than my 2002 Honda ATV.
"How much HP will it have?" - the 1.4 litre FWD petrol engine I'm planning on using has 55 kw and this will not change, but the torque will be tripled via the BMW differentials I'm using to transfer power to front and rear axles.
"It will be too heavy!" - this project just like the firewood processor project does not have to float. And a heavier vehicle will handle better anyway when hauling heavy loads.
Stay tuned for future episodes! Thanks for watching!
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#donndiy #homemade #4x4
Pomade - Silent Partner (EEpost Audio Library)
Welding equipment borrowed from Spetselektroodi AS, Estonia:
Fronius TransSteel 2700 welder
Optrel Crystal 2.0 Welding Helmet
Hypertherm Powermax 45 XP plasma cutter

Donn DIY
Donn DIY Місяць tagasi
More fabrication videos on eepost.infovideos
Fbh Dvjtf
Fbh Dvjtf 10 päeva tagasi
@ama haasla good
Achmad Jailani
Achmad Jailani 23 päeva tagasi
Donn DIY
Donn DIY 28 päeva tagasi ;)
Duncan Aitken
Duncan Aitken Місяць tagasi
Hey Donn - where's your Patreon link? ;)
Randomix40 Місяць tagasi
what is called the music you play from 0:08 second and after? I can't find her
aq sederhana
aq sederhana 2 päeva tagasi
it takes hard work for perfect results and supports a complete and sophisticated work tool. but I am only interested in the welding machine and the water zet. can you? I want ! 😁😁😁😁 nice to meet you.
Gacheru Mburu
Gacheru Mburu 4 päeva tagasi
Yusuf Muhamad
Yusuf Muhamad 8 päeva tagasi
Hade pisan lurrr👍👍👍
Зверобой 8 päeva tagasi
Без белого маркера никуда!)
Petr Polozok
Petr Polozok 9 päeva tagasi
Да тут инструментов только на пару лямов.
edwin saul quillay yanac
edwin saul quillay yanac 11 päeva tagasi
Арен Акобян
Арен Акобян 11 päeva tagasi
chris pat
chris pat 13 päeva tagasi
belle machine, bon travail felicitation!
Antony 15 päeva tagasi
Ya aburren, terminela de una vez
Kaio Msawio
Kaio Msawio 16 päeva tagasi
Sergej Scholl
Sergej Scholl 18 päeva tagasi
Как все это зарозительно. Как всегда все на отлично 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
Connor Wells
Connor Wells 19 päeva tagasi
It's gonna suck when you have to disassemble everything to paint it
Donn DIY
Donn DIY 19 päeva tagasi
It might. 😁
ignatius tomy
ignatius tomy 20 päeva tagasi
Risdianto Risdianto
Risdianto Risdianto 24 päeva tagasi
i like
Влад Бу
Влад Бу 25 päeva tagasi
Rayhan fajry
Rayhan fajry 25 päeva tagasi
Baaaammmm baaaaaammmmmm baaaaamm baaaaaaammmmmm🤣🤣🤣
Topsiekku 25 päeva tagasi
I wonder how much weight is
Topsiekku 25 päeva tagasi
you forgot to remove the debris from inside the exhaust pipe, ai ai flows will suffer:P
علي الحاجم
علي الحاجم 26 päeva tagasi
No Brakes
No Brakes 26 päeva tagasi
Where on earth did you learn the word Doohicky
AHMED SELLAMI 26 päeva tagasi
Nice weld ♥️
Fodil Aissani
Fodil Aissani 28 päeva tagasi
Very awesome good job man like usual ✊
ทักษิณ ปัญญาเพียง
ทักษิณ ปัญญาเพียง 28 päeva tagasi
สวัสดี ครับ 😍😍😍
Henry Xavery
Henry Xavery 28 päeva tagasi
Donn DIY.
jose0705ad 28 päeva tagasi
like 5247
Honeycutt Racing
Honeycutt Racing 29 päeva tagasi
7:30 in, 🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂
Shane Thompson
Shane Thompson Місяць tagasi
When Did You Start Welding? Your Welds Look Amazing!!!
Donn DIY
Donn DIY 28 päeva tagasi
Used the first Telwin Mastermig 220 welder ten years ago and started from there.
Robson Pereira
Robson Pereira Місяць tagasi
Cook & Go
Cook & Go Місяць tagasi
When im coming home in summer we gonna make one nice bbq oven and some nice food. I also want to see that cnc machine, intrested to build one bymyself.
temyra Verdana
temyra Verdana Місяць tagasi
... and only few screws too and the monster is ready
Василий Субботин
Василий Субботин Місяць tagasi
Класс.!!!!! Жду следующего видоса.
CMB Projects
CMB Projects Місяць tagasi
Nice work!
Quarlow 12
Quarlow 12 Місяць tagasi
Damn you make nice welds.
Dima Antonov
Dima Antonov Місяць tagasi
7:30 )))
Skip Bolinger
Skip Bolinger Місяць tagasi
Show off!! Lol😁
Job38 Four
Job38 Four Місяць tagasi
This compact utv is really getting to compact.........
Donn DIY
Donn DIY 28 päeva tagasi
Nah, it's all good! 😉
Stefan Radosevic
Stefan Radosevic Місяць tagasi
nice to see yaa slowly completting UTV... :) great job my friend...
Özcan Seven
Özcan Seven Місяць tagasi
Hello. May I ask you something. I want to learn about the bale collector.
bob driggers
bob driggers Місяць tagasi
.......said I hope it doesn't bang on the shock!.......just turn up the radio!
Pablo Trancard
Pablo Trancard Місяць tagasi
Très très bon travail 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍🧠🧠🧠🙇🥇🥇🔧🔨⚒️🛠️⛏️⚙️🔩🔩🔩💯💯💯💯💯
Jan Dzban.
Jan Dzban. Місяць tagasi
Brawo ooo!
Fucker Fuckeroff
Fucker Fuckeroff Місяць tagasi
Gold baggi.
Tommy Ambrose
Tommy Ambrose Місяць tagasi
Going to be a awesome machine brother.
Jeff Moncalieri
Jeff Moncalieri Місяць tagasi
Imagine if Donn was put in charge of the Automotive industry. Every car would last 150 years. LOL
Krazy 8
Krazy 8 Місяць tagasi
7:31 wtf
mega zeka
mega zeka Місяць tagasi
Çok iyi yapıyorsun abi
Игорь Ш.
Игорь Ш. Місяць tagasi
Alvars Dzenis
Alvars Dzenis Місяць tagasi
Looking good son. Still several sharp corners on it, but I'm sure you'll get rid of them before you paint it. cheers🇨🇦 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
jeff young
jeff young Місяць tagasi
Steve Spence
Steve Spence Місяць tagasi
7:31 - ROFLMAO
Effortless Web
Effortless Web Місяць tagasi
I was watching this, and as you are cutting the hole for the fuel pump, I'm just thinking about how odd it is that I enjoy your videos more than most TV series'. But it's not odd, your episodes are way better than most of the junk on TV.
Женис Кемешов
Женис Кемешов Місяць tagasi
Ronald Johnson
Ronald Johnson Місяць tagasi
you can make just anything so why don't you build a monster truck? I'll bet you can sell it for about $30k Euro profit.
Hip Airbrush
Hip Airbrush Місяць tagasi
That rust on the car body is nothing a good paint job wouldn't fix. LOL
Albvs Commes Et Castellvm
Albvs Commes Et Castellvm Місяць tagasi
What are you doing with all those unused plasma cutted parts? I am starting to think you can make a next 4x4 vehicle from them 😃
Relax Ing
Relax Ing Місяць tagasi
Vinge projekt👍👍
Everyday DIY
Everyday DIY Місяць tagasi
I love this build
Marco Sinistro
Marco Sinistro Місяць tagasi
The best 👍💪😁
Jan Gehlhaar
Jan Gehlhaar Місяць tagasi
Warum habe ich nach dem Intro Hunger auf Blätterteig? :D
123suzukisamurai Місяць tagasi
Exceptional building skills Donny. Your ability to “use wat u have” and “make it work” is a wonderful thing to watch. Truly a amazing young man. Thanks for sharing with us
Кр Крок
Кр Крок Місяць tagasi
С таким инструментом и финанс возможностью я черта забабахаю,а в рашке можно только геморрой схватить
Namor C king
Namor C king Місяць tagasi
Lot of things done. Gold job
Michael O'keeffe
Michael O'keeffe Місяць tagasi
My berlingo van was exactly the same the sills were rotten
WaveMaster Місяць tagasi
I'm really impatient to see the final result 😍 I'm following you from the beginning Donn. I love your job and how precise you are 👍🏾
Павел Золотарев
Павел Золотарев Місяць tagasi
Как всегда красавчик!!
James Tate
James Tate Місяць tagasi
What are you going to do when you runout of old cars, go shopping in the Neighborhood? I bet your Neighbors watch you like a Hawk.
Phil Hammond
Phil Hammond Місяць tagasi
Looking good Donn.
James Tate
James Tate Місяць tagasi
Donn you sure are a man of many Toys, what are you going to be building next, a space Ship ?
Александр Осиев
Александр Осиев Місяць tagasi
Однозначно лайк! Ждём завершения.
Ugo Civ
Ugo Civ Місяць tagasi
No urbanr utv , bat combat utv!!!!
Malenkiy Vuk
Malenkiy Vuk Місяць tagasi
Класс 👍
Kirk Nelson
Kirk Nelson Місяць tagasi
I've seen you build a lot of things and I was wondering are you an engineer by trade, you seem to really think these things out far beyond what the average youtube diy guy does. or is this just years of tinkering in the garage??
Kirk Nelson
Kirk Nelson Місяць tagasi
I've seen you build a lot of things and I was wondering are you an engineer by trade, you seem to really think these things out far beyond what the average youtube diy guy does. or is this just years of tinkering in the garage??
Евгений Земсков
Евгений Земсков Місяць tagasi
going right
Devil Fire
Devil Fire Місяць tagasi
Я один из России смотрю? Глушитель нельзя возле амортизатора ставить.
Agrompapas Місяць tagasi
Почему не прямоточную юанку поставил? И вес сэкономил бы🤔
vlad ::
vlad :: Місяць tagasi
Классный аппарат получается
Arturas Cicenas
Arturas Cicenas Місяць tagasi
Can someone explain what is the difference between UTV and SIDE BY SIDE? Or even ATV and QUAD?
Lawbreaking Civil disobedience
Lawbreaking Civil disobedience Місяць tagasi
Андрей Гордеев
Андрей Гордеев Місяць tagasi
Всё отлично, только в баке надо было перегородки ставить что бы уменьшить волну топлива!
Андрей Гордеев
Андрей Гордеев Місяць tagasi
Это в баке почти половина топлива просто так болтаться будет!
Aleck Aleck
Aleck Aleck Місяць tagasi
Он будет ездить с максимальным уровнем топлива. Волны не будет. Топливная станция до дна бака не достает.
Vadim Pokidko
Vadim Pokidko Місяць tagasi
Ничего ничего болгарка эсть...
ford nut
ford nut Місяць tagasi
Definitely got some skills
Jacson Macedo
Jacson Macedo Місяць tagasi
Este será meu próximo projeto, mas ser feito partir de um Lada Niva e estará disponível no meu canal também! Parabéns excelente trabalho muito obrigado por compartilhar seus belíssimos vídeos. "This will be my next project, but it will be made from a Lada Niva and will be available on my channel too! Congratulations, excellent work, thank you very much for sharing your beautiful videos."
Edward Weisenburg
Edward Weisenburg Місяць tagasi
I especially enjoyed the clutch cable doohickey !!!! LoL 😂
John Vroegryk
John Vroegryk Місяць tagasi
Again Donn, great work. I can already picture an awesome finished product. Way better than any 4-wheeler on the market. Thanks for the video !
Wojtek e36
Wojtek e36 Місяць tagasi
It is so bad in many places, but it's still good job!
dylan hockaday
dylan hockaday Місяць tagasi
U alt to add a hydraulic valve to run a cylinder on a mower or something that you build later on
Jon McNabb
Jon McNabb Місяць tagasi
Donn, have you ever considered using an auto-punch when making indents for drilling? Also love the new Fronius! you should talk about it!
Seraphin De Oliveira
Seraphin De Oliveira Місяць tagasi
une fois finie tu vas l appeler comment ta réalisation
Brad Anderson
Brad Anderson Місяць tagasi
Looking good Donny! You are gunna put a safety shield between the fuel tank and drive chain? Just incase Mr. Murffy comes knocking. Almost be rippin around . Can't wait to see that 😁👍👍👍👍👍
Markus Frei
Markus Frei Місяць tagasi
War wieder ein super Video , bis auf die Auspuffführung , da habe ich bedenken im Betrieb (letztes Teil sehr eng )
Groovey Grubworm
Groovey Grubworm Місяць tagasi
These aren't grinding discs they're circle templates.
Groovey Grubworm
Groovey Grubworm Місяць tagasi
My 1994 Celica has the rust problem, I know I should get rid of the car since I don't drive it anymore and but it was my first car and I put a lot of work into getting it going. When I got it I had to replace the engine because the original one had thrown a rod because the previous owner forgot to put oil in it.
Jonatas Abreu
Jonatas Abreu Місяць tagasi
Ansioso para ver esse projeto terminado, estou acompanhando desde o princípio. Parabéns , você o o cara.
Scott K
Scott K Місяць tagasi
Each video is better than the previous one!
Harvey Pyke
Harvey Pyke Місяць tagasi
Great as per usual. Another step closer to completion.
ali Alali
ali Alali Місяць tagasi
Евгений Евстратов
Евгений Евстратов Місяць tagasi
Здорово!!! Хлопаю стоя! Прекрасная работа!
sean tap
sean tap Місяць tagasi
Getting close to being able to go for a test drive. Can't wait.
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