CallMeCarson VODS: You Laugh You Leave w/ Lunch Club

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CallMeCarson VODS

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Streamed on 1/8/20
Lunch Club's Channel:
CallMeCarson's EEpost Channel can be found here:
Along with his Twitch:
And his LIVE channel here:

CallMeCarson VODS
CallMeCarson VODS 9 місяців tagasi
Joan Zuniga
Joan Zuniga 10 päeva tagasi
Florida Man
Florida Man 10 päeva tagasi
Hunter Stevens
Hunter Stevens 26 päeva tagasi
@Jonah Kester yes same did they take site down?
Joan Zuniga
Joan Zuniga 26 päeva tagasi
Jonah Kester
Jonah Kester 28 päeva tagasi
The link didnt work ;-;
sodda 8 päeva tagasi
why did i say "i love jack stauber" at the same time as ted during the peppermint song first time watching this video
DONTCRYHAILEY 8 päeva tagasi
i feel like they’re really high on shit they shouldn’t be :/. the atmosphere is there yano?
Noah Bethapudi
Noah Bethapudi 8 päeva tagasi
Fun fact: more then half the time they aren’t trying not to laugh the clips are just unfunny half the time
Super sage Boxing
Super sage Boxing 9 päeva tagasi
foxtrot 1553
foxtrot 1553 9 päeva tagasi
Okiiru 10 päeva tagasi
1:10:39 there u go
Kombernikus 145
Kombernikus 145 11 päeva tagasi
This shit was garbage
littleferrhis 13 päeva tagasi
Ha Gayschlatt be like 1:10:41
Gambit 14 päeva tagasi
Cooper laughed a tcharlie getting out he just wasnt seen
HeyLookItsTom 14 päeva tagasi
Can people not be so fucking weird to Carson?like the girl with the Carson boyfriend video is weird as shit. Grow up whoever made that
mindbogg 15 päeva tagasi
the best video was ice skating without a doubt
Christi Granning
Christi Granning 18 päeva tagasi
This video is: Loud=funny Random Japanese songs=funny Repeating the same video 10+ times in 1 round=funny
Alissa Richardson
Alissa Richardson 18 päeva tagasi
Everytime i see clean shaven schlatt, I think of wilbur saying to Nikki "Little baby, little baby man, little bb"
Andrew Carnborn
Andrew Carnborn 19 päeva tagasi
I'm surprised the video that came out of this was as funny as it was cuz this stream was mostly abysmal
Daniel Berry
Daniel Berry 19 päeva tagasi
Funny Funny
Chelsie Wetterhus
Chelsie Wetterhus 19 päeva tagasi
I find it a little bit strange when they clap at dumb things like the motivational lizard
Adam Crabtree
Adam Crabtree 19 päeva tagasi
T71S NanoBellum
T71S NanoBellum 19 päeva tagasi
Jschlatt without facial hair scared me
grudge role
grudge role 20 päeva tagasi
1:42:38 that kid is talking icelandic bro
Keezy 20 päeva tagasi
who is the girl
FizzRpg 20 päeva tagasi
R.I.P. Lunch Club
galaxytron gaming
galaxytron gaming 21 päev tagasi
It's gotten to point that the stream felt like I was wating for my doctor appointment
Sk8r Gamer
Sk8r Gamer 21 päev tagasi
I never knew how unfunny Carsons viewers are
Tavaris Vandever
Tavaris Vandever 23 päeva tagasi
The fucking Red head dude behind Carson fucking creeped me out lmfao
Lucas Leão
Lucas Leão 23 päeva tagasi
ven 23 päeva tagasi
is it me or is this vod extremely choppy loppy
Funny Name
Funny Name 25 päeva tagasi
2:26:49 where the fuck is this stupid eyebrows meme, not being able to find it has kept me awake for seven straight months
Leaf Water
Leaf Water 26 päeva tagasi
Things Ted finds funny:
Chommi 26 päeva tagasi
This hurt to watch
Joan Zuniga
Joan Zuniga 26 päeva tagasi
they bullied traves they're mean he turned off his brain just to watch the videos though that's a great tactic
Drawing Devs
Drawing Devs 27 päeva tagasi
49:49 I guess thats what the other school bands sound like.
SamTheRobloxGuy Місяць tagasi
Can we get some giga puddi in the chat?
Spoon Місяць tagasi
Reaper Місяць tagasi
34:21 Close your eyes and imagine these words - "Last Jerk Session"
Gui Ayvon
Gui Ayvon Місяць tagasi
They were staring at me I was eating noodles.... now I’m insecure.😭
skuqre Місяць tagasi
I want my 3 hours back.
Lochlann Monien
Lochlann Monien Місяць tagasi
If you don’t clap during the motivational lizard your not a true lunch club fan
Obi-Wan Kenobi
Obi-Wan Kenobi Місяць tagasi
Not funny
LexolusYT Місяць tagasi
2:10:37 WTF how did that video get thru thats fucked
BBQ SAUCE Місяць tagasi
did anyone else partake in the staring contest with striped shirt guy at the start? i think i won
Social Life
Social Life Місяць tagasi
Carson: "this is not funny" Me: *yup, totally, I did not laugh AT ALL. Yup, not funny, mhm, yes*
potato game A.
potato game A. Місяць tagasi
sexual distancing
Ct 7567
Ct 7567 Місяць tagasi
Dear lord, these vids are soo unfunny, these “oh so quirky, loud equals funny, Keanu wholesome 100 chungas band kids” need to stop
VapoRize Місяць tagasi
0:00 am i the only one who heard clash of clans?
Misted Master
Misted Master Місяць tagasi
It's funny how non of them noticed that there was a deer getting shot while they where clapping 2:10:37
Dan Animations
Dan Animations Місяць tagasi
Schlatt looks so young
Elijah Ison
Elijah Ison Місяць tagasi
slime at 1:04 lol
Benji Robinson
Benji Robinson Місяць tagasi
Watching this video for the whole 3 hours straight actually literally cured my depression and made me stop procrastinating, I'm finally catching up in my classes that I'm behind in
Owen Lewis
Owen Lewis Місяць tagasi
i find everything hilarious, it’s a curse
Tyson Bull
Tyson Bull Місяць tagasi
Jesus their fans humour is SOOO dry
River Sara
River Sara Місяць tagasi
Damn the submissions were painful
satan Місяць tagasi
if kids shouldn’t do drugs then shit my inhalers goin in the bin
Raider Baldonado
Raider Baldonado Місяць tagasi
I wish charlie was there to see giga pudding
subscribe for no reason please
subscribe for no reason please Місяць tagasi
1:22:26 it's just not funny
BlueSquirrel Місяць tagasi
Imagine spending 23 dollars for no one to laugh
A B Місяць tagasi
i simp for Ted.
Benji Місяць tagasi
John Holmes
John Holmes Місяць tagasi
Who needs a cringe compilation when we will always have Carson's videos. I was gonna say content but when other people are the content of every single video you've ever made it starts to feel like the wrong term for it.
Dennis Enaberg
Dennis Enaberg Місяць tagasi
You’re not funny
hal Місяць tagasi
who else just had a staring contest with ted at 1:38:09
Bilbo Saggins
Bilbo Saggins Місяць tagasi
Why is Ted so cringe
SignahOfficial Місяць tagasi
In half the video I thought something was kind of funny 6 times.
Doopershmirtz Місяць tagasi
the faces Charlie makes in the first few minute make me question reality...
Braxton Shimabuku
Braxton Shimabuku Місяць tagasi
Look for the red cup at 5:22
Rendiirin Місяць tagasi
2:29:01 Cooper : "heHeHEhaHa ʰᵒᵒ ʰᵒᵒ"
rero rero
rero rero Місяць tagasi
why does carson have such big nek
Goblin Lad
Goblin Lad Місяць tagasi
Bruno Powroznik isn’t funny anymore
Pepito Del Rancho
Pepito Del Rancho Місяць tagasi
1:08:47 despair
Jess B
Jess B Місяць tagasi
Every time that clip of "things I shoved up my arse" I wanted to die.
joel mccann
joel mccann Місяць tagasi
When it came to down to travis and ted chat had no clue what they were doing
Ryan Butler
Ryan Butler Місяць tagasi
Kendall Soviero
Kendall Soviero Місяць tagasi
the fact that the video on the lunch club channel is 3 hours cut into 17 minutes just shows how unfunny carson’s fans are 😐
Chiken Місяць tagasi
I lost at 1:51:34
Gabriel Tiberius
Gabriel Tiberius Місяць tagasi
1:28:31 that reminded me of jim trying to make Michael Scott laugh
lavender flow
lavender flow Місяць tagasi
Did anyone else see that hand grab tbe drink around like five mins inthe vid....
Ur Mom
Ur Mom Місяць tagasi
Thee Sniper Warrior
Thee Sniper Warrior Місяць tagasi
Dude the people that make these VODS Are so weird 😕 most of this stuff is super cringey and weird😕 nothing was funny except when literally they started laughing and it still wasn’t even that funny at all 😬
Alex green
Alex green Місяць tagasi
Mr. Original
Mr. Original Місяць tagasi
3:00:13 You can't cuck the viewers.
the bandit king
the bandit king Місяць tagasi
Watching just to laugh at funi vidyo
Mikeystir Місяць tagasi
little steven crowder pisses me off
Swayleeze Місяць tagasi
this whole stream was ResidentSleeper besides like 5 times
MJS [Dr_Merck]
MJS [Dr_Merck] Місяць tagasi
1:10:39 g a y s h l a t t
Soung Jin
Soung Jin Місяць tagasi
30:12 what is the name of that anime
Jeof brinclhof
Jeof brinclhof Місяць tagasi
Anyone else see ted in the back there thinking about life
Andromeda Місяць tagasi
song at 46:05 ????
Min Yun Hui
Min Yun Hui Місяць tagasi
i fell asleep watching this vod. how was the live audience so unfunny this time round?
Rafael O.
Rafael O. Місяць tagasi
2:32:43 who tf is that man walking by in the top right corner.
BlueSquirrel Місяць tagasi
Probably schlatt
Ricky Holmes
Ricky Holmes Місяць tagasi
appa’s biggest fan
appa’s biggest fan Місяць tagasi
Jesus these media shares were so bad omg
Matej Maglica
Matej Maglica Місяць tagasi
I wish I was friends with Ted
GuyNormus The Ginormous
GuyNormus The Ginormous Місяць tagasi
3:48 M O N E Y Y Y
madison Місяць tagasi
Micheal Littleton
Micheal Littleton Місяць tagasi
I’m high as hell and 1:30 scared the fuck out of me
The good boy
The good boy Місяць tagasi
ngl twitch chat kinda stupid lol
Jumphawk88 Місяць tagasi
CongressGamingINC Місяць tagasi
Every time I watch this I feel Noah just staring deeper and deeper into my half-lit soul and I dunno how to feel...
Aaron Owenby
Aaron Owenby Місяць tagasi
Ted cheated he laughed in the first round and tried to play it off
Frank Flores
Frank Flores Місяць tagasi
2% of the videos they sent were actually funny, basically all the ones lunch club actually laughed at and some other ones...
OneWeirdGuy Місяць tagasi
Let’s compare groups
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