Best Moments of Ted Nivison

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Revenge Raptor

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I spent a whole week making this.
Just a nice hefty compilation of what I think are Ted Nivison's best and funniest moments.
Disclaimers: I AM NOT TED! I did not make any of the clips! I did not edit the captions in any of the clips! I did not record any of the clips! I do not own any content shown here! I am not even in any of the clips shown! This video is NOT monetized!
All of these clips were taken from EEpost, Twitter, and Twitch.
The only thing I will take credit for is editing this entire video and compiling the clips. I do not take credit for the captions that might appear here. Everything else belongs to the respective owners (the ones who recorded what was here).
Note: If you are the owner of any of these clips (ex. Carson, Ted himself, etc.) and you do not want my content shown in this video, give me time stamps where certain clips occur that you want taken down and I will happily remove them from the video. Or, if you want the video removed, let me know.
Edit: I never anticipated this would hit a million views! I hope that anyone who came to this video became more infatuated with Ted's content just like I did. There is so much more love and passion behind the man's work that I couldn't ever hope to capture in highlights videos. I will not be making any more than the two that I had, I want YOU to find the rest of those funny moments yourself! Give Ted some extra love, he's an amazing guy.

Ted Nivison
Ted Nivison Aasta tagasi
Nice! I enjoyed seeing what you enjoyed the most!
Nightmare Zo
Nightmare Zo 2 päeva tagasi
@Signeia he’s so powerful...
Signeia 2 päeva tagasi
Big Lion
Nightmare Zo
Nightmare Zo 9 päeva tagasi
Holy shit
snaily etta
snaily etta 16 päeva tagasi
@hotbanana water just seeing the word F E E D is great thank you
magical midnight
magical midnight 19 päeva tagasi
Nick Almer
Nick Almer 21 tund tagasi
Ted is the prime example of comedic potential held by anyone with ADHD off their meds
Colour Gradient
Colour Gradient 23 tundi tagasi
I’m reLly drunk this is a good time
hannaheclaire 5 päeva tagasi
nashoba? like nashoba valley? lmao
ToastyTea 5 päeva tagasi
Ted plus big lion is honestly the peak of comedy
MelTheWatermelon 6 päeva tagasi
ayo that ain't fitz in the first few seconds LOL poor joko :(
Darth Kitty227
Darth Kitty227 6 päeva tagasi
I so badly want time stamps and shit just just to go watch what I can only assume fucking insanity in these video's lmao
Eddie Bkt
Eddie Bkt 8 päeva tagasi
1000th comment
pingeww RL
pingeww RL 10 päeva tagasi
9:49 you can see kwite in the background
Irish Potato
Irish Potato 11 päeva tagasi
Watch as the USA invades Canada just to take Manitoba and rename it to Nashoba
Adam Williams
Adam Williams 12 päeva tagasi
I just typed in ted, this is the best shit I ever discovered
Revenge Raptor
Revenge Raptor 12 päeva tagasi
Welcome traveler
INeedCoffee 13 päeva tagasi
16:38 what's the og video
Salty Soap
Salty Soap 15 päeva tagasi
9:40, poor Brandon
snaily etta
snaily etta 16 päeva tagasi
Ted is my dad now
Joelybean 17 päeva tagasi
big lion
VenomDecay 17 päeva tagasi
He's just living it up the only way he knows how
VenomDecay 17 päeva tagasi
@Revenge Raptor lol
Revenge Raptor
Revenge Raptor 17 päeva tagasi
Well my boy briggs has got your back
VenomDecay 17 päeva tagasi
Also, does anyone know where I can get some spirits and demons removed?
It's Just Walter
It's Just Walter 18 päeva tagasi
1:38 is that the girl from Spy Kids?
It's Just Walter
It's Just Walter 18 päeva tagasi
when ted said "I remember high school" I chocked on my water
duBuHaHuEu bUH
duBuHaHuEu bUH 20 päeva tagasi
I simp for ted 🥵🥴
bowlerderby 23 päeva tagasi
10:37 where is this from, ive been drunk and searcing for like 45 min now so im lost
isabel simp waters
isabel simp waters 26 päeva tagasi
i have homework but this is much better
Dat Bruh
Dat Bruh Місяць tagasi
I actually didn't notice big lion was ted, he's still my lock and home screen tho, powerfully
snooby Місяць tagasi
he’s a cryptid i love him
Shovellord Reviews
Shovellord Reviews Місяць tagasi
Shovellord Reviews
Shovellord Reviews Місяць tagasi
Shovellord Reviews
Shovellord Reviews Місяць tagasi
Idiot Birds
Idiot Birds Місяць tagasi
4:17 is my favorite moment. I can’t stop saying “I’m an air bender!” in the same way ted did.
Jae Місяць tagasi
every time i vape or hit a pen i can’t help but exhale and say “i’m an air bender!”
Skylar Nuggets
Skylar Nuggets Місяць tagasi
As someone who lives in Nebraska I am full for replacing it with Nashoba
msgnus kristleifur
msgnus kristleifur Місяць tagasi
16:51 i didn't know seth rogen was in the call
Quonton Місяць tagasi
Haha, *GoodGuyFitz*
Doppio Місяць tagasi
0/10 not enough cram
Mushbrain Місяць tagasi
O h f u c k. H e s s o f u c k i n g p o w e r f u l
Jaker The Snaker
Jaker The Snaker Місяць tagasi
The best bits are when Ted says something then someone else starts talking to be interrupted by Carson laughing at what Ted said.
cam Місяць tagasi
okay this is weird but...ted has big jewish energy??? does that make sense to anyone
cam Місяць tagasi
i think its bc he reminds me of my friend who is jewish. or im just fucking strange
oogly boogly
oogly boogly Місяць tagasi
cam Місяць tagasi
@Revenge Raptor man idk. just getting big Jewish vibes from ted
Revenge Raptor
Revenge Raptor Місяць tagasi
Zandra Steele
Zandra Steele Місяць tagasi
The way he says Big Lion
Gummy bear
Gummy bear Місяць tagasi
Emma 2 місяці tagasi
Ted is like a straight version of Garrett watts
tay 2 місяці tagasi
15:11 sad Nebraskan noises
pubblin 2 місяці tagasi
I refuse to believe that Mason is 6'1 Like Ted being 6'4 is something I can accept but if Mason is 6'1 then I will be unable to sleep at night.
Undercooked Toast
Undercooked Toast 2 місяці tagasi
The Nashoba joke is really surreal for me because i actually did research on its meaning and the tribe the name came from. (Its from the Choctaw tribe and it means wolf. In the myth regarding the origins of the mythical Okwa Naholo/ Oka Nahullo, a warrior named Nashoba leads a mutiny against the tribe, but is eventually defeated. He and his men become the first Oka Nahullo. I may be wrong about a few things mythologically, but it’s been a while and be sure to change anything if i find it inaccurate.)
CrispyGreenGorilla 2 місяці tagasi
wait why does carson look so damn cute in the last clip😳
I.E. Tass
I.E. Tass 2 місяці tagasi
Why is Ted grilling with Ben Shapiro
Matcha Tea
Matcha Tea 2 місяці tagasi
why does ted look like straight garret watts
Bunni 2 місяці tagasi
14:31 Ted really went: ₐₐₐₐₐₐaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaₐₐₐₐₐₐ
Click 2 місяці tagasi
0:20 is that ben Shapiro lmao
Nomrah-_- 2 місяці tagasi
i'd stick my *Insert penis length bc i say my own length im going to be shit on even though its above average. just a quick note average is like 5.9 inches or something like that and mine is larger than that so fuck you.* in ted
beachai 2 місяці tagasi
bless this mans fashion
Rotten Dirtbag
Rotten Dirtbag 2 місяці tagasi
why does ted remind me of egon from ghostbusters? like.. the glasses... the hair...
Rylan Bartek
Rylan Bartek 2 місяці tagasi
I’m from Nebraska
Carson Phillips
Carson Phillips 3 місяці tagasi
My fav of the lunch club CRIMINALLY underrated
Trey Atkins
Trey Atkins 3 місяці tagasi
Seeing TedNivision dressed as a milkman nearly made me forget my name.
Terror Ban
Terror Ban 3 місяці tagasi
Neru Cais
Neru Cais 3 місяці tagasi
I like how he doesn't break character
Dixon Cider
Dixon Cider 3 місяці tagasi
Gumball and Joe Swanson arguing about existence while one is arresting the other is genuis af
Twoassassin85 3 місяці tagasi
Who’s the guy being interviewed at 9:44 I recognize him from somewhere
༺ TiffySky ༻
༺ TiffySky ༻ Місяць tagasi
Twoassassin85, That's Emkay I think
Stanislav Hronek
Stanislav Hronek 3 місяці tagasi
That's not Fitz in the first frame is it?
Revenge Raptor
Revenge Raptor Місяць tagasi
I has GAE
I has GAE 3 місяці tagasi
who is Ted Nivison
Teri Longly
Teri Longly 3 місяці tagasi
The fact I’ve never seen ted laugh scares me
༺ TiffySky ༻
༺ TiffySky ༻ Місяць tagasi
Teri Longly, 3:47 to 4:00
Revenge Raptor
Revenge Raptor 3 місяці tagasi
madraun 3 місяці tagasi
so he’s just out here being both attractive and hilarious? completely unfair
RaguLonker 3 місяці tagasi
Ted has a weird iDubbzzz vibe
IAm ToxicKid
IAm ToxicKid 3 місяці tagasi
King George The 3rd
King George The 3rd 3 місяці tagasi
Where’s the clip at 16:01 from?
King Nugget
King Nugget 3 місяці tagasi
Ted is schlatt 2
GRXVES 3 місяці tagasi
7:18 is legit my favorite part of the whole video😂😂😂
Tayler Mitchell
Tayler Mitchell 3 місяці tagasi
Just so all you guys know ted is the ideal man, funny, sarcastic, chaotic, you can tell he cares but is just vibing, nice and has an underlying theatre kid vibes. Overall 100/10
PJ 3 місяці tagasi
I love this
Pappa Greivious
Pappa Greivious 4 місяці tagasi
Big Lion
G -Man
G -Man 4 місяці tagasi
And to this day we don’t know what cram is
nina can't spell
nina can't spell 4 місяці tagasi
1:48 is my favorite clip ever
AIden Bell
AIden Bell 4 місяці tagasi
AIden Bell
AIden Bell 4 місяці tagasi
Aerin 4 місяці tagasi
Ted genuinely terrifies me. I feel so fucking threatened by him
Matt H
Matt H 4 місяці tagasi
*fuckin’ crossing streams bro*
Junsui J
Junsui J 4 місяці tagasi
My favorite clip: “Carson I didn’t sign up for this shit I don’t wanna watch DANCE MOMS!”
Sleeping Trashcan
Sleeping Trashcan 4 місяці tagasi
idk who this is but he reminds me of Jakob from offcanny
cloroxicity 4 місяці tagasi
I wanna climb him like a tree my gOd I'm gay
SmonkTomato 4 місяці tagasi
4:03 I completely lost it here😂 I started wheezing so hard, my dad came in my room asking if I was okay
Lara 4 місяці tagasi
No hetero but Ted's hot as fuck.
Alex Butcher
Alex Butcher 4 місяці tagasi
A Literal Lamp
A Literal Lamp 4 місяці tagasi
Pete sounds like existential crisis Tony Hawk
Scythe 4 місяці tagasi
Bro. When he said I’m an air bender.
Bleh. com
Bleh. com 4 місяці tagasi
He reminds me of Garrett from Shane and friends
actuallghostt 4 місяці tagasi
his impression of carson is spot o
nate f
nate f 4 місяці tagasi
Ted Nivison and Cscoop are the best members change my mind
Plant 4 місяці tagasi
“Welcome to... spreadin’ batter out with Ted... I’m your host... Gerald.” - Ted “Gerald” Nivison
Random Person
Random Person 4 місяці tagasi
Ted is so hot it's insane. Like literally everything about him is so attractive
ThePortalGeek 4 місяці tagasi
3:10 made me physically cringe, it hurts to watch
Jakeyboy 4 місяці tagasi
just realized moses looks like ben shapiro
Blxfull_ artzz
Blxfull_ artzz 4 місяці tagasi
We all agree that ted is hot,inside and out correct?
NetSomebody 4 місяці tagasi
Where’s the very first clip from?
Revenge Raptor
Revenge Raptor 4 місяці tagasi
Cscoop monopoly
Cool Kid
Cool Kid 4 місяці tagasi
my favorite is at 0:38
panda bear
panda bear 4 місяці tagasi
ted is the epitome of comedy and only has 448k. that's what is wrong with the world
panda bear
panda bear 4 місяці tagasi
Almost Heaven *W E S T V E R G I N A*
panda bear
panda bear 4 місяці tagasi
*when the video has more subs than ted*
Rajin 4 місяці tagasi
Mink Willemsen
Mink Willemsen 4 місяці tagasi
Meatcity, beef time, Beef cake... Yea BEef Cake
Cosmic Slacker
Cosmic Slacker 4 місяці tagasi
1:48 - 1:51
magifire 4 місяці tagasi
jesus christ 1m views 😂😂
Revenge Raptor
Revenge Raptor 4 місяці tagasi
I'm actually horrified at how it grew this popular when all I did was slap clips together when bored
AJ 4 місяці tagasi
ferris bueller lookin ass bitch
YaBoi BEEMER 4 місяці tagasi
Ranger 4 місяці tagasi
Ted is the most underrated channel, he has the best skits and the jokes are always the funny ones
Rylee Aerison
Rylee Aerison 4 місяці tagasi
16:24 eee wot is the sonngggg i genuinely wanna know it's a bop
Rylee Aerison
Rylee Aerison 4 місяці tagasi
Aw hell ye, i found it :D
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