Baking a Cake with Only Gardening Tools

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Ted Nivison

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baking a cake with only gardening tools. Yes I went to college and I have a degree you can't tell me I did anything wrong or else you're lying.
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About Ted Nivison / JehBerDeh:
Ted Nivison is a EEpost entertainer/Filmmaker/voice actor/comedian based in New York. He creates comedy videos on EEpost making commentary videos about various funny topics and poking fun at ridiculous people on Facebook, EEpost, and Instagram. He's got some sweet moves as well.

Lucena Elaiza Celyn Nicole F.
Lucena Elaiza Celyn Nicole F. 4 tundi tagasi
The fact that there's a random white dot is aggravating me.
Ashlynn Morgan
Ashlynn Morgan Päev tagasi
3:02 Me: "Nipple" Him: *staring intensifies* " Red velvet masterpiece"
Ami Ann
Ami Ann 2 päeva tagasi
I swear to god I was just wondering where you were from and then you said Wegmans and I immediately thought "he is from new york, baby"
Alyssa Starman
Alyssa Starman 2 päeva tagasi
I see these kinda videos and all I think is, what the hell does that taste like
Brooke Sample
Brooke Sample 3 päeva tagasi
Ted is just a totter...
Evan Evaldi
Evan Evaldi 4 päeva tagasi
It's a felony age well 😬
Teagan 4 päeva tagasi
Why red velvet instead of carrot cake?
Elvis b
Elvis b 7 päeva tagasi
Where did you find this recipe 4chan?
Monochromatic Monotony
Monochromatic Monotony 7 päeva tagasi
Whats next, making a quiche with sex toys?
Dumpster Fire
Dumpster Fire 8 päeva tagasi
couldn’t he have just put the parchment paper inside the pot- yk what nevermind
Charlie Lamphere
Charlie Lamphere 8 päeva tagasi
Ted made chocolate cake and said it was red velvet cake.
Rainbow Labs
Rainbow Labs 9 päeva tagasi
this is my first video im seeing of ted i’ve heard his name just never watched a video wnd i love this
NOVA Studios
NOVA Studios 9 päeva tagasi
I pushed this video away for too long... I regret not watching it sooner
Mamma Dragon
Mamma Dragon 9 päeva tagasi
As someone who cooks for fun, this makes me feel immense pain. I hate this video both ironically and non ironically as it tears my soul apart just like you tore apart that vanilla extract packaging
hot bald bitch
hot bald bitch 11 päeva tagasi
i watched this video when i was high as all fuck and i just could not stop crying because i thought there were plants in the cake
maddiethemad playz
maddiethemad playz 12 päeva tagasi
I just read that as caking a bake
miso mochi
miso mochi 12 päeva tagasi
who else saw the little x in his hair
Spammy Spammington
Spammy Spammington 12 päeva tagasi
the dot on the camera lens is physically harming me
Eitain Hzaeil2
Eitain Hzaeil2 16 päeva tagasi
if the cake is a little dry, just add water man
Avaadelle 19 päeva tagasi
Blu Scout
Blu Scout 19 päeva tagasi
I fucking love Ted, he gets an idea and he just says fuck it let's do it.
Blu Scout
Blu Scout 19 päeva tagasi
Imagine the cashier in the store saying oh is someone going to do some gardening? Ted then says no I'm making a fucking cake
Savannah B.
Savannah B. 19 päeva tagasi
Ingredients: "Sift " Ted: "MIX :D"
Syujiji 19 päeva tagasi
Cooking 99 in runescape
Anton Morsing
Anton Morsing 20 päeva tagasi
12:03 now close your eyes and listen
Anton Drasdo
Anton Drasdo 22 päeva tagasi
Teddy poo deserves more subs
floofy pupper
floofy pupper 22 päeva tagasi
Fun drinking game: take a shot everyone he says "terracotta pot"
ava gardner
ava gardner 23 päeva tagasi
this was a very personal experience
H C 25 päeva tagasi
I was wondering about whether he could use his blood as food coloring, and believe it or not people do it! For some reason, mainly vegans do it, I guess its vegan if its yours.
Eusie 26 päeva tagasi
This sounds like an unus annas video
Handsome man
Handsome man 27 päeva tagasi
fehc laer a emoceb dluohs deT
Warriorcat04 27 päeva tagasi
Ooof the half of a tbs to tsp, noooo. It shouldn’t b that bad a difference, but in the future 3 teaspoons= 1 tablespoon
Aaron Dichoso
Aaron Dichoso 27 päeva tagasi
But have you tried gardening with only cooking tools?!?!?
Serafin Matines Kabadjov
Serafin Matines Kabadjov 28 päeva tagasi
Solomon Siske
Solomon Siske 29 päeva tagasi
Missed opportunity to use brown frosting for that real "dirt block" feel
The Soyboys
The Soyboys 29 päeva tagasi
hot boat
hot boat 29 päeva tagasi
good, now do gardening with cooking supplies
Isaac Fox
Isaac Fox Місяць tagasi
Now you gotta garden with cooking tools
Alan Laiter
Alan Laiter Місяць tagasi
There’s a restaurant in Vallarta that makes mousse cake in a flower pot
Charlie Місяць tagasi
Julianne Tate
Julianne Tate Місяць tagasi
9:02 "divided by the parabola" thats not really how math works ted
Mikevioleteyes Місяць tagasi
Ted is like the dad of EEpost
CAMERON KING Місяць tagasi
man has the strength to lift a building with his right arm but not because of jacking off
Sienna Eddy
Sienna Eddy Місяць tagasi
Powered sugar and confectioners sugar are the same thing 💀
Seth Kayser
Seth Kayser Місяць tagasi
Everyone else : 1/4 Ted: half of a half
Emmie S
Emmie S Місяць tagasi
oh my god ted is the anime guy looking at the butterfly meme oh my god
Nickthe_ Crusader
Nickthe_ Crusader Місяць tagasi
Kremitontoast Місяць tagasi
Garden Ramsay
Classy Gameing
Classy Gameing Місяць tagasi
What is that saxophone music called
Bob Deblonde
Bob Deblonde Місяць tagasi
Why does he look like dollar store Markiplier in all the low shots
Olivia Tilleman
Olivia Tilleman Місяць tagasi
3:13 I like how he pulls his hand back like it's a separate entity than himself
BrokenUnknown Місяць tagasi
I love how at the beginning of the video he says he hates plants but then has a bunch of them behind him
Ya Boi Splendens
Ya Boi Splendens Місяць tagasi
I'm starting to believe Ted has to believe something is the thing he wants to in order to maintain the little sanity is left in his mind.
StarSailorEryn Місяць tagasi
If your phone isn't covered in sugar, are you even baking?
Bryan Місяць tagasi
the sifting helps prevent the powder from clumping, that’s all it does I’m pretty sure
anx-ivory Місяць tagasi
this isn't his first time handling pot
VRandStuff Місяць tagasi
At 11:59 close your eyes and listen
Looney Lovegood
Looney Lovegood Місяць tagasi
You still used bowls and measuring cups...
kloe Місяць tagasi
I’m curious; was the entire cake eaten?
dweamyy__ Місяць tagasi
"I feel s t i c k y. " I'm sorry, i'll leave. ---> 🚪
Its Toastii
Its Toastii Місяць tagasi
Tinging with Ted
leila Місяць tagasi
there is a small white dot on ur head and i hate looking at it please remove now.
I am definitely a human And don't question that
I am definitely a human And don't question that Місяць tagasi
him out of context is the weirdest thing ever
Dang_er noodle
Dang_er noodle Місяць tagasi
There are so many questionable yet hilarious quote in this one video
Carly Brown
Carly Brown Місяць tagasi
ted my grandmother says kerrygold is gross. please help me convince her that she is, in fact, incorrect
Furret Місяць tagasi
Wegmans: *