Awkward Divorce Drinking Game

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Cody Ko

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Michelle Barron
Michelle Barron 48 minutit tagasi
cody I'm 4 minutes in and you're making me so uncomfortable with these interviewer impressions
alayna Tund tagasi
they look like one of those couples who live in a van edit: oh fuck i watched the video a little bit more and they literally said they live in a travel trailer
Quateo Tund tagasi
I feel like they said they're separating just to get onto the show
thegoldstunner Tund tagasi
cody starts looking like dax flame
Veronika Zając Nyírő
Veronika Zając Nyírő 2 tundi tagasi
I'm wondering is that a Totenkopf tattood on your arm? I mean the one Germans put on their hats 1933-1945 times. It looks very similar.
Maggie Rymes
Maggie Rymes 3 tundi tagasi
i laughed so. much.
Joey Gorman
Joey Gorman 4 tundi tagasi
yo cody can u get my parents on this show? they j got divorced so it’d be pretty good content
yaboijago 4 tundi tagasi
Tf has happened to cody lmao normal looking guy before
Sabrina Q.
Sabrina Q. 11 tundi tagasi
My depression was pretty bad today but I watched your videos and have been laughing for hours. I felt a whole lot better. Idk if you’ll see this, but I just wanted to say thank you
Michael newin
Michael newin 13 tundi tagasi
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Aj Henkle
Aj Henkle 14 tundi tagasi
Favorite EEpostr fucking hilarious
Nena Linda
Nena Linda 15 tundi tagasi
The internet has officially made a mockery of relationships/marriages. Sad that a lot of people in this generation won’t grow old with the person they love.
Andre Jackson
Andre Jackson 15 tundi tagasi
Dude no lie ur starting to look like frank gallager
The Beautiful Psyche
The Beautiful Psyche 15 tundi tagasi
Hey could you talk about how That Vegan Teacher is upset because she can’t say a racial slur. She also made a video by putting a black doll next to encouraging words but the words are an anagram for N****r.
Ava Welch
Ava Welch 16 tundi tagasi
razor update ?
Marcus Gruby
Marcus Gruby 16 tundi tagasi
Cody honey, please cut your hair
Andrea Huber
Andrea Huber 16 tundi tagasi
wait why is there a screen between them? they literally sleep in the same bed?
Lily Spalding
Lily Spalding 17 tundi tagasi
please react to barbie life in the dream house with noel pls “you’ve been to the moon?’ ‘you haven’t?’” PLS BARS
Stuxx 20 tundi tagasi
Gordon Spiegel
Gordon Spiegel 20 tundi tagasi
you seem so fun to hang out with. please let's day drink sometime
Clean Cut Prod.
Clean Cut Prod. 21 tund tagasi
Why is there a covid divider between them when they literally sleep in the same bed
Emily Blott
Emily Blott 22 tundi tagasi
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precious 22 tundi tagasi
please react to n&a productions youtube videos please
xoxo faith
xoxo faith Päev tagasi
You should react to “After we collided”
Cody J
Cody J Päev tagasi
Henry Barron
Henry Barron Päev tagasi
more like... SEX GAMES. also, i found his flanel at costco lol
The Hendrix Experience
The Hendrix Experience Päev tagasi
Love you Cody but cut your damn hair
LilM0istCak3 Päev tagasi
Pops up once in awhile
Evil Potato
Evil Potato Päev tagasi
The creepy host lol.😂😂😂😂
Kagome Nishi
Kagome Nishi Päev tagasi
Omg girl defined dropped a s*x question video thingie Its what we’ve been waiting for
Bosnian. Päev tagasi
Wtf happened to this guys hair.
L Cali
L Cali Päev tagasi
I feel like even though they're both cool and open people, there's a slight imbalance with the two of them in how they communicate their feelings. The girl is much more upfront and direct than the guy, he's quite introspective. I've been in a relationship like that, so I can relate how it might make finding common ground hard for both sides.
kittykittyredcat Päev tagasi
Holy shit she deserves so much better
Katja Sippola
Katja Sippola Päev tagasi
Damaged. Goods.
Shawn Moses
Shawn Moses Päev tagasi
Dober twins is teaching kids to kidnap talk about it now please a freind of mind was kidnapping like this for 5 years found them dead please do something please.
It's Xzdus
It's Xzdus Päev tagasi
Adam Päev tagasi
They do just scream white people who live in a trailer vibe
Sargon of Akkad
Sargon of Akkad Päev tagasi
Þese two had a SERIOUSLY fucked up realtionship right from the beginning
Timothy Graczyk
Timothy Graczyk Päev tagasi
Get that thing outta of ur ear
seth Päev tagasi
The host is down bad huh?
Christian Miller
Christian Miller Päev tagasi
Cody's one of my favorite national EEpost hosts
Berke Gunal
Berke Gunal Päev tagasi
You look like an older version of brad pitt
Pj Dolan
Pj Dolan Päev tagasi
Just fake your divorced
Fahnub Päev tagasi
7:52 xD
Sidra Abbas
Sidra Abbas Päev tagasi
cody omfg you acting like the interviewer is so hilarious i cannot im dead srslyy
LDRZ ldn
LDRZ ldn Päev tagasi
Sidra Abbas
Sidra Abbas Päev tagasi
2:30 "also whats up with the horny host?" hahahaahahahah cody you some fkin funny shit man omg
E Brodsky
E Brodsky Päev tagasi
Dude you’re like 30 and you don’t know what bashful means?
Sleipnirseight 2 päeva tagasi
"Trigger warning... I guess" **giggles**
Sarah Lale
Sarah Lale 2 päeva tagasi
Has anyone every told you that you are literally the male version of Sarah Baska?
Bento 2 päeva tagasi
Praise God 🙏🏾
Layne Fable
Layne Fable 2 päeva tagasi
2:35 dead
dillon ridder
dillon ridder 2 päeva tagasi
9:50 Setting: Moonguard, Goldshire. Lions Pride Inn
Jenna ended and I’m sad
Jenna ended and I’m sad 2 päeva tagasi
She gives me cool substitute teacher vibes
gogyoo 2 päeva tagasi
Me watching any CUT video: 0:58
xXJustARandomPersonXx 2 päeva tagasi
hey nub
Toby Johnston
Toby Johnston 2 päeva tagasi
Cody looks disturbingly similar to MatPat
Levi Holcomb
Levi Holcomb 2 päeva tagasi
0:58 playback speed .75 sounds like drunk mom
kizfy 2 päeva tagasi
absolutely love the flow. Seriously some nice hair dude.
SoHo 2 päeva tagasi
Cody’s creepy producer impressions killed me 🤣
lord hexeda
lord hexeda 2 päeva tagasi
This guy is at 5m damn you blew up blew up
juliana romero
juliana romero 2 päeva tagasi
Bruhhhh when you started doing the creepy camera guy i deadass almost passed out from laughing so mf hard
Vindicity 2 päeva tagasi
This feels like Danny’s video about that radio show. It feels so fake???
Alyssa Santos
Alyssa Santos 2 päeva tagasi
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Krhodes02 2 päeva tagasi
Lmao this whole convo was uncomfortable like wtf
Zombie elf00
Zombie elf00 2 päeva tagasi
Amazing video
Okapi Johnson
Okapi Johnson 2 päeva tagasi
5:49 it's time, boys, he's finally old and dying
1725owen 2 päeva tagasi
Do a video on the wack show Mystery Diners.
Bennett Witcher
Bennett Witcher 2 päeva tagasi
Bro wtf why do you have hair. Where’d that come from
Danae Clean
Danae Clean 2 päeva tagasi
5:49 i literally had a cough attack at the same time what the fuck
Danae Clean
Danae Clean 2 päeva tagasi
the creepy host dude impression had me dying from laughter and its almost 4am fml
Arfas Ashraf
Arfas Ashraf 2 päeva tagasi
To find divorcee in america is easy since america has 50% divorce rate 😶
rayanne 2 päeva tagasi
cody pls watch wild and free in florianopolis!!!
Grace Chancey
Grace Chancey 2 päeva tagasi
I love that Cody’s solo comentary is getting a lot better
NexusAbstracts 2 päeva tagasi
was HOPING you'd say sEX Games
Shawn McGory
Shawn McGory 2 päeva tagasi
This was the most I’ve laughed in a month
Megan Delaney
Megan Delaney 2 päeva tagasi
I loved you on iCarly
Jordyn Moran
Jordyn Moran 2 päeva tagasi
me and my math teacher talk abt codys vids.... kinda scared that he watches these. lol
jase n jo jase n jo
jase n jo jase n jo 3 päeva tagasi
I’v seen this I’m sure this is a re upload from a year ago - actually I think i was smashed last week drunk teo days straight so must’ve watched it then lol
HANAN - 3 päeva tagasi
Owen Kelch
Owen Kelch 3 päeva tagasi
Banger, keep up the funny vids Cody :)
J Wods
J Wods 3 päeva tagasi
cody impersonating the CUT dude sounds like Rafe from OBX
Claire Philpot
Claire Philpot 3 päeva tagasi
thanks for the tw i literally just found out my parents are divorcing yesterday. still watched tho
This is She
This is She 3 päeva tagasi
If you live in the same house and sleep in the same bed... then how are you separated..?
teehee 3 päeva tagasi
I’m waiting for that Jesus without a beard cosplay. The intro made me have the thought it’s not my fault 😭
AJ Carbajal
AJ Carbajal 3 päeva tagasi
who are u kidding Cody u have never had sex
Rachit Srivastava
Rachit Srivastava 3 päeva tagasi
Can anyone please share the name of the outro music?
Anura EXE
Anura EXE 3 päeva tagasi
Cody looking pretty 😳
Maddy Harvey
Maddy Harvey 3 päeva tagasi
They look like brother and sister.
Emily Polander
Emily Polander 3 päeva tagasi
Cody, please review the Guys and Dolls documentary... Its the cringe of all cringes
Cullie Morris
Cullie Morris 3 päeva tagasi
dang the CUT knows how to make people awkward
Insert Coins
Insert Coins 3 päeva tagasi
Cody I love you're long hair, I'm getting cult leader'll be getting your followers to murder a youtuber next😁
Elise West
Elise West 3 päeva tagasi
u say all the creepy questions would be funny if the interviewer was thinking them... but bro ur /actually/ thinking all these things and then Saying them.... I'm worried
St Paul St
St Paul St 3 päeva tagasi
Learn the word spouse Cody
Griffy T
Griffy T 3 päeva tagasi
maybe she just really likes the bashful dwarf from snow white
Courtney Pendragon
Courtney Pendragon 3 päeva tagasi
“Marriage partner”....spouse
Logan Feltner
Logan Feltner 3 päeva tagasi
Months waiter
baeblade 3 päeva tagasi
the host lmaooooooooo
Dr. Prune
Dr. Prune 3 päeva tagasi
nice mullet
Julia Mary
Julia Mary 3 päeva tagasi
tattoo: i'm reluctant to draw attention to myself girl: willingly shares intimate details about her relationship to the entire internet
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