Among Us but I disagree with everyone

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Call Me Kevin

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Frank X
Frank X 10 päeva tagasi
me no like ACK
Olivia 11 päeva tagasi
I drew inspiration from this video one time when my fellow imposter ratted me out because they were angry they got caught. I promised not to kill anyone, that I would just set off o2 and we could all go down together, and everyone agreed to it because they were pissed with the other imposter. Friendliest lobby I've ever played.
TheCloisFan 16 päeva tagasi
ONE FEAR i'm at work watching this and someone played barbie girl and when i unpaused it, they were putting the barbie girl lyrics in the chat
Pepper Tree
Pepper Tree 17 päeva tagasi
When they implement the friend system, Kevin will become too powerful
Kim Jong un’s chairman
Kim Jong un’s chairman 21 päev tagasi
Woman be shoppin
Zoe St Clair
Zoe St Clair 22 päeva tagasi
ATTENTION CALL ME KEVIN: if you press the arrow next to the buttion to enter code you will rejoin the game you where diconnected to....NO MORE LOST FRIENDS!!
Rew Rose
Rew Rose 23 päeva tagasi
"And take me anywhere and undress me everywhere" lol
Rob B
Rob B 23 päeva tagasi
Am I the only one thinking kevin looks like Mr. Tumnus with his beard?
Abhilasha Sharma
Abhilasha Sharma 23 päeva tagasi
I disagree
Devan Zayas
Devan Zayas 23 päeva tagasi
8:16 OMG i did this too with 2 others in a game its sooooo fun.... we secretly teamed with us 3, and if one of us 3 were the imposter, we would vent when us 3 were alone and then we would defend them the whole game and use our number as an advantage... we voted someone random and most of the time 3 votes is enough to eliminate that 1 person.... and we troll the unsuspecting randoms. and so we dont have to kill each other we all 3 die in oxygen or reactor sabotage... its soooooo funn
JustExisting 25 päeva tagasi
welcome to the kevin casually creating a cult ep.83739383
xX-Diamond Katz-Xx
xX-Diamond Katz-Xx 25 päeva tagasi
*"It's black and pink"* *-oh wait im black-*
xX-Diamond Katz-Xx
xX-Diamond Katz-Xx 25 päeva tagasi
*wait after pink disconnected they came back*
kittyCat1525 27 päeva tagasi
Hey there friends, how's it going, my name is big daddy white.
SplendidWolf442 -
SplendidWolf442 - 28 päeva tagasi
I disagree with Honey’s terms and conditions sorry Kev.
Balsamic Vinaigrette
Balsamic Vinaigrette Місяць tagasi
Month late gang, where you at?
BadPollution Місяць tagasi
Do Among Us, but become a Hollywood star, and only use movie quotes.
Danny Barclay
Danny Barclay Місяць tagasi
I have a final in the morning but instead of studying in rewatching Kevin's among us videos
Raphaël De Valentin
Raphaël De Valentin Місяць tagasi
This is the most chaotic among us lobby I've ever seen
be good at live
be good at live Місяць tagasi
Ed Місяць tagasi
Among Us but I disagree with everyone ? MORE LIKE BOR- turg Day 97 Of me watching every single video posted by Call Me Kevin.
Elly Haidari
Elly Haidari Місяць tagasi
Huh? Im so confused where is (Call Me Kevins' Pepe popo)
Faith Gannon
Faith Gannon Місяць tagasi
6:56 ALL i had in my head was
Jade French
Jade French Місяць tagasi More like
Cleo Lin
Cleo Lin Місяць tagasi
Kevin: I don't agree with discords terms and conditions. Also Kevin: Wearing a discord sweater.
The One
The One Місяць tagasi
I understand the colour confusion😂. I'm usually brown but that day I was other colours and ppl start accusing brown and I got defensive. And I realise I'm not brown.
The Big Blue bird
The Big Blue bird Місяць tagasi
How about among us but I cant make up my mind
Gameoverjones Місяць tagasi
Me and my friends used to sing Barbie girl in multiplayer lobbies lmao ! I'm not alone ! 😂
Deejay Dynamic
Deejay Dynamic Місяць tagasi
Kevin always just starts a cult where ever he goes lol he had them all wearing that hat listening to his choice in votes lol
Someone Місяць tagasi
big daddy whiteee
Jana Alabdullah
Jana Alabdullah Місяць tagasi
kevin:"and frankly the only friend i need " *emideately regrets * viewers: ಥ_ಥ kevin:"A-and u please dont leave me இ௰இ
zen U
zen U Місяць tagasi
I loved this video so much
jennah kay
jennah kay Місяць tagasi
"my brain is telling me to keep playing but *i disagree* "
EJ_ lmao
EJ_ lmao Місяць tagasi
I like your lobby so much it such a vibe wish i had those type of people :(
possum lover
possum lover Місяць tagasi
Big daddy white save me
Soul Mitsuki
Soul Mitsuki Місяць tagasi
Big daddy white
Abi Malcolm
Abi Malcolm Місяць tagasi
4,000 comment!
AngeloLePanda Місяць tagasi
12:22 Im dying laughing for some reason.
Harshita Bharadwaj
Harshita Bharadwaj Місяць tagasi
Everyone wearing cowboy hats is friendship goals
Human Oxymoron
Human Oxymoron Місяць tagasi
I lost my yellow friend 'I' just the other day in Polus EU after accidentally giving him the wrong snapchat username. D:
Anurag Jha
Anurag Jha Місяць tagasi
How does he get imposter every game
Connor Thompson
Connor Thompson Місяць tagasi
What about "Among Us but I only say one word for the whole game"
Gi Gi
Gi Gi Місяць tagasi
I cannot use honey coz im vegan
Amy Wallis
Amy Wallis Місяць tagasi
I haven’t enjoyed and laughed over a video this much in a very long time! One of the best xx
Timothy Burns
Timothy Burns Місяць tagasi
I got lucky and met a Girl named sera, and she said that she loved me. And now I can't find her on among us
satan Місяць tagasi
"Exotic spices such as salt" is the whitest thing I have ever heard
Nimbus Місяць tagasi
I liked the part where he played among us
MasterC Games
MasterC Games Місяць tagasi
“I bust to the tellytubies”
Utopss AKA PJ
Utopss AKA PJ Місяць tagasi
this is one of the funniest video I have seen do you disagree ? 😆🤣
Utopss AKA PJ
Utopss AKA PJ Місяць tagasi
I Disagree with this video 😆🤣
Adam Davenport
Adam Davenport Місяць tagasi
Kevin might actually be a cult leader. Just throwing that out there. 😆
Adventure On T.V
Adventure On T.V Місяць tagasi
12:20 to 12:46 I may need to sue Kevin, I nearly died laughing. My stomach hurt, I was crying and I couldn't breathe
Fabian Garcia
Fabian Garcia 2 місяці tagasi
“I Disagree”
FriendlySpore 2 місяці tagasi
Black: Black sus
Anastasia Wolf
Anastasia Wolf 2 місяці tagasi
I woke all my neighbors when black accused himself and was like “oh sh*t“ 🤣🤣🤣
Reem Raghad
Reem Raghad 2 місяці tagasi
wait didn't pink come back in the last few games??
Vincent Hernandez
Vincent Hernandez 2 місяці tagasi
I am actually getting better at among us
Owen Gamer
Owen Gamer 2 місяці tagasi
When Kevin plays among us I like to imagine there’s a EEpostr commentating on what Kevin is doing
Kevin van den Oetelaar
Kevin van den Oetelaar 2 місяці tagasi
Im pasific.. *Kevin* Oh okay ive never met an ocean before. *lmao*
garbanzo1997 2 місяці tagasi
I am so overjoyed, it's like smiling with ma intestines
Tyler T
Tyler T 2 місяці tagasi
12:17 literally lost it right here. "Is he confused"?? 😂
Someone 2 місяці tagasi
Story better than twilight
Auggie Zarate
Auggie Zarate 2 місяці tagasi
Kevin in the beginning he was like i want to be mr. Beast: HONEY EXTENSION
killian wold
killian wold 2 місяці tagasi
Wasantha Medawela
Wasantha Medawela 2 місяці tagasi
Agree to disagree
Creationator 2 місяці tagasi
Kevin: Meanwhile My brain: Madison is rapping with the fact that not every issue can be settled like a meeting-
Erin the Flannel Lesbian
Erin the Flannel Lesbian 2 місяці tagasi
Lmaoooo I was Chaos btw I made a bet with a friend that I would sing Barbie girl until I got kicked...
Free Roam
Free Roam 2 місяці tagasi
dam im rocked
Cloudrunner Drawz
Cloudrunner Drawz 2 місяці tagasi
We read you like a Scientology leaflet.
Luke Frawley
Luke Frawley 2 місяці tagasi
I’d love to see Kevin play Fallout shelter but the overseer is Jim Pickens.
Tessa Wooden
Tessa Wooden 2 місяці tagasi
And they went down together... That was beautiful ❤
bri 2 місяці tagasi
kevin... i love you
WillowStorm 2 місяці tagasi
Did anyone else see an astronaut as Clancy? Because I swear Clancy, from Twenty One Pilots, was being role played in the last or second to last game.
Talia 2 місяці tagasi
your among us videos always make me laugh :3
Trindalas Valadaros
Trindalas Valadaros 2 місяці tagasi
Everyone loves Kevin, even if they don’t know it’s him , and I love that haha.
Sabrina 2 місяці tagasi
when they called him daddy, I had to wonder if they secretly knew who he was but unlike some games, they weren't going to scream Kevin.
Janinna Maynz
Janinna Maynz 2 місяці tagasi
That was fucking hilarious I could NOT stop laughing. It only got better and better once you befriended pink.
Tazmin Syeda
Tazmin Syeda 2 місяці tagasi
I like that pink sabotaged everything but 02. I bet he meant to sabotage coms instead of reactor. THEN he would have sabotaged reactor.
Killer Queen
Killer Queen 2 місяці tagasi
How does Kevin keep making friends omg all people do is argue with me
Ajay kumbhakar
Ajay kumbhakar 2 місяці tagasi
Alex Pham
Alex Pham 2 місяці tagasi
Shut up
-Kappi- 2 місяці tagasi
-Kappi- 2 місяці tagasi
cassandra clover
cassandra clover 2 місяці tagasi
the fact u started off just as an annoying rando to these ppl & by the end of it was running the server, setting trends among the other ppl in the lobby w ur hat choice, changing the rules of the game, & getting away with kills in plain sight with crewmates LYING ON UR BEHALF is LEGENDARY
Mike Mortenson
Mike Mortenson 2 місяці tagasi
I had someone think I was you in this game
Peaxchy Cream
Peaxchy Cream 2 місяці tagasi
7:57 Jungkook *lenny face*
Joseph Shirt
Joseph Shirt 2 місяці tagasi
Kirb Smith
Kirb Smith 2 місяці tagasi
Pink is a tsundere
CadetRedShirt 2 місяці tagasi
that outro is catchy as heck and i love these among us videos ♥
Felix Mounsey
Felix Mounsey 2 місяці tagasi
How does the sponsor Honey make money?
PekkaBoi123 2 місяці tagasi
thats what im wondering too
✞Deathdate✞♡︎ 2 місяці tagasi
I love how social Kevin is online I didn’t know that was a thing but it is and I wish I had that skill because once I enter an among us room everyone wants to throw me out of a window 🤠
Meerkat Initiate
Meerkat Initiate 2 місяці tagasi
I enjoyed this video so much.
Emilie VIGUIER 2 місяці tagasi
I got honey thanks to you, and I just got free scones from tesco!
Ríona Stokes
Ríona Stokes 2 місяці tagasi
Does anyone else have moments of absolutely cracking up to the point of not breathing lol
aang moo
aang moo 2 місяці tagasi
you are the only thing that makes me actually laugh right now, thank you for existing.
Madison and Emma
Madison and Emma 2 місяці tagasi
Ok you guys probably won't believe me, but I was cyan in the emotional reactor part with pink you and brown. The ghosts were so freaking confused
Lin Wong
Lin Wong Місяць tagasi
Yes give us more context
Carrot Scones
Carrot Scones Місяць tagasi
Madison and Emma
Madison and Emma 2 місяці tagasi
You always get the best lobby lol
Rogue Raven
Rogue Raven 2 місяці tagasi
Honey is 100% useless downloaded it and check it every time and says there is no better deal than the one I'm on doesn't give any coupons
CJ 2 місяці tagasi
I love hearing Irish people saying 3, 30, 33
Adam Devlin
Adam Devlin 2 місяці tagasi
Cyberdemon Cyndi
Cyberdemon Cyndi 2 місяці tagasi
I think we can all agree with Disagree
Among Us but I agree with everyone
Call Me Kevin
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