Among Us But Its A Reality Show 3

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Laugh Over Life

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There are two imposters among us again. After lots of band-aids and medbay visits, our friends are back and better than ever, and as usual are hurling through the dark and unforgiving spacescape with nothing but their tiny brains and a maddening amount of terrible arguments. Our group has to figure out who on the ship are murderers, while making sure they are doing their tasks so that their spaceship doesn't continue its forward frontflipping momentum. Is red sus or is blue? Who should we vote out? Which player is the imposter venting to kill? Will people be murdered by the imposter or by their beloved crewmates? Find out in this week's third episode of Among Us but it's a reality show.
Blue and Red- @Oddest of the Odd
Yellow- Zach: the_bearded_bard_?hl=en
Black- Serg:
White- Jordyn: jbatchhh
Orange- Austin: austimist
Pink- Lauren: lauuuuurennn?hl=en
BTS- Zach: zachquintana

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Laugh Over Life
Laugh Over Life 24 päeva tagasi
carealoo744 6 tundi tagasi
@Shelley Gorden Shh! Among Us is the only thing that matters :)
Shelley Gorden
Shelley Gorden 7 tundi tagasi
Alien versus Predators please
Carlos Zacarias
Carlos Zacarias Päev tagasi
@Andrew Tkachenko I think he always die
Koby Kevin
Koby Kevin 3 päeva tagasi
It's bugs like year
carealoo744 5 päeva tagasi
Make Part 5 with Green, Yellow, and Orange as the Imposters
Julio Banegas
Julio Banegas Tund tagasi
Ronalyn Amor
Ronalyn Amor 3 tundi tagasi
Is it just me or did blue say I like it bleep cheeks on 6:27
Ronalyn Amor
Ronalyn Amor 3 tundi tagasi
Lol did u notice that how pink said idk if blue is an imposter or if he is just dumb I WAS LIKE LOL BOTH
Grumpy Gaming9937
Grumpy Gaming9937 4 tundi tagasi
Does anyone realize that black sounds like sykunno
Maral Aram
Maral Aram 5 tundi tagasi
F u fu blue
Maral Aram
Maral Aram 5 tundi tagasi
Fu to u
Maral Aram
Maral Aram 5 tundi tagasi
Just wow blue just wow
Gabriel Alagao
Gabriel Alagao 5 tundi tagasi
8:04 lol the "Always has been" reference XD
Cyan Crewmate
Cyan Crewmate 5 tundi tagasi
Let’s light year wrong reality show you shouldn’t be here 1:43
Isaac Boateng
Isaac Boateng 6 tundi tagasi
Blue 🔵 is Soo smart 🤓
Panda 6 tundi tagasi
Red: Always blamed by blue Yellow: always blamed by black Blue: Always blames red Black: always blames black
Aedan Hays
Aedan Hays 9 tundi tagasi
blue not a simp! lolz
Abdul Rahman Ahmad Zattam
Abdul Rahman Ahmad Zattam 11 tundi tagasi
Did any body knows that yellow is corpse
Alfie's Antics
Alfie's Antics 14 tundi tagasi
Does anyone know where to get these astronaut helmets and suit please reply it will help i really want one for Christmas!!!!!
Sasha Simmons
Sasha Simmons 16 tundi tagasi
7:56 i laughed so hard!
CJEmpleoYT 16 tundi tagasi
yellow sounds like corpes hasbund i t h i n k
The buddy Squad
The buddy Squad 19 tundi tagasi
It’s yellow corpse
Alpha Bloodmoon
Alpha Bloodmoon 19 tundi tagasi
White be like: Nani??
Kim Nam-Joon
Kim Nam-Joon 19 tundi tagasi
I guess yellow is the Corpse Husband of this reality show
MILF23 19 tundi tagasi
is that corpse
A BIG MOOD 20 tundi tagasi
*The moment the women gets voted off the ship* Chances of Survival: 0%
r Ortega
r Ortega 20 tundi tagasi
Yellow = corpse
Gloria Lee
Gloria Lee 20 tundi tagasi
Pink: “I can’t tell if blue is a imposter or is just stupid.” Me: “Both.” Edit: Coming soon! (Unlocks after over 100 likes!)
3F0N0V Päev tagasi
I like the youtuber refrences
sasuke uchiha
sasuke uchiha Päev tagasi
the corpse voice
Jayvee Asis
Jayvee Asis Päev tagasi
Yellow is litterly corpes voice and he has the mask of Jason
Calan Keegan
Calan Keegan Päev tagasi
The part where blue said "I like a cut -"
Calan Keegan
Calan Keegan Päev tagasi
That part was hilarious lol
Kailyn Woods
Kailyn Woods Päev tagasi
Wow lol, this made me laugh out a loud good job! Even the cussing
Katz da name
Katz da name Päev tagasi
Stop saying bad words
Tenzin serwoe
Tenzin serwoe Päev tagasi
Omg buzz 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
king cobra
king cobra Päev tagasi
Blue is so dumb
CHARAN Gaming Päev tagasi
I think i was the imposter
Audrey Russett
Audrey Russett Päev tagasi
I love how reds ghost was in the background with the middle finger.
Esteban Videos
Esteban Videos Päev tagasi
1:38 but no one likes finding solid concrete proof pink you suck
Yana Dancheva
Yana Dancheva Päev tagasi
never be freinds with the blue one go with purple cyan or orange them always good
Dino fun
Dino fun Päev tagasi
Erral Nathaniel Almaden
Erral Nathaniel Almaden Päev tagasi
Sheryl Florance
Sheryl Florance Päev tagasi
Who else came from infinite?
Madjus Candelaria
Madjus Candelaria Päev tagasi
WASABI and KC CLAY Päev tagasi
Arnas Oleskevic
Arnas Oleskevic Päev tagasi
Is yellow played by CORPSE
David gonzales
David gonzales 2 päeva tagasi
So is no one going to state that among us killed buzz? No? Just me? OKAY!
Weird Boy
Weird Boy 2 päeva tagasi
Red is my favorite because it is my favorite color and he is the best
Syed asim Imtaz
Syed asim Imtaz 2 päeva tagasi
I love this
danielfamilymember 2 päeva tagasi
i realey hate you blue
James Parsons
James Parsons 2 päeva tagasi
All carictor moments green dies literly EVERY TIME 1ST black a idiot in part 3 red deserves to win not blue blue the worst among us noob ever in history yellow well he just has a creepy voise and a mask pink THE ONLY GIRL white the funnist one orange a smart one thats all i think
Jelena Church
Jelena Church 2 päeva tagasi
These are so funny I hope there is a part 5 but there is probably not going to be but these are so funny and I can’t believe CORPSE is in this
ST BariTC 2 päeva tagasi
Riley's Random Clips
Riley's Random Clips 2 päeva tagasi
Ok, the video was funny I gotta admit, but the simp part at the end was sexist. You can agree with a girl without being a simp!
GachaDunnFilms 2 päeva tagasi
Yellow is scary Q-Q
George Daniels
George Daniels 3 päeva tagasi
thats fucking funny
Milkii Playz
Milkii Playz 3 päeva tagasi
Red said to blue :"yeah, WAIT WHAT" I like ur cut g
Gerald Denzo
Gerald Denzo 3 päeva tagasi
I love the reference in the last scene where blue and black copied the meme 😂😂
Sunflow3r P3ach
Sunflow3r P3ach 3 päeva tagasi
My fav is yellow
Ernad Halilovic gaming
Ernad Halilovic gaming 3 päeva tagasi
How come black never won like it’s weird
Mason J
Mason J 3 päeva tagasi
Blue is so dum
Abraham Pachecano
Abraham Pachecano 3 päeva tagasi
Abraham Pachecano
Abraham Pachecano 3 päeva tagasi
DemonWolfGaming 3 päeva tagasi
Maybe Jason isn’t a killer after all
Izan Ayala Gomez
Izan Ayala Gomez 3 päeva tagasi
Wow red
Diana Gabriela Sánchez Saavedra
Diana Gabriela Sánchez Saavedra 4 päeva tagasi
harry styles is the impostor red is thr impostor
Diana Gabriela Sánchez Saavedra
Diana Gabriela Sánchez Saavedra 4 päeva tagasi
¿red is harry styles?
R gaming
R gaming 4 päeva tagasi
Goof efforts
Devin Freeman
Devin Freeman 4 päeva tagasi
i love it
Devin Freeman
Devin Freeman 4 päeva tagasi
hahahahahah ur a simp yellow
Pcpl FREDERICK D. YAP 4 päeva tagasi
L0BA BR plays
L0BA BR plays 4 päeva tagasi
Lol 😂🤣
Edwin Dela Carsada
Edwin Dela Carsada 4 päeva tagasi
Black keeps voting Yellow because Yellow wearing Jason Voorhies Mask
park jieun
park jieun 4 päeva tagasi
park jieun
park jieun 4 päeva tagasi
Angry the Among us guy 2008
Angry the Among us guy 2008 4 päeva tagasi
When I played among us I was blue, I was the imposter, I locked red in the security room and someone reported a body and red told everyone I locked him in, and I got ejected, for me it was “idk guys, a body’s reported before I can kill you”
Eduardo Bonilla
Eduardo Bonilla 4 päeva tagasi
Can yellow be the imp next episode
Sean Laurence varias
Sean Laurence varias 4 päeva tagasi
Blue is the most smart and dumb i mean he his a smart-dumb
ian bryan
ian bryan 4 päeva tagasi
red ghost: roses are red violets are blue I have five fingers the middle one is for you
Mass Effect N7
Mass Effect N7 5 päeva tagasi
make mirahq and polus plse
that yeet sauce and his adventures
that yeet sauce and his adventures 5 päeva tagasi
Is it copse
Saad Mohammed
Saad Mohammed 5 päeva tagasi
Where tf did Buzz come from?
Monica Bruce
Monica Bruce 5 päeva tagasi
No one: Not me: Not even a soul: Blue: Not a simp.
stick fights
stick fights 5 päeva tagasi
1:48 when your sus
lam delmundo
lam delmundo 5 päeva tagasi
"always has been" lol
T-Dog 2007
T-Dog 2007 5 päeva tagasi
Yellow is actually my skin and among us because I wear yellow and the hockey mask
robi gaming
robi gaming 5 päeva tagasi
(nicole) whatt ! red is imposta
{Shadow_ Wolfie}
{Shadow_ Wolfie} 5 päeva tagasi
I thought yellow was corpse until I looked at the description lmao
Ch3z 5 päeva tagasi
Anybody else notice that as white was dying he said “OH ITS SO LONG AND DEEP” Just me.... ok?
Jonathan Sanchez
Jonathan Sanchez 5 päeva tagasi
I’m always yellow bc yellow is my favorite color
Jonathan Sanchez
Jonathan Sanchez 5 päeva tagasi
Yellow: what does the even mean I think black’s have a different language...
Jonathan Sanchez
Jonathan Sanchez 5 päeva tagasi
Blue mad sus
Jonathan Sanchez
Jonathan Sanchez 5 päeva tagasi
Lilla Lima
Lilla Lima 6 päeva tagasi
Eu não falo inglês!!!!
Lilla Lima
Lilla Lima 6 päeva tagasi
New map?
Lilla Lima
Lilla Lima 6 päeva tagasi
Maneiro demais,a história é legal!!!
Emperatriz Gracia
Emperatriz Gracia 6 päeva tagasi
Bleu is so stupid
Nayeli Martinez
Nayeli Martinez 6 päeva tagasi
Albert Cook
Albert Cook 6 päeva tagasi
9 green 8 buzz 7 orange 6 red 5 white 4 pink 3/2 yellow and black 1 blue
TheWindowsCollector 6 päeva tagasi
0:18 let me finish your sentence green MY NAME'S PEWWWWWWDIIEPIEEEEEE
Beatrice Mitchell
Beatrice Mitchell 6 päeva tagasi
Good attack blue and red 🤩
super wolf films
super wolf films 7 päeva tagasi
Red flicked blue off after he was ejected and then blue did
Dodyasin3 7 päeva tagasi
I like Jason Voorhees (Yellow)
Kevin Pereira
Kevin Pereira 7 päeva tagasi
What is Buzz Lightyear doing in this video?
ahmed mesary
ahmed mesary 7 päeva tagasi
First impostor win for blue
Grace R
Grace R 7 päeva tagasi
When The Crewmates And Da Imposters Which Is Blue Dummy And Red[Peeps Talking Then Buzz Came Out From No Where]
Dragon Dan
Dragon Dan 7 päeva tagasi
yellow is corpse?
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