Among Us but I am the most annoying crewmate ever

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Call Me Kevin

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Among Us but I am the most annoying crewmate ever, same as always then.
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Anurag Jha
Anurag Jha Päev tagasi
Son: Dad can I watch Shrek 4 at the theater? Dad: Son we got Shrek at home. Shrek at home:
Chloe Weitzel
Chloe Weitzel 2 päeva tagasi
It’s okay that you watched the whole shrek musical. I performed in my school’s version of it as Peter Pan :/
Unbent HardMode
Unbent HardMode 3 päeva tagasi
everyone gangsta until shrek comes across fortgreen
Claire Arabelle Setiadi 1209129
Claire Arabelle Setiadi 1209129 3 päeva tagasi
I think on the middle of the game he always forgot what this video is about 😂😂😂
Ryder Schroeder-Theoret
Ryder Schroeder-Theoret 3 päeva tagasi
Dad of two is my big brother
LodyPanda Cow
LodyPanda Cow 4 päeva tagasi
After my sis told me to watch Call me kevin I... got acdicted to watching him
Isak Johansen-Svenneby
Isak Johansen-Svenneby 5 päeva tagasi
ur the funniest youuber i have ever watched! laughed so hard
Adam Davenport
Adam Davenport 6 päeva tagasi
Layers! Onions have layers! Kevin has layers! Onions have layers... you get it! They both have layers!
Utopss AKA PJ
Utopss AKA PJ 7 päeva tagasi
Backstreet Boys are the best philosophers 😆🤣 I do like there music
Games R Fun
Games R Fun 8 päeva tagasi
Shrek the musical is actually lowkey decent. I was kinda surprised
Sierra Angeleen Hidatsa
Sierra Angeleen Hidatsa 8 päeva tagasi
Among us shrek addition. Like crew mates are called donkeys, imposters are called farquads and hosts are called shreks.
lydia sullivannn
lydia sullivannn 9 päeva tagasi
Shrek the musical is actually really good. It’s on Netflix. I have watch it over 15 times.
Tiff Q
Tiff Q 9 päeva tagasi
I love this too much
Zanzibar 9 päeva tagasi
U forgot to leave when u dont get imposter.
Shukhada Bal
Shukhada Bal 10 päeva tagasi
Kevin should've been loyal to Fiona that might have been a trust test
Rick 10 päeva tagasi
Kevin self reported
Bunny Official
Bunny Official 11 päeva tagasi
𝚒𝚝𝚜 𝚟𝚋𝚕𝚞𝚎
randomlyable 11 päeva tagasi
This title dosent make sense this applies to al of his amoung us games
TOMWOOD6 13 päeva tagasi
bad man blue sherk frowns at you
i ate all your pancakes and waddled away
i ate all your pancakes and waddled away 13 päeva tagasi
It would be cool if you played among us but you were another character
NeBula 14 päeva tagasi
Praise God 🙏🙏🙏
Chris Plasmeijer
Chris Plasmeijer 14 päeva tagasi
let's be honest this is not your first time watching this video :) (enjoy :D)
Kokonut slayer
Kokonut slayer 14 päeva tagasi
Once I got into a lobby where there was a donkey, Fiona, dragon and I was Shrek best lobby I was ever in
barney's go to number 1 bitch
barney's go to number 1 bitch 15 päeva tagasi
Us irish r superior, prove me wrong and while ur at it pass the bag of taytos
Jaxsterminator 15 päeva tagasi
The white line on the left (your left) of your Twitch jacket covered the "T", so it just says "witch".
-Kappi- 16 päeva tagasi
Nikkola Eldar
Nikkola Eldar 17 päeva tagasi
"if you don't wanna be caught, you shouldn'ta done it."
Insanity Shayla
Insanity Shayla 20 päeva tagasi
your videos are amazing dude!
Me Coder
Me Coder 20 päeva tagasi
I was named shriek for a while. Shrek is kool. My new name is poopyface.
Satan Isamongus
Satan Isamongus 20 päeva tagasi
6:25 how the heck did he pull that off
aestaetic reanne
aestaetic reanne 21 päev tagasi
Shrek doesn’t even seem like a word anymore 😂😭
Hannah 22 päeva tagasi
I wanna play among us with u :)
DuckyDae X
DuckyDae X 22 päeva tagasi
“Oh I’m a wanted woman.” lmao Big Tiddies. 😂
Matt Rogerwaters
Matt Rogerwaters 22 päeva tagasi
Wish the content was longer.
XxSavoyRigbyxX 22 päeva tagasi
I unironically love shrek the musical like a lot. you can hate me all you want but...
bUrGeRbOiO is here :p
bUrGeRbOiO is here :p 22 päeva tagasi
The Kenma person you were playing with, lol thats my friend irl. I'm surprised she haven't told me that she played with the great Shrek (CallMeKevin). Yes, it is a she, even tho Kenma is a male anime character
Cloudspli77er 23 päeva tagasi
this really cheered me up
Nuthi Ringa
Nuthi Ringa 23 päeva tagasi
Please play 📌GRANNY and make a video of it😆😂
Lauren 25 päeva tagasi
I played with big tidies before and they were awesome :)
rat illecebrasque dubitantium
rat illecebrasque dubitantium 25 päeva tagasi
I do love how Kevin's hood drawstring covers the t to make him witch
Maddie Savage
Maddie Savage 26 päeva tagasi
Okay but you could host as shrek and when someone swears be like “GET OUT MY SWAMP” then ban them
Elizabeth Martinez
Elizabeth Martinez 26 päeva tagasi
NO HOW DARE YOU FIRST YOU CALL KING ANNOYING REMEMBER I AM ALWAYS Shrek I’ve been named shrek longer than you !!!!!
Andrew Krug
Andrew Krug 26 päeva tagasi
hey is Dad of 3 here?
Lila 26 päeva tagasi
distracted by kevin's "witch" hoodie
teo999 27 päeva tagasi
I'm in love - I'm a believer!
who is this
who is this 27 päeva tagasi
Kevin is making me laugh while i deal with my depression, thank you.
Kayla K
Kayla K 27 päeva tagasi
Sherk is cool.
Rose M
Rose M 27 päeva tagasi
Could have said welcome to my swamp
ape 27 päeva tagasi
i noticed that the orange guy wanted the big girl's snap chat for her name in among us XD
Slxth S
Slxth S 27 päeva tagasi
Nothin better than hear Kevin saying nonononono at 6:00 am in the morning
sandraa_direction 27 päeva tagasi
I want to play in one lobby with Kevin so bad hahah
Hannah Rose
Hannah Rose 27 päeva tagasi
omg i just played with someone called shrek before watching this lmao
DiamondDog28 28 päeva tagasi
DiamondDog28 28 päeva tagasi
What’s big enough but look at the locations
DiamondDog28 28 päeva tagasi
Wdym shreds was a based on carector
Chris Місяць tagasi
I really want to see you play among us with jacksepticeye. Your both Irish right? It could be a lot of fun!
Heath Delport
Heath Delport Місяць tagasi
I cannot stop watching this guy play among us
Bhaktiii Місяць tagasi
omg I think I love you😂😂😂😭😂
Delilah Winters
Delilah Winters Місяць tagasi
i love my special apperance at 4:57 definitely not my best game
Manuel Rodriguez
Manuel Rodriguez Місяць tagasi
Why does Kevin looks... Hot and sounds so nice xD
Wrinkled Soul
Wrinkled Soul Місяць tagasi
Hey look, it's Shrek, that random guy from the hit game Among Us!
Wrinkled Soul
Wrinkled Soul Місяць tagasi
Why does everyone suck in public lobbies? Lol. Like, this is why I hate humanity...
Millie Road
Millie Road Місяць tagasi
When you’ve read Shrek and haven’t seen the movie 👁👄👁
Gracyn04 Місяць tagasi
okay but did anyone see kenma haha
River York
River York Місяць tagasi
Pink: flirts with Kevin Kevin: *actively ignores her*
Noemi AB
Noemi AB Місяць tagasi
Kevin is the only EEpostr who can fit his intro into the first 6 seconds.
AbominableDr.Phibes Місяць tagasi
I laughed so freaking hard my stomach hurt! That hasn't happened in years!
kaido shun
kaido shun Місяць tagasi
i made friends with someone like you always do and they said we were formed for next five minutes so i told them i hated them then i left the game
mYsELf Місяць tagasi
i tried doing this and i got voted out and banned i really suck lmao
Chris Fearnall
Chris Fearnall Місяць tagasi
no love for scared shrekless?
Julius Caesar
Julius Caesar Місяць tagasi
Hey it's Shrek from Shrek the musical
Rad Metal
Rad Metal Місяць tagasi
Borat has entered the chat
VK Місяць tagasi
Your my favourite among us EEpostr dude
Road House
Road House Місяць tagasi
Holy crap I was in one of these games with him! I was Boo, the red guy. I remember the quotes and the guy asking for the sc account and then asking what’s sc? That’s awesome! Lol
Road House
Road House Місяць tagasi
Wheel the Musical is my favorite musical. Saw it on Broadway too. If you haven’t, definitely watch it you won’t be let down
로지Rosie Місяць tagasi
y does he make me laugh so much
cindy herrerav
cindy herrerav Місяць tagasi
Do you really miss pepe popo
The Readers Guild
The Readers Guild Місяць tagasi
I was laughing so much that I accidentally spit on my laptop-
Kori Grace
Kori Grace Місяць tagasi
“I just know before this is over I’m going to need a whole lot of serious therapy...” -Donkey and Me looking at the thumbnail
Erica Maese
Erica Maese Місяць tagasi
I made a friend in Among Is today called Spooky Cow. He wore the white color and tourist hat. We were the Unstoppable Duo of Friendship. Spooky cow even voted himself out to save me when I was the impostor! The sever disconnected and we were separated. Spooky Cow, if you are reading this, ExcuseMeI (me) is waiting for you!
SaTuRoChAn Місяць tagasi
haha everyone loves shrek XDD
Malia Reinler
Malia Reinler Місяць tagasi
en krämig gyllenbrun och härlig potatisgratäng
Luke Steele
Luke Steele Місяць tagasi
Kevin you should do an among us video where you only kill in front of other people!
Bill Місяць tagasi
you should really use they instead of he but i love ur videos ur so funny🥺
Grace Holbert
Grace Holbert Місяць tagasi
If I ever run across someone who's spelling looks like this shite I'll know it's Kevin
Star Wars Guy
Star Wars Guy Місяць tagasi
Chaotic Blue
Chaotic Blue Місяць tagasi
Shrek hated when people had families and jobs.
Lili Jungkooki queen
Lili Jungkooki queen Місяць tagasi
Kevin since they day I discovered our chanelle your my favourite youtuber I LOVE YOUU PEEPEEPOOPOO
STAY in bed
STAY in bed Місяць tagasi
Big tidies reminds me of BM, dont know why tho........
Jonny Zuko
Jonny Zuko Місяць tagasi
*Reports Body* me: It was in admin Everyone after I said it was in admin: WHERE WHEREREREWREREREERERRREEE
Kuba Glowicki
Kuba Glowicki Місяць tagasi
Among us shrek go brrrrrrr
Emaan Segers
Emaan Segers Місяць tagasi
Just imagine being a fan of this channel and unknowingly finding yourself playing among us with him and finding out by watching this video
Kit Kat
Kit Kat Місяць tagasi
Once somebody asked me my number. We hadn't played yet. I just popped up in the lobby and they asked my number and did I want to be their girlfriend. Also they said they were 11.
Jill Mehta
Jill Mehta Місяць tagasi
Hey Kevin i want some quotes on among us for accusing someone. make a video on it plz . I request u
Hana Місяць tagasi
This was hilarious. These days I am really sad so thank you Kevin for making me smile.
TriXie Kat
TriXie Kat Місяць tagasi
#kevin, call yourself #Muted and only respond with ... and punctuation. it oddly makes your task as crewmate and imposter very easy.
jeon soyeon
jeon soyeon Місяць tagasi
"You die now farquad" - Kevin, 2020.
Father Shrek
Father Shrek Місяць tagasi
He’s the impostor
Zs Zs
Zs Zs Місяць tagasi
Hungarian names. Yessss
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