ABG (asian baby girl) Transformation / IG Baddie

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Haley Pham

15 päeva tagasi

ABG transformation / INSTAGRAM BADDIE
what should I transform into next?
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Mandy, Edie, Ida, Sheldon & Allie
Mandy, Edie, Ida, Sheldon & Allie Tund tagasi
DO NOT BUY OTC CONTACTS!!!! You could lose an eye. Source - 12+ years of working for an Ophthalmologist
Colcol 6 tundi tagasi
What did u use for ur lippps?
Emily Inoue
Emily Inoue 9 tundi tagasi
Idk why but when you walked in with your new outfit you gave me Chloe ting vibes lol
Emily Inoue
Emily Inoue 10 tundi tagasi
Omg your hair is so cute 🥰 it looks super healthy too! How do you keep your dyed hair healthy? Cause that’s been like the reason I’m scared to have mine dyed.
Nishinoya ‘Yu
Nishinoya ‘Yu 18 tundi tagasi
Not the owa owa dog💀💀
Makenna Gaddis
Makenna Gaddis 22 tundi tagasi
I knew you were waisian(white asian) the first video. Also you pull the tats off so so well, you’re so gorgeous!
Gaia Melki
Gaia Melki Päev tagasi
The ending was so weird wtf ??
Strawberrymilkshakeu Päev tagasi
oh what O.O shes asian?
Mikaela Päev tagasi
didn't even know you were white-
Sarah McDowell
Sarah McDowell Päev tagasi
what if you transformed into a scene kid next?? omg
Sarah McDowell
Sarah McDowell Päev tagasi
I love this look!!! you nailed it haley and the contacts looked dopeee
OkTinaa Päev tagasi
you very much look asian to me and always have. crazy that people thought you were just white. also btw this transformation was so cute i loved it
Tricia Rose
Tricia Rose Päev tagasi
Where are the tattoos from? 🤔🥺
Loyaler 17 tundi tagasi
Inkbox :) I really recommend them!! I’m wearing a custom tattoo from them rn and it looks so real
Tricia Rose
Tricia Rose Päev tagasi
I love that your dad is anonymous & it's respected 🥰
Devin Toomey
Devin Toomey 2 päeva tagasi
You look so good !!! ❤️
Andrea Guzman
Andrea Guzman 2 päeva tagasi
you look like demi lovato
Dejah Joy
Dejah Joy 2 päeva tagasi
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brooklynn 2 päeva tagasi
i love how ✨owa owa dog✨ was in her search history
kylie bieber
kylie bieber 2 päeva tagasi
Alie’s life !
Alie’s life ! 2 päeva tagasi
Why don’t her and Ryan post on their couple Chanel anyone know why?
Adriana Strothers
Adriana Strothers 2 päeva tagasi
Bro I was watching this video in my grandma's room and the MOAN AT THE END scared the crap outta me and my grandma just looked at me like 👁️👄👁️
Carmen 2 päeva tagasi
Now i have a crush on ABG haley
to me, Hailey looks very obviously half asian. I don't see her looking full white at all.
danilsa mejia
danilsa mejia 3 päeva tagasi
Hahah te pareces a Chloe Ting
Stef with an F
Stef with an F 3 päeva tagasi
Omg u look awesome like Kylie raes half sister or something
FOooFAaa 557
FOooFAaa 557 3 päeva tagasi
You should get a nose piercing it looks gorgeous😍
tang guo
tang guo 3 päeva tagasi
Sanaa Mumin
Sanaa Mumin 3 päeva tagasi
Faith Carolann
Faith Carolann 3 päeva tagasi
8:30 blow your nose...?
Tina Moretti
Tina Moretti 3 päeva tagasi
It is so weird because my mom is white and my Dad is from Vietnam so I am white and Vietnamese
zoë 3 päeva tagasi
i knew you were half and half for sure
Melanie April Casuga
Melanie April Casuga 4 päeva tagasi
You look so good 😍
Ikram 4 päeva tagasi
lidiya syakirah
lidiya syakirah 4 päeva tagasi
Kailei Buck
Kailei Buck 4 päeva tagasi
you look so good like this like wtf-
Galactic Sombrero
Galactic Sombrero 4 päeva tagasi
Okay but a vampire transformation would be cool
Jolie Riesenberg
Jolie Riesenberg 4 päeva tagasi
i want all of her pants ahh😍
Kayleigh Ann Britton
Kayleigh Ann Britton 4 päeva tagasi
Are hayley and ryan still engaged? What is going on I feel like they just stopped posting together.
loverboyjoshh 5 päeva tagasi
Where are the tattoos from
Nat Bat
Nat Bat 5 päeva tagasi
Wait but I feel like she doesn’t have that 🤌 abg vibe.... like her indie hipster is too prominent
Katerina 5 päeva tagasi
Somebody pls tell me the song at 3:25
stationerycloud 6 päeva tagasi
Draco Malfoy
Draco Malfoy 6 päeva tagasi
I watched some of your earlier videos first when you still had dark hair so yes, I knew you were Asian.
Lakiesha Cassady
Lakiesha Cassady 6 päeva tagasi
Where do you buy your fake tattoos from?
Kinny 6 päeva tagasi
you have always looked part Asian to me😂😂
shaia lee
shaia lee 6 päeva tagasi
why is her personality so annoying now lmao seems so superficial
Katerina 6 päeva tagasi
What is the song 3:25???
Luv2smile157 6 päeva tagasi
Omg where are those temp tattoos from?!
abbie whittier
abbie whittier 6 päeva tagasi
10:30 I thought you were fully Asian tbh
Sandra 6 päeva tagasi
bruh she lowkey reminded me of mia stammer lol
Sue Ciriello
Sue Ciriello 7 päeva tagasi
omg you should get a cross tattoo because you’re religious that would look so good on your finger or something and also it would remind you to always love god!
Martha O'Sullivan
Martha O'Sullivan 7 päeva tagasi
Where do you get ur tattoos and I LOVE THE ABG TRANSFORMATION
Olivia Nargi
Olivia Nargi 7 päeva tagasi
I knew you were Vietnamese and white yay
UwU Bxnny
UwU Bxnny 7 päeva tagasi
Bruh she tryin to be Asian smhh 💀💀🔪🔪
mimyomi 4 päeva tagasi
She’s half Asian
Châu Trần
Châu Trần 7 päeva tagasi
What she put her contacts in just a blink it’s been two days now and I haven’t be able to do it
Chloe Wall
Chloe Wall 7 päeva tagasi
You need to get a nose piercing!! You look so good ☺️
amberfirexx9 7 päeva tagasi
Im surprised people thought you were just white, to me you def look white and Asian but sometimes even more so asian, but anyway you are beautiful and this aesthetic is sooo cute on you!
Brianna Ellis
Brianna Ellis 7 päeva tagasi
What freckle pen did you use? It looks so good!?!
Tyresea Rodgers
Tyresea Rodgers 7 päeva tagasi
lmao "i look so edgy...RAWR"
kaiapepper 7 päeva tagasi
she's literally the girl version of ryan and i'm so here for it 💖✨
Char 7 päeva tagasi
You should totally get a nose ring!! I have one and you can still easily clean your nose just be slightly more gentle when it’s new :)
Agata Te
Agata Te 8 päeva tagasi
at 8:20 with that makeup I wasn’t sure if that’s you or Chloe Ting....
Sasha Van den Bout
Sasha Van den Bout 8 päeva tagasi
Rachel Klarman
Rachel Klarman 8 päeva tagasi
Omgggg I luv ur new hair
María 8 päeva tagasi
Im not asian, Im 100% latina. But I want to try this? Lol how about a LBG ? 🤔
megan diaz
megan diaz 8 päeva tagasi
natalie thi
natalie thi 8 päeva tagasi
had to turn the volume down at the end when she was drinking her boba lmao
Kyanna Sengsavang
Kyanna Sengsavang 3 päeva tagasi
i dont think i've ever heard her moan like that BAHAHAHA
Kay Ferg
Kay Ferg 8 päeva tagasi
"I look so edgy rawr" 😂 Best part of the video.
Lilian Cao
Lilian Cao 8 päeva tagasi
I reckon you fell off xx
Jonathan Wang
Jonathan Wang 8 päeva tagasi
Not cute at all ):
Cecilia lolz
Cecilia lolz 8 päeva tagasi
the boba just reminded me of when you use to have a pink drink addiction😭😭😭😭
Matia :P
Matia :P 8 päeva tagasi
dude it really suits you
Alyssa Connell
Alyssa Connell 8 päeva tagasi
She looks like Mia stammer lol
Alex Bruno
Alex Bruno 9 päeva tagasi
omfg u actually look soooo gooood
uwu ok
uwu ok 9 päeva tagasi
With that hair she loook like chole ting now....
Angélica Blas
Angélica Blas 9 päeva tagasi
Omg Yessss I was looking for this comment 😭
Abbir Virani
Abbir Virani 9 päeva tagasi
Can anyone tell me the name of that song that was playing while she was getting her hair done? 👀
M & K Doyle
M & K Doyle 9 päeva tagasi
Did she ever put eyeliner on the 2nd eye?
Sophie Coleman
Sophie Coleman 9 päeva tagasi
what did she ask for when getting her hair dyed?
Lara Michelle
Lara Michelle 9 päeva tagasi
sometimes I forget she’s Asian
• Star Master •
• Star Master • 9 päeva tagasi
She doesn’t look it like my first tome seeing her thumbnail she looked white then when I read the title I was like huh really?!
alix monette
alix monette 9 päeva tagasi
where did you get the pen thingy to do your freckles ? i need it SOOOO bad :)
Doctor Eye Health
Doctor Eye Health 9 päeva tagasi
Hey congrats on getting the lenses in!
GG Salazar
GG Salazar 9 päeva tagasi
You just need to open your eye more get used to touching your eye
bdebramo 10 päeva tagasi
Thank you for aknowledging how strange (strikethrough) CREEPY the title is.
Lexi Baker
Lexi Baker 10 päeva tagasi
does your hair naturally grow super fast or do you use something to make it grow faster? i’ve noticed that your hair has gotten so long so quick! i love it 😁
Ellie Belly
Ellie Belly 10 päeva tagasi
This entire video is haley just doing dangerous things for her eyes
Sara Bex
Sara Bex 10 päeva tagasi
Andereyaaan 10 päeva tagasi
Dang u look so fvcking cooool
Jasmine Casserly
Jasmine Casserly 10 päeva tagasi
What happened to Ryan?
Hailey Green
Hailey Green 10 päeva tagasi
No joke once you finished you makeup you looked soo much like Chloe Ting! Not in a bad way I think she is beautiful, so you’re gorgeous!! And seriously I love your new hair!!❤️♥️
Michelle Smola
Michelle Smola 10 päeva tagasi
I wear glasses and I wanna wear contacts bc they seem sm easier but I get weirded out over very little things and contacts are one of them idkkk why they just freak me out putting them in and taking them out
amanda adams
amanda adams 10 päeva tagasi
This look is so good on you😌
Jordan Levi
Jordan Levi 10 päeva tagasi
Kari Victoria
Kari Victoria 10 päeva tagasi
your energy while caking your face is the energy I need to see more of
k0zy.areum_ 10 päeva tagasi
Shawnai Ku
Shawnai Ku 10 päeva tagasi
What product did you use for the fake freckles
Isabella mckillip
Isabella mckillip 10 päeva tagasi
Omggg she’s so cuteeee
Jocelyn Garcia
Jocelyn Garcia 10 päeva tagasi
I really want to do this but I am not Asian😔 &idk if that would be offensive😭
Brooke Frizell
Brooke Frizell 10 päeva tagasi
You look so freaking badass omg
ItsMeManar 10 päeva tagasi
wait u look BOMB
Claire Sheerman
Claire Sheerman 11 päeva tagasi
omg u look like chloe ting in the after
Enya Almeida
Enya Almeida 11 päeva tagasi
Ok so I haven’t watched Haleys vids in a while but I’m so glad I’m back, her new vibe is so gooood
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