30 Amp DIY Wiring Updates for 4000W Heater

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Remember my video I installed a heater: eepost.info/my/video/2390fHaan2RjvXs.html
I went back and made some necessary changes thanks to your comments!
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By: Mehdi Sadaghdar

ElectroBOOM 10 päeva tagasi
Did you catch my typo "Fauilure" in the video?! hopefully not! I should check my texts better!
Mars Domes
Mars Domes Tund tagasi
Can you run an experiment with four “Baghdad batteries”, same design with the rod protruding from the top of the seal, no copper? one a control with what was discovered, terracotta with no glaze, copper tube, iron rod and a mild acidic electrolyte. A second with an alkaline electrolyte with copper and iron. A third with alkaline electrolyte, copper and magnetite in place of the iron. The fourth, an alkaline electrolyte with copper and a lodestone in place of the iron. We use different electrolytes and metals, different sized batteries. I’m not disputing the fact the battery provided minimal power, but perhaps different materials were used for different purposes. Magnetite is often confused with deteriorating iron. This would be an awesome test.
Mars Domes
Mars Domes Tund tagasi
Are we able to send experiment suggestions? I have one from a follow-up for one you did a year ago? Can you run an experiment with four “Baghdad batteries”? I came across a guy saying he used an alkaline electrolyte and was able to pull 5x times more volts from one battery almost double the size of the original. He did not list the brand nor ingredients to his alkaline electrolyte. He didn’t even show video proof, but now I’m curious to know. Same design with the rod protruding from the top of the seal, no exposed copper. One battery a control with what was discovered, terracotta pot, not glazed on the inside, copper, iron and a mild acidic electrolyte. A second with an alkaline electrolyte with copper and iron. A third with alkaline electrolyte, copper and magnetite in place of the iron. The fourth, an alkaline electrolyte with copper and a lodestone in place of the iron. We use different electrolytes and metals, different sized batteries. I’m not disputing the fact the battery provided minimal power, but perhaps different materials were used. Magnetite is easily confused with corroded iron. This would be an awesome test. Keep it up! Stay grounded 😂
Nikola Syahputra
Nikola Syahputra 12 tundi tagasi
sir pls make faraday cage DIY :D
Prasanta Bera
Prasanta Bera Päev tagasi
Hey when will u upload your 4 millions subs celebration video
Виктор Яковлевич
Виктор Яковлевич 3 päeva tagasi
Give me an osoclograph please, I'm from Russia
crewppy 4 tundi tagasi
you make my life better every nanosecond
Baljinder Kumar
Baljinder Kumar 4 tundi tagasi
First time when I saw his thumbnail I was thinking that he is that boring teachers that teaches science ,but I was wrong
JH - SFRJ 946607 Ellengale PS
JH - SFRJ 946607 Ellengale PS 5 tundi tagasi
How much did you pay for your electric bills
Torstein Early
Torstein Early 5 tundi tagasi
Please rectify the "jump your car with your milwaukee/dewalt battery" videos 🤣
Dave Crupel
Dave Crupel 6 tundi tagasi
1:14 how about you do the smarter thing. Not have guests over. From one perspective, not having guests over is an absolute way to garantuee they wont catch your cold. Umm i mean Chinese Communist Virus GAHHH i mean Corona Virus/COVID-19. It's a surefire method that garantuees both their safety and yours. Or, from a different perspective, If the globalists in DC want us to *antisocial* distance, and not socialize, over something so non-lethal to human health, then i guess we have to do that.
For Yeshua
For Yeshua 6 tundi tagasi
Can you plz do a video on this EMP Shield and see if it's legit? www.empshield.com/product/vehicle/
Big Smoke
Big Smoke 8 tundi tagasi
He is persian😂❤
MsMagicsproductions 10 tundi tagasi
thanks to your videos i feel smarter
MarcBossYT 12 tundi tagasi
Nikola Syahputra
Nikola Syahputra 12 tundi tagasi
Rahaman Techtronics
Rahaman Techtronics 14 tundi tagasi
Hi sir is it real
Hustle Hard
Hustle Hard 16 tundi tagasi
New video sir❤️
Rawand. exe
Rawand. exe 16 tundi tagasi
Learn from what he actually says & understand what he’s talking about: ❌ Enjoy seeing him suffer from shocking himself over and over: ✅
Gamer 7
Gamer 7 16 tundi tagasi
Hai why can you Change your yt profile
Saksham Negi
Saksham Negi 18 tundi tagasi
I like how he just keeps getting even more insane in every new video
MartinHUN Stúdió
MartinHUN Stúdió 19 tundi tagasi
I have an idea Mehdi! Try to run on your phone a 50, 100, 200 hz sawtooth wave, then put the phone's internal speaker to your lip, and try to speak, without using your voice. This is going to be interesting :) if you sucsessfully did it, try to create a device, was doing the same. I dont know how i call this device, but you can do a robotic voice :D
Hiren 20 tundi tagasi
can you do a vid about opening computer psus please. A lot of searching some say it is very dangerous to open up even a disconnected psu due to the large capacitors which can deliver a shock that can kill, even days after being unplugged. Can you cover this, how much truth is there to it, how safe is it to open one up to clean it or change a fan etc. Thanks.
MAthew T sunny
MAthew T sunny 21 tund tagasi
Sir i made a capacitor by seeing your old video. But the problem is that it is not working as you said.
can you make a free energy device
Sirusdark Päev tagasi
*Important note:* You're usually allowed to do what's he's doing only if you're the owner and under some other specific conditions. Otherwise, call a certified electrician. ;) Thanks for the great video!
Nitinraj Rajan Nair
Nitinraj Rajan Nair Päev tagasi
@ElectroBOOM you should make a voice controlled lamp which can change the light color and the intensity(like intensity at 20% or 50%). To make it more difficult it should only recognize your voice.
Eric Santiago
Eric Santiago Päev tagasi
Wear gloves when you do this
CosmicWaffle 26
CosmicWaffle 26 Päev tagasi
Whoa come down Alek 😳
amazook me fat
amazook me fat Päev tagasi
I Should laugh if I see some more shocks In this video will be funny if you guys laugh already? My laughs: only 3 laughs account well no shocks but I laugh only 3 times
Berrnie Mccannaster
Berrnie Mccannaster Päev tagasi
On the cheeeeep?
Berrnie Mccannaster
Berrnie Mccannaster Päev tagasi
Dear electroboom, question, is it possible that using pizzoelectric speakers from old birthday cards to make ultrasound cleaner with simple modulated recording?
Damien Hartley
Damien Hartley Päev tagasi
Use a diesel generator
Rock girl
Rock girl Päev tagasi
Did you install that 240V outlet to make sure you're safe when your sister-in-law comes for a visit ;) ?
Sebastian Lopez
Sebastian Lopez Päev tagasi
A good engineer doesn't mean a good electrician
Raivolt Päev tagasi
I'm very disappointed that there was only one nuclear explosion! Usually you are electrocuted 5+ times! Please be a little more reckless in the future!!
Rock girl
Rock girl Päev tagasi
He’s really funny.
Gacheru Mburu
Gacheru Mburu Päev tagasi
The Devil In The Circuit
The Devil In The Circuit Päev tagasi
Wait. I thought "anti-shorts" are what Greek men wear at the beach.
The Devil In The Circuit
The Devil In The Circuit Päev tagasi
People complaining about "heating up the outdoors" are ignorant about how these heaters work. Unlike an HVAC system that uses convection (pulling in cold air, warming it, and distrbuting it), these heaters are radiant in function. They don't warm the air; they warm surfaces within a specific distance from the heat relector. Back to school, you kids!
William Dickinson
William Dickinson Päev tagasi
Hey, and sorry if this is a stupid question but I have to ask it. Why did you use metal cable sheathes instead of plastic ones in the first place?
Aullido de la muerte z
Aullido de la muerte z Päev tagasi
I like you videos 👍👍👍 Electroman ⚡⚡⚡
Dhatchina Moorthi T A
Dhatchina Moorthi T A Päev tagasi
Sir Is This Video True Or Fake eepost.info/my/video/pXpnfpqIpmqdraU.html&t
Joseph Capra
Joseph Capra Päev tagasi
I swear at this point his next Video is going to be the Wonderwaffle DG2.
blue sonic
blue sonic Päev tagasi
create lamp that screams everytiem you turn on/off
Aspirant 2 päeva tagasi
I am telling you, this guy will be hired by Elon Musk sooner or later 👀
Edwin ARCENAL 2 päeva tagasi
use ixtn660n04t4 to make inverter
vidaoTime 2 päeva tagasi
the jacket is aluminum on armored cable
DMike 2 päeva tagasi
Electroboom guy, you're amazing! You've taught me so much! P.s. please send me one of those keysight oscilloscopes. I really need it to save the 🌎. 🎩
emoji chan
emoji chan 2 päeva tagasi
This guy is so genius i even bet he can make a greater handheld console better than nintendo
SrihanYT 2 päeva tagasi
Mr boom blaster u make me LAUGH AND i broke my spine from laughing and i fell of my sofa and broke my back thanks for making me entertaining
Accidental Tradesman
Accidental Tradesman 2 päeva tagasi
Can you do a Video explaining the wall speed control for an AC electric motor?? Like a fan speed control with a TRIAC and a DIAC. I cant make myself visualize how that changes output Frequency!! thanks!! love your Videos!
Gabe Bowyer
Gabe Bowyer 2 päeva tagasi
Hey! Do a Video with Linus about mining Ether! I wanna see something CRAZY, can you guys make a $120 per day rig?!?! How much power and GPU's would it need, etc. Maybe a cool video idea, maybe not, ETHER TO THE MOOOOOOOOOOOON
Babak Deghat
Babak Deghat 2 päeva tagasi
Why not measure an electrical eel? eepost.info/my/video/pY1qpmqllJJ_z4s.html
Mykull Clips
Mykull Clips 2 päeva tagasi
1:29, you're living in Canada, a country almost entirely powered by hydroelectricity and nuclear power which are already "clean" so your electricity is almost 100% carbon free, you don't need any solar panels !
thien minh nguyen
thien minh nguyen 12 tundi tagasi
On top of that, there is no nuclear power in BC so the electricity here is 100% renewable.
Derin Asmatulu
Derin Asmatulu 2 päeva tagasi
Mehdi didn't you say in one of your video's that you would show your entire team at four million subscribers
I'm David Hasselhoff
I'm David Hasselhoff 2 päeva tagasi
"If I have any knowledge" That's a big "if," my friend.
Expondingshepyt 2 päeva tagasi
Thank you so much your videos inspired me to take courses on electrical engineering my power supply soldering station and components came in today
valmi TV Idrizi
valmi TV Idrizi 2 päeva tagasi
electroboom you said that you will reveal you team who works on your vid when you reach 4mil subs can you reveal your team pls
Syrus White
Syrus White 2 päeva tagasi
Idea: Let build vibration like spider or bugs and chopper hot dog
Prasanna V
Prasanna V 2 päeva tagasi
Can you make a electric pump, which you told in your video
ho man ho jeez !!!
ho man ho jeez !!! 2 päeva tagasi
are you going to do a 4m subscriber special? btw love your vids !!!
Janno Pugi
Janno Pugi 2 päeva tagasi
This wiring and outlets and breakers and 20sec delay is looks like Europe in the 60's
climatic guardian
climatic guardian 2 päeva tagasi
He electro Boom I gave you free advitisement in a online class
Cabdiqadir Ilkacase
Cabdiqadir Ilkacase 2 päeva tagasi
can you make a search ENGINE GOLD .teacher
we'll be right back !
we'll be right back ! 3 päeva tagasi
The same joke twice.... AND I STILL JUMPED!!!
NGO SAO Yingkei
NGO SAO Yingkei 3 päeva tagasi
Glad to know that HappyCairek also watches you
Noah Fernandez
Noah Fernandez 3 päeva tagasi
Don’t do tik tok
Noah Fernandez
Noah Fernandez 3 päeva tagasi
No don’t to Tim tok
Russ Foote
Russ Foote 3 päeva tagasi
anti short please
Olgierd T.
Olgierd T. 3 päeva tagasi
Mehdi, why not sign those anti-shorts and give one away with each new oscilloscope giveaway?
Mohammad Bagher Dastranj
Mohammad Bagher Dastranj 3 päeva tagasi
نصف این چرتو پرتارو اصلا لازم نداری
Jimmy K
Jimmy K 3 päeva tagasi
Why not PVC as conduit?
Genymus Sgfocpr
Genymus Sgfocpr 3 päeva tagasi
Please, if you want to save the planet, don't install solar panel: renewables and renewables + batteries, are the worst things humans invented to save the earth. if you want to install it for save money, it's ok, but the only green energy we have to use for global warming (and not only) it's nuclear
TRXSlashPWR 3 päeva tagasi
Just North American electric: wires that are protected by metal, metal boxes and two phase 240V I am very happy to live in Europe where we are using non-conductive materials to insulate our wires 😅
Anders Van de Gevel
Anders Van de Gevel 3 päeva tagasi
I'm a little surprised at the lack of sleeving on all the CPC's. Is that not in the regs in Canada? Here (UK) it has to be sleeved in green and yellow PVC.
Doctor Song
Doctor Song 3 päeva tagasi
I love your videos :0)
Just Dario
Just Dario 3 päeva tagasi
Ravi Sharma
Ravi Sharma 3 päeva tagasi
Ravi Sharma
Ravi Sharma 3 päeva tagasi
Aris Gaming
Aris Gaming 3 päeva tagasi
Sir you are amazing , I can understand the electric chapters easily and understand new things and you are amazing
vincenzo dg
vincenzo dg 3 päeva tagasi
try to rectif this one mehdi :eepost.info/my/video/xYihfmKBqYF_0Y8.html&ab_channel=AmericanTech
vincenzo dg
vincenzo dg 3 päeva tagasi
you can also have fun like girl just wanna have fun
John Paul Riego
John Paul Riego 3 päeva tagasi
Juicy yt money🤣
MURU GAMING 3 päeva tagasi
Why 4.17 million people are wasting there time to watch this idiot who almost killed him self several times 🧐🧐
Ali Al-Ghiffari
Ali Al-Ghiffari 3 päeva tagasi
EleCTroBOoMm. more like ELECTRO FOOL
gabrigames02 3 päeva tagasi
I would have a request for the Internet via 220v line ... I want to know if they work and how ?? ..
nieooj gotoy
nieooj gotoy 3 päeva tagasi
8:06 My heart: yup, that's my stop.
0864F 4 päeva tagasi
Pikachu usa impactrueno
p vishal
p vishal 4 päeva tagasi
I miss that old and shocking Mehdi😭😭
nieooj gotoy
nieooj gotoy 3 päeva tagasi
Hey electroboom are u iranian cause I'm a iranian too
GOAski 4 päeva tagasi
You switched off the main breaker - but you did not ensure the circuit was deenergized! Better to always check "Live - Dead - Live" than be "Dead - Dead - Dead"
SHIVAM JHA 4 päeva tagasi
I have a request. Make a zapper powered by a backpack which houses a tesla coil and provide the current by batteries and capacitors. Love❤️
Aaditya 2007
Aaditya 2007 4 päeva tagasi
Happy birthday
Ebk zay
Ebk zay 4 päeva tagasi
Happy birthday
RnR 4 päeva tagasi
👌 nice
Michael Benoit
Michael Benoit 4 päeva tagasi
Xiemo 4 päeva tagasi
Electro should make a diy electric chair
MrScrewU 4 päeva tagasi
I'm certain I'm not the only one getting a massive headache from all the wannabe electricians telling him what to do
CosmicMicron 4 päeva tagasi
Happy birthday, Mehdi! May your electrifying adventures entertain us for many years to come. May you also be healthy and happy for as many years as you live!
Peter C
Peter C 4 päeva tagasi
It's kind of a joke what they call safe in the us and Canada ... Looks like Europe in the 60's
kooolman 4 päeva tagasi
Hey dude, you are a great youtuber. But, just a bit of advise. keep balance and originality in your videos. Try to be original, don't push the laughter/fun/anger snaps into your videos a lot. Be a lot more serious as well, this was the aspect which made your initial videos interesting to me. Your view count will lower and lower if you don't show your original behavior with better ideas. Try to come up with some bad-ass serious attitude :) For example, if in a horror movie, the horror scenes keep coming a lot, the movie will soon lose the horror taste. You setup the plot, make it interesting, gradually show small horror scenes and than make the perfect timing for the big horror to show up. Also please try to keep a simple content, too complicated will lose a large user base who have less interest in deep insights. Have a good day :)
Genuine GENIUS
Genuine GENIUS 4 päeva tagasi
Where should I ask my queries? Reddit or in youtube comments? Btw this channel has been a gr8 source of entertainment and knowledge for me. Thankyou
Jean Ding
Jean Ding 4 päeva tagasi
You should try minecraft redstone.
Cas Wijers
Cas Wijers 4 päeva tagasi
I have an idea concerning the measurement of one-way speed of light. Can I e-mail you?
mohmmad reza
mohmmad reza 4 päeva tagasi
Hey electroboom are u iranian cause I'm a iranian too
Gork Skoal
Gork Skoal 4 päeva tagasi
started watching this and was already wondering how many times he'd be cursing...while playing with his 70a toy.
Sausir 4 päeva tagasi
happy birthday mehdi
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