2021 Las Vegas Challenge | R2B9 LEAD | McBeth, McMahon, Heimburg, Gurthie | Jomez Disc Golf

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Thank you for watching JomezPro Disc Golf tournament coverage of the MPO lead card's second round at the 2021 Las Vegas Challenge.
Card: Paul McBeth, Eagle McMahon, Garrett Gurthie, Calvin Heimburg
Course: Innova | Wildhorse Golf Club | Henderson, NV
BigSexyBarri Commentary: Jeremy "Big Jerm" Koling, Nate “Sexy” Sexton, Paul "Uli" Ulibarri
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00:00 Start
00:53 HOLE 10
05:14 HOLE 11
09:34 HOLE 12
13:15 HOLE 13
16:51 HOLE 14
21:27 HOLE 15
24:57 HOLE 16
30:53 HOLE 17
35:07 HOLE 18
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Anthony Coyle
Anthony Coyle 19 päeva tagasi
Paul is an amazing player. Nobody else makes those shots.
Jerome 25 päeva tagasi
I love the short interviews sprinkled in. And the players mike'd up better as well. Best DGPT coverage!
Joel 29 päeva tagasi
The fact that Paul thinks he is somehow changing disc golf by coming up with the idea of using range finders to help dictate his disc choice is just hilarious.
Dylan Fitzpatrick
Dylan Fitzpatrick Місяць tagasi
Love the music
Jordan Wright
Jordan Wright Місяць tagasi
Uli firing back at Jeremy saying it isn't 2-3 years from now got me laughing. Love the banter.
Niilo Oranen
Niilo Oranen Місяць tagasi
how did Paul throw to water and didn't get penalize
Sparky Nate
Sparky Nate Місяць tagasi
I would challenge any of these players to come play 1 course in my town of Spokane, Washington and see if they can throw a PAR over 18! It's VERY wooded and A LOT OF VERY TOUGH SHOTS. And many baskets sit on very steep inclines so if you don't throw in or park the disc, you can EASILY roll 50-100 ft away! 1 basket is sat at a point where you have about a 30% grade at all angles off the basket with ZERO obstructions to stop your disc. I was about 20' away for my put, hit the basket and my disc ended up 95' away! I Wish the PDGT would come up north to my city and challenge these guys! It makes this course look like a walk in the park!
Felix Vecchiarelli
Felix Vecchiarelli Місяць tagasi
Can anyone explain to me the rules on 11? Paul's drive of course. How was that not out of bounds? Since it wasn't out of bounds, why did he play up above it, instead of down in the water? It was an amazing putt of course. Just don't know enough about why he putted from there.
wsuvjosh Місяць tagasi
Too much hate for the music, it’s cool to see a mix up from last year. Solid stuff all around.
Michael McCormick
Michael McCormick Місяць tagasi
Garrett Gurthie and Blues guitar at 26:00. Yes!!!! How about a Pros fishing video soon??
Alex Howe
Alex Howe Місяць tagasi
Paul's putt on hole 11 was nuts. I'm thoroughly convinced the only thing that would've messed up that shot was him being actively attacked by an animal from the drainage ditch.
Ryan Ganaban
Ryan Ganaban Місяць tagasi
I feel like the audio from Jerm, Nate, and Paul get out of sync sometimes, they’ll make a comment or react to a putt like a second before it goes in... are they editing the sound? I don’t remember this happening before last season
Clint Carter
Clint Carter Місяць tagasi
“Garrett Gurthie...he’s a kind man...makes good beef jerky...throws a mean disc” hahaha favorite bit of commentary on this round
Perzen 7
Perzen 7 Місяць tagasi
Welcome back guys! Love the commentator trio!
josh G
josh G Місяць tagasi
I think if you have a card getting 3 eagles and a birdie on a hole then you either need to rethink the design or par of the hole....
Micah Thomas
Micah Thomas Місяць tagasi
“Spiken ze Hyzer” comes from “sprechen sie deutsch”!!
Ryan Parsons
Ryan Parsons Місяць tagasi
the conversation between the announcers starting at 18:16 is priceless
Jarad Doyon
Jarad Doyon Місяць tagasi
Bring back last years music! The new super bass but quiet stuff is not nearly as cool
gritloyal Місяць tagasi
What is this Napoleon-Dynamite-sounding hole preview music??? Love it!
Matt Poniatowski
Matt Poniatowski Місяць tagasi
"Yeah, and another thing about that is that it's not 2-3 years from now. Right now. Today." ~Paul Ulibari Comedic gold!!! Keep up the great work guys, this is going to be the best year yet
Mike Sheppard
Mike Sheppard Місяць tagasi
Ulibarri you're hilarious man. Also absolutely great footage and commentary all around!!
tdsflip Місяць tagasi
Paul Mcbeth studies Happy Gilmore's style and his finishing stroke when he beat Shooter McGavin.
Bryan Місяць tagasi
15:20 Big Jerm telling another story about witnessing an ace. Always the bridesmaid, never the bride. 😂
shockanthony Місяць tagasi
Something about watching GG talk reminds me of Spanky from Little Rascals haha
WC 'Strawberry' Fields
WC 'Strawberry' Fields Місяць tagasi
27:07 I wonder if Owen Benjamin stole them...
John Lucero
John Lucero Місяць tagasi
Jim oats team innova from Orangevale CA. Says his name all the time when he has a good shot. Classic Jim
Googly Moogly
Googly Moogly Місяць tagasi
So if Double G has beef jerky... where are Uli’s Berries? Some trail mix dried fruit kind of stuff maybe
Terek Worley
Terek Worley Місяць tagasi
im standing right there next to the PP, and i yelled as he opened the door "dont come out rick!" lol. he ALMOST stepped on it. I still think GGs would have came back in if that cart wasnt there... It had the angle from my POV, which was from about 4 feet away
Baysinger's Disc Golf Channel
Baysinger's Disc Golf Channel Місяць tagasi
Some definite crushes out there this round!
Bryant Pierce
Bryant Pierce Місяць tagasi
bring back the old music plz
Christopher Mayone
Christopher Mayone Місяць tagasi
McBeast on 11 ...... There's just no words for that. 🤷🏻‍♂️
Alex H
Alex H Місяць tagasi
39:28 never been less proud of owning a cart personally. I'm sure this guy feels the same. Not that it was going to roll back in but man, does it get more cringe?
Broitry Місяць tagasi
8:13 Finally, the long anticipated answer to Nate Sexton's "Why Are Trees?" ...to show the insane levels of Paul McBeast's greatness...absolute animal with the putter.
Joe Pinkston
Joe Pinkston Місяць tagasi
So stoked to watch Ezra next round! Thank you Jomez for the amazing coverage!
Ephrain Cortez
Ephrain Cortez Місяць tagasi
No fucken way
Sam Hoefert
Sam Hoefert Місяць tagasi
dammit ules. dont you know that linear time is just an illusion??
Simen Aas Snekkerhaugen
Simen Aas Snekkerhaugen Місяць tagasi
RIP music
James M
James M Місяць tagasi
McBeth's putt on 11 is so ridiculous
Mentalhaze Місяць tagasi
Wow! Paul's putt @ 8:22 is absolutely nuts! It looked impossible on film and can only imagine how difficult it actually was. Gg
Chris Cone
Chris Cone Місяць tagasi
Best commentary trio in disc golf...
Daniel Steinkopf
Daniel Steinkopf Місяць tagasi
The stats the really need to be on the Trading Cards: Putt Mileage.
Siggy S.
Siggy S. Місяць tagasi
is that some juicy SRV during the GG interview? Keep it going, man!
Dan Rochegood
Dan Rochegood Місяць tagasi
Great coverage, as always! I could listen to the Jomez theme music all day
Jared Kelly
Jared Kelly Місяць tagasi
Remember when Paul said he was going to work on his putting this off season? Did he practice putt through freaking trees? Unreal!
Christopher McCabe
Christopher McCabe Місяць tagasi
I new format is absolutely incredible in so many ways. Wow
Joe Bleaux
Joe Bleaux Місяць tagasi
For a couple years I thought Garrets last name was Guthrie instead of Gurthie. Dyslexia or Mandela effect?? Dun dun dun.
TJ Seneca
TJ Seneca Місяць tagasi
Someone please tell Jerm that Ezra’s last name is pronounced AY-der-hold. Names matter
Caleb Gorman
Caleb Gorman Місяць tagasi
Hole 11: Palm McBeth? :D
Ron2652 Місяць tagasi
39:20 did my man really try to jump with a zuca cart lmao
Ablinkon time
Ablinkon time Місяць tagasi
Whats with all the missed shots?
Ryan Neufeld
Ryan Neufeld Місяць tagasi
Anyone notice how many shots they didn’t get on camera? Seems like a good 5-7 approach shots were missed. Hopefully just shaking off the rust...
Jmac Місяць tagasi
The putts on hole 11 🔥
Asbjørn LP
Asbjørn LP Місяць tagasi
What's up with the new Jomez theme? That bass line feels like a jazzy synth take on the Twin Peaks theme. I don't mind it, but it lacks the soaring high note that instantly connects me into the disc golf magic.
Dylan Patuzzi
Dylan Patuzzi Місяць tagasi
Would it be possible to add a distance tracker off the tee?
RNdom Місяць tagasi
#50 on trending for gaming? What? Simulation confirmed?
Kegan Conway
Kegan Conway Місяць tagasi
PLEASE FIX THE AUDIO! its a bummer to know the outcome of the shot before you can see it....
Beau Boutwell
Beau Boutwell Місяць tagasi
Get 'em, Ules! XD
ajcook876 Місяць tagasi
Love the player interview
flopkin Місяць tagasi
Loving the player features in these episodes
gnarcaster Місяць tagasi
Birdies for the coots!
OneManAndHesDetector Місяць tagasi
Realy lovin the new music !!
Noah Eckart
Noah Eckart Місяць tagasi
ummmmm why is mr. p. mcB such a freaking monster, that putt on hole 11... amazing
Patrick Burns
Patrick Burns Місяць tagasi
When will round 3 be available to watch?
Bahram Kheradmand
Bahram Kheradmand Місяць tagasi
hey folks where's the 3rd round footage? :D
Ssp Sp
Ssp Sp Місяць tagasi
Let's go Garrett
pali dinto
pali dinto Місяць tagasi
pali dinto
pali dinto Місяць tagasi
I love these guys man. Paul is such a frickin ham. Great personalities and so happy you guys are ours to enjoy
hi ho
hi ho Місяць tagasi
A cool idea. when talking about past shots (aka Paul mcbeths ace on hole 13) maybe show the shot
DeathWater824 Місяць tagasi
I've missed Sunday Disc Golf so much...Thank you JoMez and BigSexyBari Commentary!
Cyrus T
Cyrus T Місяць tagasi
I love the new music it's vibing and chill on the ears.
Andy Fulcher
Andy Fulcher Місяць tagasi
"nooooo he has to play it as it lies, I had to hit off frankenstein fat foot" lol now that was a Morley put if I've ever seen one
Mountain New
Mountain New Місяць tagasi
Sorry guys but I really would like if you stopped referring to your own results on hole so and so. Not interested what so ever. Focus on the players.
Ryan Gut
Ryan Gut Місяць tagasi
Rico Bros. shoutout was so rad.
Moif Місяць tagasi
@33:33 - Calvin's anger is getting a little out of control. He kicked his mini! (btw, completely joking, but that is the most emotion I have ever seen from him on the course)
Nathan Shell
Nathan Shell Місяць tagasi
I get big RuneScape vibes from the background music
Cameron Cutlip
Cameron Cutlip Місяць tagasi
I’m loving bigsexyberry commentary
John Hall
John Hall Місяць tagasi
Great stuff! Nice job round-robining the commentary, no talk-overs, just quality. JoMezPro, you guys missed a few shots! Jonathan, maybe you ALL should get a good night's rest! Go, PMcB!
codey seidel
codey seidel Місяць tagasi
Go get em Ezra.
Cole Rowland
Cole Rowland Місяць tagasi
I love it. Once a tournament. Big Jerm "no way he has a look." McBeth. Still makes birdie.
vadik horbonos
vadik horbonos Місяць tagasi
Sidenote. Might be good idea Jomezpro and Gatekeeper not spoiling the results of the rounds at the end of the coverage imho.
Cyrus T
Cyrus T Місяць tagasi
I think for the majority of Jomez viewers the end of round results are not spoilers, they are updating us on the current results to put into context who is moving forward at the end of the round.
vadik horbonos
vadik horbonos Місяць tagasi
Love the 80s hole preview vibe, very stylish.
Avery Donoho
Avery Donoho Місяць tagasi
im gonna be thinking about McBeth's birdie on hole 11 evey time i miss my wide open 15 footers....
Jason Blackburn
Jason Blackburn Місяць tagasi
If GG spent time developing a real putting stroke he'd be unstoppable.
Big Leaf Woodcraft
Big Leaf Woodcraft Місяць tagasi
JOMEZ!!!!!! I have my robe... I have my coffee... now I only need one more thing... I think you know what I'm getting at. COME ON BOYS! RALLY THE TROOPS! BRING ON THE ACTION!!!!!!
Jan Procházka
Jan Procházka Місяць tagasi
more FPS to drone previews pls :-)
Clayton MacDonald
Clayton MacDonald Місяць tagasi
FabbeBa Місяць tagasi
Paul's putt on 11 is just insane...
bjørn hagen
bjørn hagen Місяць tagasi
are there 3 or 4 rounds ?
LIGER WOODS Місяць tagasi
my gad!! pauls putt through the palm & through the willow & into the basket?!?!?!
Dallas Місяць tagasi
I cannot stress this enough, the new soundtrack is so much better on the ears and pumps you up during transitions. Awesome coverage!
M B Місяць tagasi
Too many shots being edited out. Why conform to any time limit?
KPrime31 Місяць tagasi
On Hole 11, can someone explain why McBeth got that much relief? It looks like he just stood on top of the tunnel maybe.
Colin Hogan
Colin Hogan Місяць tagasi
Can we take a moment to talk about how amazing all the music is! Who is Starframe? Whoever they are they keep raising the bar and creating more and more sophisticated music! Bravo!
UZTGUDIS Місяць tagasi
it was definitely coming back in 39:26 so unfortunate for GG (bad move by spectator and wtf Ricky)
UZTGUDIS Місяць tagasi
johnnydarter Місяць tagasi
Let Ricky button his fly 🤣🤣🤣
DigitalDharma Місяць tagasi
8:09 McBeth madness 22:52 Heimborg in woke state
Postermaestro Місяць tagasi
i still dont understand how garrets hyzer lobs always seem to find the basket, even in some wind
Big Al
Big Al Місяць tagasi
😮😮 457 let me grab a Luna? R u serious? I quit
Jack Squat
Jack Squat Місяць tagasi
Las Vegas shoot out
Aidan Doughty
Aidan Doughty Місяць tagasi
Sound was off sync hole 17 and 18. Spoiled some putts :/
Andrea Davis
Andrea Davis Місяць tagasi
8:28 Scramble birdie of the season (so far)
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