20 REALISTIC back to school outfit ideas

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~G I R L Y P O P A P P A R E L~
outfit 1:
best jeans ever: rstyle.me/+PanYINdOBwgeBAE1qN5cBA
white shirt: rstyle.me/+QvNoeeDD5CunsTmva9NK8Q
black boots: rstyle.me/cz-n/dq264ncj387
outfit 2:
denim jacket: rstyle.me/+IJov2qn09wSq1VSEySXPJA
jeans: rstyle.me/+PanYINdOBwgeBAE1qN5cBA
converse: rstyle.me/+m0H-VE1r0R15ReqlxJ3L8A
outfit 3:
sweater: rstyle.me/+FG3db6lu-YHGKDbg40jODg
jeans: rstyle.me/+PanYINdOBwgeBAE1qN5cBA
converse: rstyle.me/+m0H-VE1r0R15ReqlxJ3L8A
outfit 4:
jacket: rstyle.me/+9K0_uldBg2ZCLY4kLjOb6w
pants: rstyle.me/+alQf_O_rCJmrQQOyOr5urQ
fav sneakers: rstyle.me/+LBewDM8Z6_dvVDaPIiOnKw
outfit 5:
girly pop crew: haleypham.myshopify.com/collections/all-products/products/hlypgirllb-cs
best sweatpants: rstyle.me/+NDIyjbAIlOaIUUCn6kSGXw
fila sneakers: rstyle.me/+nPZdmBQoEMgsp9c44pV0-Q
outfit 6:
nasa shirt: rstyle.me/+i4q-4l4635wgEHmy8b9tBg
black pants: www.brandymelvilleusa.com/piper-cargo-pants-z263-001.html
fila sneakers: rstyle.me/+nPZdmBQoEMgsp9c44pV0-Q
outfit 7:
jean skirt: rstyle.me/+sJUxALu-swK5rZIzwavYnw
phamily shirt: haleypham.myshopify.com/products/hlypphamst-ts
outfit 8:
dress: rstyle.me/+paMIrMUbd1XVabWUGWmoqw
sweater: rstyle.me/+tmlYk6Ib_rja7S8J0UWbZQ
outfit 9:
brandy melville
outfit 10:
flannel: rstyle.me/+O23V97LxT3sJlOnBR9KB0g
top: brandy melville
jeans: rstyle.me/+PjYM9fFIzMXRWejYzEgYPg
outfit 11:
phamily hoodie: haleypham.myshopify.com/products/hlypphampc-hs
leggings: rstyle.me/+8suJrcwpAol3kPBwajRBjQ
doc martens: rstyle.me/+A_vXYpA2t4XYmQPePW6Jyg
outfit 12:
top: indigoclothingco.com/all-products/crewneck-light-wash
leggings: rstyle.me/+8suJrcwpAol3kPBwajRBjQ
tennis shoes: rstyle.me/+yGQAqbzXAj_AUBn_VJfi5w
outfit 13:
romper: rstyle.me/+196mh0IZmVtX3UvibkltxA
flannel: rstyle.me/+8ODZPpqKG8tYUXjAcpT2QA
doc martens: rstyle.me/+-yGyGKfk6pMEWUUN_wtlFw
outfit 14:
crew: rstyle.me/+yip3IfxW_XbTpw1S3vWNAw
skirt: rstyle.me/+iVtXEmDNR0b_4Av2Tled7w
outfit 15:
romper: urban outfitters (thrifted)
pink top: urban
shoes: dolls kill
outfit 16:
hydra hoodie: hydracollectiveco.com/products/infinity-hooded-sweatshirt-08
pants: rstyle.me/+orxYkUCptXa5GiKBPvtqYQ
outfit 17:
pham phriday hoodie: haleypham.myshopify.com/products/hlyppp00lv-hs
jeans: rstyle.me/+2mTwVPnMv3Le-p97q4qjJg
vans: rstyle.me/+OtNfPtMNUdlwjrxdnar-8g
outfit 18:
brandy melville top and bottom
docs: rstyle.me/+-yGyGKfk6pMEWUUN_wtlFw
outfit 19:
top: rstyle.me/+6Z6nreHSmnwLhnROXBp60A
sweats: brandy melville
outfit 20:
shirt: haleypham.myshopify.com/products/hlypgirlna-ts
birkenstocks: rstyle.me/+TBpBwFdSWPWS8DWsjh5bUg
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What camera do you use?
Canon 80D
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Final cut pro x
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Hannah Bylsma
Hannah Bylsma 4 місяці tagasi
Me with a school uniform 👁👄👁
Elizabeth 5 місяців tagasi
I feel like anything hailey wears is something that people told her were “cool”. Like it’s j her trying to do trends j wear wut u like not wut others r telling u to like.
Sophie Anne
Sophie Anne 6 місяців tagasi
Link isn’t working I would like to know how to find the black boots from outfit one please help
Stephanie PD
Stephanie PD 6 місяців tagasi
The last outfit was every single girl at my school 😖
Caitlyn Shaffer
Caitlyn Shaffer 7 місяців tagasi
Love this! Who’s here fall 2020?
bug 7 місяців tagasi
Waittt the link to her black boast doesn’t work :(((( this is v sad
Lee Patten
Lee Patten 8 місяців tagasi
Me coming from 2020 aaahhh I wish.
dear diary
dear diary 11 місяців tagasi
does anyone know where i can find the boots??? i'd love to buy them but the link doesnt work anymore
Bri Dabz
Bri Dabz Aasta tagasi
The link for the boots doesn’t work! 😭
dear diary
dear diary 11 місяців tagasi
Bri Dabz hi, did you ever find the boots?? i can't find them either!
Khawater Alkhater
Khawater Alkhater Aasta tagasi
Her wearing shoes inside the house is making me anxious and she constantly steps on that white chair thing
liah krista
liah krista Aasta tagasi
the lil sound of her face bubble reminds me of night in the woods dialogue sounds!!
Georgiana Doerwald
Georgiana Doerwald Aasta tagasi
it called a cardigannnnnnnnn
jasmine tootle
jasmine tootle Aasta tagasi
Really enjoyed this video! And, outfit #7 & #8 were definitely my all time favorite!😍
Jallis Aasta tagasi
Spock cooking in the kitchen and a pan dropped
Killua’s Yo-yo’s
Killua’s Yo-yo’s Aasta tagasi
Im gonna wear... MY UNIFORM, because i have no other choice
sav Aasta tagasi
Iamyou no
Iamyou no Aasta tagasi
Maddie M
Maddie M Aasta tagasi
Omg Haley your soo pretty and I love your style! Your second outro actually rlly inspired me to leave positivity!! Thanks so much girliepop love you 😘
Maria Aasta tagasi
2:11 does she like not remember that she dropped out
Jesse Daniella Alcasid
Jesse Daniella Alcasid Aasta tagasi
i miss u :
Jenni Curran
Jenni Curran Aasta tagasi
I've never been able to wear oversized t-shirts like that. My butt is too big and holds the shirt up 😂
Katie Aasta tagasi
Haley on the first outfit: *i wear these boots in every outfit like.... ever* Next outfit: *not tearing the boots*
Gwendolyn Rhorer
Gwendolyn Rhorer Aasta tagasi
my school has a uniform so i can't wear these, but they're so cute and i love tHem
Khyati I
Khyati I Aasta tagasi
When you're a high school drop out but do a back to school video
Jenna R.O.
Jenna R.O. Aasta tagasi
In the second outro spock is saying preach
hellobubble Aasta tagasi
Tip (especially for my plus sized gals out there): when you are trying to find things that are oversized and long enough to wear as a dress but are having a hard time, Target has a brand called Original Use. It's meant for men, but I'm an average height and a size 14 so this is the first time I've ever found clothes that can fit me (aka plus size) and still go down to my knees. I was really excited so like check them out!
Nathan R
Nathan R Aasta tagasi
How do you look so nice in all of these
Nathan R
Nathan R Aasta tagasi
I live in the uk we wear uniform 😢 still love the video tho 😂😂
Alyssa Evans
Alyssa Evans Aasta tagasi
Girl none of the super cute ones make my schools dress code
Allyson Cameron
Allyson Cameron Aasta tagasi
What?! How strict is your dress code? I could wear any of these and no one would say anything
Jailyn B
Jailyn B Aasta tagasi
i’m watching this while i’m in uniform 🌚
Abigail Ferrara
Abigail Ferrara Aasta tagasi
This was so high quality! I can tell you put a lot of work into it and I actually really liked the outfits. Probably will help me cause I've been super lazy with outfits lately but you know gotta step up my fashion game.
Mikyla lol
Mikyla lol Aasta tagasi
Still probably gonna wear yoga pants or sweats all year
Lauryn C
Lauryn C Aasta tagasi
haley said her hipster phase was her worst phase as if the one she’s in rn isn’t,,,,nvm
Katalina Vang
Katalina Vang Aasta tagasi
Thank you for making this!
kam nokap
kam nokap Aasta tagasi
i love haley so much wow i’ve been watching u since ur dance days ur my fav ever😢💘
Mary Scullion
Mary Scullion Aasta tagasi
Use me as the “I have to wear a school uniform button” 😢
Luis Merchán
Luis Merchán Aasta tagasi
loved this editing!
Christ C
Christ C Aasta tagasi
My school has uniform🙄😕
Evelyn Chou
Evelyn Chou Aasta tagasi
am i the only one who doesn’t have enough shoes for this?
Ainsley Scott
Ainsley Scott Aasta tagasi
i use this religiously for outfit inspo thank you sm
Kelsy Vargas
Kelsy Vargas Aasta tagasi
My school doesn’t allow hoodies
Dajs Aasta tagasi
Can someone explain to me what everybody has against hoodies? I love them and wear them to school everyday in the winter (because I am always warm and climate change I wear them instead of a jacket)
Cordelia Grande
Cordelia Grande Aasta tagasi
Were my uniform gang at ?
Marauder Avenger
Marauder Avenger Aasta tagasi
So far I think I'm gonna wear a white and blue tyedye shirt with jean shorts and sport-ee looking socks with try and blue sketchers sport shoes😉 any Ideas on what I should do with my hair? I've got dark brown, wavy hair and I'm gonna get it cut before school to about shoulder length.. but should I wear it up? Or leave it down?
alina !
alina ! Aasta tagasi
half up half down looks good with that length hair! kinda like mine
sopHEY Y
sopHEY Y Aasta tagasi
queen of the north
queen of the north Aasta tagasi
the green outfit reminds me sooo much of billie eilish 😝
Dinah Rawson
Dinah Rawson Aasta tagasi
Are you a libra?
fabry lewis
fabry lewis Aasta tagasi
i love the outfits but so many of them are out of my dress code
rose vestergaard
rose vestergaard Aasta tagasi
Not hating, but putting realistic in the title doesn’t that make it less an idea if it’s already a thing? Again not hate but I’m just curious and confused
Sydney Abramson
Sydney Abramson Aasta tagasi
when basically every single outfit is dress coded #boardingschoolthings 🙄
coniᄋᄉᄋ Aasta tagasi
Trying to look good for school is such a waste of time bc im not comfortabele and i regret it later lol
s f
s f Aasta tagasi
I watch this even though I live in the UK and there's a school uniform
vfleur Aasta tagasi
you say you love ‘fashion’ this is not fashion. It’s just what every ‘quirky’ teen wears😂
dear diary
dear diary 10 місяців tagasi
vfleur is she supposed to wear designer brands everyday? stfu lmao
Zarina Parmanova
Zarina Parmanova Aasta tagasi
By the way, Haley I wonder if you’re going to ever see this but can you make a video of how to make youtube videos? Because I need that. If it’s possible. Like this if you will soon. Ly
Zarina Parmanova
Zarina Parmanova Aasta tagasi
It’s 00:20 I’m exhausted my eyes are getting closed but my brain still wants to watch haley’s vids. I’m addicted 💕
Julia Tio
Julia Tio Aasta tagasi
When your school doesn’t have a dress code 👀👀
Marie Chénier
Marie Chénier Aasta tagasi
outfit number 6 is the best
vicsic vlogs
vicsic vlogs Aasta tagasi
haley casually promoting her merch:
Liz J
Liz J Aasta tagasi
Why do I watch these...my school makes us wear uniforms...;-;
Lola Passarello
Lola Passarello Aasta tagasi
uk kids can only dream
Danielle Adams
Danielle Adams Aasta tagasi
I loved this video! I like played dress up in my room watching this and some outfits were super cute and I would’ve never thought of them!
natalia herboso
natalia herboso Aasta tagasi
*me feeling attacked cause im lowkey but highkey a vsco girl*
Angelina Musco
Angelina Musco Aasta tagasi
imagine not having a uniform
Wild Wolf
Wild Wolf Aasta tagasi
Any tomboys here ;-;
Wild Wolf
Wild Wolf Aasta tagasi
We hav uniforms ;-;
agh Aasta tagasi
I DONT EVEN OWN A GOOD PAIR OF JEANS but fantastic video 💛
Mya Aasta tagasi
This is helping me pack for college 2nd year, I’m not bringing many clothes so you helped me narrow down which ones I should take ❤️
ky Aasta tagasi
imagine going to a school where you’re allowed to wear running shorts. could NOT be me 😤😎
Camille B
Camille B Aasta tagasi
Who else watches these videos even though they have a uniform 😂
Amy A
Amy A Aasta tagasi
I’m expected to be extra in my school and if I’m not extra people are disappointed
Aya Khoury
Aya Khoury Aasta tagasi
The outfit you wore to an event looks like an outfit that Jules would wear in euphoria
Alise Dreimane
Alise Dreimane Aasta tagasi
good job on the editing
Lauren Hay
Lauren Hay Aasta tagasi
Super late to comment but I absolutely LOVE the outfit with the Pham phriday hoodie! Definitely going to order the hoodie very soon!
Deleted Aasta tagasi
I love you!!!
Samantha Rittenberg
Samantha Rittenberg Aasta tagasi
I usually am board in these types of vids, but lemme tell you, I loved this vid!! It was so fun to have u talking in the little circle and the lighting in your place is amazing!!☀️✨💕
Jazmin Joyce
Jazmin Joyce Aasta tagasi
Wow some of these outfits are just my style to the TEA!
angelina napolitano
angelina napolitano Aasta tagasi
okay this is so cute definitely inspired for my first day of school outfit!!!
its bri here
its bri here Aasta tagasi
I liked this editing style and loved the outfits I will definitely use some for inspiration
amina zaynab
amina zaynab Aasta tagasi
do more of these cuz this is literally the only one that actually gave me ideas for outfits
minna konig
minna konig Aasta tagasi
i rlly wish i had some dolls kill boots omg, they’re just too expensive ahhaha, THEY LOOK SO CUTE ON U THO HALEY
Teresa Sharpie
Teresa Sharpie Aasta tagasi
Where did you get that floral skirt?
Lakeshia Jones
Lakeshia Jones Aasta tagasi
This is a good and nice idea to do
alina Aasta tagasi
4:02 Haley: wake up in the morning- Me: I GOT MINECRAFT ON MY MINDDDDDDD
Kikolopita Aasta tagasi
Lia Taylor
Lia Taylor Aasta tagasi
Jeans, t-shirt, and vans? I think yes.
kippers Aasta tagasi
This is one of my favorite videos omg 😍
Oana Stratan
Oana Stratan Aasta tagasi
Haleyyyyyyy u cant dress mannnnnnnn
Get_ the_crumpets
Get_ the_crumpets Aasta tagasi
im watching this in my school uniform like 🙂👌🏻 love you haley 💗😂
Olive Oil
Olive Oil Aasta tagasi
*cries in uniform*
Izzy Comas
Izzy Comas Aasta tagasi
i’m sorry but i will never a skirt/ dress to school ever too many creepy untrustworthy guys
Cavetown Obsessed
Cavetown Obsessed Aasta tagasi
Can we all take a moment to recognize that she literally put EVERY item of clothing in the description? Sissss
Cavetown Obsessed
Cavetown Obsessed Aasta tagasi
Ok I need some more trendy clothes! You are so inspo! I'm new I just subscribed so.... #notificationsquad Luv ya!!!
rredbloodcells Aasta tagasi
6:20 hakey: too tall to fit in frame
CrayCrayJay Aasta tagasi
*my junior and senior year i was just LAZY most of the time*
NO Aasta tagasi
Gotta give you creds cuz this was actually realistic haha
mara ·
mara · Aasta tagasi
i luv the editing style its so cute
Kristy H
Kristy H Aasta tagasi
Can't even wear jeans to school only on certain days
Adea Marreigh
Adea Marreigh Aasta tagasi
HALEY!! Love ur channel, this was super helpful because im really bad at putting outfits together 🤣 please do more of these in the future!! Luv uu🧡🧡
casey lydon
casey lydon Aasta tagasi
why am i watching this i have a school uniform
danny devito
danny devito Aasta tagasi
i love u but why are u bff’s w so many clowns
mattie jackson
mattie jackson Aasta tagasi
bro i want all of your merch!! it’s so cute!
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