1st summer road trip with my puppy!

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Haley Pham

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~G I R L Y P O P A P P A R E L~
every summer needs a road trip! amirite??? and this time with my puppy!!! this is just me ranting about my favorite podcasts, some youtube business, and travel plans!
Summer playlist: open.spotify.com/user/tippiespham/playlist/4cNnPxNeENaBCNiCZ610cy?si=s1a_5YDpRI-7ItHlSXjm2Q
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Final cut pro x
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millie .m
millie .m 13 päeva tagasi
who’s here after she made call me candid!! 😂😂😂
hi hi
hi hi 5 місяців tagasi
What type of dog is spok
Jane Klinger
Jane Klinger 5 місяців tagasi
dear hank and john is an amazing podcast!!!!!! you should listen to it!
manoj tharakan
manoj tharakan 6 місяців tagasi
If you like puppies like if you don't dislike
Kayla Rose
Kayla Rose 7 місяців tagasi
Bro I’m from college station
Hazard Sway
Hazard Sway Aasta tagasi
Maiya Pearce
Maiya Pearce 8 місяців tagasi
Melanie Rodriguez
Melanie Rodriguez Aasta tagasi
what type of dog is spock?
Katrina Wall
Katrina Wall Aasta tagasi
Stop driving with your dog in your lap. If you crash he will most likely die.
Yana L
Yana L Aasta tagasi
where are those sunglasses from
Maiya Pearce
Maiya Pearce 8 місяців tagasi
Katrina McKinnon
Katrina McKinnon Aasta tagasi
Don't second guess any of your video ideas. Just be yourself and make content that you think is worth making. I recommend like challenges and more of the self-care videos that you do every now and then.
Maiya Pearce
Maiya Pearce 8 місяців tagasi
Christine Ro
Christine Ro Aasta tagasi
Spock is such a good pupper
Maiya Pearce
Maiya Pearce 8 місяців tagasi
Anna Iola
Anna Iola Aasta tagasi
Podcast recommendation: Directionally challenged by Candice King and Kayla Ewell
Rachel Klett
Rachel Klett Aasta tagasi
Ohhhhh I went to the blue lagoon in Iceland. It was pretty nice but it smelled really bad because thats what like the geyser or i don't know lol. Also the water is really milky im not completely sure why but it might be because you rinse off the white face masks in the water haha. Oh yeah and Icelands gorgeous but its so cold
Natalia F
Natalia F Aasta tagasi
Pretty basic is a good podcast I think ur podcast should be on like how u feel on life
Natalies Sketches
Natalies Sketches Aasta tagasi
I love your chillaxed vlogs💁🏻‍♀️💕
I'm just a Potato
I'm just a Potato Aasta tagasi
Oml the duck tape she uses is the duck tape she used for the bow in her Tinkerbell inspired outfit 😂
Hsbsdbs Bsbsbshsu
Hsbsdbs Bsbsbshsu Aasta tagasi
I’m a guy and when ever I come over from Ryan’s channel the vids i enjoy most are just u sitting in ur car being weird and funny
nansasa Aasta tagasi
you should really go to Switzerland. I' m from Sweden originally bot ar working in Switzerland for a year. It's a beautiful country. if you go anywhere close to Lac Léman tell me and I would love to buy you a coffee or something you just really inspire me. have fun traveling.
Misolmin Aasta tagasi
how can u not feel how fast a 100 goes 😭😭
Charlotte Schreurs
Charlotte Schreurs Aasta tagasi
Lovee these types of videos 💕
That Nick Chick
That Nick Chick Aasta tagasi
The only podcast I listen to is Dead Meat which is by the EEpost channel Dead Meat where they review horror movies.
Jill Elisa Im Hof
Jill Elisa Im Hof Aasta tagasi
Can you tell us when you will be comeing to switzerland💫❤ I live there and I ame a huge fan😍 sorry for that but pleas😂😂❤
Lauren Edwards
Lauren Edwards Aasta tagasi
i love you haley, really do, but you’re scaring me: *focus on the road not the camera*
Maiya Pearce
Maiya Pearce 8 місяців tagasi
shut up
E with N
E with N Aasta tagasi
Oh shit shes going to finland SUOMI PERKELE
brain stew
brain stew Aasta tagasi
My fav podcast is the Jenna and Julien podcast! ❤️
Ryleigh McCue
Ryleigh McCue Aasta tagasi
You have to create a podcast
Zainub Faisal
Zainub Faisal Aasta tagasi
I was going to mention "Pretty Basic"..but then I got to that point of the video where she says "Oh,,there's Pretty Basic as well" LOL
Vårin Elise
Vårin Elise Aasta tagasi
can you pls come to Norway pllllllliiiiiiiisssss
Mary Dunne
Mary Dunne Aasta tagasi
Would you ever come to Ireland/Dublin
kqwaiie Aasta tagasi
every time something weird happens you should say “well this is SpOcKward” ...... lol
sean Aasta tagasi
She wants to be Asian in the future
Maiya Pearce
Maiya Pearce 8 місяців tagasi
Fiona Gerke
Fiona Gerke Aasta tagasi
aye i live in college station 😎😁
Halldóra Róbertsdóttir
Halldóra Róbertsdóttir Aasta tagasi
35 dollars to fill your honda crv?????? Its 35 dollars to fill my toyota yaris in Iceland🥺
Samantha Zuydendorp
Samantha Zuydendorp Aasta tagasi
if you came to NZ my life would be complete
Bret Walker
Bret Walker Aasta tagasi
yes PLEASE make more videos like this!!
K R Aasta tagasi
Bayts is a great podcast by keren and khoa
AnikaKanta Nepal
AnikaKanta Nepal Aasta tagasi
Wait I live I college station but I just found your channel!
Luka Broz
Luka Broz Aasta tagasi
yes. come to croatia. were begging you.
my old account
my old account Aasta tagasi
aw Spock is so cute. We stand 😙✌️
hannahhh Aasta tagasi
Shouldn't the title of this be "!st summer road trip with my son"? hehe
Maiya Pearce
Maiya Pearce 8 місяців tagasi
Cerena Getigan
Cerena Getigan Aasta tagasi
no chaser - timothydelaghetto genius brain - david so jknews
Rachel Moore
Rachel Moore Aasta tagasi
Podcast recommendation: Just A Tip by Megan Batoon!! I listened to every single one in a month. So good.
Liz Beaumont
Liz Beaumont Aasta tagasi
Haley you are seriously such an inspiration for me. It’s crazy because like I’m a Christian and I’m only in high school, I’m going into my junior year, but I have a boyfriend and we’ve been dating for a year and 2 months and you seriously are in the back of my mind because I don’t wanna have sex before marriage and it’s just awesome seeing someone, who’s a famous person, not be invested in that sorta stuff and I love you
Olivia Stevens
Olivia Stevens Aasta tagasi
sorry this is late but lots of friends listen to “call her daddy” kinda inappropriate but super funny lol
Cara M.
Cara M. Aasta tagasi
A really funny podcast is the Ron Burgundy Podcast
Samantha Golden
Samantha Golden Aasta tagasi
the way ryan looks at her at 14:02!! *insert heart eyes
sock Aasta tagasi
11:45 YESYESS GO TO CROATIA AAH OMG ajme jedva čekam vlog lol MAKE A VLOG PLZ hehhehe
MF Tea
MF Tea Aasta tagasi
Is your dog a poodle cross chihuahua because my dog is and he looks basically like that 😂
Lola Fillion
Lola Fillion Aasta tagasi
Podcast recommendation: Dr Laura call of the day (slightly graphic but this lady is funny and solves people’s social problems)
Jen Williams
Jen Williams Aasta tagasi
Iceland is AMAZING but I promise the blue lagoon won’t be the highlight of your trip 😬 It’s nice but 100% overrated - there are so many other amazing (and way cheaper) places/countries in Europe!
ariana randquist
ariana randquist Aasta tagasi
you aspire to be asian😂
Angel :O
Angel :O Aasta tagasi
A podcast that I watch pretty often is DeepFried by Kalie Chabib It's mainly storytimes while also being very funny.
Unicornmind 14
Unicornmind 14 Aasta tagasi
Pllz come to the Amsterdam i live there😂 and sorry im late love you💕
h413y Aasta tagasi
i love the car talks and a podcast would be a great idea 😽🖤
J R Aasta tagasi
I loveeee these videos and please don't second gues your self and i loved your content but i love everything you do please don't change
zenasuma Aasta tagasi
drive with me’s are definitely a go go
Katie Peach
Katie Peach Aasta tagasi
Driving without any safety stuff for your dog is sooo dangerous !
Sanne Duinker
Sanne Duinker Aasta tagasi
I really love your video's, don't ever second guess yourself for your video's! :)
cara_6045 Aasta tagasi
GALS ON THE GO (also youtubers)
emily thompson
emily thompson Aasta tagasi
I wish I would've known! I live in college station ughhh
edie brannon
edie brannon Aasta tagasi
i could never not listen to music for weeks on end
maddie brady
maddie brady Aasta tagasi
what app do you use to listen to podcasts?
Taylor King
Taylor King Aasta tagasi
Next time you go to College Station, go to Sweet Eugene’s! They have my favorite coffee! I get an Iced White Mocha! 😊
alissa hill
alissa hill Aasta tagasi
omg i live in college station
Audrey Fleming
Audrey Fleming Aasta tagasi
my dog is spock’s long lost sibling or something. looks just like her
Sophia B
Sophia B Aasta tagasi
Listen to Girls Gotta Eat!
abby unger
abby unger Aasta tagasi
if youre religious, definitely listen to “seeing jesus” by michael koulianous
Shailynn Amber Fiona Chilton
Shailynn Amber Fiona Chilton Aasta tagasi
Alexis Grimek
Alexis Grimek Aasta tagasi
I really only listen to youtubers podcasts Tiny meat gang - Cody ko & Noel Miller Jenna & julien podcast - Jenna marbled & julien solomota Skotcast - Scotty sire & Jeff wittek Very really good - kurtis Conner
Lindsay Burgess
Lindsay Burgess Aasta tagasi
I already know if you did a podcast that yours would be my new favorite podcast
Lindsay Burgess
Lindsay Burgess Aasta tagasi
I love your hair ughghh getting so long. So cute.
Bubbly Bun
Bubbly Bun Aasta tagasi
COME TO FINLANDDD pleaseeeeeeee i NEVER see my favofite youtubers cuz theyre all so far away in la or u.s... Id LOVE to show you around where i live. And even though im under the age of 15 i know almost full english. Im not in Lappi buuut i can show you a bit of the country side😁
Diana Brown
Diana Brown Aasta tagasi
Not a podcast, but I think you’d like God is Grey on EEpost
Desiray O
Desiray O Aasta tagasi
I really enjoy these kind of videos
Maizie Clement
Maizie Clement Aasta tagasi
Haley! This is different than all the other podcasts you’re listening to but if you enjoy true crime stuff I really recommend the Serial podcast. I just finished the first season and it’s crazy.
Valia Achtida
Valia Achtida Aasta tagasi
Katie Hulme
Katie Hulme Aasta tagasi
*not all people would like this* so I was watching kuwtk and khole(?)and scott were making a podcast called the lord and his lady when khloe was abut to give birth and it seemed hilarious. I haven't heard it before though
ainsley siglock
ainsley siglock Aasta tagasi
haley please (if you havent yet) listen to very really good by kurtis conner.
harmony barnes
harmony barnes Aasta tagasi
honestly i would watch any of your videos i love you smmm
Isabelle Tringale
Isabelle Tringale Aasta tagasi
my absolute favorite podcast is "and that's why we drink". It's not really an advice podcast, but it is funny and scary and just a rollercoaster from start to finish. It's a paranormal and true-crime podcast, and I totally recommend it!!!
Imposter jellyfish
Imposter jellyfish Aasta tagasi
i like pretty much all ur vids, so im not complaining
lina B
lina B Aasta tagasi
Im just binging videos of haley ahaha
the gal next door
the gal next door Aasta tagasi
U neeeedd to come to the Netherlands!!!!!!!! I live in tilburg ❤️❤️ u need to do a thingy meet and greet!!
the gal next door
the gal next door Aasta tagasi
7. 38 : she is Asian and all I want to be in the future... u want to be Asian in the future? Just kidding I think my humor is awesome.... Love u so much ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Your vlogs are literally the only vlogs I watch. Because yours are so interesting and entertaining. Meanwhile other vlogs I try to watch, they are just boring and uninteresting. So you are a 100000/10 and others are -100000/10. Love you (and Spock) ❤️❤️❤️
Angelica Virrueta
Angelica Virrueta Aasta tagasi
I prefer casual vids dude. Don't overthink it
Joi Wood
Joi Wood Aasta tagasi
i 100% recommend the lifeisgood co podcast!! best brand and even better podcast about the power of optimism
Taylor Phillips
Taylor Phillips Aasta tagasi
tahiti is a magical place haley. ok that sounded creepy but it was a shield reference. please tell me if u get it lol
Chloe Hocking
Chloe Hocking Aasta tagasi
You should 100% listen to the Guilty Feminist. It's been my favourite podcast since forever!
Lauren Ward
Lauren Ward Aasta tagasi
PLSSSSS make more of thessseeeee. love these vidsss
Caitlin Wheeler
Caitlin Wheeler Aasta tagasi
Makayla Kennedy
Makayla Kennedy Aasta tagasi
The podcast Acting Real with Kat Foster is really good, the episode with Zachary Levi is my favorite
Chloe Mccoy
Chloe Mccoy Aasta tagasi
You should definitely go to New Zealand it's so amazing ❤️
minnie pedersen
minnie pedersen Aasta tagasi
whats her pinterest
Larissa Lima
Larissa Lima Aasta tagasi
Switzerland is veryyyy expensive
Perla Hernandez
Perla Hernandez Aasta tagasi
Tell me why I know exactly where you’re driving .
Rebexxa X
Rebexxa X Aasta tagasi
Please please come to Germany than I would be able to see you one time 😂 but a good recommendation for podcast is teenage therapy
giselle a
giselle a Aasta tagasi
college station is literally full of college kids it’s a cozy feeling town i love it
It’s Megan B
It’s Megan B Aasta tagasi
Aww your dog is so cute Small EEpostr here plz subscribe to my channel
Lila K
Lila K Aasta tagasi
when you go to Iceland make a vlog cuz I'm planning on going there next year and I wanna know more bout it
forcing a summer glow up *gains confidence*
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