16 False Myths Your Parents Told You

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16 Myths Your Parents Told You, But They're False
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Pearl Brando
Pearl Brando 30 minutit tagasi
What I know, is that you don't say a number with an, "and" in it. You only do that if it contains a Decimal. For example, you don't say 121 as, "One hundred and twenty one", instead you say, "one hundred twenty one". For decimals, you say 1.21 as, "One and twenty-one hundredths". The, "and" only plays as factor in Decimals
C0ld Fu510n77
C0ld Fu510n77 Tund tagasi
3:00 harry"what would happened if i chucked a pen at your head at full pelt" me : knowing that it splits your head open because someone did it to my friend.
kylie 15 tundi tagasi
Evan Huntley
Evan Huntley 16 tundi tagasi
14:35 proper grammar doesn’t actually include “and” in numbers
Evan Huntley
Evan Huntley 16 tundi tagasi
13:45 not true...the elephant thing comes from a viral Facebook post...studies have show the opposite to be true
lucy H
lucy H 21 tund tagasi
lucy H
lucy H 21 tund tagasi
Lin Bra
Lin Bra 23 tundi tagasi
My mom bought a 99.9% dark chocolate and I couldn't eat a single bit because its so bad.
Target Zeal
Target Zeal Päev tagasi
Naw to actually say it, it would be 101 (one hundred one).
69SUGOI69 Päev tagasi
who in the fuck told their kid all of these random shit and why
69SUGOI69 Päev tagasi
wow so the chocolate that is good for u is the one i absolutely fucking hate i literally cannot stand dark chocolate
Awesome Tubing94
Awesome Tubing94 2 päeva tagasi
This is why UK schools are making students dumber not smarter. Its one hundred one. Theres no AND part. That was used to make kids who have a harder time remembering the sequence after a hundred. So Vik your dumb.
Austin Sanchez
Austin Sanchez 3 päeva tagasi
9:19 harry reconsidering all his life choices in that moment😂😂
Ali El Sakkout
Ali El Sakkout 3 päeva tagasi
Harry: vingt et un, vingt deux (correct french for 21 and 22) Also Harry: it's wrong it's wrong
Derek Khoury
Derek Khoury 3 päeva tagasi
According to the English language, it is grammatically incorrect to say "and" when counting. One hundred one, one hundred two... is the proper way to count up.
Brooklyn Goodall
Brooklyn Goodall 5 päeva tagasi
As a person whose hair was shaven off when i was younger due to lice, it did in fact get rid of the lice.
marcus wellington
marcus wellington 6 päeva tagasi
Yes shaving your head dose get rid of lice I did it all the time as a kid and it kept them away
Gabriel Kroni
Gabriel Kroni 6 päeva tagasi
show regular2
show regular2 6 päeva tagasi
The fruit orange was named after the colour
TheSharkRaider 6 päeva tagasi
Shxdoww17 7 päeva tagasi
Fruit loops are the same flavor🥺
La ray ray
La ray ray 7 päeva tagasi
Simon saying that the way you write 101 is one hundred AND one goes against everything I learned in first grade.
Ryan Awartani
Ryan Awartani 7 päeva tagasi
Me sitting on a Wall and getting stung eight by a wasp
EthanFelcry 8 päeva tagasi
The Last of Ants
Simoleon Sam
Simoleon Sam 8 päeva tagasi
In math you are supposed to only say "AND" to indicate a decimal, the proper way to say 101 is One Hundred One
breyton fer
breyton fer 8 päeva tagasi
With the numbers you don't write it like 300 and 1 you'd write it like 301 or 530 and we just add the and in so its really the way we speak so that fact is still true
the unknown
the unknown 8 päeva tagasi
*zombies are real* me like:👀
Chase Hankin
Chase Hankin 8 päeva tagasi
In English (American) we say 121 not 100 and 21
Sezuin _
Sezuin _ 8 päeva tagasi
Vikk’s gonna start putting truffles and caviar on his weetabix
chuck stevens
chuck stevens 9 päeva tagasi
Half of these were true though so the original video title is a lie
Fireball_720 9 päeva tagasi
Stooooooopid. One hundred and 21 is 100.21
Evan Mauser
Evan Mauser 9 päeva tagasi
One hundred and one. Is “and” a number?
_edd.ie_ .O.
_edd.ie_ .O. 10 päeva tagasi
7:50 rhinos are unicorns check their scientific name "Rhinoceros Unicornis"
10 päeva tagasi
Prometheus 10 päeva tagasi
9:01 advice of the year
Gr1ff1n -_-
Gr1ff1n -_- 11 päeva tagasi
One time my sister caught a couple of bees in her hand sometimes and they stung me and her :(.
LazerX 11 päeva tagasi
Here in America we don’t add the ands before numbers
ben dolling
ben dolling 11 päeva tagasi
Not sure about that dark side of the moon one
asioe kiou
asioe kiou 11 päeva tagasi
I love the super super bitter dark chocolate 😂 you are supposed to take super small bites and it’s an appetite suppressant.
Danny Boy_Dannyboy
Danny Boy_Dannyboy 11 päeva tagasi
Josh talking like buggs bunny. Even man like Harry couldn’t understand. X
Tyler Bohman
Tyler Bohman 11 päeva tagasi
And means there is a decimal
NeekTheSneak 11 päeva tagasi
What if color blind people see real colors and we see fake colors but we think we see real colors because most people do
Justin Tena
Justin Tena 11 päeva tagasi
If you say 100 and 1 you're a menace to society
asioe kiou
asioe kiou 11 päeva tagasi
Best outro beat hands down
Coolhands12 11 päeva tagasi
We may say “and” with triple digit or more numbers, but on paper we do not use the word and in numbers
Nick Smoak
Nick Smoak 12 päeva tagasi
121 is One hundred twenty one 100.21 is one hundred and twenty one
Ben G
Ben G 12 päeva tagasi
Lol its one hundred one
Ben G
Ben G 12 päeva tagasi
Or 1-0-1
Zyphixy 12 päeva tagasi
1:03 first time hearing famous youtuber i know and like say my country
Emotions 12 päeva tagasi
“And” isn’t a number💀
Daniel J
Daniel J 12 päeva tagasi
I'm actually pretty sure the fruit came before the color, but the again, like Luna Lovegood answered when she was asked whether the fire came before the phoenix, the circle might not have a beginning.
All Things good
All Things good 12 päeva tagasi
Just drink water as much as possible is healthy FYI
All Things good
All Things good 12 päeva tagasi
Bats are blind they use sonar. FYI that was a lie about them not being able to see. FYI I have known that since I was 4 not because I was told so.
All Things good
All Things good 12 päeva tagasi
Zombies aren’t real even ants aren’t zombies that is an over exaggeration because it is a illness that the ant gets. FYI
All Things good
All Things good 12 päeva tagasi
Zombies aren’t real but if someone is drunk than technically he or she is a zombie in the sense of not being in control of their body.
All Things good
All Things good 12 päeva tagasi
I knew that about chocolate
All Things good
All Things good 12 päeva tagasi
The moon doesn’t have a dark side but it is dark on one side always one half that the sun isn’t shining on that shouldn’t have been a myth it is true that it doesn’t have a dark side as part of the moons structure.
Branden -_-
Branden -_- 12 päeva tagasi
I love how the think 4 wheatabix is a lot then there’s me having 6 for breakfast a supper everyday..
Nav 09
Nav 09 12 päeva tagasi
Best outro beat hands down
Charlie_x07 12 päeva tagasi
I heard the same thing Harry 😭
Gian 12 päeva tagasi
Yeah dark chocolate taste like dog ass
Theo Sergiou
Theo Sergiou 13 päeva tagasi
HARRY WATCHES DOCTOR WHO?!!! You guys need to react to some doctor who complications
MIA- DANCERR 13 päeva tagasi
Harrys question about kids shaving their heads because of lice I thought was obvious whenever people got lice in my school the boys would all come in with threre heads shaved girls will have to sit in the bath for hours while they got combed out but every single boy always came in with a shaved head I thought that was quite norma” did no one else do this?
Sid Dawe
Sid Dawe 14 päeva tagasi
Imagine being born in a orphanage:/
John Wick
John Wick 14 päeva tagasi
Love dark chocolate
Hayden Wederell
Hayden Wederell 14 päeva tagasi
Wheatabix wheatbix
Hazza Monster
Hazza Monster 14 päeva tagasi
The Fruit Came First
HANSOLO REBEL 15 päeva tagasi
I got told that carrots make your eyes sparkle
Alejandro Clarinete
Alejandro Clarinete 15 päeva tagasi
10:09 says that water is wet, "firefighters use wetter water" lol i feel some people getting triggered
soiung toiue
soiung toiue 15 päeva tagasi
A robber : enters the house in the dark Kid : eats a carrot and says he has nightvision and can see the robber The parents : I may not have thought this through
Shabbir Abbas110
Shabbir Abbas110 15 päeva tagasi
The Cordyceps fungus is what causes the last of us zombie apocalypse because it evolves
Its Xeph
Its Xeph 15 päeva tagasi
I live is SEA and the oranges are orange not green
dcoog anml
dcoog anml 16 päeva tagasi
I just clicked on the video expecting to see “gum sits in your stomach for 7 years 😂 “
soiung toiue
soiung toiue 15 päeva tagasi
My mom says always that dark chocolate is good for you.
Max 16 päeva tagasi
The water one is not very good, fact is your body will only tell you that ur thirsty when your dehydrated. So listening to your body is not the best alternative.
Hippity Hoppity
Hippity Hoppity 16 päeva tagasi
You only say hundred and one because you're naturally letting people know that there's also a one there to be sure they got that right. It's pronounced hundred one. If you got used to it because you're naturally just reminding yourself to make it easier you've forgotten you've been saying it wrong.
Ali Creeden
Ali Creeden 16 päeva tagasi
i was taught 101= one hundred one 100.1= one hundred and one the “and” would be in place off saying “point”
dcoog anml
dcoog anml 16 päeva tagasi
regarding the numbers ... the and is only used when talking about money, one hundred and one pounds. When counting you say one hundred one potatoes :)
xNitro 16 päeva tagasi
The correct way is hundred one we just add the and cause it makes more sense. it's like how Z is actually Zed
Suhana Parajuli
Suhana Parajuli 16 päeva tagasi
my parents literally told me only like 4 of these-
18d_nz youthsaloon
18d_nz youthsaloon 17 päeva tagasi
Stop calling them weet"a" Bix it's called Weet Bix I'm a kiwi and search Weet Bix and pronounce it properly pleaseee lol
M. Shishtawy
M. Shishtawy 17 päeva tagasi
1st one is wrong, carrots have vitamin A, vitamin A helps with night blindness, you won't see like if the lights were off but you would get through to where you want to go.
Rammy Gaming
Rammy Gaming 17 päeva tagasi
You do not say one hundred and ten that is improper grammer
Rammy Gaming
Rammy Gaming 17 päeva tagasi
I’ve been stung in the ass by a wasp 8 times and also stung in the back by a bee the stinger was the size of a finger nail and it was stuck in my back
DeeCiii Reacts
DeeCiii Reacts 17 päeva tagasi
for some reason i think jj would say he can knock out an elephant
Anthony Vizy
Anthony Vizy 17 päeva tagasi
I never say "and" when I say numbers in the hundreds.
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu 17 päeva tagasi
fun fact: the color was named after the fruit before hand orange was considered a shade of red
Y0utube Frxst
Y0utube Frxst 17 päeva tagasi
One thousand has an “a” in
Haha Yes
Haha Yes 17 päeva tagasi
I think whenever u say 100 and 1, the and means there’s a decimal so it’ll be 100.1, don’t quote me on that tho
Mateo Mako
Mateo Mako 17 päeva tagasi
My mom says always that dark chocolate is good for you.
Mateo Mako
Mateo Mako 16 päeva tagasi
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu 17 päeva tagasi
The eye colour thing is fake we see the same colours becuase we see colours by light refracting of our eyeballs
Patrick 18 päeva tagasi
I'm glad my parents said dark chocolate is good cuz I love dark chocolate
lukerstime 18 päeva tagasi
Boys where's JJ
Dylan Herron
Dylan Herron 18 päeva tagasi
regarding the numbers ... the and is only used when talking about money, one hundred and one pounds. When counting you say one hundred one potatoes :)
Debbie Olutunfese
Debbie Olutunfese 18 päeva tagasi
I’m 8 and I eat 3 weetibix vik imagine when I’m ur age
Bodkin 18 päeva tagasi
The orange fruit came first, before the colour was considered a shade of red!
locto pod
locto pod 18 päeva tagasi
a bee got stuck in my eyelashes when i was around 4.. not fun
bouytt guyt
bouytt guyt 18 päeva tagasi
Harry, Vikk and Josh is my favourite sidemen reacts trio
Irfaan Khan
Irfaan Khan 19 päeva tagasi
It's so funny the way you guys argue
Vincent Marandola
Vincent Marandola 19 päeva tagasi
Upload date Monday 19th April 2021
Barack Obama
Barack Obama 19 päeva tagasi
this is bs
Blbeall youmomma Dick
Blbeall youmomma Dick 19 päeva tagasi
I got stung by wasp right on the outside my ear
bouytt guyt
bouytt guyt 18 päeva tagasi
different here)
Brennan Mahoney
Brennan Mahoney 19 päeva tagasi
And means a decimal point so no you should not say 100 and 21 you should say 121
Paterick 19 päeva tagasi
You say “and” when saying decimals in numbers. So it’s “one hundred one” for 101 and “one hundred and one”for 100.1
Osmar Pastor
Osmar Pastor 19 päeva tagasi
There kinda dumb ur not supposed to say and
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