Krylonn Joel
Krylonn Joel 17 tundi tagasi
Probably my new favorite channel 👌 Joey seems like the chillest guy ever id definitely work for him lol
Yes 17 tundi tagasi
I like how they take the time to go through the parts
T.L. NGUYEN 18 tundi tagasi
Must admit I really like this episode. And Tyler is holding up real well. He does have backbone 😛. Thanks all 3 for geat entertainment.
ILIKE400HP 18 tundi tagasi
He needs to take a plastic welding course they will come to you it's not that hard and a good plastic welder is maybe $200 that air intake looks like a dog's breakfast.
Gideon Steinberg
Gideon Steinberg 18 tundi tagasi
I own a Mitsubishi Montero and there is just something about Mitsubishis that makes you fall in love with them. It makes no sense, my Montero is slow, has an exhaust leak, leaks oil, the cabin is loud, and has valve train noise, but its also built on a super stiff chasis, has great 4wd, is impressively capable off road, and is just a blast to drive despite everything. 90s and 2000s Mitsubishis are just charismatic odd balls. I really wish the company would do some soul searching and return to their roots and start making interesting cars again.
Al Turner
Al Turner 18 tundi tagasi
when is the baby due?
CASHBLACK 19 tundi tagasi
“Why are we at P.F. Chang’s house?”
Sonny 19 tundi tagasi
you trying to copy Top Gear's format lmao nice work, but bro.. be original haha even the title sequence felt like a budget version of Top Gear.
Jordan 19 tundi tagasi
the top gear at home
Smiley Martinez
Smiley Martinez 19 tundi tagasi
Bring back the supra we want more supra videos
RedtailFox1 19 tundi tagasi
idea for theme of season 3....... land yachts......something Hoovie is well acquainted with but the other two are likely not. Either that or some form of pickup truck. Something to push them out of their element
Ayy Vlogs
Ayy Vlogs 20 tundi tagasi
How was it cheap? These are collectors cars, either it was high mileage or a salvage
Gug Fufg
Gug Fufg 20 tundi tagasi
Why does this remind me of top gear
Wheels Barrow
Wheels Barrow 20 tundi tagasi
Guy that performs magic CF repair has shop down the street, don't tell me the odds.
Frank Randal
Frank Randal 20 tundi tagasi
Save time and money, buy new car and some new clothes.. a haircut too..
Ameen Khalid
Ameen Khalid 20 tundi tagasi
Howd u get that film of it being towed
Surfer Dude
Surfer Dude 21 tund tagasi
I used to work for Royal Bank in Toronto. Any transaction over $10K is reported. It's all part of anti money laundering and anti terrorist financing. It may be that your first transaction raised some red flags and the second one was stopped pending an investigation. If that is the case, they will absolutely tell you nothing until the investigation is finished. In any case, put your bank's feet to the fire and don't send anything more until you get an answer.
Nos anciennes voitures
Nos anciennes voitures 21 tund tagasi
Xzibit, Snoop Dogg, Dr Dre : eepost.info/my/video/qZ-Ji3WKaq1lpos.html
Nithin Babu
Nithin Babu 21 tund tagasi
Tavarish.....WHAT THE HECK IS THIS???
Alejandro Rubio
Alejandro Rubio 21 tund tagasi
3 imbeciles
Eric Lara
Eric Lara 22 tundi tagasi
heartdocat 22 tundi tagasi
Don't think we didn't notice you didn't take Tavarish to Maro Lago.
Ronald Williams
Ronald Williams 22 tundi tagasi
You ever going to work on cars or just drive around. Boring lol
Ole Olson
Ole Olson 23 tundi tagasi
Take notes from boosted boiz
Cay 2DaMax
Cay 2DaMax 23 tundi tagasi
Wanna meet up for some pulls bro??
Jay Richardson
Jay Richardson Päev tagasi
Good chemistry nice cars
J & T Gaming
J & T Gaming Päev tagasi
Whole website doesn’t even work on your phone, I tried opening a few images of cars and nada
Robert Rutherford
Robert Rutherford Päev tagasi
These videos are trash! 🥱🥱😴 where are the updates on the mclaren ?? That’s all I come here to see! But that’s just me
B Hags
B Hags Päev tagasi
You deffffffinitely should've kept the rotary in it
William House
William House Päev tagasi
Walter Päev tagasi
7:11 my guy, dont throw trash out the window!
Amrit Abeyaratna
Amrit Abeyaratna Päev tagasi
My LEGO Chiron’s serial number is LT-B 98PXGDJH
Bushido Brown
Bushido Brown Päev tagasi
A turbo d series maybe makes 1/8 the power of a veyron 😂😂
null context
null context Päev tagasi
Hope Motor Trend has productive talks with you guys and pick you up while simultaneously throwing a boatload of money - Roadkill money - at you. They don't seem to be able to do car programming very well on their own sadly though.
Jay Riverz
Jay Riverz Päev tagasi
Duuuuude that car is sickkkkkkkkest car I ever seen
Jay Riverz
Jay Riverz Päev tagasi
Do you know that the Dodge Challenger is like $60,000
Jay Riverz
Jay Riverz Päev tagasi
The Dodge Challenger is the best car in the world my moms boyfriend has the Dodge Challenger 2020
MABfan11 Päev tagasi
SSC is shaking in their boots
Casey20 Päev tagasi
RupanRx Päev tagasi
Turn it into night rider copy
Jeff Sprott
Jeff Sprott Päev tagasi
OMG I'm crying over here. Priceless. Thank you for this. Made my day.
Dave Borkowski
Dave Borkowski Päev tagasi
You guys are just AWESOME to watch. Thank you.
Mr. Grumpy Grumpy
Mr. Grumpy Grumpy Päev tagasi
Stop copying Top Gear.
Christopher Fly
Christopher Fly Päev tagasi
One Word, Three Syllables............Tannerite!
cablecow15 Päev tagasi
Could have just parked it in Louisiana and got the same water damage 😂
Armen Babakanian
Armen Babakanian Päev tagasi
another top gear clone, come on guys be creative and come up with your own style
Greg Steele
Greg Steele Päev tagasi
Ooba doooooba. Better change your own clutch
Greg Steele
Greg Steele Päev tagasi
I just bought a spotless, 64'000 mile 5 spd '97 Mustang for $685 from a retired doctor. Drives like a brand new 97, but with upgraded urethane bushings! Thrush Weld exhaust going on now
Isaac Pereira
Isaac Pereira Päev tagasi
ahhh the two set reference is goldddd
Jonathan Bennison
Jonathan Bennison Päev tagasi
Top Gear 2.0?
Tee Kay
Tee Kay Päev tagasi
Ohh by the way Tavarish Auto tempest is the worst site on the planet 50 pcnt of the cars have reconstructed titles thats why you get you cars from there because they are always beat up trash when you get them. and =another thing it doesnt even have a google play app? like what year are they stuck in the 90s? and it also doesnt search cargurus which is the best site so overall auto tempest is complete garbage unless you want garbage
Flip More
Flip More Päev tagasi
The great race is getting bad
dhopem Päev tagasi
You’re you’re so cool
Chasmodius Päev tagasi
It's not like Ed doesn't know people "in the business" and can't get another Gallardo Spyder that _didn't_ go swimming if he wants...
Luis Waldo
Luis Waldo Päev tagasi
Ed looks like a giant chromatic aberration in that shirt 😂
Asinus Pyromancerus
Asinus Pyromancerus Päev tagasi
So i watched the entire series and it was BRILLIANT! Only thing that kept my bolts loosening was the intro and next time you'll see clips spoiling the big surprises (fex. the flying baby scene revealed the BMW...) but that was the ONLY thing, so Great Job looking forward to more content of this kind!
Shawn l
Shawn l Päev tagasi
Happy u got it back put cheater slicks on it
1LuckyKO Päev tagasi
You guys need a show. Love it. Glad I found you guys!
Das Faust
Das Faust Päev tagasi
"I'm two people" ROFL
KEYPiggy Päev tagasi
What civic is that exactly 🧐
Bruno Olivo
Bruno Olivo Päev tagasi
better than the new top gear
MasterFox Päev tagasi
Awful copy.
Jared Cullop
Jared Cullop Päev tagasi
Does the tall guy actually talk in that over-enunciated, unnaturally deep voice in real life? Or is this an attempt at a Clarkson clone?
Redeye ROB
Redeye ROB Päev tagasi
Dudes getting alot wrong about these cars, that silvia badge on the skyline isnt silvia its skyline and not all the R32,s have the same body style the rear lights on the 4 doors are completely different and the bonnet on the gts's are different too also that piece holding the speakers in the Z is not made by Greddy as one ive never seen them make audio stuff and during this period it would probably have been labeled as trust in japan if they made something like this, if anything it was made by Carrozzeria which itself is a sub brand of pioneer. The Figaro also wasn't a basic entry level car either, if you wanted one in period you had to enter a lottery to win a chance to buy one - it was one of the Nissan pike cars and shared its engine with the K10 March Turbo
NATE SMITH Päev tagasi
I want the flashlight the wizard had anyone know where to find one
BloodFall -Vlog-
BloodFall -Vlog- Päev tagasi
This video deserves a sub, a bell and like.
Max Magee
Max Magee Päev tagasi
31:35 - Foreshadowing?
Luke Luke
Luke Luke Päev tagasi
I think ... You put the left hand side rotor on the right side wheel. You can tell by the direction of the holes.
Bryant Ramrattan
Bryant Ramrattan Päev tagasi
i def think you should build it both in style and performance. make it as close to a bugatti as possible and stupid fast.
Marc Bibeau
Marc Bibeau Päev tagasi
Burn it
サメ- Sharkッ
サメ- Sharkッ Päev tagasi
Pfft you can make a Prius faster than a Lamborghini, all ya gotta do is spend a ton of money and upgrade your “Prius” for about years then drive it. Boom faster than a Lamborghini 😂
Teodor Dima
Teodor Dima Päev tagasi
I am really looking forward for the next car Treck...
The Pixalator
The Pixalator Päev tagasi
No way in the world did he get that that Vanquish for $29k!
Justin Daley
Justin Daley Päev tagasi
okay but what's their Doug score
Real Life Degenerate
Real Life Degenerate Päev tagasi
Is that a supra
Steven Ibanez
Steven Ibanez Päev tagasi
The fact you knick picked almost everything about the Honda was annoying.stick to the fancy cars bro
Neal Chagaris
Neal Chagaris Päev tagasi
Ok that car would be perfect to make it into the cayote from the hardcastle and mccormick show. That is my dream car.
Austin Cantrell
Austin Cantrell Päev tagasi
Really enjoyed the show and would like to see them try an off road vehicle in Baja mexico
Something Productions
Something Productions Päev tagasi
no drag race or kick down racing?
DeMO Supreme-O
DeMO Supreme-O Päev tagasi
Ok so the $40,000 roof cost 9k because it was damaged. Let’s be real. You knew it had that before you got it. Shipping didn’t damage it.. still cool as fuck!!!