How to camp in winter
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Rüben Vû
Rüben Vû 50 minutit tagasi
The Baby: I’m a smooth dudeee😈💅🏾
Derrick Smith
Derrick Smith 51 minut tagasi
Wow one deadly then the other. Bless the old lady soul. The type of games theses folks playing
EcHo8484 51 minut tagasi
an expert spewing garbage such as "there is no evidence to suggest it is harmful" alas there is no evidence to suggest, it ISN'T!!!.
Ben Menard
Ben Menard 52 minutit tagasi
Why are focusing on more testing??? This makes no sense to me
Anoiny 52 minutit tagasi
So... did the SPCA get enough funds?
MaryAng Orta
MaryAng Orta 52 minutit tagasi
Maybe it is Obama ..he is the one who support Alcaeda
Grace Rewerts Hartel
Grace Rewerts Hartel 53 minutit tagasi
no GG at all, waste of money
B.StarkNWO ***
B.StarkNWO *** 53 minutit tagasi
CBC can report on a Demonstration in Russia but Deliberately Ignore Anti Lockdown Protest in Canada?? This says it All what A Joke!
Vader Vaders
Vader Vaders 53 minutit tagasi
When all the injected folks turn into Zombies , don't forget -Double Tap!
Dan MacDonald
Dan MacDonald 53 minutit tagasi
I guess Canadians figured this was always the case ! Apparently not in "Blackface's Canada"....
Bernie Palmer
Bernie Palmer 55 minutit tagasi
Speech is missing a few minutes/second's
The Fall
The Fall 56 minutit tagasi
Majority of these people are Scum of the earth.
Marcus Larson
Marcus Larson 57 minutit tagasi
This is not news. Hysterical privilege.
True North Strong and Free
True North Strong and Free 57 minutit tagasi
Vetting should be more robust for our next Prime Minister! Obviously none was done this last round!
Bryce Burse
Bryce Burse 57 minutit tagasi
I hope that Grandmother is ok. 🙏🏾
Shirly Peterson
Shirly Peterson 58 minutit tagasi
Who owns the company?? China ??
Ruairidh Sutherland
Ruairidh Sutherland 58 minutit tagasi
Great more false positives for more lockdowns
Terry Cunningham
Terry Cunningham 59 minutit tagasi
It wasn't Justin's fault of course even though he probably went over the heads of the ones that did the vetting.
Nicholas II Alexandrovich Romanov
Nicholas II Alexandrovich Romanov 59 minutit tagasi
I am 18, I am Canadian, I don't care.
Griffith Uchiha
Griffith Uchiha 59 minutit tagasi
Russia should never have messed with US election and democrats are anti Russia. Putin is a goner
Alex Clingerman
Alex Clingerman Tund tagasi
Their chain of command should be ashamed of themselves.
SINGKEW LAW Tund tagasi
James OHalloran
James OHalloran Tund tagasi
revealed very little new insights
Physics with Salenkano
Physics with Salenkano Tund tagasi
He was a lion whose philosophy will always be relevant till the Last Day.
Putri N
Putri N Tund tagasi
The people of New Zealand are wonderful
Alex Schmidt
Alex Schmidt Tund tagasi
So we’re all just gonna blame the guy trying to get it built rather than blame the guy who’s literally responsible for canceling it?
Louis V
Louis V Tund tagasi
say what you want about russia, but atleast the protestors there wear masks... unlike the ones in the u.s
bill klintworth
bill klintworth Tund tagasi
How about appointing a capable person instead of a pretty face.....opppps that wouldn’t work for our current PM
Mitch Barredo
Mitch Barredo Tund tagasi
They are using the secrecy of the medical system against us.
Baby girl
Baby girl Tund tagasi
1871 a sedious act was performed by the Government. A coup was made to rewrite the constitution and put WE THE PEOPLE in all capitals, under a new corporate contract transferring the United States of America into the new Corporation of the United States of America which transferred the power of We The People and the constitution over to the new corporation. When they did that, it placed the citizens in the United States as property of the Corporation which was centered in Washington D.C.. This action made Washington D.C. a FOREIGN ENTITY on American soil of sovereign states. It was established through a loan from the Vatican when D.C. was transferred into a city-state, and this corporate entity then ruled over the people. Citizens rights were taken from them in this process. No one realized this. When they did the broker deal to get the loan from the Vatican, they did so via the Bank of London. At that time, they transferred all the property in D.C. Columbia over to the Corporate entity of D.C. a foreign corporation... Twas My First Video. I Do Enjoy The Jewelery Finds. Have Nothing But Health And Longevity. Keep An Open Mind. Fear Naught. Be Fearless. Be Strong Yet Wise Enough To Know When STFD. Respect Others Free Speach. Don't Tread On My Back.
campsite a
campsite a Tund tagasi
did they find out she did her job perfectly fine like the attorney general only to find her "interpretations" not liberal enough? LOL what a joke
Paul Bickerson
Paul Bickerson Tund tagasi
This is how X-Men are created ... 2021
timandsue legere
timandsue legere Tund tagasi
fascinating work they have been doing at spartan bio tech the cube can be applied to many things very innovative technology
Christopher Minchala
Christopher Minchala Tund tagasi
Ayee, way to go Chris Brown
Henry Henry
Henry Henry Tund tagasi
This is the same thing Canadian police are doing to people for the same reason
Bob Miller
Bob Miller Tund tagasi
I have an idea. Why not pick a person who is most qualified, and not just some jackoff yes man based on race? No wonder why everyone hates the government and does not trust anything the mainstream media says. We are forced to get our reliable and trustworthy news from guys on a laptop in their kitchen. It's obvious by how many views they get compared to TV news ratings
Russian REAPER
Russian REAPER Tund tagasi
And this ladies and gentlemen is how you make zombies
John Powell
John Powell Tund tagasi
In this century lets begin purging all of the positions in governments at all levels and end the monarchs ceremonial interference s in this country.
tony lapensky
tony lapensky Tund tagasi
an in walks an era of class again. thanks, Joe. :D
Alan Bbrady
Alan Bbrady Tund tagasi
More proof.
Jay Damhar
Jay Damhar Tund tagasi
I vote her for the first manned Mars mission. Solo, please !
Tre4Outlaw Tund tagasi
I guess you could say...he never lost patience
Born to social distance
Born to social distance Tund tagasi
Fk Health Canada
EJ XOF66 Tund tagasi
What a creep
Born to social distance
Born to social distance Tund tagasi
Your cattle, soon to be branded like one, but don't worry you'll still be able to shop at winners. So keep your snoots buried in your devices and watch Rome burn down around you.
Dave Gahan
Dave Gahan Tund tagasi
satsumamoon Tund tagasi
People of this age shouldnt be given experimental medications, neither should mentally impaired people . Its just morally wrong!
Biau DeRievaulx
Biau DeRievaulx Tund tagasi
@Puggalug You ought to ponder it yourself 😂
Puggalug Tund tagasi
@Xander Lawrence Plot twist: The actual sheep is you, but you were conditioned to believe everyone else is a sheep. Dun dun duuuuun. Ponder that what-if possibility. 😊
Biau DeRievaulx
Biau DeRievaulx Tund tagasi
@Xander Lawrence 🤡🤡
Em Tund tagasi
@Biau DeRievaulx baaaahhh 🐑
Xander Lawrence
Xander Lawrence Tund tagasi
@Biau DeRievaulx 🐑🐑
BD W Tund tagasi
it's almost like the pandemic is being used as an excuse for something....
Rob qwertyuipp
Rob qwertyuipp Tund tagasi
thejeffinvade Tund tagasi
Incompetency should be a crime, but then the entire government will be out of a job.
Jimmy Baggs
Jimmy Baggs Tund tagasi
A medication error isn’t news. Welcome to reality.
Lok Tom
Lok Tom Tund tagasi
Guinea pigs for testing?
I Am
I Am Tund tagasi
LUVIN IT Cancel pipe line Then what Joe was the Man right Justin Trump was right Liberals CAN'T BE TRUSTED...
lisette alvarez
lisette alvarez Tund tagasi
He is a great person. He deserved to receive this medal 🥇.
President Biden has such a phenomenal heart for mankind. ❤️
Canadian Combat Wombat The 3rd
Canadian Combat Wombat The 3rd Tund tagasi
Military needs to step in and remove these traitors corrupting our country.
Norman Grandy
Norman Grandy 53 minutit tagasi
zombienectar Tund tagasi
I hope all the Liberal voters are happy. Shame on all of you.
Robin M
Robin M Tund tagasi
Average age of COVID deaths: 82+ years old, and virtually all of them had at least one obvious comorbidity. An average of 8% of the North American population get the flu each year. In Canada, that means 3 MILLION "cases" / year. The whole of New Brunswick (population 770,000) is currently in the red or in full lockdown. There are a reported 5 (FIVE!!) cases in hospital across the entire province. Seriously, does anyone with an IQ above 60 still believe that all of this insanity is about a virus?
Chriss Y
Chriss Y Tund tagasi
Somewhere Mike Pence is crying watching this wishing he’d served with a real president.
Bob Miller
Bob Miller Tund tagasi
Vera Hargrove
Vera Hargrove Tund tagasi
Oh wow we appreciate President Barack Obama now president Joe Biden two peaceful loving people in the world I wish we could change the whole Senate to be as loving and peaceful and humble as you are may God bless America
Rémi Girard
Rémi Girard Tund tagasi
She was experiment 1
Stuart Duncan
Stuart Duncan Tund tagasi
Complete garbage as usual from Marc garneau ... Canadians can’t honestly support this stupidity. It’s virtue signaling at its finest with the CBC assisting in the bad decision and taking no tough questions
David Irvine
David Irvine Tund tagasi
We've had 29 governor generals since independence and now it's the vetting process that's the problem. It would be nice if our PM could own his own hiring mistake. Pathetic!
Edward Lee
Edward Lee Tund tagasi
Canada is with you! Let's go!
Olee _
Olee _ Tund tagasi
Ok good and bad. Bad : Having this poor man justify why JT decided to appoint someone because it felt right Good: the man said literally "We cant pretend that it was adequate" thank you for being half honest. Meaning its the truth but hes jumping around to make it sound less bad lol. Anyways
Ruairidh Sutherland
Ruairidh Sutherland Tund tagasi
Probly bacterial pneumonia from wearing masks 24 /7
secret society322
secret society322 Tund tagasi
Joe Biden is a pervert
Salty Army
Salty Army Tund tagasi
A B+ on his criticism and an F on his conscience? So you admit Jordan's facts are a solid B+ but he hurt your feelings and therefor his facts don't actually matter?
D DIYANA Tund tagasi
either pay people to stay home, or open the country so people can work.
Opedanderson Tund tagasi
ironic that big city liberals dont want any energy.
Rougé Moonchild
Rougé Moonchild Tund tagasi
Shes a test subject now
Stephen S
Stephen S Tund tagasi
This is the softest questioning. If this was a conservative government the examination by the reporter would be much more intense and well deserved.
MrOramato Tund tagasi
So if a robocaller uses an innocents person number, that persons number gets blacklisted.
P. Michael
P. Michael Tund tagasi
The U.S. is a baron wasteland anyways, the government is ..the.. worst towards its citizens. Canada will flourish regardless.
Brad Stevens
Brad Stevens Tund tagasi
stateofmindz Tund tagasi
this is similar to how children were used as guinea pigs in residential schools.
Charles Robitaille
Charles Robitaille Tund tagasi
Abolish the position! It's symbolic and it costs taxpayers a fortune. Not to mention the lifetime allowance given. Like I costs Canadians a fortune for mostly a symbolic position.
Budzzable Rides
Budzzable Rides Tund tagasi
She had the so called job for 3 years & now will receive 150K for life, SWEET DEAL!
R B Tund tagasi
This poor lady has become a scientific experiment. Government at all levels is abusing public health. They should all be fired!
Biau DeRievaulx
Biau DeRievaulx Tund tagasi
@R B wHAt A seNsiBLe ReSpOnsE
lynsey stevens
lynsey stevens Tund tagasi
When you reward evil for good and good for evil!