The 2020 Audi RSQ8 Is a $140,000 Super SUV
I Bought a Kia Stinger GT! (And Here's Why)
I'm Launching a Car Auction Website!
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The 2020 Lincoln Corsair Is a Baby Navigator
Retro Christmas
Retro Christmas Tund tagasi
They should have put the engine in a dodge dart xD. Think of the suspension the front would need to hold all that weight. Plus all that torque steer would be crazy.
Zonkar O
Zonkar O Tund tagasi
Doug doesn’t like Lexus because he will never get to use the warranty.
HomeworldChanal Tund tagasi
This car first appeared to be a raw, classic sports car but now I can´t help myself to think of it as a expensive, dangerous scam.
WIBOWHunter Tund tagasi
This car is timeless and is still the best looking sports car in the world
Dale Steel
Dale Steel Tund tagasi
When your accelerating your weight is pushed back which is why you normally pull back to shift up. Otherwise your fighting against inertia
Retro Christmas
Retro Christmas Tund tagasi
All the leather in this truck comes from the king ranch. Thats why they go so crazy with the logos.
Henry Derksen
Henry Derksen Tund tagasi
I guess you don’t like this van. Hmmmm..why buy any Mercedes? There are great American vans that do the job.
22gepard Tund tagasi
change the name to carbid
Adnan Mohamed
Adnan Mohamed Tund tagasi
That e46 design in the toolbox is kind of beatiful
Retro Christmas
Retro Christmas Tund tagasi
Those running boards break in a matter of months when winter hits. They get caked with snow, it weighs them down and frys out the mottor.
PApro Tund tagasi
The m12 was supposed to be the "Americas answer to Lamborghini"... So they decided to use a Lamborghini engine?!?!? Where is the logic in that?
Nathaniel Rudolph
Nathaniel Rudolph Tund tagasi
This is NOT more comfortable than the Maserati. He’s so biased.
Justin Brown
Justin Brown Tund tagasi
People said TVR in the UK was nuts, they had nothing on the viper.
HeyDude Tund tagasi
Not loaded down with safety nonsense. The perfect car for those with common sense
Edmond de Bour
Edmond de Bour Tund tagasi
What no donut tire !! My dune buggy had the same stile gear down rear axel from a VW bus with large 4X4 tires
XXX XXX Tund tagasi
Am I the only one that thinks he looks like a camp counselor in this video ?
SALMAN AHMAD Tund tagasi
Hi doug make a video on ferrari sf90 stradale
Janet Simpson
Janet Simpson Tund tagasi
Can we get it at the casino ?
RC420 Tund tagasi
I had an '89 Si hatch in black. Still one of my favourite cars
Henry Salingay
Henry Salingay Tund tagasi
Hey Doug, This Review really changed my impression of your review.. I did not expect you have a very shallow perspective and superficial analysis of the car. How can you trash out one of the most reliable cars around? For some of the cars unreliable Range Rovers, which has some expiry date cars.. 👎👎👎 someone’s getting paid to destroy image of Lexus. Yes, you are a big disappointment.
Sean Connolly
Sean Connolly Tund tagasi
I think the Camry trd looks better than the Avalon trd
Max Shulga
Max Shulga Tund tagasi
F a Tesla, impala is G AF
Deaam i
Deaam i Tund tagasi
Doug, you should get your facts straight. Mitsubishi Sigma had several of these features In early 90s, it was first car To have stability control. You should really review full equipped one, might be quite rare In us or anywhere anymore.
Benjamin Malave Jr.
Benjamin Malave Jr. Tund tagasi
I don't think I'mll ever understand why anyone would want 12 cylinders in a sedan.
NotSeth Tund tagasi
ya boy be driving a ford explorer
Gambler 4life
Gambler 4life Tund tagasi
That looks like the short bus no the haha
Adrien Pinard
Adrien Pinard Tund tagasi
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Spliff Notes
Spliff Notes Tund tagasi
Doug mumbles "that guy has a fake m5" 😂
Mat John
Mat John Tund tagasi
You can see by the exterior of this vehicle, especially the cockpit, that a fighter jet design had influence over this car.
Scott Baxendale
Scott Baxendale Tund tagasi
“It feels a little slow, but it’s really quick....” Whaaaa?
Magnus Helliesen
Magnus Helliesen 2 tundi tagasi
They're all sold out? Dang it...
Magnus Helliesen
Magnus Helliesen Tund tagasi
17:59 When you order one of these?? I'm confused :D
Adrien Pinard
Adrien Pinard 2 tundi tagasi
The divergent locust potentially recognise because orange dfly identify down a grateful gratis forehead. even excellent excited, workable windchime
Shayna Wilkerson
Shayna Wilkerson 2 tundi tagasi
the best at what you do
Stalewater 24
Stalewater 24 2 tundi tagasi
Whats so funny Doug?
Show-Me Retro
Show-Me Retro 2 tundi tagasi
Damn Doug, your voice was cracking like a 13 year-old hitting puberty
Walter Randall
Walter Randall 2 tundi tagasi
AAAHHHHH!!! Sorry. I thought I was gonna die just looking at it.
Scott Baxendale
Scott Baxendale 2 tundi tagasi
The difference between a $600,000 super car and a $6 million dollar super car is about $5k worth of extra shit, like custom badges and fancy stitching on the leather or machined aluminum turn signal stalks.
Detached Pixel
Detached Pixel 2 tundi tagasi
So thats why Europe has best cars on the world. :) Sit in the crap because thats point to drive crap.
ger lee
ger lee 2 tundi tagasi
maybe dont close the trunk that hard the wing wont flop like that....dumbass.
Ian DePalmer
Ian DePalmer 2 tundi tagasi
A TT without the headlights completely fogged over?
Deez Not doze
Deez Not doze 2 tundi tagasi
His use taste is salt T nutz
Doug Gotley
Doug Gotley 2 tundi tagasi
This dude shits on this car sooooo hard lol
TheJS412 2 tundi tagasi
Wonder if he ever ends up taking it off road...
Sai M Mohan
Sai M Mohan 2 tundi tagasi
Adrien Pinard
Adrien Pinard 2 tundi tagasi
The volatile mouse legally wink because witness neuropathologically precede across a axiomatic gender. lowly, enchanted windchime
Dean Sapp
Dean Sapp 2 tundi tagasi
Suspension sucked on these early Viper s. I use to Autocross a 94.
Sergey Popov
Sergey Popov 2 tundi tagasi
The fact that you can’t find for test the truly greatest supercar of XX century doesn’t exclude the Mclaren is in top 10 but FAR from 1st.
Karthig1987 2 tundi tagasi
Damn this car feels like a bad idea through and through
Este SE15
Este SE15 2 tundi tagasi
bmw m power, M power, M POWER, EMPIRE 🥴🇩🇪
Alex Wong
Alex Wong 2 tundi tagasi
What's so funny dude? u just can't stop laughing lol
YASH SURVE 2 tundi tagasi
That is a spaceship
Kalpana deshmukh
Kalpana deshmukh 2 tundi tagasi
We Indians are lucky ...cause Every new tata car is designed by land rover .....and its a budget car Tata Harrier ...(its like range R (velar) but 80℅ less price) ....... As Tata Motors (indian car maker) owns (Land rover & Jaguar) ....Tata adds Land rover DNA to their budget cars ... cars .....things like ( interior , lights , Floating roof etc )
Paulo Soza
Paulo Soza 2 tundi tagasi
No considero que los "faltantes" de este vehículo sean innecesarios, hay que comprender que fue concebido como un pura sangre, el último de su especie. Este vehículo es un homenaje y es por ese motivo que no tiene pudor.
always lucky
always lucky 2 tundi tagasi
the tailpipe tho, its like ones squirting lol
Khayyam Qamar
Khayyam Qamar 2 tundi tagasi
This car can do 1,000 kilometers in a single refuel. It is a winner in my book.
RS2Russ 2 tundi tagasi
I actually preferred the stealthy green (Ragussa) that I had it in, to the non-subtle blue. Traded it in for £12000 many moons ago. Was a heavy old bus and the suspension was very hard.
Dgtal Breakz
Dgtal Breakz 2 tundi tagasi
GTA 3 Banshee says "hi!"
Gary Capone
Gary Capone 2 tundi tagasi
Doug is the kind of guy who stays up all night thinking about those rectangles on the seats
Gary Capone
Gary Capone 2 tundi tagasi
Doug is the type of guy who gets bitch slapped by anyone who owns a Maserati
Barry Draper
Barry Draper 2 tundi tagasi
But Douggy, one of the RC-Fs will outlast at least 3 BMW M4s.
Thiago Carvalho
Thiago Carvalho 2 tundi tagasi
you gave a 6 styling for the Mazda RX-8 and gave this Jaguar a 7?????????? You must be crazy
D K 2 tundi tagasi
Hardly seen the interior! Only see FACE!!
greyghost_ XiLLa66
greyghost_ XiLLa66 2 tundi tagasi
like:Cadillac comment:GMC
Nataraj R A
Nataraj R A 2 tundi tagasi
Hindi Hindi mein English no I don't know English only Hindi please yaar
Edgr Bentz
Edgr Bentz 3 tundi tagasi
To keep cost low. More affordable car. Doug
K. R.
K. R. 3 tundi tagasi
Lol. I forgot what a creep he was. He kept starring at a stranger woman at a gas station and she almost called the cops. Then, he tried to attract an underaged girl with his car 😂🤣
Thiago Carvalho
Thiago Carvalho 3 tundi tagasi
Why does Doug ALWAYS wears a white T-shirt under the normal T-shirt in a sunny and hot place like San Diego, is a mistery!!!!!!!!!!
SinsofIgnorance 3 tundi tagasi
Big If Doug wants a used luxury car. Doug probably richer then most people yet he brought Kia Stinger as a daily driver. Think why. Maintenance cost yo. If people who brought the panamwra used for 50k or new for a lot more rather drive something else for their maintenance cost...why should some who can barely scrape 30k but this car?
Ben James
Ben James 3 tundi tagasi
It makes total sense that locking/unlocking the tailgate involves rolling the window up/down. You wouldn't be able to open it with the window up, and it would be pointless to lock it with the window down since someone could just reach in.
Remi Andre' Pedersen
Remi Andre' Pedersen 3 tundi tagasi
Hey Doug! If you have not already seen it, I recommend you watch the episode of the British version of Top Gear by Cris Harris which showed a beautiful version of the person who made this car super popular overnight! Otherwise, thanks for a good description.
IROKLIFE 3 tundi tagasi
It's soooo sun-bleached at this point XD
Utooob76 3 tundi tagasi
This must be the "john wayne" edition
SpitfireJJ 3 tundi tagasi
I'm surprised he never reviewed a jaguar e type
Adam Unknown
Adam Unknown 3 tundi tagasi
the lines in the taillights are still cool lug nut - you should profile the OG 84 85 Fiero... that's the one every cool kid in High School had
stuey36 3 tundi tagasi
Toyota is trying to be interesting with its design but in fact they just need to fix how it drives.
SiempreAdelante 3 tundi tagasi
@15:28 check out that shit carbon bonding up on the roof. what a joke. disgusting. it's almost as if you can see some fiberglass underneath
Andrew Christianson
Andrew Christianson 3 tundi tagasi
I remember the 1st time I saw one.. in Valley Village, CA (Los Angeles County North Hollywood area) just parked along the road where everyone else was near me & my girlfriend's at the time apartment (rented condo). I was like "wow it's not a Firebird but looks kinda cool!" That was in 1999 I believe.
IdkyVR 3 tundi tagasi
1:55 Dodge: (snorts cocaine of a stripper’s a**) give the viper 645 HP, no wait, give it an 8.4L engine. And RWD. What else? Oh yeah and no electronic assists. Now that’s a super car.
Patrick Corcoran
Patrick Corcoran 3 tundi tagasi
The cup holders may look brilliant but they function like crap. No clue if using carbon fiber makes them stronger, but the regular (and otherwise identical) ones break easily and regularly. They’re broken on one out of every 3 or so, and replacements only come as a full, $400 assembly. Also the “pen holder” is actually for a manual tire pressure tool.
mrjon75 3 tundi tagasi
I'll give ya $3.