The 12,021 Human Era Calendar
The Warrior Kingdoms of the Weaver Ant
Why Are You Alive - Life, Energy & ATP
Milk. White Poison or Healthy Drink?
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How to Move the Sun: Stellar Engines
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Overpopulation & Africa
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An Antidote to Dissatisfaction
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1,000km Cable to the Stars - The Skyhook
The 12,020 Human SPACE Era Calendar 🚀
What if We Nuke a City?
The Egg - A Short Story
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Optimistic Nihilism
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What Are You?
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What Is Something?
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What Is Light?
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Emily An
Emily An 19 tundi tagasi
energy, it is actually one of the cleanest and most effective energies, in short, greetings from Argentina 3
Richard Soogrim
Richard Soogrim 19 tundi tagasi
by chance?????
tony Ruiz gaming
tony Ruiz gaming 19 tundi tagasi
Kurzgesagt Why do you give me depression
Nasrin Al-Masoud
Nasrin Al-Masoud 19 tundi tagasi
i believe that, since the cosmic web is really huge, there may be life out there, but somehow we'll never know
Fortune YT
Fortune YT 19 tundi tagasi
João Pedro Afonso Alves
João Pedro Afonso Alves 19 tundi tagasi
Na questão do solo alcalino poderiamos usar plantas geneticamente modificadas (GMO) pois assim talvez não precisacemos descontaminar o solo completamente (alerta: vou dar uma viajada forte agora) poderiamos modificar plantas para converter as impurezas do solo de marte em nutrientes para as plantas não morrerem de fome
Andy Kills Coronavirus
Andy Kills Coronavirus 19 tundi tagasi
This content is very dangerous for kids
Zayan The Coder And Gamer
Zayan The Coder And Gamer 19 tundi tagasi
'how to catch a dwarf planet' **pokemon theme bass boosted insanely intestifies**
Docile Soap
Docile Soap 19 tundi tagasi
We kill more animals in 1.5 years in our human history..... That line just blew my mind...... 🤯🤯🤯
Sarath Kumar T
Sarath Kumar T 19 tundi tagasi
Lol those who crying on the comment section for loneliness will be the same dudes who avoid and mock someone lonely. Bunch of pathetic assholes tryna cool on internet. Pff fake people everywhere.
Fortune YT
Fortune YT 19 tundi tagasi
Remake tu8s
草地 19 tundi tagasi
Brandon Sandoval
Brandon Sandoval 19 tundi tagasi
Lmao anyone from tik tok?
Raphael Chignon
Raphael Chignon 19 tundi tagasi
I tried explaining this to some friends and then i realised how difficult it is to teach others a subject like this. This was a really great video well done
Semko Sabovic
Semko Sabovic 19 tundi tagasi
The answer is Allah :)
niduoe stre
niduoe stre 19 tundi tagasi
I've been scared of the future a lot recently but what does that accomplish this has inspired me to start trying to think positively about the future again
Assassin Zeroro
Assassin Zeroro 19 tundi tagasi
Hey! The creator of the Japanese translation! This is not "leafcutter ant" but "green tree ant"! !!
Lenni Leonardi
Lenni Leonardi 19 tundi tagasi
Yes but its weaverant
Bo Spoonson
Bo Spoonson 19 tundi tagasi
You need a podcast
niduoe stre
niduoe stre 19 tundi tagasi
Love these videos. I'm playing with the srs tool app to get answers about the future from our ancestors on the other side👻👻👻🤭
Study Time
Study Time 19 tundi tagasi
From Iraq … I am alive 😁😁
Antiuser 101
Antiuser 101 19 tundi tagasi
We are always at the mercy of our biology and evolution.
Irish Assasin9
Irish Assasin9 19 tundi tagasi
This is actually more plausable than Christianity
jada aflaha
jada aflaha 19 tundi tagasi
Look it's a floating house from up 2:50
Vegan Socialist
Vegan Socialist 19 tundi tagasi
Don’t want pandemics? Stop supporting the animal agriculture industry it’s a pandemic machine
Irish Assasin9
Irish Assasin9 19 tundi tagasi
So I am ted bundy and Keanu Reaves? H E L P M E IM P A N I C K I N G
cloud berry
cloud berry 19 tundi tagasi
speaking of milk I'm drinkin some
harley harley
harley harley 19 tundi tagasi
Why are you so curious
Kanishka Singh Rajput
Kanishka Singh Rajput 19 tundi tagasi
Wow 🤩 it was so difficult to live in the Palaeolithic age
Andres Sebastian Garcia Vela
Andres Sebastian Garcia Vela 19 tundi tagasi
we are looking for life in planets like Earth but we don't imagine all the possibilities.
Turtle 2
Turtle 2 19 tundi tagasi
Naveen Nidhurshan
Naveen Nidhurshan 19 tundi tagasi
"Idk, lol" - a Animated bird
nenita lehtonen
nenita lehtonen 19 tundi tagasi
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al jiester Olivar
al jiester Olivar 19 tundi tagasi
Somebody: who made this big Mac? Neutron star: is it good?😊
Diya Dhananjay
Diya Dhananjay 19 tundi tagasi
The lab meat is also called plant-based meat and I've personally tried it several times and it SERIOUSLY TASTES JUST LIKE MEAT except its just plants. However they do it I feel good because I know I'm not harming one less animal. Plant-based meat is becoming a big industry so I really recommend to anyone who reads this comment to PLEASE PLEASE try it. If we all try as a community we can make a difference...hopefully this gets some likes and people will read this because this video just proves the cruelty we're showing animals and just because they're not human and we're greedy for the taste of meat only few of us actually fight for this topic. So please I'm really asking you TRY PLANT-BASED MEAT!!!!!
피쥐디:1주일에 한번씩 배필영상올림
피쥐디:1주일에 한번씩 배필영상올림 19 tundi tagasi
한글자막이 나오다 마는데?
你女朋友真棒 19 tundi tagasi
1. 1.1
1. 1.1 19 tundi tagasi
The dislikes are from those people how live in the Pluto
REPROGRAM 19 tundi tagasi
Humans before: "Yo i killed 2 bears today! Is that enough for dinner?" Humans now: *Starts to inlove to fictional people*
くふ 20 tundi tagasi
I watch this video to study English from Japan. Thank you!
federz666 20 tundi tagasi
Here’s how you can help, if you use dating apps/sites, DELETE them all. If you use social media, DELETE them all. Obviously during this pandemic keep any apps that allow you to contact and chat with friends and family. But your Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, tinder, bumble, Reddit etc do nothing but to disconnect and reject you. Tinder is probably worst offender
Conrad Pacioli L Alonzo
Conrad Pacioli L Alonzo 20 tundi tagasi
No........ no you cant
Axelucopetuco 20 tundi tagasi
Dumb ass seventh graders cant even math
Stealthy Prodigy
Stealthy Prodigy 20 tundi tagasi
Over 200,000 animals died from their bomb how do you feel about that? ITs FoR SCiEnCe
Lisa Sachs
Lisa Sachs 20 tundi tagasi
You said phages evolve so technically if they evolve enough they can kill us.
_MasterChicken 20 tundi tagasi
oh la la ca va l’Europe c'est pas si terrible... en plus c'est joli
Błażej Muszyński
Błażej Muszyński 20 tundi tagasi
8:51 Is that a sandwich with a pretty bick pickle in it?
JINZO TV 20 tundi tagasi
when alexa stuck 1:56
Ruby Mombarg
Ruby Mombarg 20 tundi tagasi
When everyone heard it
Ruby Mombarg
Ruby Mombarg 20 tundi tagasi
I had heard on school a BOOM
trexer gaming
trexer gaming 20 tundi tagasi
Do they give a discount for kids students pregnant pwd and old ppls?
Extinct Documentary Game
Extinct Documentary Game 20 tundi tagasi
8:16 Once I saw a truck literally packed full of live chickens stacked, like really no more could fit in there...
Raymond Martinez IV
Raymond Martinez IV 20 tundi tagasi
The way they move looks like there tip toeing
trexer gaming
trexer gaming 20 tundi tagasi
Wait until the birds realize they look fat only because of the feathers and they can fly
Psycho 101
Psycho 101 20 tundi tagasi
where can i place an order I am an Asian ??
Definitely, Mhm
Definitely, Mhm 20 tundi tagasi
For me the answer is a no. I'd say consciousness is at a "lower level" than a computer can ever have. We ARE our brains. But a computer's intelligence wouldn't be a physical thing, a computer person isn't their CPU, there's no way to get that consciousness into a physical form with a computer. My argument is that the proposed computer would never feel anything, our feeling are created by physical reactions and such. You can't just PROGRAM it to feel pain for example. It could be alerted, but there's no equivalent physical thing that works like pain receptors and nerves within a computer. You've got an EMULATION of a person, even if its completely indistinguishable from a person. No, computers are more comparable to something like the entirety of existence. You could program a sandbox with a person inside that follows the physical rules of the real world and thus experiences like a human, but then you've got a SIMULATION. And anything you did to the computer itself wouldn't carry over to the person unless you specifically made new rules for that purpose, which is fucked. We very well could live in a simulation, though I hope we don't. TL;DR: Since our entire being functions at the physical level, a computer can't just become a person or gain any real kind of consciousness. It could only emulate a person, which is what an AI is, or simulate a person, which is just a regular person stuck in a fake world.
Kerem 20 tundi tagasi
Jack Henlo
Jack Henlo 20 tundi tagasi
I eat steak three times a week, I'mma die.
Andor Fe
Andor Fe 20 tundi tagasi
Bullshit. A story of a god.
Raymond Martinez IV
Raymond Martinez IV 20 tundi tagasi
Wow these guys are aggressive
ImDeadInside ImDeadInside
ImDeadInside ImDeadInside 20 tundi tagasi
kurzgesagt pls teach us about star constellation and how to know where is the north star?
Wil Rogers
Wil Rogers 20 tundi tagasi
Us : thats mine ! China : no thats mine ! Me chinese born in indonesia : okay guys so whos the good guy here so i can choose side ?
İrem Tosun
İrem Tosun 20 tundi tagasi
You're just the best thing on EEpost 👏👏👏
FellTheSky 20 tundi tagasi
lmao, this is so bullshit. Humans cant stand low gravity. We would go extinct within one generation
Lenni Leonardi
Lenni Leonardi 19 tundi tagasi
lMaO tHasd Its sO bS hoOmans cAnt blablabla no one fucking care dickhead
Rohan Kumar Panigrahi
Rohan Kumar Panigrahi 20 tundi tagasi
So basically , you do not mess with bacteriophages.
haku 20 tundi tagasi
2:19 evolutionary timeline
Press Now
Press Now 20 tundi tagasi
I don't really care because we'd be dead at that time anyway
Bramantyo Pamungkas
Bramantyo Pamungkas 20 tundi tagasi
So.. Epstein did kill himself
•pROBlemz• CODM
•pROBlemz• CODM 20 tundi tagasi
If this is actually true, we ate 100000000000×smaller than microatoms
Frostee 20 tundi tagasi
I never thought the subject of ants will be interesting
Justin Henley
Justin Henley 20 tundi tagasi
1:56 Why do I feel sorry for that brown dwarf
John Bindini
John Bindini 21 tund tagasi
this thread is 99% pharmanazi trolls on bill gates´payroll.
jeb_ dreemurr • 201X years later
jeb_ dreemurr • 201X years later 21 tund tagasi
me: sees monkeys eat a goat very early *ME: INSTANTLY DISLIKES*
STL XD 21 tund tagasi
Plz make a religion out of this
Tran Trong Thang
Tran Trong Thang 21 tund tagasi
And now we have finally gone from 14nm to 5nm in just 4yrs
andra hadikusuma
andra hadikusuma 21 tund tagasi
Kurzgesagt: take a stone Nobody:....... No one:........ Me: that's a rock you fool!!
Michael Johnson
Michael Johnson 21 tund tagasi
can't wait until people say "so do ya wanna go to hawaii or saturn?"
Vinna 2k
Vinna 2k 21 tund tagasi
Birds are better than humans.
두목님 21 tund tagasi
지구과학 한편 이네
Vinna 2k
Vinna 2k 21 tund tagasi
EEpost is unique among Facebook, Insta, because of channels like this
Bill Kong
Bill Kong 21 tund tagasi
Wissam Al Dardari
Wissam Al Dardari 21 tund tagasi
Me after watching: *what*