417PhotoFan 6 tundi tagasi
Should have done a follow flight to the toilet.
Hendrik Steinpilm
Hendrik Steinpilm 6 tundi tagasi
Can we have this video but with only Calvins commentary
Timothy McKean
Timothy McKean 6 tundi tagasi
That'll do pig.
Marcus Dresback
Marcus Dresback 6 tundi tagasi
best coverage around
FakeJamaican 6 tundi tagasi
Calvin is a gem.
Konsta Kivioja
Konsta Kivioja 6 tundi tagasi
there's an impostor among us 32:45 (right)
BongRipsandStockTips 6 tundi tagasi
This is quite the lineup
Shift One Photo
Shift One Photo 6 tundi tagasi
Wish the players mic's were a little louder sometimes, its super hard to even hear what they're saying over the commentary. Killer coverage this weekend!!
Milo Schee
Milo Schee 6 tundi tagasi
Calvin was getting ready to warm up them pizza delivery legs
Aaron Fortin
Aaron Fortin 6 tundi tagasi
Who else has Mondays off and just spent 3 hours drinking coffee, waiting for the B9?? Hahah
Joshua Waddell
Joshua Waddell 6 tundi tagasi
Add Simon to that card... and it's PERFECT.
Dylan Wedemayer
Dylan Wedemayer 6 tundi tagasi
Jerm and Paul are the best duo
Evan Stanek
Evan Stanek 6 tundi tagasi
Man...a few observations, after watching back RD 2 Eagle and Paul both lost it there, something was off a bit mentally for Eagle not birdying some normal stock shots for him, and Paul's putting continues to vex. And the irony of Calvin winning it 2020 on hole 17 final round, and basically losing it on hole 17 in Rd 2...
efyoo2 6 tundi tagasi
Is this the best card we've seen in 2021? It has to be
Nils Wedman
Nils Wedman 6 tundi tagasi
We have seen them earlier this year but yes it is the top card
Nathan Venables
Nathan Venables 6 tundi tagasi
This was the same card at the Las Vegas challenge
Zach Albin
Zach Albin 6 tundi tagasi
Hole 4 not having a mando is a serious shame
Forrest Wilms
Forrest Wilms 6 tundi tagasi
Does anyone know the name of the green disc that Eagle uses?
Richard Petzoldt
Richard Petzoldt 6 tundi tagasi
Not knowing the result as I watch this, but Ricky seldom leaves openings like he did early this round. Calvin didn't capitalize and I think Ricky has this wrapped up.
Ryan Mayfield
Ryan Mayfield 6 tundi tagasi
Getting wayy to greedy with the adds. Going to push away subs/views to your channels competition.
David Anfenson
David Anfenson 6 tundi tagasi
As a healthcare worker, I'm kind of confused why no one is wearing masks anymore. We are still in the middle of a pandemic. And what is going on with the crowds being so close and not wearing masks, I just don't understand how people aren't taking this seriously anymore.
Foxie 6 tundi tagasi
at this rate, ricky's gonna hit 1070 rated
GRIT ATX 6 tundi tagasi
Lets go Reagle Mcheimsocki!
Timothy Meyer
Timothy Meyer 6 tundi tagasi
Mcbeth literally plays like me when he is paired with these 3
Wes 6 tundi tagasi
Eagle likes big putts and he cannot lie.
Sean m
Sean m 6 tundi tagasi
That hot dog stand Jerm alludes to was indeed, the jam
ekaj13 _
ekaj13 _ 6 tundi tagasi
Where's Waldo sighting 0:39
redeye 6 tundi tagasi
These guys are so good!
TheCODBooger 6 tundi tagasi
So, basically the 4 best players in the world made lead card. Nice.
Josh Russell
Josh Russell 6 tundi tagasi
Matt Wins! Sometimes
Matt Wins! Sometimes 6 tundi tagasi
Woo! Recovering from COVID and happy there's something to watch!
Levi Bennett
Levi Bennett 6 tundi tagasi
Watching coverage without mic'ed up players is dead to me now
Keith Friestad
Keith Friestad 6 tundi tagasi
I’m hoping for some more Simon lines from eagle! Hole 9 was fun.
Shawn Penwell
Shawn Penwell 6 tundi tagasi
Them stealing people's powers explains so much about my game
Jonathon Tockstein
Jonathon Tockstein 6 tundi tagasi
The exciting conclusion!
QMRecleague1 6 tundi tagasi
Let’s goooo
DiscGolfer93 6 tundi tagasi
Jeremy Koling is his own best fan.
Jack Diamond
Jack Diamond 6 tundi tagasi
Please bring back Nate sexton for commentary
axelram5510 6 tundi tagasi
bruce wayne
bruce wayne 6 tundi tagasi
The disciest disc golf card on the disciest disc golf coverage!
chapii win
chapii win 6 tundi tagasi
: )
Josiah 6 tundi tagasi
Now I have something to do on my lunch break. Thanks Jomez!
Kody Foster
Kody Foster 6 tundi tagasi
Yesss excited for this one!
Wattisup 6 tundi tagasi
Jomez with the best coverage! Love you guys 🤟
Levi Bennett
Levi Bennett 6 tundi tagasi
I wish my mom cheered for me accomplishing day-to-day tasks like Ricky's mom cheers for him during tournaments. She's awesome!
Dunderklumpen 6 tundi tagasi
ive missed seeing the crowd dodging discs haha
Veli-Pekka 6 tundi tagasi
Paul McBeth is officially washed up. Would be better if he retired.
Moist Penguin
Moist Penguin 6 tundi tagasi
I mean not really if he goes into final round top 4 and plays alittle better he can finish top 2 . Is that considered washed? Calvin, eagle , Ricky aren’t always top 4 either ... but it’s looking like Ricky is 1 then Heimberg followed closely by Paul and then Eagle and then a bunch of other guys that can finish top 5 any given tournament like Dickerson etc
Donovan Klaaren
Donovan Klaaren 6 tundi tagasi
When you’re playing in the DGPT and walking the walk with these elites...maybe then you’ll have the credibility to say such a statement.
M Бэнтил
M Бэнтил 6 tundi tagasi
What was getting blurred out on Calvin's drive on 18? And what a sick drive!
Gambura Frälsaren
Gambura Frälsaren 6 tundi tagasi
Mcbeth is washed he wont win anything more this year wtf
Jakefromstatefarm 6 tundi tagasi
@Moist Penguin agreed, people said mcbeth was washed years ago. Prisoner's of the moment
Moist Penguin
Moist Penguin 6 tundi tagasi
I mean not really if he goes into final round top 4 and plays alittle better he can finish top 2 . Is that considered washed? Calvin, eagle , Ricky aren’t always top 4 either ... but it’s looking like Ricky is 1 then Heimberg followed closely by Paul and then Eagle and then a bunch of other guys that can finish top 5 any given tournament like Dickerson etc
arklave 6 tundi tagasi
Was not expecting a new member of the commentary squad to make his debut, but Calvin welcome to the commentary team!
Bad Golfer
Bad Golfer 6 tundi tagasi
Unfortunately some other EEpost channel already showed the winner. Lame. That channel knows who they are
Connor Herbert
Connor Herbert 6 tundi tagasi
Aaron Neathery
Aaron Neathery 6 tundi tagasi
Ricky is on a different level right now
Wes 6 tundi tagasi
Ralph Vanveen
Ralph Vanveen 6 tundi tagasi
Residue class mod 44 NUMBERSON
Residue class mod 44 NUMBERSON 6 tundi tagasi
Big Shot McBeth!! Let's GO!!!
Chris Pfeiffer
Chris Pfeiffer 6 tundi tagasi
Finally the fantastic finale from the foremost fulfiller of flying-disc fandom!
Gavin Swink
Gavin Swink 6 tundi tagasi
The alliteration🤩
Foxie 6 tundi tagasi
First i woke up to f9, then while eating i get this. good days.
Alex Campbell
Alex Campbell 6 tundi tagasi
Let's gooo final 9 here we go
Keenan Shaw
Keenan Shaw 6 tundi tagasi
Let’s goooo!!! Great coverage as always guys!
Jesse Mitten
Jesse Mitten 6 tundi tagasi
Anyone else catch Drews comment about Ben around the 7:50 mark? Pretty not cool of him.
Thomas Adams
Thomas Adams 6 tundi tagasi
Thank you for my disc golf addiction fix jomez. Much luv
Puma the cat YT
Puma the cat YT 6 tundi tagasi
Hockey Fanatic
Hockey Fanatic 6 tundi tagasi
Only good thing about Monday’s
Hautala 6 tundi tagasi
Harris Clayman
Harris Clayman 6 tundi tagasi
Big Kahuna and Prime Guy!
Ian Davidson
Ian Davidson 6 tundi tagasi
Nathan Brown
Nathan Brown 6 tundi tagasi
These guys are playing so well! Super hyped!
Hannes Poll
Hannes Poll 6 tundi tagasi
3rd :o
J sprechs
J sprechs 6 tundi tagasi
Let's go!!!!
Winston Smith
Winston Smith 6 tundi tagasi
I miss Nate... Love Uli, too. But, still. I'm ready for some Big Sexy.
Zach Benson
Zach Benson 6 tundi tagasi
Ooooh baby I’m hype
XtremeAussie 6 tundi tagasi
Daaang. I’m early for once!
Keenan Shaw
Keenan Shaw 6 tundi tagasi
Where the back 9 final!!!!
Columbo 6 tundi tagasi
👍👍 God bless y’all ✌️
keegirose 7 tundi tagasi
Eagle had that exact same putt on 9 during his practice round.
WalkingBucket 479
WalkingBucket 479 7 tundi tagasi
Why does no one wear black and red on sundays?!?! 🐅
chapii win
chapii win 7 tundi tagasi
: )
417PhotoFan 7 tundi tagasi
EE 7 tundi tagasi
How can you beat Ricky with the form he's currently having? Almost impossible!
Mathew Green
Mathew Green 7 tundi tagasi
Love this final card.. two favorite players and the two players I don't like lol all 4 are amazing players
Gabriel Gonzalez
Gabriel Gonzalez 7 tundi tagasi
Great to hear tops pro commentators still at awe of the work the lead card does.