We're Being Followed....
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I Found Out How He Did It!
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Should I Be Worried About This...
Someone Sent Us a Safe...
2 місяці tagasi
[Trailer] New Series Starts Friday!
Debunking The Myths About The Stalker!
A Stalker Broke Into The Abandoned Car!
This Took A Turn For The Worst!
2 місяці tagasi
We Bought The Abandoned Car We Found!
A Stalker Broke Into Hi5 Studios!
2 місяці tagasi
What Is In the Safe? [Teaser]
3 місяці tagasi
The Government Took The Abandoned Car
Wait! I Can Crack The Safe We Found?
I Found A Safe In The Air Vents!
3 місяці tagasi
We Caught It From Another Camera Angle!
Half of You Will Never Understand This
I Hired A Hype Man For A Day
4 місяці tagasi
Vandalizing But When It's Actually Funny
We Bought An Abandoned Storage Unit
4 місяці tagasi
The Key Mystery Continues
4 місяці tagasi
There Was Another Fire...
4 місяці tagasi
How I Got An Oscar (Real Academy Award)
The Keys Return (This Friday)
4 місяці tagasi
Pranking Our Newest Hire!
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863 Key Pattern Has Me Thinking (LMIAY #1)
You Were Right, I was Wrong
5 місяців tagasi
Sam Turned 21, So We Drank At Work!
5 місяців tagasi
We Almost Lost Hi5 Studios (For Real)
Would Matthias Ever Cancel Himself?
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Someone Pranked My Office...
6 місяців tagasi
I Paid My Employee To Shave Their Head
Why Isn't Hi5 Wearing Masks?
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Josh adams
Josh adams 5 tundi tagasi
What is this bullcrap?
Aditya Santosh
Aditya Santosh 5 tundi tagasi
Wait the 3rd bottle from the safe was in the LAPD briefcase so he needed this for it
Ian Hollen
Ian Hollen 5 tundi tagasi
But I know syphs and he is......a gay boi
Ian Hollen
Ian Hollen 5 tundi tagasi
SaberTooth 6 tundi tagasi
Thankyou so much Matt for using my art as the thumbnail! Cant wait for the next video!
Sl1ckSever4s ILOVE NICK EH 30
Sl1ckSever4s ILOVE NICK EH 30 6 tundi tagasi
23:47 look on the background on the chalk board
Dom Sauve
Dom Sauve 6 tundi tagasi
How does anyone watch this and actually think it’s real? 😂
Donovan Willingham Osiris
Donovan Willingham Osiris 6 tundi tagasi
The thumbnail looks like a movie
Pepr6 -
Pepr6 - 6 tundi tagasi
I have a feeling 1. This is staged 2. “Syphus” is just a prediction 3. This is real (which I highly doubt) and 4. He is the “stalker”
Dax Gelton
Dax Gelton 6 tundi tagasi
My heart wen I am doing school 90beats-90beats-90beats wen I’m watching a trailer 829beats-76beats-0beats
SteadyInnit 6 tundi tagasi
it’s almost 1,000 days until the first key was found, time flies
Brian Velasco
Brian Velasco 6 tundi tagasi
I’m so invested to this
L3G1T _ROOKIE 6 tundi tagasi
Could u imagine if this was the finale
RANDOME PLAYER 6 tundi tagasi
I am totally going to get a F on my exam watching this I am to addicted to this HELP ME!!!!!!!!!
Max Wilding
Max Wilding 7 tundi tagasi
I love how they've gone for the old school TV series trailer vibe here
Naya's Aesthetics
Naya's Aesthetics 7 tundi tagasi
People say this is so close to finish or its so close to the end Real fans + Me: we all know its just the begining
Tamzin Cook
Tamzin Cook 7 tundi tagasi
Anyone else miss the old team edge and wish they didn't change 😭
Elevatorman1150 7 tundi tagasi
It makes me laugh that he used part of the output of apt-get from Debian-based Linux distros in the thumbnail. Don't ask me why I find it so funny cause I don't know
Clyde Gght
Clyde Gght 7 tundi tagasi
The thumbnail though
Rose Gacha
Rose Gacha 7 tundi tagasi
did you vlog this
Scott Horner
Scott Horner 7 tundi tagasi
they should try just put syphus because the password hit was 590 and that say syphus590 so they should put syphus as the password and see if the works
Scott Horner
Scott Horner 7 tundi tagasi
they should try just put syphus because the password hit was 590 and that say syphus590 so they should put syphus as the password and see if the works
Ormel 8 tundi tagasi
Can we just talk about the fact that he is actually not on the phone with anyone at 9:15 and so forth set playback to 0.25
Scott James
Scott James 8 tundi tagasi
I think it one of them
Nathen Barnes
Nathen Barnes 8 tundi tagasi
All of this to play doom
Scott Horner
Scott Horner 8 tundi tagasi
they should try just put syphus because the password hit was 590 and that say syphus590 so they should put syphus as the password and see if the works
#totallyNOT aFURY!!!
#totallyNOT aFURY!!! 8 tundi tagasi
This is so stressful
Catherine Budden
Catherine Budden 8 tundi tagasi
The guy seems relatively young so there has to be someone else connected to him for them to know the layout of the building as I get the impression it’s been a while since the warehouse was one building.
Wesley Pickering
Wesley Pickering 9 tundi tagasi
Look in the engine
Ameer Abbas
Ameer Abbas 9 tundi tagasi
Of its blood then just get it tested and you will k so who it is
epic ibu
epic ibu 9 tundi tagasi
Just think for a second... Huh.... Like... Just from one key the "863" One... This story has became......why .... Hehe.... Because.
CapDelicious 9 tundi tagasi
When Matt releases a trailer you already know the next video is going to be awesome
Versalene 9 tundi tagasi
Ryan Rangel
Ryan Rangel 9 tundi tagasi
Mega time lol
krystal loves all animals and nature
krystal loves all animals and nature 9 tundi tagasi
i knew kevin was tall but now i get that he is super tall im jealouse im tall but he would definatly be a lot taller than me
ItsMeHere 9 tundi tagasi
Day 1000 is coming up guys
barbara stojanoska
barbara stojanoska 9 tundi tagasi
Movie Time wo ! wo ! is it going to be 10hours like we asked for? ... Read More
Macy Jenson
Macy Jenson 9 tundi tagasi
XoticCyanide 9 tundi tagasi
What if he/she is lying and using you for testing to see what he can hide for the future and that substance he created to spook you to seem real, to hide something important that maybe he/she is hiding from the military? OR What if that is real and that’s connected that something devastated happened in the past that the military was involved, and he is responsible and the key is linked to the case or all of the cases (assuming that there are more cases like this) and when you found it he was going to be found, so maybe he lied to you to unplug it and self destruct because it was found, idk why he wouldn’t destroy it but maybe it has to do what’s going on in the world right now, or something that didn’t happen yet but will happen soon OR This is confidential and that’s in the computer and phone is the military to hide something that we don’t know
brienne so
brienne so 9 tundi tagasi
This vid make me nervous
MEGA FOLLOWER 9 tundi tagasi
what If hawk is sypus trying to ambush them and get the evidence agininst him and what if he is in the LAPD
Alexis Sims
Alexis Sims 10 tundi tagasi
I like Khalua :D
Dominykas Rakauskas
Dominykas Rakauskas 10 tundi tagasi
Do you ever look at a comment and think: damn I wish I wrote that...
Austin Thompson
Austin Thompson 10 tundi tagasi
Imagine how long it took chuck to biuld the unground compartment
Zombz69 10 tundi tagasi
It's amazing, coming back to the very first video uploaded. Comparing it to your newest upload. You guys look like babies in this video, and over the years you can see everyone age, people coming and going and the progressive maturity that Hi5 has gone through including everyone within. Absolutely the most beautiful thing in itself.
Highqal 10 tundi tagasi
imagine the emulator just say "It's a prank"
Marsonthagenie 10 tundi tagasi
So I haven’t had time to watch all of the videos but is this real at all anymore lol or written but either way it’s entertaining
GiebeChiepke 10 tundi tagasi
m schofield
m schofield 10 tundi tagasi
Dream? Yes!
Devs Gonzalez
Devs Gonzalez 11 tundi tagasi
Dread doctor
Devs Gonzalez
Devs Gonzalez 11 tundi tagasi
Plage doctor
Ricardo Lazalde
Ricardo Lazalde 11 tundi tagasi
All my homies hate teaser videos
Cosmic Retro
Cosmic Retro 11 tundi tagasi
It's been 989 (2.75 years) days since the first key was found... what will happen on the 1,000the day?
the master gamer
the master gamer 11 tundi tagasi
Why do you guys just bleep random words somtimes
Bianca Artiga
Bianca Artiga 11 tundi tagasi
Does anyone else remember when they got the car and were looking through it and Sam said strike 1... what if they saw the video???
Mana Kuwait
Mana Kuwait 11 tundi tagasi
aStolenLife games
aStolenLife games 11 tundi tagasi
The world has changed...
Mewzard YT
Mewzard YT 11 tundi tagasi
I forgot what the apple was and I thought he talked about a legitimate apple XD
Mauro playz
Mauro playz 11 tundi tagasi
Good luck matt
Dark Gaming
Dark Gaming 11 tundi tagasi
Grade 6 is British I know that because I am studding in a British School
Disudo 11 tundi tagasi
i dont aee the importance of a trailer it barely brings in half as much as the actual video
Disudo 11 tundi tagasi
Luigi 123
Luigi 123 11 tundi tagasi
Anyone getting scooby doo vibes? Like when the cops catch syphus they will unmask him and he'll say "I would have gotta away with it if it weren't for you meddling kids" Im getting scooby doo vibes
NotArif Zfri
NotArif Zfri 11 tundi tagasi
Fun fact they already open then computer last week or so
madison bieker
madison bieker 11 tundi tagasi
i like how they own a buisness that is just dedicated to youtube like they r always having fun
anthony ornelas
anthony ornelas 11 tundi tagasi
I have been here since the beginning! I am so glad! This is amazing !
anthony ornelas
anthony ornelas 11 tundi tagasi
I feel like this is all finally coming to an end!
FoxSpirit3997 JD
FoxSpirit3997 JD 11 tundi tagasi
I’m going to be depressed if you don’t see the key hanging down from the table
Gilberto Segovia
Gilberto Segovia 11 tundi tagasi
I'm so pumped
sokin jon
sokin jon 11 tundi tagasi
I liked them all
Nshultz2017_WoTB 12 tundi tagasi
A fan who applied which turns out he asked for it (no spoilers) or was it ;)
madison bieker
madison bieker 12 tundi tagasi
i started dying when woods was trying to hit matthias with the boom mic 28:33
Daniel Zheleznov
Daniel Zheleznov 12 tundi tagasi
Stargate > Star wars
Victoria Beekman
Victoria Beekman 12 tundi tagasi
Sees that Matthias has posted, & gets excited but opens up you tube and sees it’s a trailer BIG OOF
Kuheli Chakraborty
Kuheli Chakraborty 12 tundi tagasi
It turns on😱😱😱😱 syphus may have used it recently