Creative Mayhem in Fortnite
Beastboy Gaming
Beastboy Gaming 9 tundi tagasi
Shut up roblox kid
Elmeri 9 tundi tagasi
Og's remember
that ramdom guy
that ramdom guy 9 tundi tagasi
It’s Justin he cracked at fortnite
Roberto Salas
Roberto Salas 9 tundi tagasi
And the jelty skin?
kate Robertson
kate Robertson 10 tundi tagasi
Hi I lost my iconic skin and meowscels I need it back please
AmazingCraftYT 10 tundi tagasi
When he said "count my v-bucks" I felt that
bananek pl
bananek pl 10 tundi tagasi
please give the heroines tomorrow
Celt Yt
Celt Yt 11 tundi tagasi
Maximus2436 11 tundi tagasi
...I wish I was there for Ultima Knight.
عبيد الدوسري AD_502
عبيد الدوسري AD_502 11 tundi tagasi
نطالب بنزول ترافيس سكوت
Max pro 9
Max pro 9 11 tundi tagasi
Im criying The BEST times when i have 14 years old ,now im have 17
Kyle Reyes
Kyle Reyes 11 tundi tagasi
Fortnite is the dumbest game In the world
Kyle Reyes
Kyle Reyes 11 tundi tagasi
Kyle Reyes
Kyle Reyes 11 tundi tagasi
FAZE-GAMING195 11 tundi tagasi
Fortnite can you please make pink Ghoul trooper a style and here is why I have a lot of stuff that will go good with pink Ghoul trooper and that is why😁😁😁
Destroyer Of humanity
Destroyer Of humanity 11 tundi tagasi
When is fortnight coming back
H3nter 42
H3nter 42 11 tundi tagasi
I don't think epic can go all the way to chapter 2 Season 11. It is chapter 2 Season 6. (How have we gotten this far??) There is undoubtedly gonna be a chapter 3.
RafaeL A
RafaeL A 12 tundi tagasi
why didn’t you sue sony they also take a 30% cut?
Leah Phillips
Leah Phillips 12 tundi tagasi
Epic can you please put in cartoon cat as a skin
Ethan R
Ethan R 12 tundi tagasi
Ngl this looks really really fun
God ,
God , 12 tundi tagasi
eid mubarak
vinasu maaj
vinasu maaj 13 tundi tagasi
Day 1 asking for a one refund ticket every season or two
ItsTheDark 13 tundi tagasi
oh my god i miss fortnite so much 😭
nasir waller
nasir waller 13 tundi tagasi
Give toon mewosclrs for free since I have original mewoscles
Jorime Cornelio
Jorime Cornelio 13 tundi tagasi
I remembered when this came out and had like 46k views
Murtaza Playz
Murtaza Playz 13 tundi tagasi
Fortnite Add wepons attachments to the game in the next season
gaming with Aiden shorts
gaming with Aiden shorts 13 tundi tagasi
Hey fortnite can i get back in game cus it says it cant install
vinasu maaj
vinasu maaj 13 tundi tagasi
میشه به ایرانی ها هم اهمیت بدید
wxk 13 tundi tagasi
ahh, the old days, who is here in 2021
start gooo
start gooo 13 tundi tagasi
Please fortnite in android please
のり 13 tundi tagasi
2:27:56 1:46:12自分用
[epic] ak_snowflake2020
[epic] ak_snowflake2020 13 tundi tagasi
Hey epic games!
Zxsli Shorts
Zxsli Shorts 13 tundi tagasi
They game mode that should get more attention 😭
ju4an1t0 13 tundi tagasi
The Princcess
The Princcess 13 tundi tagasi
Guys who love chapter one more?🥺🥺😔we love chapter one more=(
Peter messeha
Peter messeha 13 tundi tagasi
Beast boy looks like a e-boy
Flaming Skull
Flaming Skull 13 tundi tagasi
IDK why but this gives me bendy and the ink machine vibez
Juan David
Juan David 14 tundi tagasi
Alissa Wasef
Alissa Wasef 14 tundi tagasi
Day 1 asking for a one refund ticket every season or two
Galaxy 123
Galaxy 123 14 tundi tagasi
Epic can we get an Ali-a skin in Fortnite? That would be so cool!
Fat daddy G
Fat daddy G 14 tundi tagasi
Play Fortnite I know what your real name is epic games
Jacob Ferraro
Jacob Ferraro 14 tundi tagasi
Is no one going to talk about that thing that looks like a portafort
xd Tygamer
xd Tygamer 14 tundi tagasi
"I got my first skin let's go"
Ariana Moana
Ariana Moana 14 tundi tagasi
Hi can you please put the fish skin back on my birthday it's on July 28th please please
Yahudah 14 tundi tagasi
Is this that old halo EEpost series
THE SuPzOnYT 15 tundi tagasi
THE SuPzOnYT 15 tundi tagasi
Mr. Lögs
Mr. Lögs 15 tundi tagasi
Oh how the mighty have fallen...
Finland 15 tundi tagasi
I don’t think 85% of the people playing fortnite don’t know what they are mentioning
Crimson Elite
Crimson Elite 15 tundi tagasi
Put this back in the shop please!
Owee ! Ysk
Owee ! Ysk 15 tundi tagasi
Longue vie au WAKANDA🕊🕊🕊🕊
Matt K
Matt K 15 tundi tagasi
Jessica Hill
Jessica Hill 15 tundi tagasi
Fortnite please put back in the red knight PLZ😭😭
Charisma Pabalinas
Charisma Pabalinas 16 tundi tagasi
The hotdog is a canniball
Matthew Shepheard
Matthew Shepheard 16 tundi tagasi
Who saw this trailer when they were younger and didn’t know it was going to be a HUGE game
aqualatios74 16 tundi tagasi
Man I hope they do something like this again
YOUSIF ALTAEE 16 tundi tagasi
Fortnite give me battle bas 🥺 please
Fernando Henrique Costa Carneiro
Fernando Henrique Costa Carneiro 16 tundi tagasi
Someone explains to me this history please?
Ahmed Sghaier
Ahmed Sghaier 16 tundi tagasi
Rip 2019-2020
Obi-wan Kenobi
Obi-wan Kenobi 16 tundi tagasi
Fortnite is the guy who would kill someone and ask why they're being arrested.
Marggy 16 tundi tagasi
Star wars?
Angel Dust
Angel Dust 16 tundi tagasi
I guess I missed out on this season
ImStillNomicon 16 tundi tagasi
What the heck... this game has a subscription service now?!?!
Jonas Naumann
Jonas Naumann 16 tundi tagasi
"how often do you want to watch it?" me: "yes"
Martin Ocampo
Martin Ocampo 16 tundi tagasi
Could chapter 2 season 7 be a summer theme plz
George Separovic
George Separovic 16 tundi tagasi
EEpost algorithm:eh Me: ok
BLACK FAHAD 16 tundi tagasi
فورت ماتت
Dejvit Sitnovski
Dejvit Sitnovski 16 tundi tagasi
Chapter 2 seson7 free battle pass please
Dejvit Sitnovski
Dejvit Sitnovski 16 tundi tagasi
I have got 300 v-bucks
DatJhit Diesel 💰🏃‍♂️
DatJhit Diesel 💰🏃‍♂️ 17 tundi tagasi
You maniacs! You blew it all up , god damn yous , god damn yous all to hELLL- 'Taylor from planet of the apes '
Keyan Khojasteh
Keyan Khojasteh 17 tundi tagasi
Fortnite I love 💘very much
NickEvershedMusic 17 tundi tagasi
37:20 yeah scared of what he can do inside the zone, if he can get inside lol
TheCoolGuy Y
TheCoolGuy Y 17 tundi tagasi
The event is in June 7
Preston Yorkman
Preston Yorkman 17 tundi tagasi
This might be a weird question to ask in this video but is it’s OK if you could bring back sky because she’s my favorite skin so next season is it OK if you could make a season called throwbacks
Benjamin Vides
Benjamin Vides 17 tundi tagasi
Su you fortnite
HMT Olympic
HMT Olympic 17 tundi tagasi
Funny how Fortnite is referencing apples Macintosh ad which referenced the movie 1984 based on the book by George Orwell
Aminah Pilgrim
Aminah Pilgrim 17 tundi tagasi
make chug jug with you emote
Potato Potato
Potato Potato 17 tundi tagasi
mystroh 18 tundi tagasi
2:03 i thought that cas was a monkey
iyeetbois 18 tundi tagasi
waiting for round 2 epic
Agent 18 tundi tagasi
ZeropointB 18 tundi tagasi
Rip Butter Barn 2020 - 2021 :<
mohammad akbari
mohammad akbari 18 tundi tagasi
میشه به ایرانی ها هم اهمیت بدید