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whoa so cool lol
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David Salamanca
David Salamanca 16 tundi tagasi
Thanks man, you wanna smoke a spliff
•high•on•lavender• 16 tundi tagasi
the car ride home😳
xBuske 17 tundi tagasi
Had to come and watch this after he slumped Ben Askren
Mason Routt
Mason Routt 17 tundi tagasi
4:56 that’s better acting than the entire tiktok video
Chris 17 tundi tagasi
this is why youtube sucks so hard now
Lord Shaxx Jr.
Lord Shaxx Jr. 17 tundi tagasi
We need part 3
Nathan Mekan
Nathan Mekan 17 tundi tagasi
Some give fish girl a reality tv show
Tj Zepp
Tj Zepp 17 tundi tagasi
Kelsey looks JUST like violet summers
Francine Smith
Francine Smith 17 tundi tagasi
That joyful "haHAHAAAA!" over the unbackable $50 lit up my screen. Poor Amelia, tho... That shit darkened it right back up.
O Deer
O Deer 17 tundi tagasi
That last one didn’t even show any downsides cus Jason is just gonna use the fact that he’s an orphan for clout
BlackDiamondProdz 17 tundi tagasi
New studio???
Row Mohamed
Row Mohamed 17 tundi tagasi
The show on Snapchat is sooo entertaining to me lmao I’m called you brought it up 😎
Marissa Cummings
Marissa Cummings 17 tundi tagasi
when I saw the cut video my first thought was cody needs to watch this
Justyouraveragemango 17 tundi tagasi
You dare disrespect Black Forest Ham? It is a CLASSIC.
Asᴛʀᴇ Jʀ.
Asᴛʀᴇ Jʀ. 17 tundi tagasi
Asᴛʀᴇ Jʀ.
Asᴛʀᴇ Jʀ. 17 tundi tagasi
Pov:Your here to watch the meme video
Alex PGSV 17 tundi tagasi
if david dobrik & kyle from nelk had a shitty youtube baby
Alex PGSV 17 tundi tagasi
and just look where kyle from nelk is now
Douglas Diggins
Douglas Diggins 17 tundi tagasi
Dobre brothers are the gutter of EEpost
R. Burnski
R. Burnski 17 tundi tagasi
Kaylor Singleton
Kaylor Singleton 17 tundi tagasi
Cody lookin like Fred Flintstone over here what a chad
Olive Page
Olive Page 17 tundi tagasi
7:28 you sit in your mansion and film 10 second videos stfu
n_galifi 17 tundi tagasi
to think this wasn't even a year ago yet..
Andy Yelnats
Andy Yelnats 17 tundi tagasi
It’s jokes that I straight muted it when you put that alarm on super anxiety triggering 😂
Danelle Copps
Danelle Copps 17 tundi tagasi
9 secs - almost 2M views, 262K likes. cody u rule
Micah Guillemette
Micah Guillemette 17 tundi tagasi
The song at the end made me laugh so hard omg thanks you!!!!
Flor Pintos
Flor Pintos 17 tundi tagasi
your hair is so cool
Ethan Krassenstein
Ethan Krassenstein 17 tundi tagasi
Scared the shit out of me when he said my name at 0:26 😂😂
Jade Poling
Jade Poling 18 tundi tagasi
i liked the daughter and the dad until i read the moms email "Im emotional because of trump exiting" bye
Bande Taiwo
Bande Taiwo 18 tundi tagasi
the unison singing of “datting” was immaculate
jake from state farm
jake from state farm 18 tundi tagasi
Shaan Alam
Shaan Alam 18 tundi tagasi
"Ryan tries water for the first time"
Micah Guillemette
Micah Guillemette 18 tundi tagasi
They literally said "dont cry" and the two lines later they go "you dont have to keep it inside" like oh my god this is so out of touch and insulting!!!
saccharine 18 tundi tagasi
anyone know where his hoodies from?
Julia Walsh
Julia Walsh 18 tundi tagasi
Aaron getting voted off FIRST shows that they were shitty people LMFAO
Barrett Alicna
Barrett Alicna 18 tundi tagasi
Thin Mints are complete S tear
Sarah Dyck
Sarah Dyck 18 tundi tagasi
“Highschool Shark Tank” 😆😆🤣🤣
Lydia Sorg
Lydia Sorg 18 tundi tagasi
Lmao that iphone alarm is definitely my enemy
Pablo Chicot
Pablo Chicot 18 tundi tagasi
"my wife's tennis coach is having sex with her" i lost it
Alberto Maldonado
Alberto Maldonado 18 tundi tagasi
Cody’s real name is actually, Cody Kolofrictionless.
Caleb Gazaway
Caleb Gazaway 18 tundi tagasi
Maybe they should try “Ryan tries being a decent human being for the first time”
Caleb Gazaway
Caleb Gazaway 18 tundi tagasi
This guy sucks. I know that’s a simplistic take, but it’s the truth.
Noah Hamilton
Noah Hamilton 18 tundi tagasi
yo I've gotten pied in the face and my hair was screwed up from the whipped cream. It took 6 showers to stop being sticky
Luke Willson
Luke Willson 18 tundi tagasi
They need to make more of these videos
StroKe 18 tundi tagasi
The guys at 7:40 are a music duo called Lastlings I believe, so that´s why the Photoshoot was like that!
Addison Theil
Addison Theil 18 tundi tagasi
He used to only stand in videos
entijen 18 tundi tagasi
relating to this list at only 23 got me feeling some kinda way
arant30 18 tundi tagasi
does cody generally vape?
azmi 18 tundi tagasi
its so funny when cody was like "its near the end of the video thats a good sign" because i was doing the exact same thing for his video
Nick Paige
Nick Paige 18 tundi tagasi
cody cody's not a shot glass it's a lip plumper come on man
suki suki
suki suki 18 tundi tagasi
all i saw was the intro and i was already thinking “what”
lIIl lIlI
lIIl lIlI 18 tundi tagasi
Already seen this on cut but watching it again for cody's reaction
Utopia. 18 tundi tagasi
This is probably one of my favorite videos ever, I’ve watched it so many times and still laugh at it
Noah 18 tundi tagasi
They feed of each other so well I’m dying
Peach R
Peach R 18 tundi tagasi
Honestly if the dude hadn’t been a emotional cheater (I don’t know how to describe his actions) and if the girl hadn’t moved on already (for very good reasons, you go queen) they probably could’ve rekindled their relationship of course maybe if there had been less horny questions from the interviewer
A User
A User 19 tundi tagasi
the hot puffs barley have any spiciness to them
Christian Stefaniak
Christian Stefaniak 19 tundi tagasi
The next video that he is going to do I'm going to rob a bank with my wife (not a prank)
Sydney Birch
Sydney Birch 19 tundi tagasi
Damn couldn’t even pull the tag off the suit Cody really
Thorpery 19 tundi tagasi
I had to skip the fallen' for you part lol
psychotic_cheese 19 tundi tagasi
I love noel’s joker impressions
Conscious Robot
Conscious Robot 19 tundi tagasi
If they knew at least a full day in advance, why wouldn't they just clear anything incriminating off their phones?
Alaska 1429
Alaska 1429 19 tundi tagasi
This is one of the few reaction videos where the EEpostr actually shows their reaction and has a reaction
V G 19 tundi tagasi
I need to know if you have a skincare routine
Ramese Vega
Ramese Vega 19 tundi tagasi
It’s the guy from the McDonald’s ad on TikTok !
Noah 19 tundi tagasi
“Don’t drop my phone” “Ur battery is low” LOLLLLL
Peach R
Peach R 19 tundi tagasi
That last set of siblings look like they face swapped 😂 I’m such a horrible person 😂
Greg Guy
Greg Guy 19 tundi tagasi
I’m sad to say I used to watch both Collins Key and Papa Jake I see how wrong I used to be
abbsnn cose
abbsnn cose 19 tundi tagasi
“She thinks she’s cute” yet he is the type to constantly hype you up then tell you to die because you’re not interested
Winter Bonnie
Winter Bonnie 19 tundi tagasi
I like carter
arant30 19 tundi tagasi
does cody actually vape in general because he did at 9:31
Jessica 19 tundi tagasi
That lady’s glasses
Lauren M
Lauren M 19 tundi tagasi
aw aaron is so sweet
Jonathan Personified
Jonathan Personified 19 tundi tagasi
idk why he censored his last name, he was in a drunk questions with jimmy and christian and said what his real last name was.
Satansoo 19 tundi tagasi
Honestly that’s just what people in the closet but in a really strict religious family or community do. That original person in that book were definitely gay as hell. I just feel bad for them. And these girls are just repressed as they come.
Renald Music
Renald Music 19 tundi tagasi
I like the guy. He was unapologetically himself
CrazeyP 19 tundi tagasi
Lmaoooo we love u too dawg
Patrick Rinaldi Ross
Patrick Rinaldi Ross 19 tundi tagasi
“I don’t sound like that at all”😂😂
Papa TyTy
Papa TyTy 19 tundi tagasi
This is the worst thing I've ever seen