Loukhyax 8 tundi tagasi
_Boss said we was supposed to take care of ya, Tony. Now, guys, leave the body and take the cannoli_
Sunit Boral
Sunit Boral 8 tundi tagasi
Call 911
lexi brewer
lexi brewer 8 tundi tagasi
Yohana Anailê
Yohana Anailê 8 tundi tagasi
"You have been rebellious against the government, is time to shut you down!" "One day people will know all the bad we are doing! When this day come, I will have my revenge!!!"
Cxncise 8 tundi tagasi
The World so down bad even pigeons out here murdering 🤣
Bayraa Bayraa
Bayraa Bayraa 8 tundi tagasi
Mother nature you scary!
Dixie Normous
Dixie Normous 8 tundi tagasi
And that is exactly why men should be single.
Master Yoda
Master Yoda 8 tundi tagasi
Kristofer williams
Kristofer williams 8 tundi tagasi
Wait...that’s The Goodfeathers! The 3 birds from The Animaniacs!!!😂🤣🤣
_yan_ 8 tundi tagasi
"Sorry antonio your debt past due time again the boss won't let us help sorry... "
null 404
null 404 8 tundi tagasi
Abhishek Acharjee
Abhishek Acharjee 8 tundi tagasi
Well the people could have thrown anything at the pigeons and they would have flown around But hey this video is gonna be viral on Twitter and EEpost do fuck that
Deepu Sebastian
Deepu Sebastian 8 tundi tagasi
After watching pulp fiction, pigeons went crazy in NY
Eutu Ben
Eutu Ben 8 tundi tagasi
They are cute but aggressive as their dad
Kiyoshi Kid
Kiyoshi Kid 8 tundi tagasi
*soft bonk* *soft honk*
ChaosAngel667 8 tundi tagasi
He doesn't skip leg day, the holiest of the days.
kriti grover
kriti grover 8 tundi tagasi
When all the other pigeons are committed on valentine's. Le this pegion* ~
GØĐ Gaming
GØĐ Gaming 8 tundi tagasi
Call 911 .. pigeon pd
srljedi 8 tundi tagasi
That’s murder
texaslonghorns2222 8 tundi tagasi
Life's not that bad, don't nerf yourself. 800-273-8255
Tricia anns Videos
Tricia anns Videos 8 tundi tagasi
They say there is a bird in this video but all I can see is those nails need a full 🙄😑
Katy Holman
Katy Holman 8 tundi tagasi
mine love to do this most at 2 am
only game
only game 8 tundi tagasi
who the hell was screaming like a ***🥴🤧
Here, Hold My Potato
Here, Hold My Potato 8 tundi tagasi
Dont Worry Its a Bird.. It can Fly
Lucas Fūr
Lucas Fūr 8 tundi tagasi
I would take showers like that when I was a little kid sometimes before school. 😬 My mom would always catch me sleeping in there. I haven’t thought of that in over 30 years. Thank you. Adorable bird.
Kenny Jamison
Kenny Jamison 8 tundi tagasi
He didn’t have they money and he didn’t have they product,so see ya and I wouldn’t wanna be ya....
It’s AFF
It’s AFF 8 tundi tagasi
Bro the pigeons are on cartel levels of killings, ruthless
Palak Verma
Palak Verma 8 tundi tagasi
"i'll bite you back"😭😭😭😭
Deepu Sebastian
Deepu Sebastian 8 tundi tagasi
Scary - fearless pigeon mafia
Aa Gh
Aa Gh 8 tundi tagasi
Work smarter better
Marius Mikaelson
Marius Mikaelson 8 tundi tagasi
Trolling Grandpa from the very begining of his live.
lay lo mo diu
lay lo mo diu 8 tundi tagasi
no sense of safety. put both hands in the pocket
vsxn 8 tundi tagasi
Cat: *hisses* Woman: *hisses back* Cat: wait that's not what supposed to happen
Марія Ляшенко
Марія Ляшенко 8 tundi tagasi
In role of the dragon
Nahida Sultana
Nahida Sultana 8 tundi tagasi
og I just witnessed a murder
Ishan Sinha
Ishan Sinha 8 tundi tagasi
That's the perfect case of someone going into depression.
NVS4k 8 tundi tagasi
I love the one guy screaming in the background as he witnessed a cold blooded murder
Jason Hernandez
Jason Hernandez 8 tundi tagasi
When the bird got hit by the train I felt it
Jay Are
Jay Are 8 tundi tagasi
These people just witnessed a murder !
Hello Hi
Hello Hi 8 tundi tagasi
T R A D E R S V I L L A 8 tundi tagasi
Iski gf isko chod ke chali gayi Very sad🙏
Deepu Sebastian
Deepu Sebastian 8 tundi tagasi
Pigeons learned how to kill from NY gangsters.
Jwen7836 8 tundi tagasi
I like how the bird gives the same side-eye afterward as a gf who just beat up a girl flirting with you but is still mad at you 😂
Mirzo 8 tundi tagasi
Watch it at 2x speed
WIRE 8 tundi tagasi
Whateva 8 tundi tagasi
My little tuxy cat just dips her paws in our glasses if left alone😊
Flowey 8 tundi tagasi
"Sorry luka you didn't pay us one whole bread say hi to grandma for me"
Scott Baker
Scott Baker 8 tundi tagasi
Every kid is bullied.
Muhammad Al-Amin Mohamad
Muhammad Al-Amin Mohamad 8 tundi tagasi
Pigeonpunk 2077 be Like:
লেফাফাদুরস্ত 8 tundi tagasi
plot twist: Humans are featherless pigeons
Unrinxs 8 tundi tagasi
Anyone gonna talk about how that woman was screaming
Julian Hernandez
Julian Hernandez 8 tundi tagasi
Dapinder Pal Singh
Dapinder Pal Singh 8 tundi tagasi
You donot mess with *The* *Pigeon Blinders*
Alessandro Troisi
Alessandro Troisi 8 tundi tagasi
Noooooooo 😭😭😭
pradeep de
pradeep de 8 tundi tagasi
so so sweet baby
nitinraghav kumar
nitinraghav kumar 8 tundi tagasi
I think the pigeon forgot that he can fly
TheGoldenPharo 8 tundi tagasi
Gurl was like:ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ The boi was like:(╬⁽⁽ ⁰ ⁾⁾ Д ⁽⁽ ⁰ ⁾⁾)
321atm 8 tundi tagasi
It fell beside the tracks. No harm.
TheGingleMan 8 tundi tagasi
Natural Selection missed one here.
lyka lualhati
lyka lualhati 8 tundi tagasi
*how birds kill*
Clash - A - Knight
Clash - A - Knight 8 tundi tagasi
The next morning the cops arrive at the scene of crime and ask the owl "HOODunnit ?" Cuz he was a witness
depresso 8 tundi tagasi
In broad daylight?!
b at
b at 8 tundi tagasi
i’ve had that moment
eli ross
eli ross 8 tundi tagasi
bro who tf was the crackhead screaming in the background 😂
BingoBifin 8 tundi tagasi
me falling into a ravine in minecraft
Smile Granatin
Smile Granatin 8 tundi tagasi
I'm surprised it's not a year-old vid when it's recommended to me but an hour ago
Alexandra Dungca
Alexandra Dungca 8 tundi tagasi
is it alive?
g metz
g metz 8 tundi tagasi
She gonna be a killer keep that little girl going...
Moriom Laskar
Moriom Laskar 8 tundi tagasi
Pegions(Killer) :We killed that hell Pegions(Police) :Still searchin them
Tom Hawkinson
Tom Hawkinson 8 tundi tagasi
Lady is a boss!!
yara yara
yara yara 8 tundi tagasi
My souuuul 😍❤ I can't stop laughing 😂😂😂😂
ROCK DAMM 8 tundi tagasi
Ok this was recommended after watching this video
useraded 8 tundi tagasi
- spudman 2.0
- spudman 2.0 8 tundi tagasi
Do you have to cut cats claws? Ive never had to do that to my cats or dogs I've only done it with rabbits. It seems unnecessary.
Caroline Conway
Caroline Conway 8 tundi tagasi
My piggy does this all the time. In the morning and night. She wants food.
TrickyPLAYS 8 tundi tagasi
If you don’t like your friend, kill them?
UrBoiMarcel 8 tundi tagasi
This is so cute ugh I want babies ugh I want twins!!!
Madness Gaming
Madness Gaming 8 tundi tagasi
Seeing someone try to get killed. And just said no. Noted ✔️
Kevin normal man person
Kevin normal man person 8 tundi tagasi
Yo what the fuck this isn’t liveleak
TheFuentes5551 8 tundi tagasi
Funny haha nice lady