We Moved Across The Country
I Tested Clickbait DIY Soap "Hacks"
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I Tried Acrylic Pour Art For The First Time
I Tried Following A Soap Cupcake Tutorial
I Got A K-Pop Makeover
Choosing My Wedding Dress
I Baked Lipstick Into A Cake
I Tried ASMR For The First Time
Ibukimi0da ._.
Ibukimi0da ._. 14 tundi tagasi
the clips from the yellow submarine brought back way to many memories
Adelice Eaves
Adelice Eaves 14 tundi tagasi
Only Cristine could accidentally make oobleck
Tran Lindberg
Tran Lindberg 14 tundi tagasi
For buying copies, Wikifer.com is my best choice👍👍👍
Beau 14 tundi tagasi
This inspired me to move to San Francisco after a break up thanks Safiya❤️
Radical Sans
Radical Sans 14 tundi tagasi
Aw you should come to Colonial Williamsburg! Have lived in the area almost all my entire life. You would love it. :)
dannidourson 14 tundi tagasi
Welcome to Raleigh!!!!!
Brennee Sergeant
Brennee Sergeant 15 tundi tagasi
Waht the fuk
Jessica , Scallly and I
Jessica , Scallly and I 15 tundi tagasi
Berry nice
_WenJuniee_ 15 tundi tagasi
Saf: *letting the little kid go first* The little kid: ... EOMMA!!
Makayla Goy
Makayla Goy 15 tundi tagasi
Can we just talk about how good that happy birthday crusty song was
Ine Danger
Ine Danger 15 tundi tagasi
Wait the silicone shampoo scrubby thing is actually pretty great. I had one and loved it
Ray E
Ray E 16 tundi tagasi
When you say crazy pajamas I think you mean giant sock
imogen the issue
imogen the issue 16 tundi tagasi
see y’all when this gets recommended to us in 3 years
Shawntana C
Shawntana C 16 tundi tagasi
This would have been way better if you would have had their hair colour too ! But still entertaining! :)
Julia Phillips
Julia Phillips 16 tundi tagasi
I 100% know the food truck rsce season you're talking about 🥺 My lil brother and I were OBSESSED with that show so many years ago
Azmin Aktar
Azmin Aktar 16 tundi tagasi
Deatheaters (HP) at 32:55
Jasmin Hobi
Jasmin Hobi 16 tundi tagasi
it looks like a medical boot.
Karis The Unicorn
Karis The Unicorn 17 tundi tagasi
Then: NO MASK Now: u hafta wear mask
Janine Sasser
Janine Sasser 17 tundi tagasi
Omg that was phenomenal!! The best wedding I've ever seen. Much happiness to both of you!!
Melinda Rozas
Melinda Rozas 17 tundi tagasi
Hi Safiya, loved the 2nd outfit on you!! Really cute!! Sending much love from SE Texas!!
Skillet The frog
Skillet The frog 17 tundi tagasi
I’m rewatching this a year later and at first I was freaked out that no one was wearing a mask
brokensolenoid 17 tundi tagasi
Absolutely disgusting. I like it.
Crystal Creates
Crystal Creates 17 tundi tagasi
Every time I see an 80s wedding dress it just reminds me of my moms wedding dress and it was beautiful. All of them were Awesome!
Matthew Rosa
Matthew Rosa 17 tundi tagasi
I've never felt so happy and teary in a while! Lol this was soo cute. I know this is old and I've already seen the other vids about the wedding and up to date content, but this is wholesome and cute! Also, be lated congratulations! Hahaha also loved the wedding vlog. My favorite was the aesthetic.
Kaylee Winters
Kaylee Winters 18 tundi tagasi
I was in the Smokey mountains a week ago
A.J. Millo
A.J. Millo 18 tundi tagasi
Watching this in 2021 and all I can think is "thats a child" when I see Safiya
jim graves
jim graves 18 tundi tagasi
Hi. I've no idea how you got suggested on this 65 yr old jazz guitarist's you tube, BUT I ended up really liking the videos I watched. So much fun ! Very cool. Forgive if I don't subscribe it's a little out of my normal self, BUT I will be back for more visits. I'll leave with a cool & groovy for your 60's & 70's retro visits. I was actually alive then ! lol
jim graves
jim graves 18 tundi tagasi
Btw the above video was a winner too !
Sierra Davis
Sierra Davis 18 tundi tagasi
I had an old cat and he used to poop in his carrier too. I wish I had understood him as well as you, though we did switch to a closer vet. I don't even know how old he was and he sadly passed away last January. His name was Fluffy. It's so sweet you guys made Crusty so comfortable.
Nails Are Life
Nails Are Life 18 tundi tagasi
The comfy vampire is way too strong for that blindfold. 😂😂😂
Amber362 18 tundi tagasi
I live in Maryland
Lily A Bean
Lily A Bean 18 tundi tagasi
I knew what they were talking about as soon as I saw the dance moves lol
Rochelle Jake
Rochelle Jake 18 tundi tagasi
I hope this is not the wave of the future.. can’t stand the hoodie pants.. 😅
Sinking boat.
Sinking boat. 18 tundi tagasi
I wonder, would these pants all crunched up help prevent injuries like from skateboarding or even motorcycle
Faith Orr
Faith Orr 18 tundi tagasi
It’s like the thneed from the Lorax 🤣
N Dines
N Dines 18 tundi tagasi
Loved your video tribute! You nailed it! Having lived through the 60’s, and remembering when it was just natural for people to be as you portrayed, I loved your time tripping moments. All the time, I kept saying to myself....she is Cher! ❤️❤️😊😊💋💋😘😘
Claire Miller
Claire Miller 18 tundi tagasi
Who else is a Steelers fan
Sukolpeya Sakdapongsupar
Sukolpeya Sakdapongsupar 19 tundi tagasi
I like elegant Lolita.
Kravlo Kitay
Kravlo Kitay 19 tundi tagasi
We just drove 81N From Pigeon Forge to Syracuse NY with 3 adults and 3 dogs LOL 14 hour DAY! We won't be doing that again any time soon.
ana chan
ana chan 19 tundi tagasi
DREAM LIFE you guys won the lottery at life with each other and by being american
Addison Wark
Addison Wark 19 tundi tagasi
Franken polish
Zoey Brown
Zoey Brown 19 tundi tagasi
Make a face mask out of liquid pizza
Alex The Royale
Alex The Royale 19 tundi tagasi
JaneinetheJanerd 19 tundi tagasi
anybody else looking at her 138 messages
Ur moms toast nuggets
Ur moms toast nuggets 19 tundi tagasi
Didnt they just move into a house after their wedding lol
Jupiter The raptor
Jupiter The raptor 19 tundi tagasi
Is this why every single lipstick at my CVS is gone?!😆😂
Emily Fenton
Emily Fenton 20 tundi tagasi
Do a video with molly Burke when covid goes down
Bella Yum
Bella Yum 20 tundi tagasi
You should read a book a book your voice is soothing
celia 20 tundi tagasi
3:29 i- yes.
Sophia's Silly Squishies
Sophia's Silly Squishies 20 tundi tagasi
Jesus loves you all no matter what Jesus Christ is king my savior my everything God is Good God is great There Is Nothing God cannot do Spoiler God wins Jesus is coming soon and you better be ready
oInK pLaYs RoBlOx
oInK pLaYs RoBlOx 20 tundi tagasi
U should put that ugg boot on a baby 😐 yup
Macey Spina
Macey Spina 20 tundi tagasi
Look up Jack Avery he has a perm
PerryTheParakeet 20 tundi tagasi
Belated welcome to NC! Wish you guys all the best!! It's great here in NC and I'm sure you all have been continuing to love it!
Jamie Cuellar
Jamie Cuellar 20 tundi tagasi
I come back here after I have a bad day :] it feels nostalgic lol
Mithral Dolls
Mithral Dolls 20 tundi tagasi
me coming back to this video in 2021 to justify the big $$$ i'm going to spend at the salon this week
Solsun 20 tundi tagasi
she looks SO good omg
Hi Demons
Hi Demons 20 tundi tagasi
me wating this for 90; grunge stuff
Rachel Roberts
Rachel Roberts 20 tundi tagasi
I’m so amused; I watched some of her later videos first and wondered why the intro song changed.. now I know 😂😂
Akalia Brooks
Akalia Brooks 21 tund tagasi
I miss her alright 😭
K-Lu Kawaii
K-Lu Kawaii 21 tund tagasi
OMG, I work on that street u filmed when u were in Knoxville! That building with the Cannons is the old Town Hall I think and the first building with the dome is the City County Building.
alexia hartkopf
alexia hartkopf 21 tund tagasi
okay ur primark is better than mine ahhhhhhh
Lady Airam
Lady Airam 21 tund tagasi
Franken lip gloss!
Goofus DestroyerOfWorlds
Goofus DestroyerOfWorlds 21 tund tagasi
Japan girls: Lolita Life Me, an American girl: Why do I feel so self conscious wearing this...?
Colbie Hammock
Colbie Hammock 21 tund tagasi
Kit 21 tund tagasi
I really can’t believe you didn’t say it was like target.
Kit 21 tund tagasi
Mmmm... just didn’t watch far enough
Mason Leary
Mason Leary 21 tund tagasi
I love you so much Safiya. Thank you for being so inspirational. ❤️❤️❤️
Layla Badertscher
Layla Badertscher 21 tund tagasi
who else foregot these where not real cupcakes
childb 21 tund tagasi
sending good vibes to you in your new local, more crusty please. king crust.
Sarah Van es
Sarah Van es 22 tundi tagasi
If only lush oz paid their workers correctly
EcstaticPanda123 Gaming
EcstaticPanda123 Gaming 22 tundi tagasi
I'd 100% get one if I wasn't allergic to wool
Kirthar Range TV
Kirthar Range TV 22 tundi tagasi
wow stunning may get more and more success
Jana D
Jana D 22 tundi tagasi
2021, the trend of high-waisted wide-leg jeans is back
Kirthar Range TV
Kirthar Range TV 22 tundi tagasi
always great and beautiful
Kirthar Range TV
Kirthar Range TV 22 tundi tagasi
wow amazing and lovely content enjoyed the ful watch
Kirthar Range TV
Kirthar Range TV 22 tundi tagasi
always love your content stay connected lvly frnd
Kirthar Range TV
Kirthar Range TV 22 tundi tagasi
wow what a beautiful video and prty gl may god bless you with success and honor always
Kirthar Range TV
Kirthar Range TV 22 tundi tagasi
much beatiful sharing my lvly frnd
Kirthar Range TV
Kirthar Range TV 22 tundi tagasi
much and much pretty may god bless you always
Kirthar Range TV
Kirthar Range TV 22 tundi tagasi
great sharing