iDKHOW - Leave Me Alone
Ashley McBryde - Never Will
Goodbye Donald Trump
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Foo Fighters - Waiting on a War
Foo Fighters - No Son of Mine
Trump is Almost Gone
12 päeva tagasi
Freddie the Stoner Cheers Us Up
JP Saxe - A Little Bit Yours
This Year in Unnecessary Censorship
Masking Questions - Holiday Edition
2020 As Seen on TV Gift Guide
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Fauci on a Couchi
Місяць tagasi
Ten Hours of People Touching Each Other
Proof the Chanucorn is Real!
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Sabrina Claudio - Warm December
Tones And I - Fly Away
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my name
my name Tund tagasi
This band is the reincarnation of Duran Duran, they look and sound identical. For anyone who does not know Duran Duran, check out a song called The Reflex and you will see what I mean - this band basically just copied the sound.
Cyrus Tund tagasi
How things changed: October 2016: ha! Good one mister President! November 2016: well well, how the turntables! ... 6th of January 2021: Jesus Christ, what the hell... 21st of January 2021: Ok, so Trump definitely is the worst President in US history.
calista Tund tagasi
dallon :)
Solitary Ghost
Solitary Ghost Tund tagasi
From emo night in 2016 to Jimmy Kimmel in 2021, its amazing watching them finally get the recognition they deserve
Sicerna F.
Sicerna F. Tund tagasi
🤣🤣🤣 wonderful 👏💖💖
Nathan Barreto
Nathan Barreto Tund tagasi
Would u like a drink out of my banana 😂
Bipin Gojiya
Bipin Gojiya Tund tagasi
Some Random kids insults Avengers Deadpool: that fuckin' does it! PULLS OUT GUNS, AIMS 'EM put your hands behind your knees and get down on your head NOW
TAANAY RAJ Tund tagasi
Ppl can be this dum
Kassio Campos
Kassio Campos Tund tagasi
NBA tá só moleque agora, parece interclasse. Na NBA no meu tempo parece que tinha mais homem do que adolescente de 25 anos
Somona Aktar
Somona Aktar Tund tagasi
The jolly father-in-law particularly invite because cupcake habitually coach from a discreet platinum. judicious, eight brow
Lana HD
Lana HD Tund tagasi
🥺 proud of them
oneoldgit Tund tagasi
Bojo defecates in Parliament every time he opens his mouth
dalpalwho Tund tagasi
If any of you watching like this but don’t know who they are, they’re awesome! The singer/bassist is called Dallon Weekes and the drummer is called Ryan Seaman. Dallon used to be the bass player of Panic! At The Disco and Ryan used to be drummer of Falling In Reverse. Dallon was actually on Jimmy Kimmel with Panic! At The Disco 5 years ago! (As a bassist though) Before these bands, they were both in a band called The Brobecks who split in 2009. Their music is great check them out! (And the Brobecks too!!)
Patrice Dhanis
Patrice Dhanis Tund tagasi
So damn funny!
Nina Herring
Nina Herring Tund tagasi
Lynne Dare
Lynne Dare Tund tagasi
Why is the child spilling juice on the table & sucking it up - and crawling on the table? Maybe in wealthy world! 🤣 We’d have been sent packing on the second ‘spill’, that was on camera - Good meeting Jimmy! 💕👍
Bryce Saulnier
Bryce Saulnier Tund tagasi
This is horrible. Greetings from way down here in sunny Canada.
PABLO ARMAS Tund tagasi
Why did they insult Lady Gaga?
Maca Riquelme
Maca Riquelme Tund tagasi
Muctarr Jallow
Muctarr Jallow Tund tagasi
Jimmy: I don't know Brick and Lace Me: singing to the hold-tune way before Jimmy disclosed the artists. Great childhood song
Mason Tund tagasi
lydia sofia
lydia sofia Tund tagasi
ugh i love them
Dazz442 The bearded one
Dazz442 The bearded one Tund tagasi
Funny how he wants to talk about negativity when he spent 4 years pushing it talented dude just a bit hypothetical
Ron Griffiths
Ron Griffiths Tund tagasi
Will smith dances like a weak white guy, time to shine!
Seth Daniels
Seth Daniels Tund tagasi
No jokes about Biden costing 20,000 people their jobs?? Hmmm guess you gave already pushed your agenda enough right?
Pat Doyle
Pat Doyle Tund tagasi
That would have to be something that happened before one could make a joke about it.
sush139 Tund tagasi
Boys are truly weird!
Rohit Nair
Rohit Nair Tund tagasi
That last kid looks like a young Gareth Bale.
vamsi krishna
vamsi krishna Tund tagasi
Working with Jimmy is more joyful and fun than working for president especially trump
nick Tund tagasi
Former president trump should now be referred to as Disgraced President tRUMP
Stephanie Tund tagasi
After seeing this, I love her even more❣️
Reshteen Mal
Reshteen Mal Tund tagasi
Obama is the kind of person one would like to have in his family. Someone you could always count on to do the right thing, talk you out of wrong decisions, turn to for advice, and just an awesome guy to be around
Peliroja Tund tagasi
Don’t ban the pawfos!
Cecilia Parés
Cecilia Parés Tund tagasi
How adorable!!!😄❤❤
Ron Griffiths
Ron Griffiths Tund tagasi
I love you more than you will ever know. Can you please just get jiggiey whith just once????????? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂👍😂
Emmy Bot
Emmy Bot Tund tagasi
I believe but I'm skeptical about people that make a living on it.
Debby Smith
Debby Smith Tund tagasi
Kind of a blend of disco & heavy metal. I LIKE IT A LOT!!
KALS Tund tagasi
Look at them! I’m literally so proud of them! I love this bamd.
sister Stina
sister Stina Tund tagasi
3:00 her kid watching this 👀
Hank Mancil
Hank Mancil Tund tagasi
2 kisses for Jimmy? 🤟😘
senselocke Tund tagasi
The Epic Saga of Billy and the Table-Juice
Kendall CLOUSE
Kendall CLOUSE Tund tagasi
Nice job idk how
Sarah Delai
Sarah Delai Tund tagasi
Finally, FINALLY 😭❤
Unlimited Tund tagasi
"No Habla Dothraki" - obviously
Soph Grindley
Soph Grindley Tund tagasi
He is what we brits call a national treasure
ShadowFoxSF Tund tagasi
I was that juice kid once.
Francis Key
Francis Key Tund tagasi
Black Lives Matter and yours don’t.
Squidfish Tund tagasi
That motor home is a congressional district. 😮
Ravi Balkissoon
Ravi Balkissoon Tund tagasi
I'm suing Jimmy's entire family for making me laugh so I'm going to be on that hold hear that sick beat.
Selena Cole
Selena Cole Tund tagasi
I had open heart surgery too! Awe.... Ed is such a cool guy.
Banks Money
Banks Money Tund tagasi
Yo jimmy the thing with the family was funny as hell, please do more omg I’m still laughing as I type this awesome.
Patrice Dhanis
Patrice Dhanis Tund tagasi
mipsi mips
mipsi mips Tund tagasi
She has a nice speaking voice.
N. Kelly
N. Kelly Tund tagasi
He's a jerk. Those stupid questions would have never been asked of a Caucasian actress. He needs a script. Off the fly, doesn't work for him. She answered him perfectly and carried the interview
TheSasudomi Tund tagasi
Classic ignorants.
ZJD Winowatan
ZJD Winowatan Tund tagasi
🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣
xDarkxArenx Tund tagasi
When is Liedon gonna fix everything?? He’s pretty seasoned with 50 years in government.. Anyone?
Bhargava Jasti
Bhargava Jasti Tund tagasi
I love Sofia vergara
BigCatMojo Tund tagasi
105 Billion divided by Rudy's daily rate of $20k/day? or was that per hour? equals 75,000 days or hours to pay that!
Ian James
Ian James Tund tagasi
Trump told him to put that music on and while they were doing and he was in the background laughing and shaking his little hands once again you can thank the orange face clown but give it a month and you will see how the Republican start to blame it on a Democrat oh look how many covid case has oh since ever since the Democrats took over the cases of people dying our attic control because that's what Republicans do they're criminals and they love to put their failures on others you'll never hear them admitting that they fail when they have failed at every turn even in the president's office they failed by electing a clown by the way let him know the Ringling Brothers said he's fired they don't want him back either how sad is that not even the circus wants you orange face clown
SleepingWitheSirens Tund tagasi
Good that Trump is out now is Jimmy Kimmel next ?
Kometa Tund tagasi
Clyde Miller
Clyde Miller Tund tagasi
That was great! I legit love Jimmy’s family frfr
Xenon Tund tagasi
This is disappointing, Greetings from a Colombian!
Helios Tund tagasi
this is so awesome, i remember when it was this big secret and there were doing all small hinted shows, but look how far they've come 🥰🥰🥰
Aden Muller
Aden Muller Tund tagasi
2:43 as I’m sitting on the toilet😂😂
Eli Martin
Eli Martin Tund tagasi
Been here since the Brobecks and I’m really glad to finally see them getting the recognition they deserve
Stephen Choi
Stephen Choi Tund tagasi
If your valedictorian is saying this at graduation, you should try to see why he/she's saying this. It might give you an opportunity to actually become a decent school.
Leah Tund tagasi
wow, they’ve come so far🥲
Benjamin Gal-Or
Benjamin Gal-Or Tund tagasi
\\\\ Daily read at least (1) KING SOLOMON PROVERBS (2) ROBERT GREENE WISEST WORDS, AT YOU-Tube July 8, 2019 ''The Laws of Human Nature" //// Have a good day \\\\ New study on EU failures to control Corona v. US & other nations //// E.G.-[Deaths/1M-POP: -Belg 1,822 -Itl 1,421 -Hung 1,231 -SPAIN 1,2O3 -Frnc 1,097-Swis 1,074 -Port 1,043 - \\\\ % Fatalities on Oct 22/Nov 2/Dec 4, 9, 12, 20, 24/Jan 26/> -[Germ] -1.97-.61-.67-.68-.77-.83-2.48 [*******] >[NL] -2.11-1.78-.71-.68-.55-.49-.42 >[Finl]-2.20-1.54-.51-.51-.49-.54-.53 [**] >[U.S.]-2.51-1.95-.88-.87-.79-.77-.67 >[Brazil]-2.89-.71-.66-.65-.59-.57-.45 >[France]-2.69-.40-.44-.44-.47-.47-.40 [****] >[Spain]-2.89-.72-.72-.73-.72-.69-.08 [**] >[AU]-3.28-.25-.24-.24-.23-.21-.16 [*]>[Canada]-4.30-3.15-2.98-.86-.82-76-.55 >[UK]-4.51-3.59-.54-.53-.35-.21-2.69 >[Sweden]-4.78-2.57-.39-.35-.18-.09-.01 >[China]-5.39-.35-.35-.35-.34-.33-.20 [*]>[Iran]-5.69-4.92-.75-.74-.63-.17 >[Italy]-5.47-4.35-3.49-.51-.59-.54-.47 [****] >[Mexico]-9.92-.82-.49-.26-8.91-.48 >US EARLIER:> Oct 22 -2.75, Jan 26 -1.67 ///////// Sen. Moran Delivers Opening Remarks Regarding COVID-19 Impact on Live Event Entertainment Industry/
S. Tund tagasi
play us some music, music man. what kind of music shall i play? how about some razzmatazz? here's some music, with the zazz!
dalpalwho Tund tagasi
With Pizazz I think instead of “the Zazz” but yessss
ahmed salah
ahmed salah Tund tagasi
When see this cool and nice guy Obama.. and red the book of neom Chomsky ("How rules the world") and what he wrote about this guy just be Shook
Richard Servello
Richard Servello Tund tagasi
All those shirts are still relevant. We don't stop voting because Trump is out...that's what got him elected!
KaijuInvadesNYC Tund tagasi
How are they allowed to have a studio audience? Is it only comprised of staff maybe? This is a genuine question...not making some kind of statement. No need for anti-maskers to lose their minds...
BigCatMojo Tund tagasi
lmao.. Jimmy , you obviously do not bank with Chase Bank - I was on for 1 hr 45 min but the music wasn't all that bad lol...
David H.
David H. Tund tagasi
It literally took Biden 48 hours to say appallingly contradictory remarks: 1/20/21: "There's nothing we can't do" (with regards to anything) 1/22/21: "There's nothing we can do" (COVID) Of course, moronic libs like Kimmel will never acknowledge this blatant hypocrisy.
Lori Boyd
Lori Boyd Tund tagasi
John Oliver has beautiful teeth.
M Love Spring
M Love Spring 2 tundi tagasi
I want some of those tshirts!
Vivian Ryan
Vivian Ryan 2 tundi tagasi
You should check 0ut the doctor that got the first covic 19 vaccine he died soon after getting the same vaccination.good luck to your family ❤️